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Nordic Games: We Won't Bring You A "Sh**** Darksiders Sequel"

Publisher Nordic Games has just purchased several former THQ IPs, and one of them is the popular and acclaimed Darksiders franchise.

So now that the super fun series has a new home, when can we expect a new installment? Well, not this year, at any rate. In speaking to Game Informer, Nordic Games CEO Lars Wingefors said the company intends to speak with various partners to discuss the future of the Darksiders IP next week.

"Officially, we haven't talked to any partners. My colleagues in Austria are handling the business development and are handling all those contacts. We'll be sitting down, I think, in the next week to discuss all those options. It takes a very long time to make games. You won't see a new Darksiders this year. I don't believe in bringing out a s***** sequel."

As for the other brands Nordic Games nabbed, Wingefors says he respects that many gamers love the franchises in question. He also reminded everyone that Nordic is not a developer, and we should see them as a "middleman" that will help generate great new sequels:

"I'm impressed with the love and interest that those IPs, especially Darksiders, are bringing it. You can see Nordic Game as a middleman in order to create great new sequels. If we can find the right team with the right terms, I'm sure we can find the right financial solution to make it happen."

Yes, see what you can do about getting some talented developers behind fresh Red Faction and Summoner reboots, please. Darksiders is a definite priority in our eyes, though.

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4/23/2013 10:05:27 PM John Shepard

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013 @ 11:17:53 PM

Oh God. So the fate of Darksiders is in the hands of a few shifty Viking Norsemen middlemen who don't know how to make games themselves?

Woah is me.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013 @ 2:14:33 AM

Well, by saying they are not developers means they are either publishers, or farming it out to someone else, which means in either case, it is a real possibility that former Vigil talent currently at Crytek will be back at the helm. Here's hoping.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013 @ 1:58:39 AM

The fact that he specifically had to point out that they are only the Publisher and not developers themselves, makes me think that there might be quite a few people who were concerned about the future of Darksiders with this relatively unknown Publisher.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013 @ 5:07:17 AM

not a sh*t sequel?
yea, well ill believe it when i see it!
though im not so worried about it being a "sh*t sequel", than i am being it a new IP!
darksiders 2 was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO different from the original it really destroyed the series!
it betrayed everything that made the original great.
thats what im worried about.
im sure it will be a half decent game, maybe even a great game.
but will it be a DARKSIDERS game!?

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013 @ 2:11:07 PM

What exactly did it destroy from the series, other than the magnet-on-fridge movement of War? The level design is immensely larger, more open, with more room for exploration and far more to do. The weapon system offers more classes of weapons and more useful ones than actual weapons available in the prequel. The platforming and combat is far more fluid, and offers more depth and variation. The graphics, music, and sound effects received a significant upgrade, too. The only thing weaker might be the narrative, which was clearly a rushed effort, but then again, the prequel didn't win any awards in that department, either.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013 @ 10:27:15 AM

you said it yourself.
darksiders had such a dark gritty feel to it, making darksiders 2 look like a f*cking comic book was just stupid!
hey lets create a hostel sequel and to make it that more gripping and gruesome lets give it cartoony graphics!
really pissing me off how many games are doing this these days.
the darkness 2 another perfect example, such a dark gritty game it just does not suit cartoony graphics!

the puzzles in darksiders were so clever, genuinely difficult to figure out, and they required multiple steps over a large area of the environment.
the elevator puzzle for instance was such a brilliantly thought out puzzle!
darksiders 2, well, the most complex puzzle in that is using the portal gun, cough, to line up the statues to destroy the corruption.

everythings been dumbed down to the point of nothingness.
darksiders 2 is allot like the amazing spiderman, a great game but its so simple, so basic, so easy it just spoils everything.
spiderman 2 is THE best superhero game EVER made because of all the complex precise button presses you had to do, right button, right context, right timing.
the amazing spiderman is just mash this as fast as you can, oooooo 100 hit combo congrats!
darksiders 2 was far too dumbed down for the lowest denominator!

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