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Games Putting Crimp In Film Industry?

When things start to go south, the blame game is always easy to play. Therefore, it's not all that surprising to see Hollywood pointing the finger at the video game industry in order to explain its slumping ticket sales.

According to the Cut Scene, DreamWorks Animation CEO and Hollywood veteran Jeffrey Katzenberg blamed games for the "soft performance of 'Shrek the Third' on DVD compared to 'Shrek 2'." Yeah, it has nothing to do with the fact the third installment in that movie series wasn't half as good as the original. This isn't the first time that video games have been blamed for putting a crimp in other entertainment industries, like television, music and books. Gaming remains on a rapid rise while most other venues have either remained steady or experienced a bit of a decline, and the movie industry ain't doing so great. Of course, we gamers would like to offer a perfectly logical explanation for this phenomenon-

Perhaps Hollywood could start focusing on making some good movies, and better yet, movie theaters might want to think twice about charging $10 to see a 2008 film in a 1988 setting. Many individuals have far superior picture and audio quality at home, and the "mystique" of heading out to see a movie in the midst of a hundred other people died out long ago. Furthermore, the gaming industry has advanced a great deal in the past quarter-century, while movies haven't exactly gotten better...bigger, longer, flashier and dumber, yes, but certainly not better. Just a thought, movie-makers.

2/27/2008 Ben Dutka

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008 @ 11:11:06 PM

It was a childhood dream to become a film director, to tell a story within imaginitive environments. I am currently working on such a project (, and striving for this eventuality to occur eventhough I do not work directly in film anymore. Ultimately, the question in the end that must be asked is, "How good is the original IP?". A story idea (and its components i.e. charcaters, environments, story arcs etc) is essentially the heart and sole of a product that could be translated to a number of different media - movie, game, boardgame etc. The creator must decide where best this IP could be used in a rapidly changing market place. Personally, there are no doubts here, gaming will continue to push the boundries of entertainment. Every ten years or so films do come along that suddenly raise the bar, such as "Avatar" for example. Apparently new hi-tech 3d camera systems (built by James Cameron and co) are being used to film it. When this is released it may again push the bar the way Lord Of The Rings did ...and so on. It will be very interesting to see exactly how the film industry will deal with the popularisation of video gaming, and whether or not they can really hold their audiences in the long term. However, from what I can see... the trend shows a general decline which I think will continue... Interactive Game awards could, one day, exceed that of the Oscars I think :) The project I am currently working on is intended for film, however I continue to develop the IP with a gaming future in mind too :)

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Warukyure [Power User]
Thursday, February 28, 2008 @ 9:21:05 PM

In a way, games are to blame but is it really gaming's fault?

Ten Good Reasons why games are on the rise and Movies are on the slide.

1) Eye candy. With the advancement of graphics, one good game can play out better than most movies.
2) Same old, same old? Some movie ideas are being reused too many times with just minor adjustments like setting and characters.
3) Endings. Movies have only 1 ending. But for games, if you don't like one ending, you can always do something else and achieve a different ending. (Some games only).
4) Price. For $10-13 you get to see a movie *ONCE*. (Or pay $20-30 for a DVD if you REALLY want to watch it more than once.) For $40-60 you get to play a game over and over and over again.
5) Length. A movie is just around 2 hours. (3 or so for the Lord of the Ring movies). But unless that movie is original, its probably a book adaption that was rushed, edited, and missing many parts. For a game, you get the whole package. It's a full story, even has mini-games. Some games even have downloadable content for more fun.
6) Location. With a movie, you have to go out to the theatres, whereas with a game you can enjoy it from your own home, as comfortable as you want it.
7) The Pause Button. Ever drink a lot of pop during a movie and had to go make several trips to the washroom? You miss stuff during a movie, but with a game, you can always just pause, go out for lunch, and comeback to it anytime.
8) Grub. For a movie, you either, eat before you go or after the movie. Sure you can have snacks but with their ridiculous prices? Yeah right... For games, you can just put down the control, order a pizza, chinese, sushi, KFC, etc. and play and eat at the same time whatever the food may be. You want snacks like pop/soda, popcorn, candy and chips? Chances are you can walk out to your nearest convenience store and buy the same snacks at the movie theatre but at a fraction of the cost.
9) Ssshhh... During a movie, talking/discussing, is pretty much frowned upon, especially when the people around you think you are loud. For gaming, sure you can play alone, but what about when you have some friends over, you can be as loud as you want, and both enjoy the game together.
10) Sequels or Sequels? Sure both games and movies have sequels, but for movies, they just get worse and worse, usually pulling the same jokes or just delivering the same things the first movie gave. Just trying to capture the same success with the first movie. For games, some sequels aren't really sequels, sure theres 13 final fantasy's or 8 dragon quests or 7 Grand Theft Auto games. But for the most part, all these games try to keep it fresh by changing it up all the time. New places, ideas, characters. Sure, there are a lot of games that also capitalize on their name, but at least things change and improve.

I know I went on for a bit but, with reasons like these, is gaming really to blame or is everyone just sick and tired of Hollywood?

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Thursday, February 28, 2008 @ 10:41:59 PM

I didn't notice until now.. but I love your id name warukyure. I enjoyed watching that anime ^-^ Love your comments too ~!

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