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E3 2008: Socom Confrontation

Socom Confrontation is a game we should've been playing a year ago. Alas, it's still not here, but we should hopefully see it in the coming weeks. We had a chance to sit down, or rather, stand up, with a build of the game at this year's E3 and so far our feelings are mixed. On one hand, the game plays well and is instantly reminiscent of the original Socom - after all, the game is essentially a remake of it.

We were on the all new version of crossroads, which fans of the original Socom have come to love. The visuals were nice, considering this is a downloadable game, but they weren't amazing. Some spotty textures here and there prevent Socom Confrontation from being a mighty fine looker, but it's an overall good looking game. The action plays out like classic Socom, of course, so Confrontation stays very true in that regard, as well. An over-the-shoulder perspective similar to Gears of War is selectable with the D-pad, as is switching between shoulder views (left or right).

My quirk with this build of Socom Confrontation is that its buttons are poorly mapped out. Why would I want a taunt button on the shoulder buttons and the aim button on the D-pad where it is totally out of reach? The availability of customizable controls should alleviate this, but that's assuming there will be an option to fully customize your controls. I'd also settle for a preset configuration that sets the aim button to the shoulders.

Ultimately, this build didn't seem very advanced, as it exhibited some hitches, including a bit of slowdown. That said, I do believe that fans of the original game will enjoy Confrontation when it launches for the PlayStation Network.

We expect to see more optimization out of Socom Confrontation so that it's running as smooth as it possibly can. This isn't exactly a powerhouse tour de force, so having it run silky smooth shouldn't be a problem.

7/15/2008 Arnold Katayev

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008 @ 11:22:36 AM

This is a must buy for me...Socom

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008 @ 11:46:12 AM

Ouch, I sure hope they fix the controls. Bad controls can totally ruin a game ::ahem:: lair

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008 @ 2:53:21 PM

Was a must buy for me for about 2 yrs now. It's too bad really about SOCOM. I would have died for that game. But their lack of communication with the whole map pack fiasco (delay, no communication, delay, delay...) and staying asleep at the wheel is not helping. Made by Sony of all people, there have been multiple Rainbow 6 games and others before they could even get their 1/2 a full game of game that people happily called SoCrack out? I never played FPS games until PS3 came out, never would even look at them, but there was no new promised SOCOM map packs so I played Resistance. Awesome. Then COD and Battlefield, etc. Point is, I'm not going to be glued to SOCOM for years straight as I was before. I believe they have led their following astray. How can I not play Resistance 2 a month after Socom comes out? Then COD and then Killzone, etc...? It pains me to write this as a huge fan of SOCOM, but they have blown it big time.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008 @ 3:16:39 PM

I got to say, this article isn't very good. You say it's like the original Socom, but it's apparent that you've never played another Socom before. The "aim" button you were referring to is what you use to look down your scope. You only need to use it if you're doing some long ranged shooting. Staying in the original third person view is fine for medium to close range combat. Your comment here doesn't really make much sense.

"I'd also settle for a preset configuration that sets the aim button to the shoulders. "

I think you've been playing a little bit too much Call of Duty.

@ Highlightreel

Slant Six is making this Socom, the map pack fiasco was all Zipper. Slant Six had nothing to do with it. This Socom started development in the beginning of last year.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008 @ 5:25:02 PM

I gotcha Insanehanz. I have played all the Socom's and have been basically a marketing person for Socom b/c I am/was such a big fan. I was just disappointed in the lack of information or overall commitment to getting another Socom out. After all, Socom: CA was a lot of rehashed Socom 3 and they still had us by the nutz. I just hoped that Sony, who had bought Zipper and was working with Slant Six and ultimately owns Socom would put more urgency into getting a game out for their OWN system. The amount of people who played Socom every single night was crazy for so long I would have thought they'd see that as an opportunity to get more money out of the fan base (by making another game), and at the same time, feed our urge to keep playing the series. I appreciate this opportunity to vent a little, lol. Frag away!

I'm also confident they'll have good or 'normal' controls when the game finally comes out. No worries.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008 @ 10:04:12 PM

Yeah I hope they fix the problems you said Arnold. I'm getting excited for this game and I really hope it's not a letdown, kinda like Haze was.

Last edited by Daedusian on 7/16/2008 10:04:51 PM

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