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Buzz! Quiz World
Graphics: 8
Gameplay: 9
Sound: 9
Control: 0
Replay Value: 10
Rating: 9.1

Sony's got a hearty assortment of family friendly party games to offer for the PlayStation 3. There's SingStar, and there's also Buzz! Over the past four years (since late 2005), we've seen a total of 12 Buzz games. Many of them never arrived in the United States, and were largely for the European market, but the point still stands. In 2008 we were given Buzz! Quiz Tv, the franchise's debut on the PS3, and now we have Buzz! Quiz World. So what exactly makes this Buzz game yet another worthy pick up?

For starters, the presentation of the game continues to get better and better with every iteration, which is something we find ourselves saying often with this franchise. For Quiz World, things feel even more alive than ever before, as everything from the in-game set, to the actual gameplay design does a fantastic job of immersing you into the experience. Instead of just throwing a whole bunch of questions at you non-stop, the game breaks things up into segments, or 'game rounds', much like an actual game show would.

In total, there are 11 game rounds, such as: Point Builder, Fastest Finger, Stop tthe Clock, Short Fuse, On the Spot, Pie Fight, Over the Edge, Boiling Point, Point Stealer, High Stakes, and The Final Countdown. Before you ask, yes, a brief clip of "The Final Countdown" does play as the round begins. And no, there is no poor excuse for a magician by the name of GOB Bluth prancing around on the may wanna' Google that reference, I just had to stick it in there.

These 11 rounds really help things flow extremely well, in addition to adding to the fun, since you get to embarrass your opponents during a number of the rounds. With over 5,000 questions, things will not just flow well, but they'll flow for quite some time too. And of course, not all of those questions are the same read and answer format, as a good chunk of them are either pictures or videos. I must also add that you can choose the length of your game sessions, so you won't have to endure all 11 rounds in a sitting, the game allows you to customize your game length. Now, in a way, Buzz's replay value is limitless, since not only can you download additional quiz packs, but you can also create your very own and use them in your game, or take them online.

Up to eight players can compete on one PlayStation 3, and if you go online, you can square two parties of four people against each other in Sofa vs. Sofa mode. One warning though, if you happen to be the competitive type and you often yell or blame others, even if it's your 8 year old niece, despite the fact that it's just a videogame, maybe the online co-op stuff isn't for you. And don't get the wrong idea, I'm not hinting that I do that, but I sure know people that do...

To further add to the presentation are visuals that have been marginally improved over the last game. The stage looks to have gotten a bit in lighting, with more detailed audience, vivid displays, and smoother character detail. Framerates, screen tearing, and all of that other technical stuff isn't something to be concerned about, as there isn't a whole lot of action going on during the game. Visually, all you need to know is that Buzz! Quiz World looks sharp for what it is.

The audio is about what you'd expect it to be. There are obviously voiced characters, specifically Buzz and the assortment of avatars you use, all of who have their own distinct voices and liners. The one liners may come off a bit cheesy, and Buzz's quips may get tiresome eventually, as well. But, new for this game is Buzz's ability to pronounce names. When you begin entering your name, the game will show you a list of names you can choose from. The list isn't super in-depth, but it's better than nothing. Lastly, there are some additional effects to be heard, including the audience, but that's about all there's to the game's audio. Straightforward stuff.

Buzz! Quiz World is without question the best quiz game you can buy for any console. With 5,000 questions out of the box, the ability to download quiz packs, and the ability to create your own quizzes, there is a seemingly limitless amount of replay value here. If you're a fan of party games, I urge you to pick up your copy of Buzz! Quiz World.

1/9/2010   Arnold Katayev