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PS4 Archives - October, 2013

10/31/13 PS4 Doesn't Support DLNA, MP3, But It Might In The Future
10/30/13 Killzone's Campaign May Excel, But Will Anyone Even Care?
10/30/13 PS4 Launch Lineup Finally Confirmed: 22 Games Strong
10/30/13 Ghosts Is A Native 1080p On PS4, While It's Upscaled On Xbox One
10/30/13 Leaked Target Ad: Buy 2, Get 1 Free Deal For PS4 Games
10/29/13 GameStop Can Sell You Killzone: Shadow Fall Right Now
10/28/13 EA Sports' New PGA Game Won't Have Tiger's Name Attached
10/28/13 Dual Shock 4, PS4 Camera Unveiled In New Unboxing Video
10/28/13 Trine 2: The Complete Story Set For PS4
10/28/13 Namco Bandai Will Publish The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt In Europe
10/28/13 Evolution Shares Three Brief Driveclub Clips
10/27/13 Will Battlefield Overtake Call Of Duty In The Next Generation?
10/27/13 PS4 FAQ Discusses Sharing Games, And More Plus Benefits
10/25/13 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Release Date Leaked By Amazon?
10/25/13 Free PlayStation App Detailed: Expand Your PS Experience
10/25/13 Analyst: Xbox One Will "Slightly" Outsell PS4 During Launch
10/25/13 Sony Details List Of PS4 Features Granted By Update 1.50
10/24/13 Do You Question The "Holy Sh**" Factor Of Next-Gen Consoles?
10/24/13 New Online Study Gives PS4 A 2-1 Edge Over Xbox One
10/24/13 Capcom Hiring For Next-Gen Fighter?
10/24/13 Killzone: Shadow Fall Is Nearly 40GB, Ghosts Is Another 40GB...
10/24/13 Kojima On MGSV: An Open World With Definite Direction
10/24/13 Sony Prepping "Grand FAQ" For All Your Last PS4 Questions
10/23/13 Over 180 Titles In Development For PS4, Plus 24 Exclusives
10/23/13 GameStop: "We're Getting Dual Shock 4 Controllers Early"
10/23/13 PS4 Controllers Evidently Hit Canada Early
10/22/13 Next-Gen Launch: Could Reliability Have An Impact On Sales?
10/22/13 PlayStation 4 Will Support Up To 8 Players With Party Chat
10/22/13 Battlefield 4 Story Trailer Brings The Drama And Intensity
10/22/13 Sony Considered "Drastically Changing" The Dual Shock 4
10/21/13 Which PlayStation Console Featured The Best Launch Lineup?
10/21/13 PS4 And Xbox One Pre-Order Update: Xbox One Gains Ground
10/21/13 Shadow Fall Info: 10-Hour Campaign, Dedicated Servers
10/21/13 DICE On Battlefield 5: Less About Story, More Destruction
10/21/13 Guerrilla On Killzone: Shadow Fall Status: "We Are Gold!"
10/21/13 New PS4 Live Action TV Ad: For The Players Since 1995
10/20/13 PSXE Poll Update: PS4 Anticipation Continues To Grow
10/19/13 New PS4 Details: Dimensions, HDMI Only Support, HDD Speed
10/18/13 Driveclub Officially Delayed, Evolution "Requires More Time"
10/18/13 Amazon UK Lets You Switch Your Watch Dogs PS4 Bundle
10/18/13 Kojima: Ground Zeroes Is A Teaching Tool For The Phantom Pain
10/17/13 How Long Will The PlayStation 4 Last?
10/17/13 inFamous: Second Son Collector's Edition, Cole's Legacy DLC
10/17/13 Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls Expansion Confirmed For PS4
10/17/13 Naughty Has "No Plans" To Put The Last Of Us On The PS4
10/17/13 NBA 2K14 PS4 "OMG Trailer" Highlights NBA's Biggest Stars
10/17/13 PS4 vs. Xbox One: The Big Showdown Infographic Results
10/16/13 Nomura: PS4 Is "Too Much," But That RAM Will Help A Lot
10/16/13 Sony Rolling Out PS4 Kiosks To Retailers
10/16/13 Sources: Driveclub Pushed Into Spring
10/16/13 First Two PS4 Titles Available For Digital Pre-Order Via PS3
10/15/13 Free-To-Play Model Expected To Be More Popular On Consoles
10/15/13 Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay: The Infinite Charm Of Sora And Co.
10/15/13 New Black Flag Story Trailer, Euro Launch Date Moved Up
10/14/13 Looking Foward: More New IPs Or More Franchise Sequels?
10/14/13 Sportsfriends Now Confirmed For PS4
10/14/13 Dragon Age: Inquisition Sexual Content Won't Be Offensive
10/14/13 CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077 Likely Coming To PS4, Xbox One
10/13/13 Activision, Beenox Confirm The Amazing Spider-Man 2
10/11/13 God Of War II Director: Next-Gen A Chance For Real Growth
10/11/13 Which PS3 Headsets Will Work With PS4? It's Complicated
10/10/13 PS4 Designer: All Angles Of The System Should Be "Beautiful"
10/10/13 Journey Coming To PS4, But No Specific Details Just Yet
10/09/13 PlayStation-Exclusive Content For ACIV Features Aveline
10/09/13 Thief Gameplay Trailer: If It's Valuable, I Can Steal It Away
10/08/13 PlayStation's Future: No More Hardware, Just A Service?
10/07/13 A Feel Good Sony Story That Makes MS Look Like Sh**
10/07/13 Next-Gen Upgrades For Black Flag Include Dynamic Foliage
10/07/13 Injustice Ultimate Edition Confirmed, Set For PS4 And Vita
10/04/13 Guerrilla On Improving The Dual Shock Controller For PS4
10/03/13 Is It Possible That The PS4 Will Be Better Advertised Than Xbox One?
10/03/13 Battlefield: Bad Company 3? DICE Would "Love To See It"
10/03/13 Report: PS4 Will Top Xbox One In 2013, Consoles To Rise
10/02/13 Bungie Warns Gamers To Look Out For Destiny Beta Scams
10/02/13 Next-Gen Deus Ex, Human Revolution Director's Cut Confirmed
10/01/13 Pre-Order Destiny At Amazon, Nab A Spot In The Beta Test

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