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PS4 Archives - November, 2013

11/30/13 Kojima: MGSV Arrives When There Are "Lots" Of PS4 Owners
11/29/13 Sony Disables PS4 Vouchers To Ease Pressure On Servers
11/29/13 Euro PS4 Launch Insanity Doesn't Reflect Well On Gamers
11/29/13 Sony Releases "Perfect Partners" Trailer: PS4/Vita Togetherness
11/28/13 Shadow Fall Update 1.05 Based On Community Feedback
11/28/13 Sony Disabling A Few PSN Features For PS4 Euro Launch
11/28/13 Sony: PlayStation 4 Lifespan May Be A Little Shorter Than PS3
11/27/13 PS4 Euro Launch: PSN Prices Have Yet To Be Finalized
11/27/13 Sony: PS4 Economics "Closer To That Of PS2 Than PS3"
11/27/13 Black Friday: GameStop Will Have A Few PS4s And Xbox Ones
11/27/13 Twitch Forced To Remove PS4 PlayRoom Content From Directory
11/26/13 New Battlefield 4 PS4 Patch "Increases Overall Stability"
11/26/13 Report: Xbox One Cost $90 More To Make Than PlayStation 4
11/26/13 Next-Gen Launch Weekends On eBay: PS4 Outsells Xbox One
11/25/13 Yoshida Cancels Dinner Plans Due To "Addictive" Share Feature
11/25/13 UK Gamers Who Didn't Pre-Order The PS4 Still Have A Chance...
11/25/13 Guerrilla On Killzone: Shadow Fall's Graphical Prowess
11/25/13 Twitch: Vids For The PlayRoom Had Best Be Game-Related
11/24/13 Which PlayStation Era Represented The Largest Graphics Leap?
11/24/13 PSXE Poll Update: Most PS4s Seem To Be Running Fine
11/24/13 Sony's First To Greatness Offers Players 64 Unique Challenges
11/22/13 Tiny Brains Now Set For December 3
11/22/13 Battlefield 4 PS4 Now Much More Stable After A Hotfix Update
11/22/13 Sony: Demon's Souls, Dark Souls Inspired Design Of The PS4
11/22/13 Sony To Launch PS4/Vita "Ultimate" Bundle In UK
11/21/13 What Will Be The First "System Seller" For The PlayStation 4?
11/21/13 GameStop: PS4 Launch Has Already Eclipsed PS3 Launch
11/21/13 PS4 Worth Nearly $600 On eBay Right Now
11/21/13 Gran Turismo 7 Tech Demo Implies 2014 Release Date?
11/20/13 Did Polygon Really "Lie" About The PS4's Remote Capabilities?
11/20/13 EA: Titanfall Not Coming To PS4, But Any Sequels Just Might
11/19/13 PS4 Launch Lineup Reason Enough To Wait On A Purchase?
11/19/13 PS4 Was "By Far The Largest Launch" In Canadian Gaming History
11/19/13 Black Flag Director: Next AC Entry Will Be "More Next-Gen"
11/18/13 Shooters Dominate PS4 Launch Sales: Aren't We Bored Yet?
11/18/13 Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Hitting PS4 On January 24?
11/18/13 Bungie: Destiny Defies Genre Labeling
11/18/13 PS4 "Final Trailer" Emphasizes Software
11/18/13 Incoming Battlefield 4 PS4 Update Should Fix Crashing Problems
11/18/13 Analyst: PS4, Xbox One Attach Rate Will Be Around 3.25
11/17/13 Amazon's Placeholder For Uncharted 4 Is December 31, 2014
11/17/13 Xboxers Bashing PS4 For Reliability Issues Is Comically Ironic
11/17/13 PS4 Tops 1 Million Sold In 24 Hours
11/16/13 Kojima Praises PS4's Graphical Ability, Social Elements
11/15/13 PS4 Red Line Of Death Reports Spread
11/15/13 Tretton On PlayStation: "We've Always Been Console Leaders"
11/15/13 Black Flag Title Update Brings 1080p HD To PS4 Version
11/15/13 Eidos Opts To Drop QTEs From Thief Due To "Strong Reactions"
11/15/13 Destiny Beta Will Hit PS4, PS3 First
11/15/13 Uncharted 4 For PS4, The Last Of Us "Left Behind" DLC Teased
11/14/13 Okay, PS4 Reactionaries, Time To Take A Deep Breath
11/14/13 PS4 Game Install Times: Only A Simple Matter Of Seconds
11/14/13 Sony Says PS4 Issues Affect "Less Than .4% Of Shipped Units"
11/14/13 South Park Takes A Jab At The Next-Gen Console Wars
11/14/13 Sony: "Mixed" Game Reviews Won't Hurt The PS4 Launch
11/14/13 Sony Unleashes PS4 Launch Trailer
11/13/13 Reports: PlayStation 4 HDMI Jack May Be Prone To Malfunctioning
11/13/13 Sony: No, PlayStation 4 Will Not Suffer A New Game Drought
11/13/13 Ghosts Needs Day-One PS4 Update To Run At 1080p HD
11/13/13 Kojima: "Shocking" PS4 Announcement Coming Soon
11/13/13 New Study Indicates That PS4 Remains A Consumer Favorite
11/13/13 Sony On HD Argument: "Yes, Resolution Does Make A Difference"
11/13/13 Will PS4 Get MP3 Playback, Media Server Features Soon?
11/12/13 GameStop Will Have "Some" Extra PS4 Units At Launch
11/12/13 Sony "Very Comfortable" With Year-End PS4 Sales Predictions
11/12/13 Killzone: Shadow Fall Launch Trailer, Tech Trailer Arrive
11/12/13 Buyin' The PS4: Convincing Your Spouse, Parents, Or Roomates
11/12/13 Amazon: "Unprecedented Demand" For PS4 And Xbox One
11/11/13 What's The One Game You Wish Was A PS4 Launch Title?
11/11/13 The Mandatory Game Installations For PS4 Explained In Full
11/11/13 Over 4,200 GameStop Locations Holding PS4 Launch Events
11/11/13 Amazon, Target Limited Time Sale: Buy Two, Get One Free
11/11/13 Minecraft Will Not Be A PS4 Launch Title
11/11/13 Sony Releases Super Slick PlayStation 4 Unboxing Video
11/10/13 More Reports Of Xbox One Games Running At Sub-1080p
11/10/13 PSXE Poll Update: PS4 Will Trounce Xbox One This Year
11/09/13 Report: PS4 Sales Will Reflect On Kaz Hirai's Performance
11/09/13 Tiny Brains For PS4 Finally Settles On November 26
11/08/13 PS3 Diablo III Characters Will Transfer Over To PS4 Version
11/08/13 New Update Brings PS4/Vita Friends List Total To 2,000
11/08/13 GameStop: On Average, PS4 Pre-Orders Outstrip Xbox One
11/08/13 Killzone: Shadow Fall's Full Trophy List
11/08/13 PlayStation 4 Launch Units Include Trio Of Digital Vouchers
11/07/13 PS4 Midnight Launch: Are You Going?
11/07/13 GameStop Holding PS4 Pre-Launch Events This Sunday
11/07/13 Activision: New Call Of Duty, Skylanders Titles For 2014
11/07/13 Knack's Co-op Goodness Revealed, Great For All Players
11/07/13 PS4's List Of Day-One Entertainment Applications Revealed
11/06/13 Activision: PS4, Xbox One Prices May Fall Sooner Than Expected
11/06/13 Call Of Duty: Ghosts Hits $1 Billion
11/05/13 Ubisoft: ACIV Development Much Easier On Next-Gen Consoles
11/05/13 MLB 14: The Show Announced, Coming To PS4, PS3, Vita
11/04/13 Need For Speed: Rivals Joins PlayStation 4 Launch Lineup
11/04/13 Naughty Dog On Their New PS4 Title: "You'll Be In Awe"
11/04/13 Ground Zeroes Release Date: The Prologue Set For Spring
11/04/13 New PS4 Features Trailer Highlights The Console's Sleekness
11/03/13 On A Scale Of 1-10, How Would You Rate PS4's Launch Lineup?
11/02/13 GameStop's Midnight Launches May Not Be Well Staffed
11/01/13 PS4 Pre-Orders "Much, Much Higher" Than Past PS Platforms
11/01/13 Destiny's Competitive Multiplayer Is Very "Skill-Based"

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