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PS4 Archives - December, 2013

12/31/13 Capcom Will Deliver Deep Down "As Soon As Possible" In 2014
12/31/13 Tomb Raider PS4: Physics Upgrades And Voice Commands
12/31/13 Sony Boss: Watch Dogs, Destiny Will Help "Define Next-Gen"
12/31/13 Kingdom Hearts III Keyblade Will Be A Transforming Machine
12/31/13 Project Cars: 60 New Screens, Immense Level Of Realism
12/30/13 Tomb Raider Dev Explains Full-Priced Definitive Edition
12/30/13 Latest Battlefield 4 Snafu Involves "Ongoing Connectivity" Issues
12/30/13 Naughty Dog Considering Bringing The Last Of Us To PS4?
12/29/13 What If inFamous: Second Son Had Launched With The PS4?
12/29/13 Amazon: PS4, Xbox One Sold At A Rate Of 1,000 Units/Hour
12/27/13 Rumor: Watch Dogs, Driveclub Arrive In Europe On March 21
12/27/13 Natural Doctrine Pushed Back In Japan
12/27/13 Capcom Releases New Deep Down Screenshots, Trailer
12/27/13 Using The Dual Shock 4 Touchpad In Thief Is "Really Intuitive"
12/26/13 New And Improved VidZone App Hits PS4
12/24/13 Why Did Bungie Want Destiny To Be A Third-Person Title?
12/24/13 Rumor: Sony Both "Excited And Afraid" Of PS4's Momentum
12/23/13 Should Our Expectations Be Crazy High For The Order: 1886?
12/23/13 Killzone: Shadow Fall Free Multiplayer Trial Set For This Weekend
12/23/13 NBA 2K14 Update Adds Stability And Gameplay Tweaks
12/23/13 Play Blacklight: Retribution Beta, Keep Everything You Earn
12/23/13 Internal Sony-Developed JRPG Currently In Development For PS4?
12/22/13 Sales Rumor: Killzone: Shadow Fall Surpasses 1 Million
12/22/13 Realism Is Better In Next-Gen Versions Of Ground Zeroes
12/21/13 Rumor: Lazlow Sorta Confirms Next-Gen Ports Of GTAV?
12/20/13 Sony: Current PS4 Demand Won't Be Met Until January/February
12/20/13 New Story And Setting Details Found For The Order: 1886
12/20/13 Kingdom Come: Deliverance Announced For PC, Next-Gen Platforms
12/19/13 Jay Mohr Doing Voice Work For Next Saints Row Installment?
12/19/13 Rumor: Two Assassin's Creed Projects In The Works For 2014
12/19/13 BioWare Delivers An Encouraging Dragon Age: Inquisition Update
12/19/13 Sony: "Tough Learning" From PS3 Made PS4 What It Is
12/18/13 New Game Consoles Result In More Jobs At Sony, Microsoft
12/18/13 Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition May Be Prettier Than You Think
12/17/13 Most Wished For: Xbox One Tops, PS4 Second, Wii U 37th
12/17/13 Battlefield 4 Gets Another Major Patch
12/17/13 Top Game-Related Google Searches For 2013: PS4, GTAV
12/17/13 Plus Members Get Killzone Multiplayer, Dyad For Free
12/16/13 Ubisoft: Watch Dogs "Just Wasn't Ready"
12/16/13 Bungie: Story Can Be Played Solo, But Multiplayer Is Encouraged
12/16/13 Can Wolfenstein's 'New Order' Resurrect Old School FPS?
12/16/13 Sony: We're Not Creating An Artificial PlayStation 4 Shortage
12/16/13 LEGO The Hobbit: "The Most Diverse LEGO Quest To Date"
12/15/13 Have The New Systems Cured Your "Generation Fatigue?"
12/15/13 Rainbow Six Patriots "Wasn't Working," Must Be Rebooted
12/14/13 Dylan Jobe Considering A Remastered Warhawk For PS4?
12/14/13 What Upcoming PS4 Game Blew Adam Boyes' Mind?
12/13/13 Looking For A PS4? GameStop Will Soon Have A "Limited Supply"
12/13/13 Bungie: Destiny Will Cater To Gamers Of Every Skill Level
12/13/13 PS4 Launches In More Territories, Now Out In 48 Countries
12/13/13 Bound By Flame Trailer #2 Reminds Us Of Game's Great Potential
12/12/13 Got The PS4, So Why Am I Still Playing All My PS3 Games?
12/12/13 November NPD: PS4 Sells More, But Xbox One Sells Faster
12/12/13 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Dev: "It's Very Easy To Over-Design"
12/11/13 What Is Your Most Anticipated New IP For The PS4/Xbox One Era?
12/11/13 The Order: 1886 Will Balance Shooting And Melee Combat
12/11/13 Wal-Mart To Receive Huge PS4 Shipment For This Weekend
12/11/13 Snoop Delivers Rayman Legends Date For PS4, Xbox One
12/11/13 PS4 Update 1.52 Available Now, Improves Overall Stability
12/11/13 PlayStation 4 And Xbox One Worldwide Sales Neck-And-Neck?
12/11/13 Battlefield 4 PS4 "General Stability" Patch: Hopefully, A Cure-All
12/10/13 Report: PS4 Will Be This Generation's "Leading System"
12/10/13 Bungie: Destiny Multiplayer Faster, "More Lethal" Than Halo
12/10/13 Sony: Users Fully Embracing PS4's Streaming Capabilities
12/09/13 Kojima On MGSV: "A Stealth Simulator In An Open World"
12/09/13 Pachter: PS4 Outsold Xbox One In US During November
12/09/13 Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Lands Release Date
12/08/13 Will We Ever Again See Another Super Big-Budget JRPG?
12/08/13 What Do You Make Of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition?
12/08/13 PSXE Poll Update: Many Spring For PS4, Many More Wait
12/08/13 Yamauchi: "Fine-Tuning" Games Not As Hard On The PS4
12/08/13 Telltale Games Developing Game Of Thrones Adaptation
12/08/13 VGX Trailer Highlights: The Witcher 3, Dying Light, Thief, More
12/08/13 Ubisoft Claims The Division Will Boast Revolutionary Detail
12/07/13 Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Confirmed For PS4, Xbox One
12/07/13 Hello Games Reveals Ambitious Next-Gen Title, No Man's Sky
12/07/13 Deus Ex: Universe In The Works For PC, Next-Gen Consoles?
12/07/13 Bethesda Confirms Fallout 4 Teaser Site "Is Not Official"
12/06/13 Destiny Slated To Release Worldwide On September 9, 2014
12/06/13 WipEout Creators Form New Studio After Sony Liverpool Closure
12/06/13 The Order: 1886 Sets Itself Apart Through Softness
12/05/13 PlayStation 4: What Are You Most Looking Forward To In 2014?
12/05/13 Deep Down: New Info And Screens
12/05/13 Doki-Doki Universe Lands On PS4, PS3, Vita Next Week
12/04/13 EA: No Work On Battlefield 4 DLC Until The Game Is Stable
12/04/13 Black Flag Freedom Cry DLC Ready To Go On December 17
12/03/13 Rumor: Driveclub Will Be Ready Before February 22, 2014
12/03/13 Is Backwards Compatibility As Irrelevant As Executives Claim?
12/03/13 EA: Bandwidth Still An Obstacle For Digital Game Delivery
12/03/13 Redeem Voucher Feature Should Be Back Online For PS4
12/03/13 PS4 Hits 2.1 Million, "Best Launch In PlayStation History"
12/02/13 Sources: Gaikai On Track To Launch For PS4 In Q3 2014
12/02/13 Xbox One Beats PS4 On Black Friday: The Casuals Come Out
12/02/13 Another Battlefield 4 PS4 Patch Arrives
12/02/13 Guerrilla On Future Of PS4, And The Fan's Thirst For "New"
12/02/13 Man Tries To Sell A PlayStation 4, But Ends Up Getting Shot
12/01/13 Will The Last Guardian Be A Holiday 2014 Title For PlayStation 4?
12/01/13 PSXE Poll Update: PS4 Launch Lineup Is Merely Average
12/01/13 Sony: Retailers Will Continue To Get Regular PS4 Shipments
12/01/13 PS4 Generating More Interest Than Xbox One In The UK

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