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PS4 Archives - February, 2013

02/28/13 Will PlayStation Ever Be More Popular Than Xbox In The US?
02/28/13 Sony On PS4 Unveiling: "We Focused On Key Genres For Gamers"
02/28/13 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Will Excel In Regards To Longevity
02/28/13 Avalanche Teasing Either Just Cause 3 Or Mad Max Game
02/28/13 Sony Shows Off PS4 Interface
02/27/13 What Will Entice You To Purchase The PS4 Come Launch Day?
02/27/13 Guerrilla Games: The Dual Shock 4 Is A "Big Step Forward"
02/27/13 Rumor: PS4 Won't Support CDs
02/27/13 Battlefield 4 Appears To Be PS4-Bound
02/27/13 Sony: PS4 Could Have The Best Launch Lineup In Our History
02/26/13 A Next-Gen Possibility: Nintendo Games On PS4 And Xbox 720?
02/26/13 EA: New Console Technology Is A "Giant Leap For Our Industry"
02/26/13 Used Game Issue: Sony Swears To "Do The Right Thing"
02/26/13 Diablo III For PS3 And PS4 Doesn't Have To Be "Always Connected"
02/25/13 Sony On Not Showing The PS4: "Frankly, A Box Is A Box"
02/25/13 All Sony Studios Cranking On PS4 Titles
02/25/13 Bleszinski: Industry In Worst State Of Turmoil Since 80s Crash
02/25/13 Destiny Will Contain Bungie's "Full Vision" On Every Platform
02/25/13 Sony: Every PS4 Game Will Be Available As A Digital Download
02/25/13 BioWare: Next-Gen Graphics Leap Not As Significant As Before
02/24/13 I'm Just Gonna Ask: Why Was Square Enix At The Meeting?
02/24/13 PSXE Poll Update: The PlayStation 4 Puts Pressure On Microsoft
02/22/13 Dual Shock 3 Won't Work With PS4
02/22/13 Apparently, PS4 Games Won't Cost Any More Than PS3 Games
02/22/13 Killzone: Shadow Fall Confirmed As A Launch Title For PS4
02/22/13 Analyst Thinks $299 Might Be The "Magic" Number For PS4
02/21/13 Well, Guess We Won't Hear About The PS4's "Hidden Power"
02/21/13 Devs: Cost Of Making PS4 Games "Not As Scary" As You Think
02/21/13 Analyst: Sony Did Well, Microsoft Has To "Bring Their A-Game"
02/21/13 No Fewer Than 143 Studios Set To Make Games For The PS4
02/21/13 PS4 Will Play Used Games, So No Need To Suffer A Meltdown
02/21/13 Sony: PS4 Will Support 4K Resolution, But Games Will Not
02/21/13 CD Projekt Confirms The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt For PS4
02/21/13 Sony Issues Full Details And Tech Specs For PlayStation 4
02/21/13 GameStop Kicks Off PS4 First To Know Information Program
02/20/13 Watch All The Best PS4 Videos From The PlayStation Meeting
02/20/13 Watch Dogs Will Be A PS4 Launch Title
02/20/13 Bungie Bringing Destiny To PS3 And PS4
02/20/13 Activision Blizzard Bringing Diablo III To Both PS3 And PS4
02/20/13 Quantic Dream Displays PS4 Engine
02/20/13 inFamous: Second Son, DriveClub On Display For The PS4
02/20/13 PlayStation 4 Coming Holiday 2013: Details And Highlights
02/20/13 Killzone 4 Is Actually Killzone: Shadow Fall, And It's Stunning
02/20/13 Sony Unveils Dual Shock 4
02/20/13 Watch Sony's PlayStation Meeting 2013 Right Here...PS4 Time?
02/20/13 Development Stars May Be At Sony's PlayStation Meeting
02/19/13 PS4 To Ship In November At $430?
02/19/13 Source: Sony "Unlikely" To Reveal Exact Date And Price For PS4
02/19/13 Evidence That Destiny May Go Next-Gen
02/18/13 What Should We Expect From RPGs In The Next Generation?
02/18/13 PlayStation 4 Info: Gaikai, YouTube, And Social Networking
02/18/13 PlayStation Evolution Videos Continue: PS2 And PS3 Highlighted
02/17/13 What's Most Critical For PS4: Games, Cost, Reliability, Or Power?
02/16/13 Sony To Announce Three Games When PS4 Is Revealed This Week?
02/15/13 PS4 Controller Prototype Image Shows Off Headphone Jack
02/15/13 Sony Teases PS4 Unveiling With Special Homage Video?
02/15/13 Report: PS4 Will Stream PS3 Games
02/15/13 Avalanche Studios Releases Teaser Image For Just Cause 3?
02/14/13 Rumor: PS4 SplitShock Controller Ditches Analog Sticks
02/14/13 Sony Books Hammerstein Ballroom In NY For PlayStation Event
02/14/13 Microsoft: Most Consumers Aren't Even Aware Of February 20
02/13/13 Will There Be A Lot Of Day-One Adopters Next Generation?
02/13/13 EA: Next-Gen "Most Likely" Won't Have Backwards Compatibility
02/13/13 Rumor: PS4 Controller Looks "More Or Less" Like The DS3
02/10/13 Evolution Teases MotorStorm For PS4?
02/10/13 PSXE Poll Update: PlayStation Fans Are Confident PS4 Will Rock
02/09/13 Crytek: Crysis 3 Will Be Comparable To Next-Gen Games
02/08/13 Killzone 4 Debuts This Year On PS4?
02/08/13 PS4 About "New Play Options" Rather Than Futuristic Specs?
02/06/13 Will The PS4's Price Tag Be $499?
02/06/13 What Game Element Should Be Most Improved Next Generation?
02/05/13 Will PlayStation Finally Get The Witcher Next Generation?
02/04/13 What Would Your Dream PS4 Launch Lineup Look Like?
02/04/13 Rumored PS4 Announcement Will Be Livestreamed On February 20
02/03/13 I Guess Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is A Next-Gen Title Now
02/03/13 The PS4 Announced This Month? Pachter Is "100% Certain"
02/02/13 PS4 Info Keeps Rolling: Controller, Specs, Launch Target
02/01/13 PS4's Focus On "Social Features" Rather Than Improved Specs?

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