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PS4 Archives - March, 2013

03/31/13 Are You Impressed By What You've Seen Of PS4 Tech Demos?
03/31/13 The Expanded Unreal Engine 4 Elemental Tech Demo For PS4
03/29/13 Epic Shows What Unreal Engine 4 Can Do With "Infiltrator" Demo
03/29/13 Bungie Shows Off Destiny Concept Art, More To Come At E3
03/28/13 Are The Days Of Big-Budget JRPGs Dead And Gone Forever?
03/28/13 Rumor: Batman: Arkham Origins In The Works For PS4, Xbox 720
03/27/13 Is Sony Saving Big PS4 News For E3?
03/27/13 Check Out The PS4's CPU Specs
03/27/13 Activision Shows Us What's Possible With Next-Gen Hardware
03/27/13 Sony: PS3 "Had Some Issues" With Developer Accessibility
03/26/13 Sony: All PlayStation 4 Beta Testing Opportunities Are Scams
03/25/13 Blacklight: Retribution, Primal Carnage Genesis Set For PS4
03/25/13 American McGee Wanted "Control Input Innovation" With PS4
03/25/13 PS4's Pulse Controller: A Futuristic Twist On Game Interaction?
03/24/13 PSXE Poll Update: Sony Made A Good Move Going With AMD
03/24/13 Pitchford On PS4: Sony Really Listened To What We Had To Say
03/23/13 How Would PlayStation Fans React To An "Always-On" Console?
03/21/13 Would Final Fantasy Versus XIII Actually Help To Sell PS4s?
03/21/13 Sony And Unity Team Up To Bring "Optimized Tools" To PlayStation
03/21/13 Quantic Dream Has Started Work On A PlayStation 4 Project
03/21/13 Kojima: Fox Engine Gunning For Total Photo-Realism
03/21/13 Ken Levine: PS4's PC-Based Architecture Is "Gamer-Friendly"
03/18/13 Bungie Prepared To Handle Server Load When Destiny Drops
03/17/13 Deep Silver Says Dead Island On PS4 Is A Real Possibility
03/14/13 Apparently, Sony Didn't Want To Pay For Nvidia Tech In PS4
03/14/13 Sniper Elite 3 Set For Next-Gen Platforms
03/14/13 Rumor: 1,000 Ubisoft Peeps Cranking On Assassin's Creed IV
03/13/13 Will All The Positive PS4 Vibes Disappear If It's Too Expensive?
03/13/13 Online Retailer Reports "Unprecedented Demand" For PS4
03/12/13 Do Leaked Car Photos Prove GT6 Will Hit Both PS3 And PS4?
03/12/13 The Witcher 3 To Boast Multiplayer?
03/12/13 Over 600,000 Sign Up For GameStop's PS4 First To Know Program
03/11/13 Do You Plan To Own The PlayStation 4 And The New Xbox?
03/11/13 Kojima Suggests Use Of "Pilot Episodes" In The New Generation
03/11/13 PlayStation 4 Ad Tops YouTube's Most Viewed In February
03/11/13 Just Cause Dev: PlayStation 4 Is "The Best Of All Worlds"
03/10/13 Could A FFVII Remake Be Kickstarted?
03/10/13 Pachter: PS4 "Impressive," Will Sell 85-95 Million Units
03/08/13 Kojima On PS4: "It's The Logical Evolution Of The Platform"
03/08/13 Unreal Engine 4 For PS4 Rarin' To Go
03/07/13 The Golden Age Of Gaming Simply Can't Be Compared To Today
03/07/13 UK Retailer Expects PS4 To Revive A Lagging Game Market
03/06/13 What Can Sony Do To Keep The PS4 Hype Train Rolling Along?
03/05/13 So If FFXV Is Announced For The PS4 At E3, What Do You Expect?
03/05/13 Rumor: PS4 Shipments Start In August, To Hit 16 Million
03/05/13 Thief Reboot Planned To Sneak Onto Next-Gen Platforms In 2014
03/04/13 Will Multiplatform Titles, Not Exclusives, Cause The PS4 To Sell?
03/04/13 Ubisoft Explains Why ACIV Features Another Male Protagonist
03/04/13 Assassin's Creed IV Is "The Most Diverse And Seamless" Entry Yet
03/03/13 How Will Shooters Evolve And Innovate In The Next Generation?
03/03/13 PSXE Poll Update: Most Sony Fans Are Happy With The PS4
03/02/13 4K Movies Supported On PS4, But Sony Faces Obstacles

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