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PS4 Archives - April, 2013

04/30/13 Who Wishes The Most Anticipated PS4 Launch Title Wasn't A FPS?
04/30/13 With PC Architecture, Why Game On A Console?
04/30/13 Quantic Dream Sees "Major Differences" In PS4 vs. PS3
04/29/13 Veteran Gamers: Gauge Your Excitement Level For Next Gen
04/29/13 Watch Dogs Hits All Platforms, Including PS4, On November 19
04/29/13 Bungie's Destiny: Everything You've Seen Is "Work In Progress"
04/28/13 PSXE Poll Update: PS4 Aesthetics Are "Somewhat Important"
04/28/13 Suikoden Revival Movement's "Small Conversations" With Konami
04/27/13 Thief Reboot Has Endured A Long, Hard Road At Eidos Montreal
04/26/13 Analyst: Early PS4 Reveal Didn't Change Anything For Microsoft
04/26/13 Zipper Interactive Would've Delivered A Brand New FPS For PS4
04/25/13 As Of Now, What's Your Most Anticipated Next-Gen Game?
04/25/13 The Witcher 3: Big Hunt Won't Have DRM, QTEs, Or Multiplayer
04/25/13 "Position Based Fluids" Could Command Next Gen Water Effects
04/25/13 Sony Talks Dual Shock 4 In New Video
04/24/13 Ubisoft "Very Pleased" With Both Next-Generation Consoles
04/24/13 Spec Ops Developer Moving On, Time To Try "Something Different"
04/24/13 Any Room On The Next-Gen Hype Train For Two New Systems?
04/24/13 Sony: PS4's "Familiarity" Results In Best Launch Lineup Ever
04/22/13 All Right, I Give: We Really Need The Next-Generation Consoles
04/22/13 Share Button On Dual Shock 4 Pitched By Sony Santa Monica
04/21/13 PSXE Poll Update: Forget The PS4 Frills, Games Matter Most
04/21/13 Watch Dogs On PS4: Overall, A More Realistic Experience
04/20/13 Sony To Unveil PS4 Design At Private Event Before E3?
04/19/13 Bethesda Teams Up With Shinji Mikami, Readies The Evil Within
04/18/13 Will Your Digital Spending Increase In The Next Generation?
04/18/13 Take-Two To Announce XCOM's Fate, Next-Gen Port Of GTAV?
04/18/13 Sony: PS4 Is Not The PS3's "Successor"
04/18/13 Whore Of The Orient On Hold As Team Bondi Needs A Publisher
04/16/13 Thief Dev: Without The Fun Factor, Who Cares About Graphics?
04/16/13 Sony Hints At Agreeable PS4 Price
04/14/13 What Percentage Of PS4 Hype Is Due To Generation Fatigue?
04/14/13 PSXE Poll Update: Sony Fans Would Hate An "Always-On" PS4
04/11/13 Gaming's Future: Will We Ever Totally Abandon Buttons?
04/10/13 AMD Chief Architect: "The PlayStation 4 Blew Me Away"
04/10/13 The Next Generation And The Rise Of The Girl Gamer
04/10/13 Ni no Kuni Developer May Reveal Their New PS4 Project "Soon"
04/10/13 Sony On PS4 Reveal: There's A Reason We Showed Knack First
04/09/13 PS4 Opts For x86 Over The Cell - Does It Matter, Should We Care?
04/08/13 Guerrilla Games On PS4: "Everything's Balanced Out"
04/08/13 Sony: Nixing Backwards Compatibility For PS4 A Tough Decision
04/08/13 Third-Party Devs Surprised By PS4's 8GB Of RAM Announcement
04/07/13 Will Your Gaming Habits Change In The Next Generation?
04/05/13 No New Tales Titles In The Works For Either PS4 Or Wii U
04/05/13 Indie Games May Be The Push Sony Needs In The Next-Gen War
04/04/13 The Witcher 3 Dev Not Comfortable With "Cross-Generation" Games
04/04/13 Thief Producer: We'll Bring You The Best Single-Player Experience
04/03/13 What Can We Expect From The PS4 In Terms Of Reliability?
04/03/13 Rumor: Sony Planning Pre-E3 PS4 Announcement Of Some Kind
04/03/13 Bungie: Halo Influenced By Film, Destiny Inspired By Serial TV
04/02/13 Epic Games VP Says PS4 Is Kinda Like "The World's Best PC"
04/02/13 GameStop: PS4 Global Launch In 2013, Unsure About Microsoft
04/01/13 How Much Will Physical Games Be Worth 50 Years From Now?
04/01/13 Thief Out Of The Shadows Trailer Leaked

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