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PS4 Archives - May, 2013

05/31/13 Keighley: PS4, Xbox One E3 Conferences "Strongest In Years"
05/31/13 Rumor: Dishonored Developer Starts Fresh With Prey Sequel
05/30/13 Will Generation Fatigue Greatly Benefit Next-Gen Consoles?
05/30/13 Ubisoft's The Crew Looking To Challenge Gran Turismo And Forza?
05/29/13 Ubisoft Predicts Big Things From The Next-Gen Consoles
05/29/13 Jury Still Out On The Evil Within Reviving Survival/Horror
05/29/13 Report: All PS4 Games Must Support Remote Play For Vita
05/29/13 Mirror's Edge 2 Spotted Again, Xbox One Exclusivity Rumored?
05/28/13 Impending Epic E3 Battle: PS4 Games vs. Xbox One Games
05/27/13 What Can Microsoft Do To Make You Want The Xbox One?
05/27/13 Xbox One Used Game DRM Backlash Caused Sony To Take Action?
05/27/13 Sony Bosses Reply To Fans Concerned About DRM In PS4
05/26/13 Sucker Punch Goes The Extra Mile With inFamous: Second Son
05/24/13 GamStop Shares Tumble On Xbox One Used Game Rumors
05/24/13 Designer: PS4 Could Have The Significant Raw Power Edge
05/24/13 PS4 UK Ad Confirms 2013 Launch Window
05/23/13 Need For Speed: Rivals Revealed, Another Cross-Generation Title
05/23/13 GameStop: PS4/Xbox One Have Cheaper Debuts Than PS3/Xbox 360
05/23/13 Super Stardust HD "Spiritual Successor" Coming To PS4
05/23/13 Dying Light Announced, Set For Current And Next-Gen Systems
05/22/13 PS4 Trouncing Xbox One In GameSpot's Allegiance Twitter Poll
05/22/13 Report: PS4 Boasts 50% More Graphical Ability Than Xbox One
05/22/13 Yoshida's Funny Response To Xbox One
05/21/13 GameStop: Sony And Microsoft "See The Value" In Used Games
05/21/13 Call Of Duty: Ghosts Reveal Trailer And Behind The Scenes Vid
05/21/13 Fake Applause During Xbox One Reveal: Was That Wrong?
05/21/13 EA Sports' Next-Gen Ignite Engine Offers "Human-Like" AI
05/21/13 Let The Inevitable PS4 vs. Xbox One Comparisons Begin
05/21/13 Xbox One Is Revealed One Minute, Sony Shares Jump The Next
05/21/13 IDC: Next-Gen Console Sales Won't Top Current Systems
05/20/13 Sony Teases PS4 Hardware, With Full Unveiling At E3
05/19/13 Call Of Duty: Ghosts Teaser Trailer, Full Unveiling On Tuesday
05/17/13 Agent Still In Development, But Is It Now A Next-Gen Title?
05/17/13 Eight Gorgeous Screens For DriveClub
05/16/13 Should Diablo III Use DS4's Touchpad For Managing Inventory?
05/16/13 Japan Studio Reveals Panopticon Teaser, More Info On May 21
05/15/13 Ubisoft: New Console Cycle To Offer An "Unrivaled Experience"
05/15/13 Yamauchi On Gran Turismo 6: "We Have A PS4 Version In Mind"
05/15/13 It Seems Sony's PS4 Slogan Will Be "Greatness Awaits"
05/15/13 Inside Killzone: Shadow Fall: Tech Demo, 103-Page Presentation
05/13/13 If The New Xbox Was Cheaper Than PS4, Would You Consider It?
05/13/13 New Black Flag Trailer Focuses On The "Golden Age Of Piracy"
05/12/13 Six Minutes Of Watch Dogs Gameplay To Kick-Start Your Week
05/10/13 Watch Dogs Multiplayer, Single-Player Overlap "Seamlessly"
05/09/13 Ubisoft On PS4: Sony Has Fixed All The Possible Issues
05/09/13 Early inFamous: Second Son Details, Set For PS4 Launch?
05/09/13 PS4 Architecture Means Sony Won't Have To Suffer Major Losses
05/09/13 God Of War Developer Working On Brand New IP For PS4?
05/08/13 Ubisoft: Next-Gen Games Rely On Devs "Taming The Machine"
05/08/13 Sony Approached Bungie For Feedback Regarding Dual Shock 4
05/08/13 Gran Turismo Celebrates 15 Years, Big Announcements Coming
05/08/13 Sony On "Always-Connected" PS4: "We Didn't Consider It"
05/07/13 Wolfenstein: The New Order Announced
05/06/13 How Much Are You Willing To Spend On PS4's Launch Day?
05/06/13 Sony Teases Big Game Announcements, And We Wonder...
05/06/13 Sony: New Share Feature Can Be Limited By Developers
05/05/13 Will We See Fewer Exclusives In The PS4/Xbox 720 Generation?
05/05/13 PSXE Poll Update: Most Expect "Nothing Special" From New Xbox
05/04/13 Assassin's Creed IV: "More Open And Free Than Ever Before"
05/03/13 Watch Dogs On PS4 Is "A Truly No Compromises Experience"
05/03/13 Sony's E3 Conference Dated, More PS4 Announcements Imminent?
05/02/13 If Xbox 720 Launches Alongside Ghosts, Sony Is Screwed
05/02/13 Obsidian Needs A Level Designer For A "Unique Next-Gen Game"
05/01/13 Cross-Gen Titles Ease The Pain Of No Backwards Compatibility
05/01/13 GameStop Expo To Offer An "In-Depth" Look At The PS4
05/01/13 Call Of Duty: Ghosts: A New Next-Gen Engine, New Story, More
05/01/13 Havok: All Next-Gen Games Should Have Destructible Environments
05/01/13 Activision: Are You Ready For The Next Gen Of Call Of Duty?

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