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PS4 Archives - June, 2013

06/30/13 Will Multiplayer Interest You More In The Upcoming Generation?
06/30/13 Sony On PS4 GPU: It Handles More Than Conventional Graphics
06/30/13 Compare The Launch Prices Of Consoles Down Through History
06/28/13 Soul Saga Hits Kickstarter Goal, Coming To PS4 And Vita
06/28/13 Rumor: Sony Announces PS4 Launch Date At Gamescom 2013
06/28/13 EA Wants Mirror's Edge Sequel To Reach A Larger Audience
06/27/13 What Do MGS Fans Think Of The Story Choices In MGSV?
06/27/13 Ubisoft On Cost Of Next-Gen Consoles: "The Price Is Right"
06/27/13 Désilets: "Deep Down, Nobody Cares About Not Having CDs"
06/27/13 Sony: Keeping PSN Totally Free On PS4 Would've Been "Absurd"
06/26/13 Keep Pushing Sony, You Haven't Won Yet
06/26/13 Nomura: FFXV "Is A Final Fantasy" Before It's An Action Game
06/26/13 Knack Is A Mix Of God Of War, Katamari And Crash Bandicoot
06/26/13 Sources: The PS4 Originally Included The Eye, Cost $500
06/26/13 Sony: Microsoft's DRM Mistake Helped Us
06/26/13 Analyst: Battlefield 4 Will Rock The Sales Charts Despite Ghosts
06/25/13 Ready At Dawn Drops Some Fresh The Order: 1886 Details
06/25/13 Will We See A MGS Remake Powered By The Fox Engine?
06/24/13 Will Your First PS4 Game Purchases Be Digital Downloads?
06/24/13 Sony: "The Vast Majority" Of Gamers Still Prefer Physical Media
06/23/13 PSXE Poll Update: Everyone's Runnin' To Pre-Order The PS4
06/23/13 The Inside Tech Scoop On Quantic's E3 Demo, The Dark Sorcerer
06/23/13 The One Thing Sony Needs For Playstation 4 Domination
06/23/13 Here's Why EA Dropped The "3" From Dragon Age: Inquisition
06/21/13 As Of Now, "The Floodgates Are Open" For PS4 Pre-Orders
06/21/13 GameStop Pushed Microsoft To Reverse Xbox One DRM?
06/21/13 Team Bondi Secures Necessary Funding For Whore Of The Orient
06/21/13 PS4, Xbox One Give Amazon Its Biggest Pre-Order Week Ever
06/20/13 If You Haven't Pre-Ordered An Extra Dual Shock 4, Do It Now
06/20/13 Pachter: Now Xbox One Will Equal The Sales Of PlayStation 4
06/20/13 Leaked Watch Dogs Multiplayer Features Some Tense Hacking
06/20/13 CliffyB: "Internet Whining" Didn't Force Microsoft's Hand
06/20/13 Valve Project Tracker Reveals Half-Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3?
06/20/13 Fallout Fans Seeking New Entry Will Have To Wait A While
06/19/13 Fresh Kingdom Hearts III Details
06/19/13 Nomura: Here's Why Versus XIII Became Final Fantasy XV
06/19/13 DICE Confident That Battlefield 4 Will Outclass Other Shooters
06/19/13 Did Microsoft's Damage Control Change Your View Of Xbox One?
06/19/13 Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag A Launch Title For PS4, Xbox One
06/18/13 Dear Microsoft: A Lifelong Multi-Console Owner Thanks You
06/18/13 Deep Down Not Playable Until E3 2014
06/18/13 Killer Is Dead Developer "Relying Heavily" On Unreal Engine 4
06/18/13 New Mass Effect To Use Game Systems From Dragon Age
06/18/13 At Generation's End: What's Your Plan?
06/18/13 PS4 First-Party Games Priced At $60
06/18/13 Tretton Explains: Used Game Flexibility Enhances Value
06/18/13 Thief E3 Gameplay And Interviews: Give Us This Game ASAP
06/17/13 So, Who Wants Kingdom Hearts III More Than Final Fantasy XV?
06/17/13 PS4 Replaces Xbox One Atop Amazon's "Most Wished For" List
06/17/13 Nomura Mentions A Few Of His Favorite Games From E3
06/17/13 PS4 Components Shipping Ahead Of Xbox One Components?
06/17/13 Guerrilla Walks You Through 21 Minutes Of Killzone: Shadow Fall
06/16/13 Conspiracy Theory Fun: Microsoft Halted PS4 vs. Xbox One Poll?
06/16/13 PSXE Poll Update: Most Expected The PS4 To Be Quite Pretty
06/16/13 If You Missed The E3 Excitement, It's Time To Play Catch-Up
06/16/13 DayZ May Find Its Way To PS4
06/15/13 House: No PS4 DRM Announcement Was A "Visceral Moment"
06/14/13 Dual Shock 4: A New And Vastly Improved Dual Shock 3
06/14/13 The Division Is "Really, Really Next-Gen," Whatever That Means
06/14/13 Sony Pressured Into Releasing PS4 In Western Regions First?
06/13/13 PS4 Slaughtering Xbox One In Amazon Facebook Fan Vote
06/13/13 PS4's 8GB Of GDDR5 RAM: Devs Say Sony Finally Listened
06/13/13 Assassin Creed IV's Game Lab Lets You Create Multiplayer Modes
06/13/13 Avalanche: No Multiplayer For Mad Max
06/12/13 Sony Clarifies Important Points Regarding PlayStation Plus And PS4
06/12/13 Favorable Response To PS4 Causes Sony To Boost Expectations
06/12/13 Sony Shows Off PS4 Headset, Charging Station, Stand
06/12/13 Watch Dogs Multiplayer Might Be Familiar To Dark Souls Fans
06/12/13 Was It A Good Idea For Mirror's Edge 2 To Go Open-World?
06/12/13 EA To Adopt A "Customer-First" Stance For Future Used Games
06/12/13 PS4 #1 Pre-Order Game Item At Amazon, GameStop Resupplies
06/12/13 The Elder Scrolls Online Delayed Until 2014
06/12/13 PlayRoom PS4 Tech Demo: A Living Room Springs To Life
06/11/13 Did Sony Win E3, Or Did Microsoft Lose It?
06/11/13 Sony To Abandon Online Pass Program For PlayStation 4 Games
06/11/13 inFamous: Second Son Gameplay Shows Off Destructible Stuff
06/11/13 Final Fantasy Not XV Exclusive To PS4, Is Kingdom Hearts III?
06/11/13 PS4 Has Upgradeable 500GB Hard Drive, Dual Shock 4 Priced
06/11/13 PS4 User Interface Video Exudes Ease, Slickness, Style
06/11/13 E3 2013: Super Hot Trailers Direct From Sony's Conference
06/11/13 E3 2013: Sony Teams Up With Multiple Indie Devs For PS4
06/10/13 E3 2013: PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 From Ready At Dawn
06/10/13 E3 2013: PS4 To Cost $399, Will Launch This Holiday Season
06/10/13 E3 2013: The Dark Sorcerer Enchants Us
06/10/13 PlayStation 4: No Online Necessary, Used Games Supported
06/10/13 E3 2013: Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III Make An Appearance
06/10/13 E3 2013: inFamous: Second Son Secures February 1, 2014 Date
06/10/13 E3 2013: The PlayStation 4 Finally Gets Its Anticipated Unveiling
06/10/13 Ubisoft's The Crew Features A Realistic, "Persistent Online World"
06/10/13 Ubisoft Reveals Tom Clancy's The Division For PS4, Xbox One
06/10/13 Madden NFL 25 Becomes A Launch Title For PlayStation 4, Xbox One
06/10/13 Battlefield 4 Boasts 64-Player Multiplayer
06/10/13 DICE Brings Mirror's Edge 2 To Next-Gen Consoles "When It's Ready"
06/10/13 Watch Dogs E3 Trailer: "Give Me 4 Seconds And A Clear Signal"
06/09/13 Don't Be Surprised To See Corporate Mudslinging At E3
06/09/13 Call Of Duty: Ghosts Details And Single-Player Gameplay Footage
06/09/13 Rumor: Microsoft Paying To Keep PS4 Games Away From E3
06/08/13 CryEngine 3 Confirmed For PlayStation 4
06/07/13 Evolution: DriveClub Will Be Playable Next Week at E3 2013
06/07/13 Thief E3 Trailer: "When I Want Something, I Always Get It"
06/07/13 Another Industry Analyst Predicts PS4 Will Come In Under $400
06/07/13 Atlus Announces Daylight, A New Thriller For PS4 And PC
06/06/13 Capcom Teases "Big Surprise" At E3
06/06/13 Sony Teases PS4 Reveal...Again
06/05/13 Free-To-Play Warframe Will Be Ready For PlayStation 4 Launch
06/04/13 Who Would Be Your Dynamic Development Duo?
06/04/13 Will One Of DICE's E3 "Surprises" Be A Mirror's Edge Sequel?
06/03/13 Pachter: PlayStation 4 Debuts At $350, Xbox One To Cost $400
06/03/13 Deus Ex: The Fall To Be Revealed At E3?
06/03/13 "No DRM" Campaign Continues, Phase 2 Starts This Week
06/02/13 PSXE Poll Update: Sony Could Indeed Outsell Xbox One In US

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