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PS4 Archives - July, 2013

07/31/13 PS4 Demand To "Significantly Outstrip Supply" In UK
07/31/13 Bungie: Destiny Takes The Open-World FPS To Another Level
07/31/13 Take-Two Wants Red Dead To Be One Of Their "Permanent" IPs
07/30/13 Do You See Next-Gen Systems As Pure Video Game Consoles?
07/30/13 Killzone: Shadow Fall Pre-Orders Beating Forza 5, Ryse
07/30/13 C'mon Rockstar, Just Announce Bully 2!
07/29/13 Sony To Reveal More Of The PS4 Lineup At Gamescom 2013
07/29/13 PS4 Friends List Will Be Twice The Limit Of Xbox One's List
07/28/13 PSXE Poll Update: PS4 Has What It Takes To Win Next-Gen
07/28/13 Nomura: Kingdom Hearts III Is The End, But Not Really
07/27/13 Nomura Explains How Final Fantasy XV Is "More Dynamic"
07/26/13 Sources: Up To 5.5GB Of PS4's Memory Available To Devs
07/26/13 Indie Game Makers Getting PS4 Dev Kits Entirely Free Of Charge
07/25/13 Warner Bros. To Distribute The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt In The US
07/25/13 Battlefield 4 Battlelog Shows Off Multiple Platform Connectivity
07/24/13 How Important Is A New System's Launch Lineup To You?
07/24/13 Report: PS4 Nearly 50% More Popular Than Xbox One
07/24/13 PlayStation 4 Launch-Day Bundles Have Returned To Amazon
07/23/13 History Check: Where Were You During The PlayStation Launches?
07/23/13 Assassin's Creed IV Gameplay Highlights Tropical Action
07/23/13 Analyst: Xbox One Will Be More Readily Available This Year
07/23/13 PS4 Will Handle Hotter Weather Easily
07/23/13 Do Renewed Agent Trademarks Hint At A Rockstar Announcement?
07/22/13 How Would You Convince Someone That Plus Is A "Plus?"
07/22/13 PlayStation 4 Will Record 15 Minutes Of Gameplay Data
07/19/13 Analyst Expects "Initial Shortages" For Both PS4 And Xbox One
07/19/13 Mikami: "I Want To Return To Survival Horror's Roots"
07/18/13 A Next-Gen Remake Or Reboot We All Want: Vagrant Story
07/18/13 Watch Dogs To Sell 6 Million, Limited Edition Announced
07/18/13 Ubisoft: Next-Gen Console Pre-Orders Twice That Of PS3, 360
07/18/13 Strider's Triumphant Return Set For 2014
07/18/13 Sucker Punch Talks The Awesomeness That Is Second Son
07/18/13 PS3 Wireless Headsets Will Work On PS4
07/17/13 Beyond Good & Evil 2 Was "Too Big" For This Console Period
07/17/13 "Many Cool Things" For PS4 And Vita At Gamescom 2013
07/17/13 Nomura: There Would Be No KHIII Without All The Spin-offs
07/17/13 New Mass Effect: BioWare Has Story And Character Meetings
07/17/13 Is It Ethically Sound To Want The PS4 To Totally Dominate?
07/17/13 "Greatness Awaits" Auction: Gold Trophies Are Your Currency
07/16/13 BioWare: New Mass Effect Will Appeal To Fans And Newcomers
07/16/13 Dual Shock 4 Might've Tested Stress And Sweat Production
07/15/13 Ubisoft: Far Cry 4 Is Gonna Happen
07/15/13 Diablo III Hits PS3 On September 3, PS4 Version In 2014
07/15/13 Ubisoft: We Really Need Every New IP To Become A Franchise
07/15/13 Mad Max Trailer: Racin' And Breakin' Arms In The Desert
07/14/13 Will The PS4 Beat The Xbox One To Store Shelves This Holiday?
07/14/13 PSXE Poll Update: The PS4 Is The Only Console We Need!
07/12/13 Cerny: PS4 Power Consumption Is Less, So No Overheating
07/12/13 PS4 Will First Be Playable At Comic-Con
07/12/13 Killzone: Shadow Fall Pre-Order Bonuses
07/12/13 Sony: PS4 Will "Fundamentally Alter The Gaming Landscape"
07/11/13 Will The Playstation Faithful Miss Insomiac?
07/11/13 Nearly Nine Full Minutes Of Killzone: Shadow Fall Gameplay
07/11/13 Epic Founder: Games Will Be "Absolutely Photorealistic" In 10 Years
07/11/13 Ubisoft: The Next Generation Of Consoles Won't Be The Last
07/10/13 Will Sony Or Microsoft Hold Back Supply To Increase Demand?
07/10/13 Sony: We Can Access Our Digital PS4 Libraries On Any System
07/10/13 Amazon Sold Out Of PS4, Xbox One Standard Editions
07/10/13 Petition Wants Microsoft To Reinstate Nixed Xbox One Policies
07/09/13 CliffyB: One New AAA IP Needs To Hit 10 Million To Break Even
07/09/13 Sony Teases Something New With "When Worlds Collide" Pic?
07/09/13 Killzone: Shadow Fall Lands Top Quality Acting Talent
07/08/13 Your Most Anticipated UNannounced PS4 Exclusive Would Be...
07/08/13 CD Projekt RED: The Witcher 3 Isn't Just Another Elder Scrolls
07/08/13 Sold Out Of Standard PlayStation 4 Consoles
07/07/13 Xbox One Fiasco: Will Gamers Continue To Hold A Grudge?
07/06/13 Sony Talks PS4's Power And Microsoft's DRM "Take Back"
07/05/13 Dual Shock 4's Light Bar Is "Always On"
07/05/13 Pachter On Next-Gen: Nintendo Could Finish A "Distant Third"
07/05/13 Xbox One Focused On Advertising, But What About PS4?
07/05/13 Sony: We Never Intended To Use DRM To Restrict Used Games
07/04/13 What Is Your #1 Reason For Purchasing The PlayStation 4?
07/04/13 Bungie: Destiny's Story Is "Deeper Than Anything We've Told"
07/03/13 If You Missed It, Here's 12 Minutes Of E3 Destiny Gameplay
07/03/13 The Playroom Will Accompany The PS4
07/03/13 Mad Max Petition Results In Switch To Australian Actor
07/03/13 Beyond Good & Evil 2 Would've Been "Painful" On Current Systems
07/02/13 Will Video Games Continue To "Grow Up" In The New Generation?
07/02/13 Sony: Devs Have A "Real Sense Of Pride" Working With PS4
07/02/13 Ubisoft's The Crew Is "Really An MMO"
07/01/13 Tretton: Not A Good Idea To Force The PS4 Camera On Gamers
07/01/13 Kojima: Power Difference Between PS4 And Xbox One "Small"
07/01/13 Swedish Site Lists Titanfall, Demon's Souls 2 For PlayStation 4
07/01/13 Rumor: PlayStation 4 Launches In Europe On November 13

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