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PS4 Archives - August, 2013

08/30/13 PlayStation Plus Trailer: Why Your PS4 Begs For Membership
08/29/13 PS4 Version Of Destiny Will Receive Some Exclusive Content
08/29/13 Which Next-Gen Console Might Have The Multiplatform Edge?
08/29/13 Watch Dogs' Protagonist Isn't Necessarily A "Good Guy"
08/29/13 PS4 Bundles Coming But "Haven't Been Fleshed Out Yet"
08/28/13 PS4, Xbox One Pre-Order Numbers: What Do They Really Mean?
08/28/13 Dragon Age Keep Proves The Importance Of Your Decisions
08/26/13 GameStop Managers Get A PS4 And 7 Games At Launch
08/25/13 PSXE Poll Update: More PS4 Launch Titles Expected At Gamescom
08/23/13 Transfluent Brings Multilingual Translation To Unity Developers
08/22/13 Tretton On PS4: Ultimately, Gamers Look At The Overall Value
08/22/13 PS4 Pre-Orders Are "Breathtakingly High"
08/22/13 Sony: PS4 UI "A Quantum Leap" Ahead Of Cross Media Bar
08/22/13 Ready At Dawn Showcases The Order's Revolutionary Physics
08/21/13 Post-Gamescom: Did Sony Bolster Their Position Or Not?
08/21/13 inFamous: Second Son Should Rock Our Worlds In February
08/21/13 PS4 Boasts "hUMA" And Has The 3D Edge Over Xbox One
08/21/13 EA: Mirror's Edge 2 Needed The Power Of Next-Gen Consoles
08/20/13 PS4 Gets 33 Games In 2013, 180 Total Currently In Development
08/20/13 Dual Shock 4 Will Be Available In A Couple Stylish Colors
08/20/13 Shadow Of The Beast Remake Rampaging Onto PlayStation 4
08/20/13 Breaking: PS4 Hits Store Shelves In North America On November 15
08/20/13 Cage: "We're Getting Closer And Closer To True Photorealism"
08/20/13 Dragon Age: Inquisition Dev Diary: RPG Aficionados Revel
08/19/13 Concerning The PlayStation 4, How Much Has Sony Held Back?
08/18/13 They Love It Now, But Will Devs Love The PS4 In Five Years?
08/18/13 Yoshida Tweets About Remote Play
08/16/13 Ubisoft: Next-Gen Watch Dogs Boasts A Fully Alive Chicago
08/16/13 Sony To Reveal PlayStation 4 "Release Plans" During Gamescom
08/16/13 Thief Uprising Trailer: The Ailing City Is One Big Playground
08/15/13 Activision Unconcerned About Lower Call Of Duty: Ghosts Pre-Orders
08/14/13 The 2013 FPS Battle: Does Killzone Beat BF4 And Ghosts?
08/14/13 Awesomenauts Will Make The PS4 Even More Awesome
08/14/13 The Witcher 3 Cinematic Trailer: Geralt Just Doesn't Negotiate
08/12/13 Capcom Warned Staff: "At This Rate, We'll Be Left Behind"
08/12/13 DICE To Reveal New BF4 Game Mode And Map At Gamescom
08/12/13 Oddworld Dev On Why They Like Working With The PlayStation 4
08/11/13 PSXE Poll Update: Sony's Marketing Will Improve With PS4
08/09/13 Lord Of The Rings Actor Says He's Excited For A "New Uncharted"
08/09/13 Do Polls Prove That Most Core Gamers Are Siding With PS4?
08/09/13 Sony: PS4 Won't Generate Predecessor's Tremendous Losses
08/08/13 Yoshida: Plus Isn't Required To "Share"
08/07/13 Will Gamescom Turn Into A PS4 vs. Xbox One Exclusive War?
08/07/13 Updated Pre-Order Game Charts For US: Time To Discuss
08/07/13 Character Customization, Armor Returns In Dragon Age: Inquisition
08/06/13 Are Gamers Really That Miffed About Plus Being A Requirement?
08/05/13 Rumor: PS4/Vita Bundle Hits This Holiday Season For $500
08/05/13 Raymond: Big-Budget Games Will "Stifle Innovation Eventually"
08/05/13 Take-Two Registers "HungoverX" Domain, But What For?
08/04/13 New Watch Dogs Trailer: High Drama And Slam-Bang Action
08/04/13 PSXE Poll Update: Move Won't Gain Much Traction Next Gen
08/04/13 New Black Flag Screens Show Off The Present-Day Motif
08/02/13 Carmack On PS4 And Xbox One: "It's Weird How Close They Are"
08/02/13 Whore Of The Orient Gameplay Emerges
08/01/13 Destiny Could Be Worth $1 Billion, Ghosts Pre-Order Update
08/01/13 Square Enix Confirms Tomb Raider Sequel For Next Gen
08/01/13 Fans Select Tom Cruise For Lead Role In Watch Dogs Movie
08/01/13 Second Son Trailer: Who Knew Smoke Was So Darn Powerful?
08/01/13 Capcom's Deep Down Apparently An MMO, Only On PS4?

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