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PS4 Archives - September, 2013

09/30/13 Harmonix: Rock Band Not Dead, Just Temporarily Shelved
09/30/13 Trademark Updates Hint At Possible Agent Announcement For PS4?
09/30/13 Guerrilla On Their New IP: Don't Expect Another Killzone
09/30/13 Poll: 64% Of Consumers Won't Buy New Game Hardware In 2013
09/30/13 Shadow Fall Comes In At 50GB...And You Still Want Digital?
09/29/13 Is It Important For The PS4 To Outsell The Xbox One Early?
09/29/13 Thief Dual Shock 4 Features, Maintains The "Stealth Core"
09/27/13 Watch Dogs At 30FPS On PS4, Xbox One
09/26/13 What Is The Very First Game You Will Play On Your PlayStation 4?
09/26/13 Quantic Dream's Mystery PS4 Title Will Be "Very, Very Different"
09/26/13 Single-Player Data Won't Transfer Over For "Upgrade" Titles
09/26/13 Special Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 Bundle Set For Europe
09/25/13 David Jaffe Goes Ghost Hunting With New IP
09/25/13 New PS4 UI Images: PlayStation App And Various Pages
09/25/13 Pre-Order Thief, Score The Bank Heist
09/24/13 Which Developer Will Impress You Most In The New Generation?
09/24/13 Sony Offers PS4 Info: Power Consumption, Noise Level, More
09/24/13 Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Trailer Amps Up The Hype
09/24/13 Sony, Taco Bell Offer "Play The Future First" PS4 Promo
09/23/13 Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments Now Headed To PS4
09/22/13 PSXE Poll Update: PS4 Excitement Level Off The Charts
09/21/13 Deep Down Confirmed As Free-To-Play
09/20/13 HDMI Gameplay Capture Feature Won't Be Ready For PS4 Launch
09/20/13 Sony Expects To Recoup PS4 Hardware Losses "Immediately"
09/19/13 Sony: First PlayStation 4 Design Featured Only 4GB Of RAM
09/19/13 Analyst: Expect To See GTAV On PS4, Xbox One In 2014
09/19/13 Sony's Fiscal 2013 Sales Goal For PS4: 5 Million Units
09/19/13 Tokyo Game Show 2013 Presents Gameplay For MGSV, FFXV
09/18/13 Hyper Light Drifter Kickstarter Successful, Coming To PS4, Vita
09/17/13 The Evil Within TGS Trailer Treats Us To Freaky Gameplay
09/17/13 Activision Details Cross-Gen Upgrade Plans For CoD: Ghosts
09/16/13 Nolan North On PS4 Testing: "I Couldn't Believe It Was Gameplay"
09/16/13 NBA Live 14 Earns November 19 Launch Date For PS4, Xbox One
09/16/13 Uncharted For PlayStation 4 Spotted At GameStop Germany
09/16/13 Mutant League Football Kickstarter: This Sequel Must Happen
09/16/13 Bungie Says Cross-Platform Development Is Worth The Pain
09/15/13 Don't Forget, Sony: New Exclusive IPs Are Your Bread And Butter
09/15/13 PSXE Poll Update: PlayStation 4's Price Tag Is Just Right
09/14/13 The Sun Sets During A Challenging Driveclub Time Trial
09/13/13 Report: PS4 Outstrips Xbox One In "Key Performance Areas"
09/12/13 Do You Believe The Next-Gen Consoles Will Be The Last?
09/12/13 Yamauchi: Gran Turismo 7 Hits PS4 In Only "A Year Or Two"
09/12/13 Sony On PS4: The Production Yields Have Been "Phenomenal"
09/12/13 Bound By Flame Heads To PS4 In 2014
09/11/13 Next-Gen Hope: Good Cheer And Positivity Outstrips Fanboyism
09/11/13 Deep Down An "Online RPG," Not Guaranteed For US?
09/11/13 Sony On PlayStation Brand In US: "We're The Challengers"
09/11/13 Shadow Fall Multiplayer: No XP, Spotlight System Introduced
09/10/13 Valiant Hearts: The Great War Announced For PS4, Xbox One
09/10/13 Child Of Light Trailer Emerges: So Soft, So Sweet, So Nostalgic
09/09/13 Next-Gen Hype Levels Rising: Can PS4 And Xbox One Live Up?
09/09/13 PS4 Launches Later In Japan So Sony Can "Meet The Volume"
09/09/13 With Enough Funding, Mighty No. 9 Will Come To PS4, Xbox One
09/09/13 Yakuza Ishin Revealed For PS4, Will It Come To The West?
09/09/13 FFXIV PS3 Players Can Upgrade To PS4 Version For Free
09/09/13 PlayStation 4 Launches In Japan On February 22, 2014
09/08/13 Capcom: Deep Down Is Only On PS4
09/07/13 New 1080p Gamescom Driveclub Footage Gears You Up
09/06/13 Shinji Mikami On PS4: “Finding Our Feet”
09/06/13 Rumor: Dualshock 4 Will Work Natively With PC
09/04/13 Does PS4's One Week Head Start Mean Anything Significant?
09/04/13 PS3 Supports 7 Controllers, But PS4 Will Only Support 4
09/04/13 Bungie Made Destiny So It'll Be "Different Every Time" Out
09/03/13 What Next-Gen Gameplay Improvement Do You Most Want?
09/03/13 Sony Reveals Stacked TGS 2013 Lineup
09/03/13 Reports: Sony To Reveal PS4 VR Headset
09/02/13 In The New Generation, The Real Winners Will Be Gamers
09/02/13 Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Details
09/02/13 Gearbox Will Deliver Two New IPs For Next-Gen Consoles
09/02/13 Whore Of The Orient Complaint Focuses On The "Orient" Part
09/02/13 Plus Version Of DriveClub Includes A Platinum Trophy
09/01/13 How Do You Perceive The Graphical Jump In Next-Gen Systems?
09/01/13 Inquisition Details: Qunari Are Playable, Tactical Mode Returns
09/01/13 PlayStation Camera For The PS4 Will Support Voice Commands

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