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PS4 Archives - January, 2014

01/31/14 Square Enix: KHIII, FFXV Calendar Dates Are Just Placeholders
01/31/14 New Sherlock Holmes Adventure Headed To PS3, PS4 In 2014
01/30/14 The Order: 1886 Estimated To Hit PS4 "Later In The Year"
01/30/14 Sony Proudly Reveals UK Sales Ratio In Favor Of PS4
01/29/14 Hey Sony, Isn't It Time To Announce Heavenly Sword 2 For PS4?
01/29/14 Killzone: Shadow Fall Hits Sales Milestone
01/29/14 PlayStation Now Beta Invites Going Out
01/28/14 Sources: The Last Of Us 2 "In Production," Set For 2015
01/28/14 The Elder Scrolls Online Doesn't Require A Plus Membership
01/28/14 Rumor: PS4 Will Support Classic PS1/PS2 Titles Via Emulation
01/28/14 inFamous: Second Son Gameplay Footage Features Heavy Action
01/27/14 Sucker Punch Seeking Extras For Second Son Commercial
01/27/14 Sources: PS4 Will Win, "And Not By Some Small Trivial Margin"
01/27/14 Thief Achievement List: Embracing The Concept Of Stealth
01/26/14 inFamous: Second Son Won't Have Multiplayer: Do You Care?
01/26/14 PSXE Poll Update: Don't Need Xbox One, We Got The PS4!
01/24/14 EverQuest Next Set For PS4, SOE Hints At Brand New IP
01/24/14 Uncharted 4 In 2014, TLoU GotY Edition Still Possibilities
01/24/14 Xbox Boss: Difference Between PS4 And Xbox One Is "Minor"
01/24/14 Basement Crawl Hitting Europe Next Week, US "Soon" After
01/23/14 Can You Predict The Highest Scoring Game Of 2014?
01/23/14 Naughty Dog Comments On Uncharted 4, TLoU GotY Edition
01/23/14 The Witcher 3 Close To Maxing Out The PS4 And Xbox One
01/23/14 Tomb Raider FPS Performance On PS4 > On Xbox One
01/23/14 Insider: Watch Dogs PS4 Better Than Xbox One Version
01/23/14 The Golf Club: A Full Golf Experience Coming In Spring
01/22/14 Could We Dim The LED Light On DS4? "Sounds Reasonable"
01/22/14 inFamous: Second Son Trailer: This Is Definitely "Next-Gen"
01/22/14 PlayStation 4 Back In Stock At GameStop For A Limited Time
01/22/14 The Witcher 3 On PS3, 360? Impossible, Says Developer
01/21/14 Post-Launch: Is The PS4 Being Promoted Quite As Heavily?
01/20/14 Share Feature Recording Random Footage After PS4 Update?
01/20/14 Resogun DLC Coming, Dev Working On "Another PS4 Project"
01/20/14 Microsoft Paying Off YouTubers For Xbox One Hype: Dirty Pool?
01/20/14 Pachter: If The PS4 Stays Cheaper, Xbox One Won't Catch Up
01/19/14 PSXE Poll Update: Sony's Lead Is Great, But It's A Marathon
01/18/14 The Witcher 3 Will Have Intrigue Around Almost Every Corner
01/18/14 No Plans For Bringing Dark Souls II To Next-Gen Systems
01/17/14 Microsoft: The Online Hate That Infects Gaming Should Go Away
01/16/14 December NPD: Xbox One Tops, 3DS Is The Winner In 2013
01/16/14 Sony: No Update To Disable Light Bar On Dual Shock 4
01/16/14 Next-Gen Hitman Has "Checkpoint-Free, Sandbox Levels"
01/15/14 Driveclub Should Boast Some Totally Crazy Location Detail
01/15/14 Hello Games Won't Let A Little Flood Delay No Man's Sky
01/15/14 After 20 Years, R.B.I. Baseball Finally Returns This Spring
01/14/14 Are You Okay With The Standard Difficulty In Most Games?
01/14/14 Evolve, The "Asymmetrical Team Shooter," Launches This Fall
01/14/14 Sledgehammer Games Cranking On A "Next-Gen" Call Of Duty?
01/14/14 Gamestop Holiday Sales Tick Up Over Last Year
01/14/14 Outlast Coming To PS4 In February, Free For Plus Members
01/14/14 New PS4 Game Announcements Inbound From Japan
01/13/14 Sales Rumor: PS4 Sells 2.5 Times More Than Xbox One In Germany
01/12/14 Are You Embracing The Digital Revolution?
01/12/14 PSXE Poll Update: Most Won't Pay For The Upgraded Lara
01/11/14 Capcom: Next-Gen Games Require "8-10 Times" More Work
01/10/14 inFamous: Second Son CES Gameplay Footage Revealed
01/10/14 Rayman Legends Takes Advantage Of Next-Gen Power
01/09/14 What RPG Do You Most Want To Play In The New Generation?
01/09/14 Energy Hook Swings To PS4, Vita In 2014
01/09/14 Kingdom Under Fire II Coming To PS4, Gets Exclusive Content
01/09/14 Mercury Steam Working On "Completely Different" Next-Gen Title
01/09/14 PlayStation Now's Pricing And Packaging Similar To Netflix
01/08/14 In Retrospect, Maybe The PS4 Launch Lineup Wasn't So Bad
01/08/14 Get Even Strives For "Photo-Realism" And Multiplayer Innovation
01/08/14 Alien: Isolation Will Run In 1080p HD On The PS4 And Xbox One
01/08/14 GameStop "Looking Forward" To Working With Sony On PS Now
01/08/14 Nyko To Offer PS4 Intercooler, PowerPak For Dual Shock 4
01/08/14 Sony: PS4 Beating Xbox One In 2013 Isn't Overly Important
01/07/14 Sony Has Grabbed The Lead, Can They Maintain Momentum?
01/07/14 Mortal Kombat Co-Creator: Oh, So Game Consoles Are Dying?
01/07/14 Mirror's Edge Writer "Not Even Asked" To Pen Sequel's Script
01/07/14 Streaming Game Service PlayStation Now Slated For Summer
01/07/14 Breaking News: Worldwide PS4 Sales Surpass 4.2 Million
01/07/14 Alien: Isolation Confirmed, Embraces The Survival/Horror Bent
01/06/14 Dish Streaming App Headed To PS3, PS4
01/06/14 3 Million Xbox Ones Sold In 2013, Did PS4 Sell The Same?
01/06/14 Second Son's World Is "Relatable, True And Grounded"
01/06/14 Codemasters Apparently Cranking Away On A New DiRT
01/05/14 What Direction Will God Of War Take In The New Generation?
01/05/14 PS4 Users Continue To Complain About Blu-Ray Playback
01/04/14 Sony: "Considerable Demand" For PlayStation 4 In Japan
01/04/14 2014 Release Schedule: 70 PS4 Games Worth Considering
01/03/14 Drakengard For PS4? Sadly, Not Enough Money In The Till
01/03/14 Sony Teasing Naughty Dog Announcement For January 6?
01/03/14 MS Boss Applauds Sony For Investing In "New And Creative Things"
01/03/14 Sony Advises PS4 Seekers To Be Patient
01/02/14 Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Trophies
01/02/14 Rumor: Final Fantasy XV Was Once A PlayStation 4 Exclusive
01/01/14 Pick The Sleeper Hit Of 2014

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