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PS4 Archives - October, 2014

10/31/14 PS Plus Subscriptions Hit 7.9 Million
10/31/14 Evolve Alpha Test On PS4 Delayed Due To Network Problems
10/31/14 Square Enix Shows Off More Final Fantasy XV Gameplay
10/31/14 Conan O'Brien Is Obviously Excited For Advanced Warfare
10/31/14 Extreme Exorcism: Ghost Hunting With A Deadly Twist
10/31/14 Bethesda Officially Cancels Prey 2
10/30/14 Sony's Event In December Will Surpass Their E3 Showing
10/30/14 Far Cry 4 Golden, Expected To Ship Over 6 Million Copies
10/30/14 Advanced Warfare Live Action Trailer Has Some Star Power
10/30/14 PlayStation Experience: Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, More
10/30/14 Ubisoft Platform Sales Charts: PS4 Is King
10/30/14 Price Cut For Physical Copies Of MGSV: Ground Zeroes
10/30/14 Shadow Of Mordor Lord Of The Hunt DLC Fully Outlined
10/29/14 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD "Enter The Fray" Trailer Released
10/29/14 Plus November Freebies Include Escape Plan, Luftrausers, More
10/29/14 GTA Collection Is A Possibility
10/29/14 Ubisoft: Feudal Japan Is Just Too Familiar For Assassin's Creed
10/29/14 Destiny DLC The Dark Below Detailed, Hits On December 9
10/29/14 Open-World Horror Game Grave Now Confirmed For PS4
10/28/14 Did Demon's Souls Spawn A New Era In "Hardcore" Gaming?
10/28/14 Advanced Warfare Season Pass Detailed
10/28/14 The Battlefield After Hardline Won't Launch Until Late 2016
10/28/14 Dying Light Now Only Coming To Next-Gen Consoles And PC
10/28/14 Slender: The Arrival Will Creep Out PS4 And Xbox One Players
10/28/14 Destiny PS4 Players Report Sign-In Issues
10/28/14 Rockstar Outlines GTAV Bonuses For Returning Players
10/27/14 Can Call Of Duty Ever Really Disappear?
10/27/14 Analysts: Advanced Warfare Won't Reverse CoD's Downward Trend
10/27/14 Far Cry 4 Dev: "Fresh And Fun" Is More Important Than Resolution
10/27/14 Primal Carnage: Extinction Roars Onto PlayStation 4 in 2015
10/27/14 Grand Theft Auto V On PlayStation 4 Fully Embraces 1080p
10/27/14 Here Are Three Allies You Can Recruit In Dragon Age: Inquisition
10/27/14 Double XP This Week For CoD Ghosts, Black Ops II
10/26/14 PSXE Poll Update: High Expectations For PlayStation Experience
10/26/14 Bungie Offers Details On Destiny's Next Iron Banner Event
10/26/14 Project Cars Halloween Trailer Shows A Stiff Driving Challenge
10/26/14 Japan Gets GTAV PlayStation 4 Bundle
10/25/14 Check Out The Intense Intro Cinematic For The Witcher 3
10/25/14 Here's How You Take Advantage Of PS4's "Virtual Couch"
10/24/14 Sackboy Spices Up Costume Quest 2
10/24/14 Ubisoft Wants To Make It Clear That The Division Is An RPG
10/24/14 Far Cry 4's Latest Trailer Proves You'll Always Be In Danger
10/24/14 Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round Launching On February 17
10/23/14 This Gamergate Thing Makes Me Want To Take A Shower
10/23/14 Early NBA Live 15 Adopters Can Land A Bunch Of Free Content
10/23/14 Assassin's Creed Unity: "An Unparalleled Scope" Of Activities
10/23/14 Anticipated PS4 Update 2.00 Finally Set To Land On Tuesday
10/23/14 Advanced Warfare "A New Era Of Warfare" Multiplayer Trailer
10/23/14 The Unfinished Swan Graces PS4, Vita On October 28
10/22/14 Right Now, What Is The PS4's Biggest Selling Point?
10/22/14 Evolution: Improving Driveclub Servers Is "Frustrating"
10/22/14 Warner Bros: Mortal Kombat X Will Spawn A Live-Action Series
10/22/14 Pick Up Your PlayStation Experience Tickets This Week
10/22/14 Lords Of The Fallen Will Take Advantage Of Next-Gen Power
10/22/14 Ubisoft Explains Why Unity Could Never Be A Cross-Gen Title
10/21/14 Looking Back: Which PlayStation Launch Excited You Most?
10/21/14 Scam Alert: No Beta For GTAV On PS4, Xbox One And PC
10/21/14 Real Special Ops Soldiers Consulted On Rainbow Six Siege
10/21/14 Far Cry 4 Season Pass Features New Missions And Weapons
10/21/14 Shadow Of Mordor Free DLC Lets You Play As The Black Hand
10/21/14 Take Advantage Of This $360 PlayStation 4
10/20/14 Sony: I Don't Want To See Anything You "Shouldn't Reveal Yet"
10/20/14 PlayStation 4 Live Action Ad Highlights "Friendly Competition"
10/20/14 Bloodborne's "Off The Charts" Visuals Have A Certain "Wetness"
10/20/14 AC Unity Scope "Insane," But Frame Rate Might Be An Issue
10/20/14 Driveclub Devs: The "Majority" Of Players Can Now Connect
10/19/14 Bloodborne: A System-Selling Exclusive?
10/19/14 PSXE Poll Update: Most Opt To Pass On The Evil Within
10/19/14 Rebel Galaxy For PS4 Boasts A Gritty, Open-World Universe
10/19/14 Advanced Warfare Gameplay Launch Trailer Exudes Energy
10/18/14 Destiny's Atheon Boss Taken Down In A Mere 17 Seconds
10/17/14 Far Cry 4 Co-Op Gameplay Looks Like A Ton O' Fun
10/17/14 Naughty Dog On Uncharted 4: Yep, You Should Be Excited
10/17/14 FFXV TGS Panel Now Available In English
10/17/14 Project Cars Avoids November Rush, Runs Away To March
10/16/14 Are Platinum Trophies Too Hard To Get?
10/16/14 September NPD: Destiny #1, PS4 Proves Pachter Wrong
10/16/14 PS4 Firmware Update 2.20 Delivers Even More Sweet Features
10/16/14 PS4 Exclusive Reveal In December Will "Engulf The Internet"
10/16/14 Driveclub Devs Working Hard, Prepping Latest Update
10/16/14 CD Projekt Red: We Always Wanted To Do Open-World
10/15/14 SingStar Launches On October 28, New Features Revealed
10/15/14 New Shadow Of Mordor Update Lets You Snap Some Photos
10/15/14 Sledgehammer: An Extra Year Benefited Advanced Warfare
10/15/14 Master GTAV Pilot Shows Off His Moves
10/15/14 Ubisoft Explains The No Respawn Rule In Rainbow Six Siege
10/15/14 Turn Your PS4 Into A Portable Device With PlayBook 4
10/14/14 Child Of Light Might Be The Best Game I've Played In 2014
10/14/14 Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Launching On February 17 In US?
10/14/14 Crytek Doesn't Rule Out Ryse: Son Of Rome For PS4
10/14/14 Far Cry 4 Virtually Identical Across PS4 And Xbox One Platforms
10/14/14 Ninja Theory Brings You Inside Hellblade's Artistic World
10/14/14 Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Pre-Order Incentives Revealed
10/14/14 Latest Destiny Patch Balances Weapons, Removes Loot Cave
10/13/14 Looks Like Sony's Destiny Marketing For PS4 Didn't Pan Out
10/13/14 The Evil Within Final Trailer Shows Off An Intimidating Atmosphere
10/13/14 Rainbow Six Siege Manages 60FPS Across All Platforms
10/13/14 Capcom Likes The Idea Of VR Tech For Horror Games
10/13/14 Evolution Talks Driveclub Issues, Considers Player Compensation
10/13/14 Yamauchi: Gran Turismo 7 Will Launch In "2015 Or 2016"
10/12/14 The Evil Within Might Be Too Terrifying To Be Entertaining
10/12/14 PSXE Poll Update: Community Split On Driveclub Reaction
10/12/14 New Far Cry 4 Vid Introduces You To The Lowlands Of Kyrat
10/12/14 Pre-Order Revelations 2 On PS3 Or PS4, Get Bonus Mode
10/12/14 Another Unfinished Destiny Locale Found
10/11/14 Destiny Players Getting A Boatload Of Bang For Their Buck
10/10/14 Dragon Age: Inquisition Hits 1080p On PS4, 900p On Xbox One
10/10/14 Evolution Disables Driveclub Features To Work On Issues
10/10/14 Dragon Age: Inquisition Offers 150-200 Hours Of Gameplay
10/09/14 We Spend Way Too Much Time Talking About Frames Per Second
10/09/14 September PSN Top Sellers: Destiny Dethrones Minecraft
10/09/14 Destiny Vault Of Glass Raid Cleared By Only Two Players
10/09/14 PSN Goes Down For Maintenance On October 13
10/09/14 Naughty Dog Unveiling More Uncharted 4 Info "Very Soon"
10/09/14 No 60FPS For Unity Because It Looked "Really Weird"
10/09/14 The Wolf Among Us Targets Next-Gen Platforms In November
10/08/14 This Week's Game Launches Prompt Widespread Discrepancy
10/08/14 Alien: Isolation Owners Experiencing Pre-Order DLC Issues
10/08/14 More Comparison Media For Upcoming Resident Evil Remake
10/08/14 Battlefield 4 Premium Edition Dated
10/08/14 Pre-Order Digital Copy Of GTAV PS4, Get $300,000 GTAO Cash
10/07/14 Is Driveclub Failing To Meet Expectations?
10/07/14 New Diablo III Patch For PS4/Xbox One Adds More Content
10/07/14 Activision Offers CoD Fans Incentive To Upgrade A Console
10/07/14 Unreal Engine 4.5 Gives Skin A Distinctly Human Tinge
10/07/14 Hugh Laurie Joins LittleBigPlanet 3 Cast
10/06/14 Unity Resolution: An Example Of Xbox One Holding Back PS4
10/06/14 Dragon Age Keep: How Your Decisions Make A Difference
10/06/14 The Crew Pushed Back Three Weeks
10/06/14 Advanced Warfare Gameplay Vids Found
10/06/14 Bungie Considering Matchmaking Option For Destiny Raids
10/06/14 Silent Hills Demo Remade In Minecraft, And It's Kinda Funny
10/05/14 Better For PS4: A New God Of War, Or Gran Turismo 7?
10/05/14 PSXE Poll Update: Growing Interest In Shadow Of Mordor
10/05/14 Bungie: Sifting Through Destiny Gossip Isn't Helping Much
10/05/14 Tekken 7 Info: Two New Fighters And Character Customization
10/05/14 LittleBigPlanet PS4 Spotted At Amazon UK
10/04/14 Rumor: Sony To Announce Two AAA PS4 Exclusives In December
10/03/14 UFC Update Adds New Fighters, Guillotine Takedown Reversals
10/03/14 Advanced Warfare Boasts 13 Maps Right Out Of The Gate
10/03/14 Mikami: Survival/Horror Games "Leaning Too Heavily On Action"
10/03/14 Dying Light: "50+ Hours Of Gameplay"
10/02/14 Driveclub Could Be The Best Game Released In October
10/02/14 Monolith: Middle-earth Wasn't Designed To Be A "Movie Game"
10/02/14 Bloodborne Alpha Gameplay Emerges
10/02/14 Evolve: Goliath Premiere Scale Statue Is A Mammoth Collectible
10/02/14 Far Cry 4 Weapons Trailer Shows Off Some Serious Firepower
10/02/14 Sony On The Last Guardian: "Please Look Forward To It"
10/02/14 Final Fantasy XV Combat Gameplay: Ceaseless Swordplay
10/01/14 Middle-earth Dev Unfazed By Comparisons To Assassin's Creed
10/01/14 Rocksteady Aiming For "The Ultimate Batman Simulator"
10/01/14 Start The Fluster Cluck On PS4 This Month

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