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PS4 Archives - December, 2014

12/31/14 Will 2015 Be The Year In Gaming 2014 Should've Been?
12/31/14 PSXE Community Game Of The Year Has Been Decided
12/31/14 DmC: Definitive Edition In Line For A Collector's Package?
12/31/14 Dragon's Dogma Online Trademarks Keep Popping Up
12/31/14 Rumor: The Elder Scrolls VI In The Works
12/31/14 Teen Dials 911 In Response To Holiday PSN/Live Outage
12/30/14 I'm Tired Of Being Punished For Wanting To Play Solo
12/30/14 FBI Officially Investigating Lizard Squad For PSN, Live Attacks
12/30/14 January's Free Titles For Plus Peeps
12/30/14 PSN Flash Sale, Holiday Sale Extended
12/30/14 Planetside 2 Beta Moved Back, But Still Coming In January
12/29/14 Will PS4 Sales Rebound After Xbox One Returns To $399?
12/29/14 PSN Still Not 100%, Connectivity Limited And "Intermittent"
12/29/14 An Oft-Missed Feature On The PS4: PlayStation Docs
12/29/14 New Disgaea 5 Trailer Shows Off Multiple Gameplay Snippets
12/29/14 Our Most Anticipated Unannounced Sequel: Dishonored 2
12/29/14 Paparazzi: Celebrities vs. Cameras Landing On PS4 In February
12/28/14 PS4 vs. Xbox One: If It Stays Close, Both Will Stay Hot
12/28/14 New Snipers-Only Mode Coming To Advanced Warfare
12/28/14 Man Buys PS4 And Gets Rocks (And The Story Gets Worse)
12/28/14 Can't Handle The Heat In MGSV? Here's Your Chicken Hat
12/26/14 Bayonetta Sequel In Development, Might It Come To PS4?
12/26/14 Velocity 2X Developer: Driveclub Is Just Too Good To Ignore
12/26/14 Due To PSN/Live Issues, GTAO Festive Update Gets New Life
12/26/14 The Order: 1886 Silent Night Trailer And Countdown Sweepstakes
12/25/14 ZeniMax Confirms Elder Scrolls Online For Consoles In 2015
12/25/14 Final Fantasy XV: Attack Combos, MP Not Used For Magic
12/24/14 Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays: The Highs And Lows
12/24/14 Game Of Thrones: Episode Two Won't Embrace Nudity
12/24/14 Pre-Order Resident Evil HD Remake For Cross Buy Support
12/23/14 In The Year Of The Remaster, Which Was The Absolute Best?
12/23/14 Evolution Thanks Driveclub Fans For Their Feedback And Support
12/23/14 Rumor Mill: FFXII HD, New Suikoden, Xenosaga HD, More
12/23/14 PSN Holiday Sale Final Week Includes High-Profile Titles
12/23/14 The Witcher 3 Delay Will Result In A "Smoother Experience"
12/23/14 Yakuza-Themed PS4s Hit Japan In 2015
12/22/14 The Last Of Us 2 Plea: Please Don't Be Faster And Dumber
12/22/14 Bruce Lee Now Free For All UFC Fans
12/22/14 Special "Boxing Day" PS4 Bundle Coming To Canadian Gamers
12/22/14 Hardline Gameplay Trailer: "The Fastest Battlefield Ever"
12/22/14 Japan Gets Limited Edition Final Fantasy Type-0 HD PS4
12/22/14 Destiny: Nearly 13 Million Players, 872.4 Million Hours
12/22/14 GTAV Voice Actor Confirms More DLC?
12/21/14 PS4, Xbox One Slip In 2014...Open The Door For Wii U?
12/21/14 PSXE Poll Update: Call Of Duty Still In A Downward Spiral
12/21/14 Hotline Miami 2 Hits Q1 2015, Collector's Edition Revealed
12/21/14 Big Patch Coming To Console Versions Of Minecraft In North America
12/21/14 Former Naughty Dog Artist Lists TLoU2 On LinkedIn Profile
12/20/14 Ninja Theory: PS4 Seemed Like The Right Fit For Hellblade
12/20/14 Cid Makes His Return In Final Fantasy XV...As Cidney
12/19/14 Huge Patch Seeks To Fix Over 200 Issues In Lords Of The Fallen
12/19/14 Advanced Warfare Zombie Mode Includes Serious Star Power
12/19/14 Destiny Raid, Crota's End, Beaten By A Lone Guardian
12/19/14 Sony Admits Xbox One Price Drop Makes Things "Tough" For PS4
12/19/14 Capcom Producer: Street Fighter V "Needs A Lot Of Work"
12/18/14 DmC: Definitive Edition Is Nice, But What About A Sequel?
12/18/14 Far Cry 4 Escape From Durgesh Prison: No Walk In The Park
12/18/14 GTAO Festive Update: New Weapons And Snowball Fights
12/18/14 Lords Of The Fallen 2 In The Works
12/18/14 Telltale's Next Challenge: Bring A Great Story To Minecraft
12/17/14 Who The Hell Would Buy A Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy, Anyway?
12/17/14 Dying Light Interactive Trailer: Choose, And Take Your Chances
12/17/14 Two Expansions Arrive For Inquisition, And One Is Free
12/17/14 Rockstar Will "Eventually" Get To Your Favorite Sequels
12/17/14 Disgaea 5: An Alliance Of Vengeance Comes West Next Fall
12/17/14 Shadow Of Mordor DLC Trailer: Meet A Powerful New Foe
12/17/14 It Was Inevitable: Frozen Costumes Confirmed For LBP
12/16/14 The Big 2014 Delay That Bugs You Most
12/16/14 Rumor: PS4 Overall Sales And Black Friday Haul Rumored
12/16/14 Destiny Update Repairs Bugs Caused By The Dark Below
12/16/14 Unity "Patch 4" Ready To Go, Weighs In At A Hefty 6.7GB
12/16/14 PSN Holiday Sale: Week 3 Deals And Steals Revealed
12/16/14 The Order: 1886 Trailer: What You Can't See Is Terrifying
12/16/14 Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Coming To PS4, Xbox One, PC In 2016
12/16/14 Grand Theft Auto V Online Heists Finally Set For Early 2015
12/15/14 Are Developers Fully Checked Out On PS4's Architecture?
12/15/14 Epic FFXV Reveal Trailer Re-Released With English Voices
12/15/14 Assassin's Creed Unity's Biggest Patch Has Been Pushed Back
12/15/14 CD Projekt Red Reveals The Witcher 3's Playable Female
12/15/14 DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition Confirmed, Detailed
12/15/14 PlayStation Plus Could Theoretically Save You Over $1,300
12/15/14 PSXE Poll Update: Sony Fans Enjoyed The PlayStation Experience
12/14/14 Tower Of Guns Gunning For PS4, PS3 And Xbox One In 2015
12/14/14 Driveclub's Redline Expansion Detailed
12/14/14 Street Fighter V Live Gameplay: Ryu And Chun Li Throw Down
12/13/14 Report: Advanced Warfare Can't Stop Franchise's Decline
12/13/14 Prequel Comic Will Act As A Teaser For Batman: Arkham Knight
12/12/14 Type-0 Collector's Edition Revealed, FFXV Demo Confirmed
12/12/14 Big Amazon Game Sale Includes Some Seriously Sweet Titles
12/12/14 "Patch 4" For Assassin's Creed Unity Will Be Ready On Monday
12/12/14 Alien: Isolation Devs Have "Daily Talks" About A Sequel
12/11/14 Yes, Jaffe Can Say Whatever He Wants
12/11/14 "Friend Login Notification" For PS4 Should Be Coming Soon
12/11/14 GTAV, Watch Dogs Top "Most Violent Games Of 2014" List
12/11/14 November NPD: Xbox One Dethrones PS4 In US And UK
12/11/14 Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Slated For PS4 This Spring
12/11/14 Oh Great, Now Guardian Is Being Made "Under New Conditions"
12/11/14 Sony Finally Brings PlayStation To China Early Next Year
12/10/14 How Big Of A Deal Is Street Fighter V's PS4 Exclusivity, Really?
12/10/14 Dying Light Running At 1080p/30FPS On PS4...For Now
12/10/14 Sony On PlayStation 4 Future: "The Best Is Yet To Come"
12/10/14 CD Projekt Red Explains The Witcher 3's Second Delay
12/10/14 Sony: PlayStation Is The "Natural Home" Of Street Fighter
12/10/14 New Uncharted 4 Images Surface, Drake's Face Is Amazing
12/09/14 You Know, That Uncharted 4 Footage Was Freakin' Pre-Alpha
12/09/14 TLoU PS4 Add-On Includes New Content, "Special Executions"
12/09/14 New Difficulty Options For Alien: Isolation
12/09/14 New Destiny Raid, Crota's End, Has Been Conquered Already
12/09/14 Rumor: FFX/X-2 HD Remaster Lands On PS4 In Spring 2015
12/09/14 Second Inquisition Patch Addresses Broad Range Of Issues
12/09/14 New Tekken 7 Fighter: Lucky Chloe
12/08/14 Well, Square Enix, You've Done It Again: Now It's Comical
12/08/14 "Four Games, One Pick" PS4 Bundle Revealed For U.S.
12/08/14 Your Current Destiny Progress Won't Be Lost In The Sequel
12/08/14 Metal Gear Online Included With MGSV
12/08/14 Destiny DLC Purchase Causing Problems For PS4 Owners
12/08/14 The Witcher 3 Hit With Another Delay, Developer Apologizes
12/08/14 Dying Light Gameplay Trailer Highlights A Blend Of Action
12/07/14 Limited Edition Faceplates Coming To PS4
12/07/14 Bloodborne Director Offers More Details On Co-Op, Gameplay
12/07/14 Dynamic Weather Spices Up Driveclub
12/07/14 PSN Currently Down, Sony Working To Bring It Back
12/07/14 PSXE Poll Update: Most Don't Need A New Console This Year
12/06/14 King's Quest Triumphantly Returns, And We Shed A Tear
12/06/14 Jaffe's New PS4 Project: The Crazy Unique Drawn To Death
12/06/14 Uncharted 4 Gameplay: Grappling Hook, Drake's Brother
12/06/14 VGAs 2014 Winners Include Dragon Age: Inquisition, Destiny
12/06/14 No Man's Sky Trailer Shows Off Travel, Massive Scope
12/05/14 Final Resogun Expansion, Defenders, Set For Early 2015
12/05/14 Metal Gear Online Trailer Debuts, Gets Quite The Response
12/05/14 New Motorcycle Simulator Scheduled To Ride In Spring 2015
12/05/14 Street Fighter V Teased, Only Confirmed For PS4 And PC
12/05/14 Sony: Driveclub Issues Haven't Slowed PS4's Momentum
12/04/14 Select Neo Geo Classics Coming To PSN
12/04/14 Resident Evil Remake Dated, Priced
12/04/14 Massive Advanced Warfare Update Fixes, Balances, Improves
12/04/14 Miegakure Lets You Explore The 4th Dimension On PS4
12/04/14 Kmart Joins Target In Dropping GTAV From Australian Shelves
12/03/14 A PlayStation Experience Necessity: The Last Guardian
12/03/14 Evolve's Evacuation Mode Offers Dynamic Co-Op Action
12/03/14 Bungie: The Dark Below Will Have A Big Impact On Destiny
12/03/14 Techland Details Dying Light DLC Pass
12/03/14 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots Hits PSN This Month
12/03/14 PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition Celebrates History
12/02/14 Which Franchise Most Needs A Break From Annual Releases?
12/02/14 Looks Like PlayStation 4 Gets The Dead Island 2 Beta First
12/02/14 Madden NFL 15 Holiday Edition Features Pigskin Legends
12/02/14 2015 Assassin's Creed Set In Victorian Era, Codenamed Victory
12/02/14 The Crew's "Small" Day One Patch Brings Lots Of Fixes
12/02/14 Alien: Isolation Trauma DLC: You Must Destroy The Data
12/02/14 Destiny DLC: PlayStation Exclusive Content Detailed
12/01/14 Uncharted 4: The One PS4 Exclusive That Cannot Miss
12/01/14 New Batman Gameplay Proves It: The Batmobile Rules
12/01/14 Retailer Study: Xbox One Ruled Black Friday Sales
12/01/14 Harmonix Bringing Amplitude PS4 To The PlayStation Experience
12/01/14 VGAs 2014 Will Play Host To A Dozen "World Premieres"
12/01/14 Advanced Warfare Grand Master Armor: Heh...Good Luck
12/01/14 Euro Gamers Can Enjoy The "12 Deals To Christmas" Promo

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