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PS4 Archives - February, 2014

02/28/14 Developer: The Order Doesn't Max Out PS4, But It's "Close"
02/28/14 Dead Nation PS4 "Broadcast+" Makes Streaming More Fun
02/27/14 GameStop Resupplied With PS4s, Gives You A Chance To Save
02/26/14 New Modes In MLB 14: The Show Really Speed Things Up
02/26/14 Trials Fusion Revs Up In April
02/26/14 Puzzle/Platformer The Swapper Confirmed For PS4, PS3, Vita
02/25/14 Should Sony Worry About Titanfall?
02/25/14 Still Need A PS4? Grab The inFamous: Second Son Bundle
02/25/14 Source: Sony Sells Over 320,000 PS4 Units In Two Days
02/25/14 Konami Reveals More Incentives For Purchasing Ground Zeroes
02/25/14 PS4, Xbox One Versions Of Ground Zeroes Gets Price Drop
02/24/14 Survival/Horror Rejuvenation: Proof That Gamers Were Heard?
02/24/14 WWE Network App Now Available
02/24/14 Ubisoft: No, Assassin's Creed V Won't Be In Fedual Japan
02/24/14 Sony On PS4 Topping PS2 Sales Tally: It's Not Impossible
02/23/14 Ground Zeroes: Did We Really Need An Intro To Phantom Pain?
02/23/14 Japanese Devs Weigh In On Their Most Anticipated PS4 Titles
02/23/14 Strike Suit Zero Director's Cut Hits PS4, Xbox One In March
02/22/14 Keifer Sutherland Isn't Just Snake, He's In A New Mortal Kombat
02/21/14 Source: Sony's PS4 VR Headset Will Be Unveiled At GDC
02/21/14 PlayStation 4 Officially Debuts In Japan
02/20/14 Fact Or Fiction: Sony Teases Shenmue 3 In This PS4 Video
02/20/14 When Respawn Picked Xbox For Titanfall, It Was A "No-Brainer"
02/20/14 Basement Crawl Secures Release Date
02/20/14 Suda 51 Praises The PS4's "Speed"
02/19/14 Is The Order: 1886 The Uncharted For A New Generation?
02/19/14 Source: Uncharted 4 Gameplay "On Par" With TLoU Cut-Scenes
02/19/14 Fallout 4 Announcement Not Close, It's "Gonna Be A While"
02/19/14 You'll Need 24GB Of Hard Drive Space For inFamous: Second Son
02/19/14 Wolfenstein: the New Order Dated
02/18/14 Thief Hits Full 1080p HD On PS4, Only 900p On Xbox One
02/18/14 Kojima: It's Ridiculous To Compare MGS4 To Ground Zeroes
02/18/14 Sony: PlayStation 4 Global Sales Tally Reaches 5.3 Million
02/18/14 The Order: 1886 Trailers: Story, Gameplay Footage Impresses
02/18/14 Amazon Offering Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition For Only $40
02/17/14 PS4 Ground Zeroes Fox Edition Confirmed For Japanese Release
02/17/14 Source: PS4 Sells 5.2 Million Worldwide
02/17/14 Deep Down Info: No Female Characters, Fixed Difficulty
02/17/14 Ground Zeroes Hits Native 1080p On PS4, Xbox One Gets 720p
02/16/14 Collections, GotY Editions, HD Upgrades: Love 'Em Or Hate 'Em?
02/16/14 PSXE Poll Update: Frames Per Second Argument Is Tight
02/16/14 Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark Confirmed For 2014
02/14/14 Industry Insiders Disagree On Titanfall Coming To PS4
02/14/14 The Evil Within Will Scare The Hell Out Of You In August
02/13/14 PS4 Tops In US In January, Nearly Doubles Xbox One Sales
02/13/14 Kojima: PS4 Brings Us Closest To "Photorealistic Quality"
02/13/14 Square Enix: FFXV "A Very High Priority Within The Company"
02/12/14 Ground Zeroes Gets Lots Of Praise, 2-Hour Length Refuted
02/11/14 Report: PS4, Xbox One Could Sell 100 Million Units Each
02/11/14 Activision On Call Of Duty 2014: Next-Gen Is The Focus
02/11/14 Turtle Rock's Evolve To Deliver A "Multiplayer Evolution"?
02/11/14 Dying Light "Humanity" Trailer Highlights A Desperate Situation
02/10/14 Sony Shares Some Big PS4 Stats
02/10/14 Pachter Makes His Biggest "Oops" Yet?
02/10/14 Eutechnyx: Next-Gen Userbase Too Small For NASCAR '14
02/09/14 Actor Troy Baker After Playing Second Son: "Holy. God."
02/09/14 Shadow Fall v1.09 Patch Adds FPS Lock, More Save Points
02/08/14 Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Set For PS4, PS3, Vita
02/07/14 Sony: About Half Of PlayStation 4 Owners Are Plus Members
02/07/14 Deep Down Delayed So It'll Look Like A Next-Gen Adventure
02/07/14 Destiny To Be The "Best-Selling New IP" In Gaming History?
02/06/14 Which Franchise Needs To Be Rebooted This Generation?
02/06/14 Can Sledgehammer Deliver The "Best Call Of Duty Ever?"
02/06/14 GAME Gives You A Chance To Play inFamous Early
02/06/14 No Multiplayer For The Order: 1886, Will Run At 30FPS
02/06/14 PS4 Allows Game Division To Soar In Q4
02/05/14 Pachter Says PlayStation Now Has "No Prayer Of Working"
02/05/14 PS4 Users Experiencing Login Issues
02/04/14 Thief Golden, Celebrate With A New Trailer
02/04/14 Jaw-Dropping Footage For The Order In A Matter Of Hours...?
02/04/14 Is Ground Zeroes Disturbingly Short?
02/04/14 Murdered: Soul Suspect Confirmed For Next-Gen Consoles
02/04/14 Sony Hints At Titanfall On PS4: It's Just A Matter Of Time?
02/04/14 PlayStation Now Beta Leak Featuring Killzone 3 Gameplay
02/04/14 Deep Down Microtransactions Will Keep Players Playing
02/04/14 Massive 2.3GB ACIV Patch Tackles Single-Player Issues
02/03/14 So, Is This 60FPS Next-Gen Argument Important To You?
02/03/14 If Star Wars 1313 Ever Returns, It Won't Be An Xbox One Exclusive
02/03/14 UK Sales Update: New Tomb Raider Is Most Popular On PS4
02/03/14 Next-Gen Duke Nukem Teased, And It's A "Top-Down Action/RPG"?
02/03/14 PS4 Update 1.60 Arrives Today, Supports Pulse Headsets
02/02/14 Could Titanfall Hurt inFamous: Second Son's Sales Potential?
02/02/14 Rumor: GTAV Lands On PS4, Xbox One And PC On June 13
02/02/14 Next-Gen Sonic Entry Slated For 2015?
02/01/14 Sony On Driveclub Delay: It Just Wasn't Ready In November

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