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PS4 Archives - March, 2014

03/31/14 Can You Imagine The Most Ridiculous April Fool's Story Ever?
03/31/14 Sony Should Have a "Decent Mix" Of Games At E3 2014
03/31/14 Metro Redux Is Real, More Info At E3
03/31/14 Sorry, No Demo For Watch Dogs Due To Time Constraints
03/30/14 inFamous Pushes PS4's Lead Over Xbox One To 3 Million?
03/30/14 PSXE Poll Update: VR Gaming Generates Definite Intrigue
03/30/14 More Evidence For The Last Of Us On PS4
03/30/14 Sony: Over 1,000 Self-Publishers For PlayStation Platforms
03/30/14 The Witcher 3 Dev: New Consoles Just Make Things Easier
03/28/14 Rocksteady Highlights The Impressive Detail In Arkham Knight
03/28/14 New Inquisition Details: Bigger, Better, And More Dynamic
03/27/14 Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut: Dev Diary And New Date
03/27/14 Another Naughty Dog Boss Leaves...Is Anyone Else Concerned?
03/27/14 GameStop Revenue, Market Share Surge In Fourth Quarter
03/27/14 Rumor: The Last Of Us Coming To PS4
03/26/14 Driveclub Coming Along Nicely, Will Be "Worth The Wait"
03/26/14 Sony Reveals Over 100 Titles Headed To PlayStation 4 In 2014
03/26/14 Project Cars Will Support Sony's VR Tech
03/26/14 The New Order Special Edition Doesn't Come With The Game?
03/25/14 Oddworld Creator On AAA Games: "Fu** That Business"
03/25/14 Insider: PS1/PS2 Games In 1080p On PS4, Morpheus Info
03/25/14 Three Sony Studios Hit With Layoffs
03/24/14 Embittered CoD Fans: Will This Year's Entry Win You Back?
03/24/14 inFamous: Second Son Generates PS4 Sales Spike In UK
03/24/14 Hotline Miami Headed To PS4, Will Still Support Cross Buy
03/24/14 Watch Dogs Devs: PS4's Power Gave Us "A Chance To Dream"
03/24/14 Redbox Will Offer Next-Gen Game Rentals
03/23/14 inFamous vs. Titanfall Sales Battle: Just How Close Is It?
03/23/14 PSXE Poll Update: inFamous Tops FFX/X-2 HD In Terms Of Interest
03/23/14 Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath On PS4 Is A Definite Possibility
03/23/14 Ubisoft Reveals PlayStation-Exclusive Content For Watch Dogs
03/21/14 Yu Suzuki "Researching" Idea Of Shenmue 3 On Kickstarter
03/21/14 PS4 Gets Pre-Loading Feature In April
03/21/14 Assassin's Creed: Unity Confirmed For Next-Gen Consoles
03/21/14 Retro Tactical RPG Dragon Fin Soup Will Grace PS Platforms
03/21/14 Rumor: Far Cry 4 Coming Next Year, Set In The Himalayas
03/20/14 Critics Say Second Son Plays Too Much Like...inFamous?
03/20/14 inFamous: Second Son: Most Pre-Ordered Next-Gen Title
03/20/14 Sony On PS4 Shipments: We're Struggling To Meet Demand
03/20/14 This Year's Call Of Duty: Super Ambitious And Creative?
03/20/14 Future PS4 Update Will Let Us Dim The Controller's Light Bar
03/20/14 Project Morpheus Price And Date Not Set
03/20/14 Driveclub Tried Using Sony's VR Tech, But Had To Ditch It
03/19/14 Oddworld: New 'n Tasty Gameplay Video: So Very Pretty!
03/19/14 PlayStation Camera Supply Depleted, So "Please Be Patient"
03/19/14 inFamous GameStop Pre-Orders Upgraded To Limited Edition
03/19/14 EA Secures Rights To Titanfall Sequel
03/18/14 inFamous vs. FFX/X-2 HD: The Ultimate New vs. Old Battle
03/18/14 Go Behind The Scenes With The Gorgeous Child Of Light
03/18/14 Ground Zeroes Speed Run: 10 Minutes
03/18/14 inFamous: Second Son Lead Designer Quits...But Why?
03/18/14 Sony Reveals VR Initiative For PS4, Calls It "Project Morpheus"
03/18/14 Second Son Valuable Power Comparison: Heroic vs. Ruthless
03/18/14 CD Projekt Red Explains Why The Witcher 3 Was Delayed
03/17/14 Are Ground Zeroes Review Scores Doomed Due To Length?
03/16/14 Will inFamous: Second Son Have A Big Impact On PS4 Sales?
03/16/14 CounterSpy Infiltrates PS4 This Summer
03/16/14 Watch Dogs Length: "Doing Everything Is Over 100 Hours"
03/16/14 Ground Zeroes Pushed Back A Week In Australia And New Zealand
03/15/14 Price Of PS4, Accessories And Games On The Rise In Canada
03/15/14 Race The Sun Zips Onto PS4, PS3, Vita Later This Summer
03/14/14 No Demo Or User Generated Content For inFamous: Second Son
03/13/14 Bible Chronicles: The Call Of Abraham Still Pushing Forward
03/13/14 PS4 Version Of The Show Won't Step To The Plate Until May
03/13/14 February NPD: PS4 Squeaks Past Xbox One, Industry Soars
03/13/14 Sucker Punch On How The PS4 Made inFamous So Pretty
03/13/14 Watch Dogs Game Director: E3 Reveal "Was A Bit Early"
03/12/14 Did You Know inFamous Was Going To Be Like Animal Crossing?
03/12/14 Mercenary Kings Assaults PS4 On April 1
03/12/14 Rumored Mirror's Edge 2 Details: An Epic Experience Awaits?
03/12/14 Report: Sony To Reveal PS4 VR Headset At GDC Next Week
03/11/14 What's Second Son's Secret Power? Give Us Your Best Guess
03/11/14 Modder Creates Single-Handed Dual Shock 4 For Disabled Gamers
03/11/14 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Delayed For Quality Purposes
03/10/14 Is Titanfall The Killer App System Seller Xbox One Needed?
03/10/14 Watch Dogs Graphics Comparison Video: What Happened?
03/10/14 Driveclub Returns To The Drawing Board
03/10/14 Battlefield 4 Server Rental Option Soon Coming To Consoles
03/10/14 Rumor: PS3 Rentals Via PlayStation Now To Cost About $5?
03/09/14 Oh, So NOW Square Enix Wants To Know What We Think?
03/09/14 MotoGP 14 Races Into Stores This June
03/08/14 Second Son Pre-Orders Outstrip TLoU Pre-Orders In UK
03/08/14 Square Enix Needs Your Opinion On The Kingdom Hearts Series
03/07/14 Sucker Punch Still Loves inFamous, Next Project Is A "Secret"
03/07/14 Ubisoft Insists Watch Dogs Hasn't Been Visually Downgraded
03/06/14 Does Kojima Really Mean What He Says?
03/06/14 Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn: We Have To Make This Happen
03/06/14 Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer Showcases Immense Detail
03/06/14 Kojima Worries That The Phantom Pain Is Simply Too Huge
03/06/14 Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Announced
03/06/14 Watch Dogs Finally Lands On May 27
03/05/14 What's The Most Important Upcoming Title For PlayStation 4?
03/05/14 Killzone: Shadow Fall DLC Includes New Weapons, Abilities
03/05/14 Pier Solar HD: The Classic Genesis RPG Will Be Resurrected
03/05/14 Amy Hennig Leaves Naughty Dog, Allegedly "Forced Out"
03/05/14 Batman: Arkham Knight Info: Batmobile Goodness, New Villain
03/04/14 Is There A Crazy Amount Of Pressure On inFamous: Second Son?
03/04/14 Murdered: Soul Suspect: Solve Your Own Death On June 3
03/04/14 Thief Developer Hit With Layoffs
03/04/14 Next-Gen Batman Confirmed, Dropping Some Time This Year
03/04/14 Sony Accidentally Leaks Driveclub Date?
03/04/14 PS4 Sells 370,000 In Japan, Hits 6 Million In Global Sales
03/03/14 PS4: Would You Recommend Purchasing Now, Or Waiting?
03/03/14 Naughty Dog Dropping Hints Concerning Uncharted 4...?
03/03/14 Fez Releases On All PlayStation Platforms Later This Month
03/03/14 BioWare Considering Mass Effect Trilogy For PS4, Xbox One
03/03/14 inFamous: Second Son Goes Gold
03/02/14 Shadow Fall Multiplayer Free This Week

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