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PS4 Archives - April, 2014

04/30/14 Outlast Whistleblower DLC Trailered
04/30/14 BioWare Still Tight-Lipped On Mass Effect
04/30/14 Driveclub Director: 1080p And 30FPS Is The Way To Go
04/30/14 Murdered: Soul Suspect Gets A Creepy "Bell Killer" Trailer
04/30/14 Chariot: A 2D Puzzle/Platformer Heading To PS4 This Year
04/30/14 Hellraid Passes PS3/360, Now Coming To Next-Gen Consoles
04/29/14 Worst News Ever: "Oh Noes, The Game Is Just Too Short!"
04/29/14 Watch Dogs Season Pass Priced, Detailed
04/29/14 Wolfenstein: The New Order "Stealth vs. Mayhem" Trailer
04/29/14 Driveclub Gets New Launch Date, Trailer, Game Director
04/28/14 Child Of Light Critical Reception: The Highs And Strange Lows
04/28/14 New Destiny Gameplay Trailer, GameStop Pre-Order Bonus
04/28/14 Final Fantasy XV Will Boast A New "High Action System"
04/28/14 Bungie Promises Xbox Fans: "We're Not Ignoring You"
04/27/14 Is Uncharted 4 Gameplay Enough For Sony To "Win" E3 2014?
04/27/14 PSXE Poll Update: PlayStation 4 Won't Relinquish Its Lead
04/27/14 Oddworld: New 'n Tasty: Cross Buy For PS4, PS3 And Vita
04/27/14 Driveclub "Full Game Details" And Launch Date Coming Soon
04/27/14 Watch Dogs Multiplayer Is "Seamless"
04/26/14 Sportsfriends Brings Zany Co-Op Sports Action To PS3, PS4
04/26/14 Battlefield 4 Faces A New Problem, Will This Ever End?
04/25/14 Sony: Console Wars Are A Good Thing For The Industry
04/25/14 Inquisition Gets Gorgeous Screenshots, Class Details
04/25/14 Sony's Road To Greatness Tour Highlights PS4 And Vita
04/25/14 Mad Max Pushed To 2015, Magnum Opus Trailer Released
04/24/14 Ground Zeroes Reflection: Wasn't It Just A TAD Early?
04/24/14 The Girl And The Robot Now PS4-Bound
04/24/14 New Domain Registration Hints At A Just Cause 3 Reveal
04/24/14 Minecraft Coming To PS4 And Vita Before September Is Over?
04/24/14 Ground Zeroes For PlayStation, Xbox Will Trade Exclusive Missions
04/24/14 Evolve Interactive Gameplay Trailer Offers Six Fresh Viewpoints
04/23/14 Watch Dogs Multiplayer Fully Revealed In 9-Minute Trailer
04/23/14 First Official Project CARS Trailer: All Sorts Of Tasty Images
04/23/14 Ubisoft Teases Next-Gen Prince Of Persia?
04/23/14 Lords Of The Fallen Devs Faring Better With PS4 Version
04/23/14 Destiny Classes And Enemies Get New Details And Trailer
04/22/14 CD Projekt Red: You'll Want To Pre-Order The Witcher 3 At GOG
04/22/14 Dragon Age: Inquisition Date Confirmed, New Gameplay Trailer
04/21/14 Insider: Uncharted 4 Gameplay At E3
04/21/14 Looks Like Assassin's Creed: Unity Will Offer 4-Player Co-Op
04/21/14 Uncharted Actor "Recast," Perhaps Due To Obvious Reasons?
04/21/14 Bungie On Destiny Satisfying Hype: "We Owe It To You"
04/21/14 Sony Registers Trademarks For Entwined And Kill Strain
04/20/14 Are These Upgraded Games Obscuring A Lean 2014 Lineup?
04/20/14 PSXE Poll Update: The Last Of Us On PS4 Is A Good Thing
04/20/14 Octodad: Dadliest Catch Now Coming To PlayStation 4 On April 23
04/19/14 Cel Damage HD Heading To PS4, PS3, And Vita On Tuesday
04/18/14 Rumor: Sony's E3 Lineup Is Going To Blow Your Socks Off
04/18/14 Evolve 4v1 Trailer Puts Intense Co-Op Gameplay On Display
04/18/14 New Trailer Shows Off PS4's Upcoming SHAREfactory Features
04/17/14 If Titanfall Couldn't Put Xbox One Past The PS4, What Will?
04/17/14 Sony Reveals PlayStation Now-Enabled Bravia 4K HDTVs
04/17/14 March NPD: PS4 Tops Again, Industry Enjoys Another Rise
04/17/14 Sony Officially Details PS4 Update 1.70
04/16/14 PlayStation 4 Tops 7 Million, Software Exceeds 20.5 Million
04/16/14 The Onion Parodies The Use Of Barbed Wire In The Evil Within
04/15/14 Why PS Plus And PS Now Are Ingenious
04/15/14 Rumor: The Last Of Us: Remastered Releases On June 20
04/15/14 PS4 Update Rumors Are Flying
04/14/14 So...Do We Still Care About Move?
04/14/14 New Daylight Trailers Designed To Make You Cower In Fear
04/14/14 Michel Ancel Unveils Concept Art For The New-Look Jade
04/14/14 Would You Want To Buy Spare Parts For Your PlayStation 4?
04/14/14 Capcom's New R&D Buildings Will Add Speed And Efficiency
04/13/14 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Split On Watch Dogs Controversy
04/13/14 Does The Witcher 3 Perform Better On PS4? Well, Perhaps
04/13/14 Aw, No Cheats For Watch Dogs
04/11/14 Trials Fusion: Yet Another Game That's A Little Better On PS4
04/11/14 If Shaq Fu Earns $450,000, It'll Come To Next-Gen Consoles
04/10/14 Raise Your Hand If You're Excited About Child Of Light
04/10/14 Kojima, DICE, Bungie Wowed By Tom Clancy's The Division
04/10/14 Transistor Dated, Priced For PS4 And PC
04/10/14 Naughty Dog Isn't Pulling Any Punches With TLoU: Remastered
04/10/14 Driveclub Design Director: No "Forced Microtransactions"
04/10/14 BioWare: No DLC Party Members For Dragon Age: Inquisition
04/09/14 What Will Keep PS4 Sales Steady In The Coming Months?
04/09/14 March Digital Sales: inFamous, Minecraft, FFX/X-2 HD Tops
04/09/14 The Last Of Us: Remastered For PS4 Spotted On PS Store
04/09/14 The Evil Within Gameplay Trailer: Am I Going Crazy?
04/08/14 MLB 14: The Show Is Gonna Look Freakin' Amazing On PS4
04/08/14 Rumor: Grand Theft Auto V Hits Next-Gen Consoles, PC In June
04/08/14 Pirate RPG Raven's Cry Delayed, Headed To PS4
04/08/14 Wolfenstein Nowhere To Run Trailer: Rousing And Atmospheric
04/07/14 Finish This Sentence: "I Bought The PlayStation 4 Because..."
04/07/14 Kingdom Under Fire II PS4 Graphics "Much Better" Than PC?
04/07/14 BioWare Drops A Few More Dragon Age: Inquisition Tidbits
04/07/14 MGSV Limiting Cut-Scenes For The Sake Of "Pure Storytelling"
04/06/14 Pure Chess Challenges PS4 Players In April
04/06/14 Bungie: Destiny Beta Won't "Give Away The Entire Game"
04/06/14 UFC Goes Next-Gen On June 17, Bruce Lee Joins The Fray?
04/05/14 Looks Like Next-Gen Deus Ex Will Get A Multiplayer Mode
04/04/14 PS4 Owners: Get In On The FFXIV Beta Fun This Weekend
04/04/14 Battlefield 4 Player Tracks Down This Massive Easter Egg
04/04/14 DOOM Beta Will Only Be Playable On PS4, Xbox One And PC
04/03/14 A Single Dragon Age: Inquisition Picture Can Make Your Day
04/03/14 Clarification: PS4/Xbox One Performance Gap Won't Disappear
04/02/14 New Big Bang Theory Episode Features A Gamer's "Indecision"
04/02/14 Daylight Needs More Time To Prep
04/02/14 Tropico 5 Dated For PC, Scheduled To Grace PS4 This Fall
04/01/14 Red Dead Redemption 2...Any Time You're Ready, Rockstar
04/01/14 Second Son Patch Will Let You Lock The FPS Rate At 30
04/01/14 Gearbox: "We're Working On Next-Gen"
04/01/14 GameStop Reveals MLB 14: The Show Trade-In Incentives

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