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PS4 Archives - May, 2014

05/31/14 Insiders Blown Away By Uncharted PS4
05/30/14 Brief Project Beast Footage Spotted
05/30/14 War Thunder Takes To The Skies On PlayStation 4 Next Week
05/29/14 Watch Dogs: Did It Live Up To The Public's Lofty Expectations?
05/29/14 Shadow Warrior Runs In 1080p On PS4, 900p On Xbox One
05/29/14 Free Plus Games For June: Trine 2, Sly Cooper, Terraria, More
05/29/14 UFC Demo Available Next Week
05/29/14 Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor Could Be Amazingly Dynamic
05/29/14 Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Confirmed For PS3, PS4
05/28/14 Watch The PlayStation E3 Conference On A Very Big Screen
05/28/14 Watch Dogs Sets Ubisoft's "Sold Through" Day One Record
05/28/14 Battlefield: Hardline Official, Set To Drop Later This Year
05/28/14 Watch Dogs Promo Material Alerts The Bomb Squad In Sydney
05/27/14 I'll Just Ask: The Order: 1886 Delay A Result Of Fan Backlash?
05/27/14 Sony: The PS4 Will Be Our "Biggest Network Driver"
05/27/14 EA Teases Battlefield: Hardline, Visceral Games Developing?
05/27/14 Login Issues And Other Problems Plague Watch Dogs Launch
05/27/14 The Order: 1886 Delayed, As Devs "Keep Pushing On The Game"
05/27/14 The Evil Within Pushed Back, Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed
05/26/14 Does Watch Dogs Glorify Hacking?
05/26/14 Watch Dogs Video Examines Chicago "From End To End"
05/26/14 Jet Car Stunts Takes Off This Summer
05/26/14 Rise Of The Dark Spark Trailer: Epic, Hard-Hitting Bot Action
05/26/14 Sony Bringing PlayStation To China
05/25/14 Prediction: Gamers Will Be Suspicious Of Watch Dogs Reviews
05/25/14 PSXE Poll Update: Xbox One's New Price Won't Be Enough
05/25/14 Ready At Dawn On The Order: 1886: "Downgrade My Ass"
05/25/14 New Vegas Director: Next Fallout Should Focus On Choice
05/24/14 Sony: The PS4 Is Already Profitable
05/23/14 Conan O'Brien Checks Out Watch Dogs, Is Suitably Impressed
05/23/14 The Order: 1886 Gameplay Released, Stirs Up Controversy
05/23/14 Insider: Press Reactions To The Order Were "Incredible"
05/23/14 Driveclub Microtransactions Are Optional And A "Non-Issue"
05/23/14 Minecraft Hits PS4, Xbox One In August With Upgrade Deal
05/22/14 Wolfenstein Proves That FPSs Don't Always Need Multiplayer
05/22/14 New Murdered: Soul Suspect Trailer Focuses On Story
05/22/14 Amplitude Kickstarter Successful, Game Set For PS3, PS4
05/22/14 Evolve Scheduled To Land On October 21
05/22/14 Shadow Of Mordor Gets A Star-Studded Voiceover Cast
05/22/14 Bethesda's New Game Won't Be Revealed Any Time Soon
05/21/14 4A Just About Ready To Unveil Metro Redux For PS4?
05/21/14 Destiny Will Be The First Game You Can Pre-Load On Your PS4
05/21/14 WWE 2K15 Enters The Ring On October 28
05/21/14 New Order Producer: "Great Stories" Are Part Of The Future
05/21/14 Ubisoft On Watch Dogs: Grinding Not Needed To Succeed
05/21/14 Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer Ends On A Tense Note
05/20/14 World's First Watch Dogs Review Is More Than Favorable
05/20/14 Ubisoft Tries To Clear Up Far Cry 4 Box Art Controversy
05/20/14 Developer: No Platform-Exclusive Content For The Witcher 3
05/19/14 Do Xbox One Fans Even Care That The PS4 Is More Powerful?
05/19/14 The Walking Dead GotY Editions Appear To Be Next-Gen Bound
05/19/14 PlayStation Now Beta Expands To PS4
05/19/14 Worms Battlegrounds Next-Gen Bound Later This Month
05/19/14 Shadow Of Mordor Pre-Order Incentives, Gameplay Trailer
05/19/14 Guerrilla Still Cagey About Their New IP
05/18/14 Will Japanese Games Recover Some Lost Swagger This Era?
05/18/14 PSXE Poll Update: We Want Uncharted 4 Gameplay At E3!
05/18/14 Report: PS4 And Xbox One Consume Quite A Bit Of Energy
05/17/14 Transistor Launch Trailer Shows Off Its Singular Art Style
05/16/14 First Western Natural Doctrine Trailer: Humans vs. BIG Monsters
05/16/14 Advanced Warfare Narrative Took "Two And A Half Years"
05/16/14 Shadow Fall Intercept Expansion Includes Four-Player Co-Op
05/16/14 MLB 14: The Show On PS4 Breaks Franchise Records
05/16/14 Watch Dogs Has Staying Power, More Multiplayer For FC4
05/15/14 If You're A PS4 Owner, Are You Now More Interested In Xbox One?
05/15/14 April NPD: Titanfall Tops Again, PS4 Outsells Xbox One
05/15/14 Far Cry 4 Confirmed, Scheduled To Launch On November 18
05/15/14 CD Projekt Red: The Witcher 3 Won't Be Delayed Again
05/15/14 Bombshell: Top-Down Action/RPG Slated For PlayStation 4, PC
05/15/14 The New Order Launch Trailer Arrives, Release Date Set
05/14/14 Watch Dogs Golden: "No Such Thing As Another Delay"
05/14/14 The Witness Striving For 1080p And 60 FPS On PlayStation 4
05/14/14 Shadow Fall Update: New Map, Jetpacks Coming Soon?
05/14/14 Sony Forecasts A Bright Future, And A Very Profitable PS4
05/13/14 Okay Sony, Now You Have To Respond With PS4 Exclusives
05/13/14 Special Dragon Age Inquisitor's Edition Is Fully Loaded
05/13/14 Ubisoft Confirms: Watch Dogs At 900p On PS4, 792p On Xbox One
05/12/14 What If The PS4 Has The Multiplatform Edge...Forever?
05/12/14 Watch Dogs May Not Manage 1080p/60 FPS On PlayStation 4
05/12/14 Planetside 2 Will Hit 1080p On PS4
05/12/14 More E3 Leaks: Uncharted 4 Tech Demo, Destiny Gameplay, More
05/12/14 Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Slated To Arrive This Summer
05/11/14 Minecraft On PS4/Xbox One Will Feature Much Bigger Worlds
05/11/14 Lords Of The Fallen Has Definite Promise
05/11/14 Insider: PS4 Owners Will Get The Best Watch Dogs Experience
05/11/14 PSXE Poll Update: Advanced Warfare Isn't Winning Us Over
05/10/14 Insider Compares Guerrilla's New RPG To The Witcher Series
05/10/14 Sony's E3 2014 Press Conference Begins At 6PM On June 9
05/09/14 Don't Sleep On A Next-Generation Syphon Filter Reboot
05/09/14 Driveclub Game Director: Microtransactions Aren't Necessary
05/09/14 VizionEck: The Bizarre Shooter Where You Play As A Cube
05/09/14 Expect The Deep Down Beta This Summer
05/09/14 Driveclub Backlash Results In A Reversal Of Plus Policy
05/09/14 Sledgehammer To CoD Fans: "Yes, We're Listening To You"
05/08/14 Of All The E3 Rumors, This Is The One I Dearly Wish Is True...
05/08/14 Naughty Dog Talks TLoU: Remastered And Disc Space Issue
05/08/14 Massive Leak For Sony's E3: Huge Games, Teasers, Trailers
05/08/14 PS4/Xbox One Versions Of Elder Scrolls Online Delayed
05/07/14 Damnit, Not Another Port, I Want A New God Of War On PS4
05/07/14 Crimsonland Returns To Paint The Ground Red On PS4, Steam
05/07/14 Plus Version Of Driveclub Contains About 1/5 Of Full Game
05/07/14 Valiant Hearts: The Great War Dated
05/07/14 PS4's First Exclusive JRPG Appears To Be Omega Quintet
05/07/14 Kevin Durant Graces NBA 2K15 Cover
05/07/14 Report: PS4 Will Maintain Lead, But Maybe Not In North America
05/06/14 I Wish I Could Still Get Excited About Sports Games
05/06/14 Destiny Beta Kicks Off In July
05/06/14 Destiny Will Have To Sell Over 15 Million Just To Break Even
05/06/14 Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn Is A Go
05/06/14 MLB 14: The Show For PS4 Drops Today: Upgrades Galore
05/05/14 Sony Really Needs Uncharted 4 To Launch For The Holidays
05/05/14 Rumor: Advanced Warfare On PS4 Will Be "Definitive Version"
05/05/14 Bound By Flame: Will You Give In To The Demon On May 9?
05/05/14 Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark Scheduled For June 24
05/04/14 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Impressed With New Dragon Age
05/04/14 Destiny Beta Info Coming At E3
05/04/14 Inquisition Writer: "It's A Pretty Stressful Time For Everyone"
05/04/14 A Veritable Treasure Trove Of Advanced Warfare Details
05/03/14 Epic Planning To Announce Unreal Tournament 4 On May 8?
05/02/14 Advanced Warfare Tech And Story Details
05/02/14 Sony: Dev Response To Project Morpheus Has Been "Incredible"
05/02/14 Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer, Kevin Spacey Featured
05/01/14 PlayStation Plus Version Of Driveclub Is "Hardly A Demo"
05/01/14 Call Of Duty 2014 Unveiled On May 4, Story Trailer Released
05/01/14 Ubisoft On Watch Dogs Delay: We Didn't Have Any Choice
05/01/14 Newsflash: Destiny's Multiplayer Actually Must Be Unlocked

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