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PS4 Archives - June, 2014

06/30/14 Will The Best Game Of 2013 Also Be The Best Game Of 2014?
06/30/14 Ready At Dawn: The Order: 1886 Will Have Only One Ending
06/30/14 Natural Doctrine Finally Lands In The US On September 16
06/29/14 Has Hype For The Order: 1886 Dwindled Since The Delay?
06/29/14 PSXE Poll Update: Most Gamers Loved The Destiny Alpha
06/29/14 PS4 vs. Xbox One TV Ad War: Sony Is Spending More Cash
06/29/14 Analyst: Destiny Could Be The Biggest Game Of 2014
06/27/14 Space Hulk: Deathwing Is A New Sci-Fi Shooter For PS4
06/27/14 How Hello Games Went From Joe Danger To No Man's Sky
06/27/14 EA Details Ultimate Editions For Madden, NHL And FIFA
06/27/14 Bungie Reveals Destiny's Trophy List
06/27/14 Hollywood Big-Wigs Blown Away By Epic MGSV E3 Trailer
06/26/14 Do Better Graphics Always Make For A Better Experience?
06/26/14 Alien: Isolation: 1080p on PS4, Xbox One
06/26/14 Destiny Gets A "T" Rating, Unlike The Uber-Bloody Halo
06/26/14 Unique Puzzler Road Not Taken Launches In August For PS4, PC
06/26/14 Titanfall 2 Might Include A Campaign
06/25/14 Are The Next-Gen Consoles As Powerful As Gamers Expected?
06/25/14 Ground Zeroes Completed In 4 Minutes With An S-Rank
06/25/14 Platinum To Deliver A Game Based On The Legend Of Korra
06/25/14 Boston's Patrice Bergeron Lands Cover Honors For NHL 15
06/25/14 "Faces Of Morpheus" Video Shows People Reacting To VR
06/25/14 MachineGames Has A "Clear Idea" Of A Wolfenstein Sequel
06/24/14 inFamous: Second Son "First Light" DLC Set For August 26
06/24/14 New Advanced Warfare Trailer Highlights Futuristic Gadgetry
06/24/14 Metro Redux Nails Down A Release Date
06/24/14 Wave Blue DualShock 4 Coming This Fall
06/24/14 The Last Of Us: Remastered PS4 Bundle All But Confirmed
06/24/14 David Hayter: For The Last Time, No, I'm Not In MGSV
06/23/14 Damnit, I Won't Be Tricked Into Buying Another Xbox
06/23/14 Unity Ditches Competitive Multiplayer To Focus On Co-Op
06/23/14 Visceral Games Says: Hardline Isn't Just Another Battlefield
06/23/14 Bungie Shares Some Very Large Destiny Alpha Stats
06/23/14 Rumor: Batman: Arkham Knight Launches On February 24
06/23/14 PSXE Poll Update: Sony Won E3 2014, But It Was Close
06/23/14 Microsoft "Tips Their Hat" To Sony, But Says It's Still Early
06/22/14 Seriously, Why Is TLoU: Remastered Suddenly Cheaper?
06/22/14 10 Minutes Of Stellar Far Cry 4 Gameplay: GotY Material?
06/22/14 Rise Of The Tomb Raider Targeting All Consoles And PC?
06/22/14 The Last Of Us: Remastered Receives A $10 Price Cut
06/22/14 Pavilion Extended Trailer Released, "Fourth-Person" Explained
06/20/14 Naughty Dog Split On 60FPS vs. 30FPS Gameplay Issue?
06/20/14 Recent Poll Shows Xbox One Has The Popularity Edge In The US
06/20/14 Sony CEO: "We Want To Remain #1"
06/19/14 If MGSV Fully Embraces Mature Grit, I Might Be Disappointed
06/19/14 New And Improved Guacamelee! Almost Ready For PS4
06/19/14 Advanced Warfare Multiplayer May Offer Long-Awaited Freshness
06/19/14 30 Minutes Of Phantom Pain Gameplay Will Make Your Day
06/19/14 EA Invites You To Play The Hardline Beta For One More Week
06/19/14 Sony Won't Confirm PS4/Vita Bundle, But Won't Rule It Out
06/18/14 You Know, Mortal Kombat X Might Be Too Disgusting To Play
06/18/14 Grand Theft Auto V Just Keeps Depressing Hideo Kojima
06/18/14 Alien: Isolation Like A "Metroidvania" Game, Takes 15 Hours
06/18/14 Meet The New Hero In Far Cry 4
06/18/14 Is Destiny Sub-60FPS Just Because Xbox One Can't Handle It?
06/18/14 R.B.I. Baseball Swings Onto Next-Gen Consoles On June 24
06/17/14 Is 2014 The Year Of The Shooter?
06/17/14 Eric Chahi's Iconic Another World Lands On PS4 This Week
06/17/14 Advanced Warfare Story Trailer Gives Us Reason To Hope
06/17/14 EA Hasn't Abandoned Dead Space
06/17/14 Dragon Age: Inquisition Producer Clarifies Endings Situation
06/16/14 Rise Of The Tomb Raider: Another Chance For Feminists To Go Nuts
06/16/14 Bungie Reveals PlayStation-Exclusive Content For Destiny
06/16/14 May NPD: Hardware And Software Enjoy Spiking Sales
06/16/14 Destiny Alpha Extended For The Sake Of "Dangerous Experiments"
06/16/14 The Visual Differences Between GTAV On PS4 And PS3
06/16/14 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gameplay: Brief But Very Sweet
06/15/14 The Last Of Us: Remastered: A Remaster Done Exactly Right
06/15/14 PSXE Poll Update: Sony's E3 Presentation Rated As "Great"
06/15/14 Ubisoft Will Continue To Work On BG&E2, Prince of Persia
06/15/14 Let It Die Will Be A F2P, "Asynchronous Online Game"
06/14/14 Kojima Says Big Budgets Can Actually Hinder Creativity
06/13/14 New Deep Down Trailer Gives Us A Peek At Some Gameplay
06/13/14 Bloodborne Gameplay: Dark Souls Fused With God Of War?
06/13/14 Sony: Nearly 1/3 Of Current PS4 Owners Didn't Own A PS3
06/13/14 Let It Die's Concept Focuses On The Bare Essentials Of Death
06/12/14 PSXE's Crazy Double-Dip Game Of The Year 2014 Giveaway
06/12/14 PS4 Game Delays Due To The Increased Ambition Of Devs
06/12/14 Ubisoft: Assassin's Creed: Unity Just Isn't Possible On PS3/360
06/12/14 E3 Gameplay Footage For The Order Is All Sorts Of Tasty
06/12/14 'Something Special' On The Way For GTA V On PS4
06/12/14 The Evil Within Creator On Horror Vs Survival Horror
06/12/14 Nolan North Thinks Uncharted 4 Is The End
06/11/14 Naughty Dog Talks Uncharted 4: Story And Gameplay Details
06/11/14 BioWare Shares A Few Details Concerning The New Mass Effect
06/11/14 New Mortal Kombat X Trailer Filled With Bloody Gameplay
06/11/14 Destiny PS4 Bundle Dated, Priced
06/11/14 Ubisoft: Watch Dogs' Success Means It's Now A "Franchise"
06/10/14 Naughty Dog Shooting For 1080p, 60FPS For Uncharted 4
06/10/14 Bloodborne Is Indeed A PS4 Exclusive
06/10/14 GTAV For PS4/Xbox One/PC Will Boast A Myriad Of Upgrades
06/10/14 Final Fantasy Type-0 Coming Westward, Landing On PS4
06/10/14 Here's Why We Didn't See The Last Guardian At E3
06/10/14 E3 2014: PlayStation TV Heads West This Fall, Costs $99
06/10/14 E3 2014: Was The Phantom Pain's Trailer Tops At The Show?
06/10/14 E3 2014: PlayStation Now Open Beta Hits PS4 On July 31
06/09/14 E3 2014: New Pixelopus IP, Entwined, Available Now
06/09/14 E3 2014: The Last Of Us: Remastered Confirmed For July 29
06/09/14 E3 2014: Sony Finishes Up By Showing Off Uncharted 4
06/09/14 E3 2014: GTAV Confirmed For PS4
06/09/14 E3 2014: Bloodborne, From Software's New IP, Looks Sick
06/09/14 E3 2014: New Games From Giant Squid And Suda 51
06/09/14 E3 2014: Dead Island 2 Confirmed, Beta Exclusive To PS4
06/09/14 E3 2014: LittleBigPlanet 3's Charisma Will Grace PS4 In November
06/09/14 E3 2014: inFamous: Second Son Gets New DLC This Summer
06/09/14 E3 2014: Destiny Beta Kicks Off On PS4 In July, Bundle Confirmed
06/09/14 E3 2014: Assassin's Creed: Unity, The Crew Get Dates
06/09/14 Far Cry 4 Gameplay: Deranged Villain Steals The Show
06/09/14 Rise Of The Tomb Raider Announced, Set For Holiday 2015
06/09/14 Night In The Woods Is Awfully Unique, Coming To PS4
06/09/14 Report: Titanfall 2 Won't Skip PlayStation
06/09/14 Sony Tops Global Sales Chart For The First Time Since 2006
06/08/14 PSXE Poll Update: Watch Dogs Is Great, But Not THAT Great
06/08/14 Sherman Becomes First CB Ever To Land On A Madden Cover
06/08/14 Assassin's Creed: Unity Poster At E3 Referring To New Co-Op?
06/08/14 Will Mirror's Edge 2 Shine At E3?
06/07/14 Wacky Free-To-Play Shooter Loadout Confirmed For PS4
06/06/14 May's Best-Selling PSN Titles Include Watch Dogs, Minecraft
06/06/14 PS4 Users Can Now Fund Their Wallets With PayPal Cash
06/06/14 No New FFXV Or KHIII News At E3
06/06/14 Sony's E3 Schedule Is Final, 70 Games Coming To The Booth
06/05/14 Everyone Ready For Another Round Of Battlefield vs. CoD?
06/05/14 Battlefield: Hardline's New Teaser Trailer Reveals The Date
06/05/14 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Dated, New E3 Trailer Is Wicked Epic
06/05/14 51 Impressive Driveclub Details
06/05/14 MGSV: The Phantom Pain Gameplay: Snake In A Box
06/04/14 What's The One Game Sony Most Needs To Present At E3?
06/04/14 Sorry, Guerrilla Won't Be Showing Off Their New IP At E3
06/04/14 PS4/Vita Bundle Spotted, Might Be Ready Early Next Month
06/04/14 Looks Like The Hardline Beta Might Be Exclusive To PS4
06/03/14 Assassin's Creed: Unity The Front-Runner For GotY 2014?
06/03/14 Sony: The Last Of Us: Remastered Isn't Coming On June 13
06/03/14 Batman: Arkham Knight Pushed Into 2015
06/03/14 Crytek Announces New IP, HUNT: Horrors Of The Gilded Age
06/02/14 Forget Armed Warfare And Hardline, I Want The Revolution
06/02/14 EA Delivers A Tasty Pic Of NHL 15, And Pre-Order Bonuses
06/02/14 The Last Of Us Bosses Step Up To Helm Uncharted PS4
06/02/14 Here's Why There Will Be No Reason To "Rage Quit" In Driveclub
06/02/14 Homefront: The Revolution Announced, Coming In 2015
06/02/14 Mortal Kombat X Confirmed, "Fueled By Next-Gen Tech"
06/01/14 The Next Top-Tier AAA PlayStation 4 Exclusive Will Be...
06/01/14 PSXE Poll Update: The Order Might Live Up To The Hype
06/01/14 PlayStation 4 To Enjoy Its "Most Exciting Week Of The Year?"

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