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PS4 Archives - September, 2014

09/30/14 Why The Order: 1886 Is More Intriguing Than Uncharted 4
09/30/14 Advanced Warfare Pre-Orders Tracking Well Behind Ghosts
09/30/14 Mikami: Vulnerability And Uncertainty Is Critical In Horror
09/30/14 Dragon Age: Inquisition Character Trailer: The Faces Of Heroes
09/30/14 Evolution Reveals The Wheels That Will Work With Driveclub
09/29/14 Is Destiny The PS4's Top System-Selling Game So Far?
09/29/14 Eat Some Tacos, Maybe Win A Destiny PlayStation 4 Bundle
09/29/14 The Evil Within Gameplay Trailer Highlights Careful Strategy
09/29/14 Uncharted 4 Close-Up Show's Drake's Sadder, Vulnerable Side
09/28/14 PSXE Poll Update: Non-PS4 Owners Have Their Reasons
09/28/14 Assassin's Kittens Unity: This Needs To Become A Game
09/28/14 From Software: Bloodborne Couldn't Have Been Cross-Generation
09/28/14 Ubisoft Wants To Pursue Initiatives Similar To Child Of Light
09/28/14 Rumor: Destiny Glitch Leaks Future DLC
09/27/14 Assassin's Creed Unity Trailer #2: Co-Op, Freedom Of Choice
09/26/14 Check Out The Upgrades In Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
09/26/14 After Destiny Treasure Cave Closes, Another Opens
09/26/14 Moon Hunters, The "Mythology Building" Action/RPG For PS4, Vita
09/26/14 The Crew Beta For PS4, Xbox One Begins On September 30
09/26/14 Far Cry 4 Bundles Coming To Europe
09/25/14 What Do You Expect From The Final Fantasy XV Demo?
09/25/14 Bungie Dev Notes: Voice Communication, Bosses, Balancing
09/25/14 The Witcher 3's Latest Video Highlights Beautiful Locales
09/25/14 Advanced Warfare Campaign "Longer Than The Last Few"
09/25/14 The Evil Within Goes Gold
09/25/14 OlliOlli 2: Welcome To Olliwood Launches Big Tricks In 2015
09/24/14 Destiny Players Finish Vault Of Glass Raid In 37 Minutes
09/24/14 Inquisition's Tactical View Like A "Pressure Release Valve"
09/24/14 Final Fantasy XV Is 55 Percent Complete
09/24/14 Advanced Warfare Co-Op Mode, Exo Survival, Revealed
09/24/14 Shu: Run, The Storm Is Catching Up!
09/23/14 Chariot Rides To PS4 Next Week In US
09/23/14 The Top Destiny Players Are On Xbox: Gee, I Wonder Why
09/23/14 Rocksmith 2014 Edition Hits PS4, Xbox One In November
09/23/14 FIFA 15 Demo Downloaded A Record 5.5 Million Times
09/23/14 Destiny Has Its First Lv. 30 Player
09/22/14 Is PS4's Success Due To Superior Multiplatform Titles?
09/22/14 FFXV Demo Offers 3-4 Hours, Driving, "At Least One Dungeon"
09/22/14 Huge Unity Season Pass Includes A 2.5D Side-Scrolling Game
09/22/14 Lords Of The Fallen Resolution Confirmed: 1080p On PS4
09/22/14 Ubisoft Compares Watch Dogs To Assassin's Creed Debut
09/22/14 How To Properly Loot The Special Treasure Cave In Destiny
09/22/14 Sony Hosting Free Multiplayer Weekend For Non-Plus-ers
09/22/14 Use The Distressed Lisa From P.T. As A Decoy In MGSV
09/21/14 PSXE Poll Update: Most Gamers Are Satisfied With Destiny
09/21/14 DICE Details "Fairly Massive" BF4 Patch
09/21/14 Sony Delivers Two PlayStation 4 Bundles To Euro Region
09/21/14 Ready At Dawn Introduces You To The Order's Weaponry
09/20/14 Check Out Snake's New Ally In MGSV: A Wolf Named DD
09/19/14 Bungie Outlines More Public Events And Updates For Destiny
09/19/14 Gearbox Reveals Battleborn Gameplay: 18 Tasty Minutes
09/19/14 Project Morpheus About 85 Percent Done
09/18/14 PS4 Doubles Up Xbox One But Will We See A Momentum Shift?
09/18/14 Battlefield: Hardline Hotwire Multiplayer Trailer Is Refreshing
09/18/14 Minecraft Hitting PS4 On October 7, Vita Version Still Coming
09/18/14 FFXV Demo Coming Packaged With Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
09/18/14 Destiny Launch Hits Twitch Hard
09/18/14 New Silent Hills Teaser Doesn't Want You To Sleep...Ever
09/18/14 Need For Speed: Rivals Complete Edition Lands In October
09/18/14 TGS 2014: 20 Min. MGSV Trailer Boasts Snake, Quiet
09/17/14 Want Some Ice Cream? Trade In Your Violent Video Games
09/17/14 Final Fantasy XV TGS 2014 Trailer: Ooh, Pretty Pictures
09/17/14 Destiny Rakes In $325 Million, Over 100 Million Hours Logged
09/17/14 Source: PS4 Doubles Xbox One Sales
09/17/14 The Evil Within TGS 2014 Trailer: Say Hello To Your Foes
09/17/14 Alien: Isolation DLC Pass Expands Upon Survivor Mode
09/16/14 Destiny And CoD Will Overshadow Too Many Games This Fall
09/16/14 TGS 2014 Should Include Uncharted 4, FF Type-0 HD, More
09/16/14 SingStar: Ultimate Party: A Smartphone Becomes a Mic
09/16/14 Battlefield: Hardline Delay Should Result In "More Innovation"
09/16/14 Only The Skilled Being Invited Into The Bloodborne Alpha?
09/16/14 PS4, Xbox One Versions Of WWE 2K15 Pushed Back
09/15/14 Ready At Dawn Co-Founder Stunned At Destiny Scores
09/15/14 Shadow Warrior: An Upgrade That Still Feels Old-School
09/15/14 Harness The Awesome Power Of The Elephant In Far Cry 4
09/15/14 Driveclub Comes On Top Of Standard October Plus Freebies
09/15/14 NBA 2K15's MyTeam Mode Lets You Write A New History
09/14/14 New Driveclub Info: Load Times, DLC, Hybrid Rides
09/14/14 Advanced Warfare Will Boast 15 Prestiges And Over 350 Guns
09/14/14 Wait, I Have To Play Destiny For 20 Hrs. Before It Gets Good?
09/14/14 PSXE Poll Update: Destiny Popularity Is Almost Split
09/12/14 Infinite Ammo Trick Discovered In Destiny
09/12/14 Driveclub Goes Gold, No More Delays
09/12/14 GTAV For PS4/Xbox One Confirmed For November 18
09/11/14 Is Destiny Truly Revolutionary?
09/11/14 Dying Light Will Launch In January
09/11/14 August NPD: PS4 Still Leads, Madden And Diablo Perform Well
09/11/14 Advanced Warfare's Multiplayer Enhanced Via Exo Skills
09/11/14 MGSV Teaser Features A Quiet Swan Dive
09/10/14 Evolution Reveals Driveclub's Free DLC
09/10/14 Resident Evil Revelations 2 Scheduled For Episodic Release
09/10/14 Assassin's Creed Unity Video Shows Off Co-Op Gameplay
09/10/14 The Evil Within Details Include Randomized Traps, First Boss
09/10/14 Want A Gold-Plated PS4? Ante Up
09/10/14 Destiny Earns $500 Million, Could End Up Selling 20 Million
09/09/14 We Shouldn't Be Listening To Reports Of Destiny's Length
09/09/14 Alien: Isolation Golden, Sega Kicks Off New Video Series
09/09/14 Battlefield 4 DLC Final Stand Takes You To Snowy Russia
09/09/14 PS4 Is Now The Second-Fastest Selling Console In UK History
09/09/14 Sony: We See Destiny As A First-Party Launch For PS4
09/09/14 NBA Live 15 Delayed Three Weeks
09/08/14 Expect A Steep Rise In PS4 Sales Due To Destiny's Arrival
09/08/14 Sony Reveals New Headsets And Yeah, They're Pretty
09/08/14 Destiny Update 1.01 Detailed And It's Surprisingly Hefty
09/08/14 Destiny Is The Most Pre-Ordered New IP In Game History
09/08/14 What's The Last Game That Had Destiny's Insane Hype?
09/08/14 Bungie Expects Rushed Destiny Reviews
09/08/14 Revelations 2 Info: Playable Characters, Story, Co-Op
09/07/14 PSXE Poll Update: Not A Lot Of Sports Gamers 'Round Here
09/05/14 Bungie Dev Is Gonna Jump Out Of A Plane To Promote Destiny
09/05/14 Activision's Destiny Deal For Those Who Haven't Upgraded
09/05/14 Mortal Kombat X Dated, Pre-Ordering Delivers Goro
09/04/14 Destiny Might Outsell Grand Theft Auto V
09/04/14 Over 4,000 GameStop Locations Hosting Destiny Launch Parties
09/04/14 The Evil Within European Launch Date Moved Up
09/04/14 Minecraft Suddenly Hits PS4 Today
09/03/14 Will Destiny Match Your Definition Of "Next-Gen"?
09/03/14 Destiny Exodus Blue Multiplayer Map: Yes, Buy PlayStation!
09/03/14 Watch Dogs Single-Player DLC, Bad Blood, Gets A Date
09/03/14 Advanced Warfare Deep Dive Trailer: A Multiplayer Summary
09/03/14 Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War And Nightmare Confirmed
09/02/14 Why You Shouldn't Obsess Over Review Scores For Destiny
09/02/14 Disgaea 5: An Ambitious Entry That PS3 Couldn't Handle
09/02/14 The Crew Beta Lands On PS4, Xbox One Later This Month
09/02/14 Destiny Planet View Announced, Lets You Spy On The Action
09/02/14 Metal Slug 3 Set For PS4, PS3, Vita
09/02/14 Pre-Ordering Advanced Warfare Nets You A Destiny Item
09/02/14 DoA5: Last Round Will Produce 1080p, 60FPS On PS4, Xbox One
09/01/14 What Convinced You To Buy A PS4?
09/01/14 The Last Of Us: Remastered Reaches The Million Plateau
09/01/14 Rumor: Beyond: Two Souls Director's Cut Is PS4-Bound
09/01/14 PS4 And Vita Will Soon Support Themes
09/01/14 Bloodborne Gets New Trailer, Japanese Release Date
09/01/14 JRPG Lovers Get Dragon Quest Heroes, Disgaea 5, Ys Sequel
09/01/14 Resident Evil Revelations 2 Confirmed
09/01/14 Persona 5 Now Coming To PS4, Will Release Next Year

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