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PS4 Archives - October, 2015

10/31/15 Tactical Action RPG Dragon Fin Soup Graces PS4, PS3, Vita
10/31/15 GameStop's Thanks And Giving Campaign Starts Tomorrow
10/30/15 Destiny's New Silver Is A Hot Ticket
10/30/15 Poncho, The Unique Non-Linear Platformer, Launches Next Week
10/30/15 Here's Your Best Look Yet At Black Ops III's Nuk3town Map
10/30/15 Rainbow Six Siege Goes Gold, Gameplay Trailer Released
10/30/15 Uncharted Without Naughty Dog? Sony Isn't Sure About That
10/29/15 Have The New PlayStation VR Games Amped Up Your Interest?
10/29/15 Guerrilla Releases Extended Gameplay For Horizon: Zero Dawn
10/29/15 Until Dawn's Halloween Hunt Involves 11 Hidden Pumpkins
10/29/15 Mirror's Edge: Catalyst Pushed Back
10/29/15 EA Ups Battlefront Shipment Predictions To 13 Million
10/29/15 Nier: Automata Fully Revealed, Character Details And Trailer
10/29/15 Hitman Trailer Puts The Spotlight On A Pretty Italian Locale
10/29/15 GTAO Halloween Surprise: Spooky Items, New Slasher Mode
10/28/15 Seems Obvious Now: PS4 Exclusives Will Get Rolling Soon
10/28/15 PlayStation 4 Gets Beta Love From Both Dreams And Battleborn
10/28/15 Robinson: The Journey Is Crytek's New PlayStation VR Title
10/28/15 Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Info Arrives, Along With Some Gameplay
10/28/15 No Man's Sky Scheduled For June 2016
10/28/15 Tekken 7 Confirmed For PS4 And PS VR
10/28/15 Gran Turismo Sport Revealed: The "Rebirth" Of Motorsports
10/28/15 Quantic Dream's New PS4 Exclusive Announced: Detroit
10/28/15 Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood In The Works For PlayStation VR
10/28/15 Street Fighter V Earns Final Launch Date Of February 16, 2016
10/26/15 How Would Nathan Drake Have Fared Against Master Chief?
10/26/15 Fallout 4 Will Allow For Pre-Loading
10/26/15 Weather, Time Of Day Can Impact The Division's Gameplay
10/26/15 Hello Games: Sorry, No Man's Sky Will Not Release Today
10/26/15 Sony Sends Out Survey, Wants Feedback For PS4 Updates
10/26/15 You Can Have Your Very Own MGSV Bike If You've Got Money
10/26/15 Helldivers Third Expansion, Democracy Strikes Back, Arrives
10/26/15 Battlefront Beta Yields Giant Numbers
10/26/15 BioWare Says: Give A Shepard-less Mass Effect A Chance
10/25/15 Can PS4's Price Drop Compete With Xbox One's Exclusives?
10/25/15 PSXE Poll Update: Most Passing On This Year's Assassin's Creed
10/25/15 Guerrilla Wants Horizon To Have A Strong Yet Accessible Story
10/25/15 Here's Why The FFXV Party Members Are Clothed In Black
10/25/15 Pre-Order Black Ops III At GameStop, Get Nuk3town Pack
10/24/15 Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition Receives Launch Trailer
10/23/15 Need For Speed Goes Gold, Definitely Set For November 3
10/23/15 Bethesda And Carlsberg Team Up To Bring You Fallout Beer
10/23/15 PS4 Version Of AC Syndicate Outperforms Xbox One Version
10/23/15 Just In Time For The Holidays, A Wishlist For The PS Store
10/23/15 It's Possible To Release A Higher-Powered Version Of PS4
10/22/15 Assassin's Creed Syndicate Reviews All Over The Damn Place
10/22/15 PlayStation Experience 2015: Confirmed Exhibitors, Games
10/22/15 Black Ops III Launch Gameplay Trailer Explodes Online
10/22/15 Just Cause 3 Golden, 360-Degree Trailer Shows Off Medici
10/22/15 The Witcher 3 Patch 1.11 Rolls Out Today
10/22/15 Doom Closed Alpha Testing Dates And Gameplay Revealed
10/21/15 After Playing The Battlefront Beta, Have You Changed Your Mind?
10/21/15 From Software Teases Sick New Weapon For Bloodborne DLC?
10/21/15 EA Reveals New Free Hardline Expansion Called "Blackout"
10/21/15 Yager Reflects On Losing Dead Island 2
10/21/15 SCEE Confirms PlayStation 4 Price Drop For Euro Territory
10/21/15 Tricky Towers, The Physics-Based Building Game, Set For PS4
10/21/15 Call Of Duty: Black Ops III On PS3/360 Only Manages 30fps
10/21/15 Final Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Vid: Is Luck On Your Side?
10/20/15 Can Someone Explain The Appeal Of "Critics" Like Angry Joe?
10/20/15 Sale Of The Dead: Save Up To 75% On Chilling Titles
10/20/15 DICE Confirms New Characters, Modes For Star Wars: Battlefront
10/20/15 PS4 Price Drop For Aussie Gamers
10/20/15 Tales Of Zestiria Microtransaction Bundle Goes For $20
10/20/15 Capcom Confirms Details Of Street Fighter V's Second Beta
10/20/15 Special Fallout 4 Bundle At Best Buy Includes...Um, Socks
10/19/15 Is The DualShock 4 The Greatest Game Controller Ever?
10/19/15 Here's Your Chance To Check Out The Battleborn Beta
10/19/15 Star Wars: Battlefront Ultimate Edition Gets A $120 Price Tag
10/19/15 September NPD: PS4 Tops Again, Sports Games Go 1-2
10/19/15 Original Nier Director Says Platinum Is "Doing A Great Job"
10/19/15 Naughty Dog Talks Uncharted 4 And "The End Of An Era"
10/19/15 Life Is Strange Final Episode, Polarized, Gets Launch Trailer
10/18/15 It's Time To Ask: What's Your Favorite DLC Of All Time?
10/18/15 PSXE Poll Update: Most Want To See Another Until Dawn
10/18/15 Sony Teases A "Momentous Week" For Paris Games Show
10/18/15 GTAV Lowriders Drops This Week, Here's The New Trailer
10/18/15 Here's How Need For Speed Got Better Thanks To Feedback
10/17/15 User Leaks Complete List Of Battlefront Weapons, Items, Missions
10/17/15 Latest PSN Flash Sale Puts The Focus On Fun Survival
10/16/15 Treyarch Unveils New Free Run Mode For Black Ops III
10/16/15 EA On Remakes And Remasters: It's Not Part Of Our Culture
10/16/15 We Just Have To Ask: Is Platinum The Right Studio For Nier 2?
10/16/15 Rocksteady Reveals All Arkham Knight DLC Coming In 2015
10/16/15 Grand Theft Auto Online Update Lowriders Gets New Trailer
10/15/15 What One Game Would Make You Buy Xbox One Or Wii U?
10/15/15 Organ Trail: Complete Edition Coming Soon For PS4, Vita
10/15/15 CD Projekt Red Loves The Witcher 3's Surprisingly Wide Appeal
10/15/15 Destiny Getting Harder Raid Mode, Better Nightfall Rewards
10/15/15 The Witcher 3 DLC Will Punish You For Using Money Exploits
10/15/15 Fallout 4 Live Action Trailer Celebrates The Wandering Lifestyle
10/15/15 Dying Light Expansion The Following Confirmed For Q1 2016
10/14/15 What Does Syndicate Have To Do To Be A GotY Candidate?
10/14/15 New Indie Game Furi In Development, And It's Very Promising
10/14/15 Styx: Master Of Shadow Sequel Slated To Arrive Next Year
10/14/15 Battlefront Doesn't Have Its Own In-Game Chat System
10/14/15 DICE: Yes, Battlefront's Assault Walker Mode Is Unbalanced
10/14/15 Del Toro: "Ditching Silent Hills Made "No Fu***** Sense"
10/14/15 Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Lesson: Agility Gives You Options
10/13/15 When You Buy Season Passes, Do You Feel Like A Sap?
10/13/15 The Witch And The Hundred Knight: Revival Edition Set For PS4
10/13/15 Want To Buy All The Emotes In Destiny? It'll Run You $38
10/13/15 Friday The 13th: The Game's Kickstarter Campaign Is Live
10/13/15 Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Dated For Japan, But No U.S. Love
10/13/15 Bloodborne Game Of The Year Edition Coming In November
10/13/15 Black Ops III Realistic Mode: You Have One Point Of Life
10/12/15 The Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone: A Few Lingering Concerns
10/12/15 Watch Destiny's New Emotes Previewed, They're Funny
10/12/15 New Black Ops 3 Vid Highlights Stars Goldblum, Graham
10/12/15 Season Pass, Ultimate Edition Coming For Star Wars: Battlefront
10/12/15 One Upon Light: Manipulate The Shadows To Reach Safety
10/12/15 Batman: Arkham Knight, Mortal Kombat X Sell 5 Million Each
10/12/15 Dark Souls 3 Beta Now Available In Europe And North America
10/11/15 Does Lara Croft Owe Nathan Drake A Big Debt Of Gratitude?
10/11/15 Need for Speed Grabs 11 More Cars
10/11/15 New Multiplayer Map And Specialist For Black Ops III
10/11/15 Star Wars: Battlefront Shoots For Less Offensive "T" Rating
10/10/15 Supermassive "Talking Internally" About Another Until Dawn
10/10/15 Learn More About The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition On PS4
10/09/15 Sony Explains Why PlayStation VR Might Be A Cut Above
10/09/15 Play Destiny Between Now And December, Get More Silver
10/09/15 PlayStation Underground Tests Out Some Truly Freaky Titles
10/09/15 Microsoft Admits To "Losing Gamer Trust" With Xbox One
10/09/15 Currently, Battlefront Beta On PS4 Is In "Healthier Shape"
10/08/15 Battlefront vs. Black Ops III: Will It Be A Closer Sales War?
10/08/15 Sony: Uncharted Collection Is A Legit PS4 System-Seller
10/08/15 Treyarch Shows How You Helped Improve Black Ops III
10/08/15 Bungie Agrees That Destiny's Shotguns Are Too Powerful
10/08/15 Gigantic Patch For The Witcher 3 Brings Over 600 Fixes
10/08/15 Playable Battlefront Characters Include Han Solo, Princess Leia?
10/08/15 Sony Announces PlayStation 4 Price Drop For U.S., Canada
10/07/15 February 23 Will Be The Best Day For Gaming In 2016
10/07/15 Naughty Dog: 80% Of PS4 Owners Haven't Played Uncharted
10/07/15 PSN Deal: Spend $100, Get $15 Credit
10/07/15 Another New Face For SFV: Laura, The Jiu-Jitsu Master
10/07/15 Goosebumps: The Game Will Give You A Chill Next Week
10/07/15 I Didn't Buy Destiny, So What's It Doing In My PS4 Library?
10/07/15 Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Vid: Don't Be A Survival Dunce
10/06/15 Will Naughty Dog Reveal The Last Of Us Sequel In Spring?
10/06/15 NIS Explains Why Disgaea 5 Will Totally Own Your Life
10/06/15 Unzip This New Jumpsuit For Eva In MGO, Gain An "Advantage"
10/06/15 Capcom: Nothing Yet On Resident Evil 7, But Stay Tuned
10/06/15 Far Cry Primal Roars Into Existence, Will Launch In February
10/06/15 Survey Says Black Ops III Is Tops On The Holiday Shopping List
10/06/15 Best Buy Selling That Destiny PS4 Bundle For Only $350
10/06/15 The Witcher 3 Hearts Of Stone Expansion Gets Launch Trailer
10/05/15 Sony's "SHOCKTOBER" Delivers 13 Scary PS Now Titles
10/05/15 Ubisoft Teases Mystery Game, Leaks Say It's Far Cry Primal
10/05/15 The First Microtransactions For Destiny
10/05/15 Gamers, You Had Best Prepare For A Low-Budget Shenmue III
10/05/15 Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Lands On Consoles Soon
10/05/15 Black Ops III Goes Hardcore With New "Realistic" Setting?
10/05/15 ESO's Second Huge Expansion, Orsinium, Set For November
10/04/15 Almost 2 Years In, Is Your Launch PS4 Still Running Strong?
10/04/15 Can You Access The Secret Room In The Taken King's Raid?
10/04/15 Stephen Colbert Puts No Man's Sky Into The Late-Night Spotlight
10/04/15 Evidence Of A U.S. PS4 Price Drop?
10/03/15 Uncharted Collection Has A Whopping 166 Trophies To Earn
10/03/15 No Offline Option For Battlefront Beta
10/02/15 Primal Carnage: Extinction Launches In October For PS4
10/02/15 Looks Like We Can Expect A Spiritual Successor To Burnout
10/02/15 NBA 2K16 Off Like A Shot, Sets Records
10/02/15 Can't Wait For Fallout 4? Bethesda Goes Behind The Scenes
10/02/15 Sony On Delivering PS4 Exclusives: "We've Got Work To Do"
10/01/15 Activision, Robomodo Working To Fix Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5
10/01/15 SOMA Selling Well, Developer Can Pay Its Bills For A While
10/01/15 The Legendary Zangief Finally Confirmed For Street Fighter V
10/01/15 Law & Order's Christopher Meloni Starring In Black Ops III?
10/01/15 Square Enix Nixes "Augmented" Pre-Order Campaign For Deus Ex

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