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PS4 Archives - November, 2015

11/30/15 Sony Santa Monica Teasing The Next Great PS4 Exclusive?
11/30/15 New Gameplay Trailer For Today's Star Wars: Battlefront DLC
11/30/15 Getting Just Cause 3? You'll Probably Want The PS4 Version
11/30/15 Rumor: New TMNT Effort In The Works At Platinum Games
11/30/15 Mighty No. 9 Trailer Highlights Online Multiplayer Modes
11/30/15 Ubisoft: Team-Killers In Rainbow Six Siege Won't Be Tolerated
11/30/15 PS4, Xbox One Hardware Deals Still In Play This Cyber Monday
11/29/15 Rise Of The Tomb Raider On PS4: What Can We Expect?
11/29/15 PSXE Poll Update: PS2 Games On PS4? Well...Maybe?
11/29/15 FFVII PS4 Trophy List Emerges And It's Definitely Doable
11/29/15 New MGSV Secret Event: Konami Hands Out Instructions
11/29/15 Explore Just Cause 3's 400-Mile Map Via Virtual Helicopter
11/28/15 Big Day One Patch For Just Cause 3 Has Some Comedic Bits
11/28/15 Call Of Duty: Black Ops III Experiencing Server Issues
11/27/15 Fallout 4 Unofficially Sells 5.19 Million
11/27/15 Konami Reveals Free-To-Play PES 2016 Versions For PS4, PS3
11/27/15 Burnley Explains Why Battlefront Is Indeed A "Piece Of Sh**"
11/27/15 Bungie Store Black Friday Sale: Get 25% Off Everything!
11/27/15 Tony Hawk 5 Patch Clocks In At 7.8GB, Updates Galore
11/26/15 Forget Black Friday, I'm Staying Home And Playing...What?
11/26/15 Attack On Titan: New Trailer, Estimated Japanese Date
11/26/15 PSN Black Friday Sale: Great Deals On Great Games, Movies!
11/26/15 Rainbow Six Siege Open Beta Back On Track...Sort Of
11/26/15 Fallout 4 Sends A Cold Virus Through CD Projekt Red Team
11/26/15 Go Behind The Scenes With Uncharted 4 At PlayStation Experience
11/25/15 Turkey Day Gaming Blessings: What Are You Thankful For?
11/25/15 Check Out This Beautiful First-Person Adventure For PS4
11/25/15 Bungie Adding Challenges To Destiny's King's Fall Raid
11/25/15 Here's Amazon's Black Friday Schedule: Ready To Save?
11/25/15 Rainbow Six Siege Open Beta Postponed
11/25/15 Dying Light The Following DLC, Season Pass Rising In Price
11/25/15 PS4 Two-Year Anniversary: System Sales Pass 30 Million
11/24/15 C'mon, Fess Up: Ever Bought A Console For Just One Game?
11/24/15 PlayStation Store Sale Highlights Great Co-Op Experiences
11/24/15 Star Wars: Battlefront DLC Battle Of Jakku Brings A New Mode
11/24/15 Rainbow Six Siege Resolution PS4 Tops Xbox One Version
11/24/15 Battlefront Sets New Digital Record For EA
11/24/15 CD Projekt Red Delivers "Epic Trailer" For The Witcher 3
11/24/15 Street Fighter V Steelbook Case Edition Revealed For Europe
11/24/15 Football-Inspired DLC Fights Onto GTA Online This Week
11/23/15 A PS1 Classic Franchise That Deserves Revival: Jet Moto
11/23/15 Arkham Knight Community Challenge Pack Lands In January
11/23/15 Newly Discovered Battlefront Easter Egg
11/23/15 Destiny Refer A Friend Program Live, Earn Some Cool Rewards
11/23/15 Sony Confirms $299 Uncharted Collection PlayStation 4 Bundle
11/23/15 Here's One Celebrity That Calls Battlefront A "Piece Of Sh**"
11/23/15 Just Cause 3 Dev Diary Explores Game's Technical Prowess
11/22/15 Don't Have A PlayStation 4 Yet? You Best Explain Yourself
11/22/15 PSXE Poll Update: Battlefront Wasn't Much Of A Priority
11/22/15 Get PlayStation TV For Only $19.99
11/22/15 GameStop Pre-Black Friday Deals Are Mucho Attractive
11/22/15 Mobile Title Fallout Shelter Gets Festive Thanksgiving Update
11/21/15 So Far, PS4 Is The Most Popular Platform For Battlefront
11/21/15 Gravity Rush Remastered Coming To PS4 A Little Earlier
11/20/15 Sony Confirms PS2 Games Will Soon Be Available On PS4
11/20/15 Black Ops III Patch Fixes Map Exploits, Tweaks Weapons
11/20/15 Jenny LeClue - Detectiv˙: A Unique, Story-Based Adventure
11/20/15 Valkyria: Azure Revolution Revealed With Teaser Trailer
11/20/15 Bloodborne Update Adds New Covenant And NPC Partners
11/19/15 Best RPG 2015: Is It The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt vs. Fallout 4?
11/19/15 Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Coming Soon To PS4 And Xbox One
11/19/15 Fallout 4 Parody Trailer Shows How Game Is Ruining Lives
11/19/15 Rainbow Six Siege Open Beta Progress Won't Carry Over
11/19/15 Earn Double XP In Call Of Duty: Black Ops III This Weekend
11/19/15 Just Cause 3 CGI Trailer Shows A Vast World...Exploding
11/19/15 PS4 Versions Of Beyond And Heavy Rain Detailed, Dated
11/18/15 Battlefront: The Epitome Of The Casual Or Mainstream Game?
11/18/15 Darkest Dungeon, Where Adventurers Are Indeed Human
11/18/15 Amazon Black Friday Game Sales Actually Start This Week
11/18/15 Rainbow Six Siege Open Beta Dated
11/18/15 Guitar Hero Live Adds Judas Priest, System Of A Down, More
11/18/15 European Gamers Get Awesome Mega Pack PS4 Bundle
11/18/15 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Delayed Until August 23, 2016
11/18/15 Weekly PSN Deals For PS4, PS3, Vita
11/18/15 Multiplayer Microtransactions: "You Should Pay For Good Work"
11/17/15 Shenmue 3 Footage Shows Day/Night Cycle
11/16/15 Do You Plan On Getting A New Gaming Platform This Holiday?
11/16/15 PSA: Watch Out For This Game-Breaking Fallout 4 Bug
11/16/15 EA: Expect More Battlefront Games
11/16/15 "Enhanced" Super Star Wars Comes To PS4, Vita This Week
11/16/15 Mass Effect: Andromeda Protagonist Named After Sally Ride?
11/16/15 Hideki Kamiya On His Definition Of A "World Famous Game"
11/16/15 Naughty Dog: One Or Two More PS4 Titles In The Hopper
11/16/15 Need For Speed Update Will Tweak That Awful Rubber-Band AI
11/15/15 You, A Remote Desert Island, And Which Two Game Consoles?
11/15/15 PSXE Poll Update: Few Were Worried About Fallout 4 Visuals
11/15/15 Ronda Rousey Inherits Madden Curse
11/15/15 Friday The 13th: The Game Hits Kickstarter Funding Goal
11/15/15 Secret Fallout 4 Room: How To Get In And What's Inside
11/14/15 Gravity Rush Remastered Getting A Disc Release After All?
11/14/15 Fallout 4 Release Causes Substantial Drop In Porn Activity
11/13/15 The Witcher 3 Leads This Year's Game Awards Nominations
11/13/15 Life Is Strange Limited Edition Revealed
11/13/15 UFC2 Unveiled: Enhanced Authenticity And Ronda Rousey
11/13/15 Fallout 4 Ships 12 Million In 24 Hours Amid Ongoing Demand
11/12/15 Is Fallout 4 Game Of The Year? Critical Average Says "No"
11/12/15 If Backwards Compatibility Works Like Sh**, Who Wants It?
11/12/15 Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass Detailed
11/12/15 October NPD: PS4 Falls From The Top, Halo 5 Is #1 Game
11/12/15 PlayStation Experience 2015: The List Of All Playable Titles
11/12/15 Analysis: Black Ops III PS4 Outperforms Xbox One Version
11/12/15 Here's What Star Wars: Battlefront's First Update Fixes
11/11/15 Black Ops III First To Market, Is It Bad News For Battlefront?
11/11/15 October's Top PS Digital Sellers: Syndicate Beats Uncharted
11/11/15 Capcom: SFV Should Appeal To A "Newer, Younger Audience"
11/11/15 Bethesda: Fallout 4 DLC Will Depend On Player Feedback
11/11/15 Black Ops III Rakes In $550 Million, Sets "Engagement" Record
11/11/15 Store Update Includes Discounts, Deals For DoA, Fallout 4, More
11/11/15 Fallout 4 On PS4 Runs Fine, Xbox One Version Can "Stutter"
11/10/15 I'm Trying To Love Fallout 4, But It Kinda Seems Impossible
11/10/15 Battlefront Guns, Vehicles, Power-Ups, Live-Action Trailer
11/10/15 Aqua Moto Racing Utopia Set For PS4
11/10/15 Bethesda Thanks Fallout 4 Fans, Hopes To Hear Your Stories
11/10/15 Experts Claim Black Ops III Will Make Women More Violent
11/10/15 Street Fighter V's R. Mika And Cammy Aren't So Sexual Now
11/10/15 Battlefront File Sizes Revealed, Notably Bigger On PS4...?
11/09/15 Rise Of The Tomb Raider Making PS4 Owners A Tad Jealous
11/09/15 EA Confirms UFC 2 Is In Development, Will Reveal More Today
11/09/15 Darth Vader DualShock 4 Will Be Sold Separately In U.S.
11/09/15 Rumor: Dark Souls III Launch Date, Special Editions Revealed
11/09/15 Syndicate, Need For Speed Giveaway Winner Announced!
11/09/15 The Moogle Lands A Spot In FFXV As A "Fun Little Extra"
11/09/15 PS4 Bundle Deal: Uncharted Collection, Fallout 4 For Free
11/09/15 Game Awards 2015 Enters Second Year, Set For December 3
11/08/15 Should Gamers Wait For Bethesda To Fix Fallout 4 Problems?
11/08/15 PSXE Poll Update: Nah, Black Ops III Isn't On My Radar
11/08/15 Internet Griping About Major Fallout 4 PS4 Frame Rate Issues
11/08/15 Your Chance To Win A Really Slick Mass Effect-Inspired PS4
11/08/15 Can't Wait To Play Fallout 4? Here, A Doctor's Note (Fake)
11/07/15 GameStop's Black Friday Sales Leaked
11/07/15 Adromeda Teaser: "This Is Commander Shepard, Signing Off"
11/06/15 Once Again, Critics And Gamers At Odds Over Call Of Duty
11/06/15 Blizzard's First New IP In 17 Years Now Confirmed For Consoles
11/06/15 PlayStation-Call Of Duty Partnership Is Officially "Historic"
11/06/15 Sony: VR Games Might Require Different Kinds Of Ratings
11/06/15 The Witcher Movie In The Works
11/05/15 Euro PS4 Ad Gets Your Weekend Off On The Right Foot
11/05/15 Fallout 4 Graphics Controversy: What Are Your Expectations?
11/05/15 Battleborn Won't Make Its February Date
11/05/15 PlayStation Collectible Cards Will Be Revealed In December
11/05/15 Sony: Shooter Audience Shifting More Toward PlayStation 4
11/05/15 Fallout 4's Epic Launch Trailer Arrives
11/05/15 Cast Your Vote: Want To See Moogles In Final Fantasy XV?
11/04/15 Xboxers Revel In Holiday Rush, Sony Fans Look Toward 2016
11/04/15 Ubisoft: Consumers Warming Up To The New Assassin's Creed
11/04/15 Need A Physical Copy Of Black Ops III Just After Midnight?
11/04/15 King Of Fighters XIV Gets High-Octane Gameplay Teaser
11/04/15 Only Free DLC For Need For Speed, No Paid Extra Content
11/04/15 Guitar Hero Live Gets 70 More Songs, More Premium Shows
11/03/15 Would Sony Tell Us If The Last Guardian Hit Another Snag?
11/03/15 Metal Gear V Ships 5 Million, Konami's Profits Double
11/03/15 You Know You Want A Full-Size Black Ops III Juggernog Fridge
11/03/15 Battlefront DLC Battle Of Jakku Receives Teaser Trailer
11/03/15 PlayStation Now Adds 105 Titles, Brings Total To Over 250
11/03/15 Destiny Microtransactions And Add-Ons Can "Co-Exist"
11/03/15 Fallout 4 Voice Actress Talks Immense Detail, Story Depth
11/02/15 What Does Fallout 4 Have To Do To Nail Down GotY 2015?
11/02/15 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Locked At 30FPS On PS4, Xbox One
11/02/15 Ratchet & Clank PS4's Latest Trailer Is Just So Damn Pretty
11/02/15 Fallout 4 Original Music Comes Courtesy Of...Wonder Woman?!
11/02/15 Mystery Mass Effect Loot Crate Features 8 Collectible Items
11/02/15 EA: Battlefront Can Attract Younger And Returning Gamers
11/02/15 Leaked Fallout 4 Gameplay Vids Start Spreading Fast
11/02/15 The Last Guardian's Story Limits Sony's Pre-Release Hype
11/01/15 Which Studio Would You Trust With The Uncharted Series?
11/01/15 PSXE Poll Update: Fans Split Over More Powerful PS4
11/01/15 November Plus Freebies: Beyond Good & Evil HD, Magicka 2, More
11/01/15 Live-Action Black Ops III Trailer Sizzles

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