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PS4 Archives - December, 2015

12/31/15 Player Manages To Beat Fallout 4 Without Killing Anything
12/31/15 DICE Working To Make Battlefront's Offline Mode More Robust
12/31/15 PlayStation Devs Share: Most Anticipated Games Of 2016
12/30/15 Why Uncharted 4 Might Not Generate A Sales Surge For PS4
12/30/15 Bandai Namco Confirms Western Release For Tales Of Berseria
12/30/15 Devs Offer A Slew Of Attack On Titan Info
12/30/15 Tomb Raider Creative Director: You Don't Want Only Action
12/30/15 LittleBigPlanet's Take On That Uncharted 4 Teaser Trailer
12/30/15 January's Plus Freebies: Grim Fandango, Blood Dragon
12/30/15 Take An Early Peek At This Collectible Nathan Drake Figure
12/30/15 The Witcher 3 Sale: Get One Of 2015's Best For Only $30
12/29/15 Do Hardcore JRPG Fans Even Care About Final Fantasy Anymore?
12/29/15 Destiny's Latest Iron Banner: Get Exclusive PlayStation Gear
12/29/15 Sony: PS4 Gets "Unprecedented Rush" Of Games In 2016
12/29/15 PSN Holiday Sale Final Week Features Bloodborne, Fallout 4
12/29/15 Far Cry Primal Will Be Fittingly Brutal, So Says The ESRB
12/29/15 PlayStation Devs Name Their Favorite 2015 Gaming Moments
12/29/15 Supergiant's Transistor Tops 1 Million
12/28/15 Review Scores Can't Be The Only Way To Pick GotY Awards
12/28/15 We Might Have To Wait Until 2017 To Play Yakuza 0 In U.S.
12/28/15 Bloodborne Dev Hopes To Deliver Another "Ambitious" Title In 2016
12/28/15 Mass Effect Andromeda Team Loses A Critical Piece
12/28/15 Psychonauts 2 Crowdfunding Campaign Nearing Its Goal
12/28/15 Insomniac Boss Ted Price Shares His Top 5 Games Of 2015
12/28/15 Amazon's Top 3 Holiday Games Won't Surprise Anyone
12/28/15 Konami Plans New MGO DLC, Patch 1.02 Details Released
12/27/15 PSXE Poll Update: Readers Select Their 2015 GotY Finalists
12/27/15 37 Japanese Game Makers List Their Top 5 Titles For 2015
12/27/15 Sony: PSN New Account Validation Issue Has Been Resolved
12/27/15 All Marvel-Themed DLC Content For LBP Disappears This Week
12/27/15 Boy Unwraps PS4 On Christmas, Only To Find A Nasty Joke
12/26/15 Post-Christmas Deal Of The Day: Destiny For 50% Off
12/25/15 Final Flash Sale Of 2015: Discounts On Top-Tier Games
12/25/15 Sony Working To Fix New PSN Account Validation Issue
12/25/15 Holiday Loot Count: What Didja Get?
12/24/15 The Witness Might Get A Physical Disc Release After All
12/24/15 Rocket League Nears 9 Million Players, "Cool Stuff" For 2016
12/24/15 No Current Plans For Battlefront To Get The Force Awakens DLC
12/23/15 Tabata Offers New Details On FFXV Magic, Female Characters
12/23/15 Okay, Ready At Dawn, But What Do You Mean By "Better?"
12/23/15 Fantavision Hits PS4, More PS2 Classics On The Horizon
12/23/15 Harmonix Forced To Completely Wipe Rock Band 4 Leaderboards
12/23/15 Destiny Players Get Free Loot In January
12/23/15 Uncharted 4 Delayed Again, But Only For About 5 Weeks
12/23/15 GameStop's Used Next-Gen Bundle Could Save You $300
12/22/15 Sony Lost Fans With PS3, Gained Many Back With PS4
12/22/15 Agent Artwork Surfaces, GTAV May Have Sidelined Project
12/22/15 PSN Holiday Sale Week 3 In Full Swing
12/22/15 Evolution Teases Four New Driveclub Tracks For Early 2016
12/22/15 Battlefield 4 Has One Of The Most Intricate Easter Eggs Ever
12/22/15 New Bloodborne Patch Gives You A Shot At More Blood Rocks
12/22/15 Russian Man Suing Bethesda For His "Addiction" To Fallout 4
12/21/15 The Next Remake To Shock The World: Legend Of Dragoon
12/21/15 You'll Soon Be Able To Reach Legendary Levels In Dying Light
12/21/15 FFVII Remake: "Fully Voiced," Unsure If It'll Be Open-World
12/21/15 Assassin's Creed Movie Hype Gets Rolling A Year Early
12/21/15 Amplitude PS4 Lands On January 5, New FreQ Mode Added
12/21/15 Over An Hour's Worth Of The Division Alpha Gameplay Leaks
12/21/15 Here's The Uncharted 4 Sneak Peek Shown During Star Wars
12/20/15 Stand Up And Defend Your Unpopular Choice For GotY 2015
12/20/15 New PlayStation Store Sale Includes Some Great EA Titles
12/20/15 PSXE Poll Update: FFVII Remake Might Be A Work Of Art
12/20/15 Vehicular Blast-fest Hardware: Rivals Hits PS4 In January
12/20/15 Batman DLC This Week, Last Arkham Insider Video Airs
12/19/15 New Trailer For Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8, Kingdom Hearts III
12/19/15 Warning: The Force Awakens Spoilers Invading Battlefront
12/18/15 PlayStation Boss Defends PS2 Classics Price Points
12/18/15 Expect A New Final Fantasy XV Update Early Next Year
12/18/15 Fallout 4 Becomes "Ballout 4," Thanks To Fan Creativity
12/17/15 PS2 Classics On PS4: How Popular Will This Be, Really?
12/17/15 Sony: Our Competition With Microsoft Is "Really Healthy"
12/17/15 Online GTAV Weekend Event: The Rich Just Get Richer
12/17/15 Kojima Actually Considered Escaping To A Deserted Island
12/17/15 Watch Star Wars, Maybe See A Brand New Uncharted 4 Trailer
12/17/15 FFXV And Persona 5 Launching At About The Same Time?
12/17/15 PlayStation VR External Processor A "Bit Smaller Than A Wii"
12/17/15 Rocket League Costs $2 Million But Earns Nearly $50 Million
12/16/15 New Trailer For The Division, Ubisoft Says To Expect More Soon
12/16/15 Future Rivalry: Kojima's New Franchise vs. Metal Gear Solid
12/16/15 The Banner Saga Finally Headed To PS4, Xbox One In January
12/16/15 Strolling Across Just Cause 3's Map Takes Over 8 Hours
12/16/15 Pick Up A Black Ops III DLC Pack, Help Out A Veteran
12/16/15 Kojima's New Studio Site Opens, Offers A Passionate Letter
12/16/15 Sony Asks: Which PS2 Classics Should We Bring To PS4?
12/15/15 What Was The Best Gameplay System In All Of Final Fantasy?
12/15/15 Dying Light The Following Is Just Massive
12/15/15 Let's All Try To Interpret This Fresh Batch Of FFVII Remake Info
12/15/15 New Game Study Reveals A Series Of Intriguing Stats
12/15/15 Kojima To Form New Studio, First Game Exclusive To PS4
12/15/15 FIFA 16 Update Improves Balance, Thanks To Fan Feedback
12/15/15 Syndicate Jack The Ripper DLC Gets Slick 360-Degree Trailer
12/15/15 Black Ops 3 Microtransactions Revealed: Call Of Duty Points
12/14/15 JRPG Lovers, Beg For A Lost Odyssey Remaster Or Sequel
12/14/15 Fans Responsible For Getting A Gravity Rush Remastered Disc
12/14/15 Rock Band 4 Can Now Import All 83 Rock Band 3 Songs
12/14/15 New Bungie Bounty: Race The Devs In Destiny's Sparrow Race
12/14/15 New Yakuza 6 Trailer Showcases Some Brutal Combat
12/14/15 DICE Team Members Shifting Their Focus To Next Battlefield
12/14/15 Guitar Hero Live Update Brings New Mode: Rival Challenges
12/13/15 Chances That Final Fantasy XV Will Be A GotY Contender?
12/13/15 Take A Peek At That Still-Secret Kingdom Hearts III Trailer
12/13/15 Here's How Rainbow Six Siege's Playlists Will Keep Evolving
12/13/15 PSXE Poll Update: Most Enjoyed 2015's PlayStation Experience
12/13/15 A PS4 Bundle And A 58-Inch Smart HDTV For Only $800
12/12/15 Batman: Arkham Knight December DLC Detailed, Dated
12/12/15 Black Ops III Dominates PlayStation Store November Sales
12/11/15 Final Fantasy XV Cross-Link System Is Refined And Improved
12/11/15 The Next PS2 Classic On PS4: PaRappa The Rapper 2
12/11/15 Sony Doesn't Exactly Confirm Another inFamous Title But...
12/11/15 Sony: Once PlayStation VR Is Out, Sales Will "Snowball"
12/11/15 Kitase Keeps Defending FFVII Remake's Multi-Part Plan
12/11/15 Trials Fusion Custom Tracks Shareable Across All Platforms
12/10/15 Bet Crystal Dynamics Regrets Taking Microsoft's Money
12/10/15 Bungie Clarifies Its Destiny Content Plan
12/10/15 Naughty Dog: Sony Lets Us Make Any Game We Want To Make
12/10/15 November NPD: PS4 Back On Top, Black Ops III Hits #1
12/10/15 Game Awards 2015 Draws 2.3 Million, Third Show Likely
12/10/15 Sony Explains The Difficulty Of Bringing Us Another SOCOM Title
12/10/15 Euro PSN Buy One, Get One Free Deal Going On Now
12/09/15 Will The FFVII Remake Overshadow Final Fantasy XV In 2016?
12/09/15 Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Contest: Win A Copy Of The Game
12/09/15 Bungie To Fix Destiny Sparrow Exploit
12/09/15 Somebody Beat Bloodborne's Ludwig Using Only Bare Hands
12/09/15 Free Online Multiplayer Weekend For PS4
12/09/15 Final Fantasy VII PC Port On PS4 Comes With Cheap Cheats
12/09/15 Facebook Announces 2015's "Most Talked About Games"
12/08/15 Forget This Final Fantasy Nonsense: Bring Back Suikoden
12/08/15 GTAV New Multiplayer Mode Announced: "Every Bullet Counts"
12/08/15 Star Wars: Battlefront Infographic Stats: Rebels vs. Imperials
12/08/15 Next Need For Speed Update Adds New Cars, Trophies, More
12/08/15 The Tomorrow Children Beta Announced, Set For January
12/08/15 Another Beta Test For Street Fighter V
12/08/15 Assassin's Creed Syndicate Patch 1.3 Launches, Detailed
12/07/15 How Much Are You Willing To Pay For Final Fantasy VII Remake?
12/07/15 New Hot Shots Golf PS4 Details Arrive
12/07/15 Naughty Dog Explains Why Uncharted 4 Is Drake's Final Run
12/07/15 Sony: PS4's Success Due In Part To Improved Accessibility
12/07/15 Acclaimed Gone Home Coming To PS4, Xbox One After All
12/07/15 Want A Brutal Legend Sequel? Help Fund Psychonauts 2
12/07/15 PS4 Has "Most Successful Black Friday In Sony History"
12/07/15 Dirt Rally's "Resounding Success" Leads To Console Release
12/06/15 PSXE Poll Update: Not Many Want Just Cause, Rainbow Six
12/06/15 Final Street Fighter V Fighter Revealed: Poisonous F.A.N.G.
12/06/15 Full Throttle Remaster Set For PS4, Vita
12/06/15 Didn't Think That FFVII Remake Would Be Episodic, Did You?
12/06/15 For A Limited Time, Save Big On A 1-Year Now Subscription
12/05/15 Ratchet & Clank PS4 Lands Release Date
12/05/15 Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom Revealed, Is A PS4 Exclusive
12/05/15 Ace Combat 7 Confirmed, Is Exclusive To PlayStation VR
12/05/15 Ni-Oh Resurrecting On PS4, Here's A Hot New Gameplay Trailer
12/05/15 Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Arrives, Prompts Reactions
12/05/15 Dying Light Enhanced Version Announced
12/05/15 Purchase A Vintage Theme, Maybe Win A 20th Anniversary PS4
12/05/15 CD Projekt Red: The Witcher 3 Isn't The End Of The Series
12/04/15 New Uncharted 4 Cinematic Surfaces
12/04/15 8 PS2 Classics Hit PS4 Today: Trophies, 1080p, Features
12/04/15 Dark Souls 3 Launch Date Is Official, Watch Two New Trailers
12/04/15 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Wins GotY At Game Awards 2015
12/04/15 Psychonauts 2 Announced, Crowdfunding Well On Its Way
12/04/15 Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn Teaser Trailer, Coming In 2016
12/03/15 The Biggest Disappointment Of 2015: Star Wars: Battlefront?
12/03/15 PSN Game Awards Sale Highlights Some Super Big Titles
12/03/15 Destiny Update Lands Next Week: "About Those Titans..."
12/03/15 Four More Mortal Kombat X DLC Fighters Coming In Q1 2016
12/03/15 Linger In Shadows Developer Working On Bound For PS4
12/03/15 Two Big December Updates For Driveclub, First Out Now
12/03/15 EA: Battlefront Is "Accessible," Not Really For The Hardcore
12/02/15 Give Us A Censored DoAX3, I Just Wanna Play Volleyball
12/02/15 Treyarch Talks "Potential Of AI" At The PlayStation Experience
12/02/15 Programmer: FFXV Entirely Playable From Start To Finish
12/02/15 Harmonix Confirms Launch Date, Full Track List For Amplitude
12/02/15 Virtual Reality And "The Future Of Play" Discussed This Week
12/02/15 Get One Of The Biggest Games Ever Made For Only $25
12/01/15 Just Cause 3: The Perfect Stress Reliever For The Holidays
12/01/15 New Action/RPG Fallen Legion For PS4
12/01/15 "Emergency Maintenance" Needed For Bloodborne Servers
12/01/15 Battlefront Patch Fixes Bugs, Offers Some Balancing Tweaks
12/01/15 Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta: Mysticals, Sidekicks, More
12/01/15 Sony Announces Two $300 PS4 Bundles For December Rush
12/01/15 Fallout 4's Strange Underwater Structure
12/01/15 DoA Extreme 3 Not Coming To US, Koei Tecmo Explains

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