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PS4 Archives - March, 2015

03/31/15 Bloodborne Garners New Fans, Ticks Off Dark Souls Followers?
03/31/15 You Need Almost 50GB For Arkham Knight: Is It Problematic?
03/31/15 Assassin's Creed: Chronicles Morphs Into Three Different Games
03/31/15 Bloodborne Patch Fixes Bugs, Exploits
03/31/15 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Offers Around 200 Hours Of Gameplay
03/31/15 First Bloodborne Speed Run Comes In At A Blistering 37 Mins.
03/31/15 "Something Unusual" Coming To Dying Light On April Fool's Day
03/31/15 Sony Reveals Two Batman: Arkham Knight PlayStation 4 Bundles
03/30/15 Which Franchise Will Win The New-Look Contest: MGS or FF?
03/30/15 Bloodborne Discovery: Rate A Message, Maybe Save A Life
03/30/15 Dude, PlayStation Underground Is Back!
03/30/15 Dragon Age Jaws Of Hakkon DLC Expands To PlayStation In May
03/30/15 New GTAV Patch Improves Online Heists, Adds Various Fixes
03/30/15 Mortal Kombat Producer Recoils From Personal Twitter Abuse
03/30/15 Project CARS Will Get Free DLC Every Month After Release
03/29/15 Will The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt End Up Outscoring Bloodborne?
03/29/15 Rocksteady: Arkham Knight's Openness Expands Overall Scope
03/29/15 How NetherRealm Made Those Disgusting Fatality Sound For MKX
03/29/15 Three New Tekken 7 Characters Each Get Gameplay Trailers
03/29/15 PSXE Poll Update: Most Were All Over Bloodborne Last Week
03/28/15 Metal Gear Online Details: Maps, Balance, "Not Like CoD"
03/28/15 Best PS4 Bundle Yet Includes Bloodborne, TLoU For $400
03/27/15 Loads Of New Mortal Kombat X Gameplay: Ermac, Erron Black, More
03/27/15 Having Some Difficulty With Bloodborne? Adjust Your Insight
03/27/15 Check Out The Unbelievable New Graphics In MLB 15: The Show
03/27/15 Go Back In Time With From Software's Shadow Tower
03/27/15 Played The FFXV Demo? Square Enix Wants Your Impressions
03/26/15 Sony Offering 10 Percent Off One Purchase This Weekend
03/26/15 Call Of Duty Infographic Is Mind-Boggling
03/26/15 Here's How To Become An NPC In Homefront: The Revolution
03/26/15 Evolve DLC Trailer Shows Off Behemoth, Four New Hunters
03/26/15 R.B.I. Baseball 15's First Pitch Is March 31
03/26/15 FFXV Director: We Wanted A "Boys Will Be Boys" Attitude
03/25/15 How Come Nobody Complained About The Long Hardline Cut-Scenes?
03/25/15 Resident Evil 7 Coming This Fall?
03/25/15 Rumor: Source Says To Expect "Different Movement" In New CoD
03/25/15 Broken Age Act 2 Confirmed, Full Game Set For PlayStation Platforms
03/25/15 BioWare Can't Say When Inquisition DLC Comes To PS4
03/25/15 Spring Fever '15 Week 4: Metal Slug 3, God Of War DLC, More
03/25/15 Massive PS4 Update "Yukimura" Detailed, Drops Tomorrow
03/24/15 Bloodborne: The Very Best Game Of The Generation So Far?
03/24/15 Try A Free Trial For The Crew
03/24/15 Borderlands 2 Tops 12 Million Sold, Original Remake Possible
03/24/15 Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC Trailer: Maps, Exo Zombies
03/24/15 To Prepare For Bloodborne's Wrath, Here Are 24 Survival Tips
03/24/15 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Will Boast Dynamic Beard Growth
03/24/15 The Evil Within's Second Expansion Dated
03/23/15 What Does Sony Need To Announce At E3?
03/23/15 Game Of Thrones: Episode 3 Out Today, New Trailer Released
03/23/15 Capcom Reveals Details For Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition
03/23/15 Pre-Order Rainbow Six Siege, Land A Spot In The Beta Test
03/23/15 Sledgehammer Reveals Advanced Warfare Weapons With Best KDR
03/23/15 MLB 15: The Show's New Trailer: America's Digital Pastime
03/23/15 Arkham Knight Delayed Again, But Only For A Few Weeks
03/23/15 Add Batman: Arkham Duo Remastered To Your Holiday Wish List?
03/22/15 Challenge: How Would You Convince A Total n00b to Play Bloodborne?
03/22/15 PSXE Poll Update: Battlefield: Hardline Proves Largely Unpopular
03/22/15 inFamous: Second Son Turns One, Extra Content For All
03/22/15 Strike Vector EX Shoots Onto PS4, Xbox One This Summer
03/22/15 Snag The Order: 1886 For Only $40
03/21/15 Bloodborne Footage Shows Loading Time Of 40 Secs After Death
03/20/15 An Updated Gravity Rush Is PS4-Bound?
03/20/15 Bloodborne Director Talks Atmosphere, Transforming Weapons
03/20/15 God Of War III Remastered Coming To PlayStation 4 In July
03/20/15 Sony Ending Online Support For MLB 14: The Show In June
03/20/15 Capcom's Big Plans For Deep Down: A 10-Year Lifespan?
03/20/15 More MKX News: Predator Joins Roster, "Quitality" Revealed
03/19/15 Bloodborne Better Hit Big Because PS4 Requires A PR Boost
03/19/15 Evolution Suffers Layoffs, But Driveclub Development Continues
03/19/15 "Power Struggles" Resulting In Kojima's Departure From Konami?
03/19/15 Rock Band 4 Will Max Out At 1080p/60fps
03/19/15 If You're Man Enough, Take A Peek At Bloodborne's Trophies
03/19/15 Farming Simulator 15 Coming To Consoles
03/19/15 Dying Light Infographic: Many Zombies Killed, Lotsa Money
03/18/15 Sadly, I'm Just Not Sure Nintendo Can Impress Me Anymore
03/18/15 Omega Quintet Releases In US On April 28
03/18/15 Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC: New Maps And Weapons
03/18/15 PlayStation Vue: More Details, Three Bundle Options Revealed
03/18/15 Double Pack Featuring AC Unity, Watch Dogs Coming To UK
03/18/15 Danish Sony Promotion: Give Blood, Get A Copy Of Bloodborne
03/18/15 PSN Spring Fever Week 3 Sale Features Jamestown+ For PS4
03/17/15 Battlefield: Hardline Penalized For Trying Something Different?
03/17/15 Bloodborne's Gore Isn't Gratuitous But Rather "Artistic" In Nature
03/17/15 Transfer Your Existing Saves To The New Borderlands Collection
03/17/15 Square Enix Teases JRPG For Consoles
03/17/15 Sony Files Another Trademark For The Last Guardian...Why?
03/17/15 PSN TV Show Gives A Glimpse Of In-Game Video Chat For PS4
03/17/15 Evolve's St. Patrick's Day Challenge
03/17/15 New Mortal Kombat X Images Reveal Erron Black, Baraka, More
03/16/15 Why We Really Shouldn't Complain About Uncharted 4's Delay
03/16/15 Rumor: Bloodborne Length Comes In At About 40-45 Hours
03/16/15 Celebrate The Art Of The Order: 1886 With The Blackwater Archives
03/16/15 Battlefield: Hardline Live-Action Heist Trailer Is Just Loopy
03/16/15 Rory McIlroy Supplants Tiger Woods As PGA Tour Star
03/16/15 Free Multiplayer Weekend For PS4 Owners
03/16/15 More Bloodborne Info: PlayStation 4 Power Proved Essential
03/16/15 LEGO Jurassic World Trailer Shows Off Gameplay Snippets
03/15/15 Would Low Scores For Bloodborne Dissuade Dark Souls Fans?
03/15/15 PSXE Poll Update: MGSV A Day-One Purchase For Most Gamers
03/15/15 Dying Light, Minecraft Headline February's Top PSN Sellers
03/15/15 SXSW Awards: Dragon Age, Shadow Of Mordor Win Big
03/15/15 Life Is Strange Episode 2 Still On Track For March 24 Release
03/14/15 Ready At Dawn Behind-The-Scenes With The Order's Graphics
03/14/15 Magicka 2 Comes To PS4 In May, New Gameplay Details
03/13/15 Bloodborne's Latest Trailer Is The Most Impressive One Yet
03/13/15 Horror Icon Jason Enters The MKX Fray
03/13/15 Bloodborne's New Game Plus Proving Too Tough For Devs
03/13/15 Mortal Kombat X PS3, 360 Versions Won't Release Until Summer
03/13/15 Batman: Arkham Knight TV Ad Arrives
03/12/15 PS4 Keeps Winning, And Without The Help Of AAA Exclusives
03/12/15 Homefront: The Revolution Pushed Back
03/12/15 Titanfall Sequel Currently In Development, And It's Multiplatform
03/12/15 Bloodborne Has Gone Gold, And PS4 Owners Are Excited
03/12/15 Driveclub's March Update Brings Us Fresh Content, Refinements
03/12/15 Vote For The Contents Of The Just Cause 3 Collector's Edition
03/12/15 Visceral Defends Battlefield: Hardline's Hefty DLC Plans
03/11/15 If Battlefield: Hardline Flies, Visceral Might Prepare Another Entry
03/11/15 Here's How You Solve The Problem Of All These Delays
03/11/15 Project CARS Suffers Another Delay, Now Set For "Mid-May"
03/11/15 Bloodborne Devs Aren't "Dictated" By The Game Market
03/11/15 Hotline Miami 2 Leads Second Week Of Spring Fever Sale
03/11/15 Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Delayed, Not Coming Until 2016
03/10/15 Is Bloodborne An Indicator That PS4 Is The "Hardcore" Console?
03/10/15 "Long-Awaited IP" From PS2 Era Now Being Made For PS4?
03/10/15 More PS4 Update 2.50 Details Located
03/10/15 Arrival Of Online Heists For GTAV Causes Connectivity Issues
03/10/15 Dontnod Says They're Ready To Tackle Remember Me 2
03/10/15 Mammoth GTAV Update Adds More Than Online Heists
03/10/15 Ground Zeroes Save Data Can Transfer To The Phantom Pain
03/09/15 Whatever Happened To The Dark Sorcerer?
03/09/15 Bloodborne Interactive Trailer: A Sneak Peek At The Goods
03/09/15 Ninja Theory Removes A Sexually Charged Line In New DmC
03/09/15 Helldivers Glitches Include One That Sadly Wipes Saves
03/09/15 Evolution Reveals The Next Driveclub DLC: Lamborghini Pack
03/09/15 Project Morpheus Price: "As Low As Can Possibly Be Done"
03/09/15 GTAV Update That Delivers Online Heists Is Quite Hefty
03/08/15 PSXE Poll Update: Current PS4 Game Selection Only "Fair"
03/08/15 Square Enix Survey: They Really Want Final Fantasy Info
03/08/15 Battlefield: Hardline Hits 900p On PS4, 720p On Xbox One
03/08/15 Street Fighter V Set For "Next Spring"
03/07/15 Sony Defending Against PSN Hackers "Literally Every Day"
03/07/15 Bloodborne Co-Op, PvP Details Found
03/06/15 Uncharted 4 Likely Comes In At 30fps, With Enhanced AI
03/06/15 Dontnod Considered Over 100 Names For Life Is Strange
03/06/15 MLB 15: The Show Visits Pro Players At Spring Training
03/06/15 New MGSV Info: Detailed World, "Deep Weapon System"
03/06/15 Johnny Cage Unofficially Confirmed For Mortal Kombat X
03/05/15 Insomniac Comments On R&C PS4 And Resistance Sequel
03/05/15 GTAV Online Heists: Teamwork Required
03/05/15 Kojima Says It Again: "MGSV Will Be The Last Metal Gear"
03/05/15 Rock Band 4 In Development, Ready To Ship Later In 2015
03/04/15 Wasteland 2 GotY Edition Lands On PS4 In Late Summer
03/04/15 Naughty Dog Seeking Top Applicants To Work On Uncharted 4
03/04/15 Tropico 5 Opens Its Sunny Shores To PS4 Owners In April
03/04/15 MGSV Gets Day 1, Collector's Editions
03/04/15 "Observer Mode" Coming Soon To Evolve
03/04/15 New The Witcher 3 Gameplay: Geralt Has Definite Skills
03/04/15 Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Announced, Launching On May 5
03/03/15 Mad Max PS3/360 Scrapped, Still Coming Later This Summer
03/03/15 MGSV Date Prematurely Announced: September 1, 2015
03/03/15 PlayStation 4 Tops 20.2 Million Worldwide
03/03/15 New Project Morpheus Prototype Revealed, Set For 2016
03/03/15 Time To Mess Around With Six New GTAV Cell Phone Cheats
03/03/15 Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Comes To PS4 On May 12
03/03/15 Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch 5 Offers A Host Of Repairs
03/02/15 Where Will Final Fantasy XV Rank On The All-Time FF List?
03/02/15 New Gaming Deals Include Bloodborne, FFX/X-2 HD, More
03/02/15 New Amplitude Footage Shows Off Team Multiplayer Mode
03/02/15 Sony Adds 5 More To PS Now's List, Including inFamous 2
03/02/15 Trine 3: The Artifacts Of Power Revealed, Coming In 2015
03/02/15 MGSV Countdown Clock Pops Up, What Will It Reveal?
03/01/15 Okay, Who's Buying Type-0 Just For The FFXV Demo?
03/01/15 CD Projekt Red On 1080p vs. 900p: They're "Just Numbers"
03/01/15 Zombie Army Trilogy Trailer Highlights Modes, Weapons, More
03/01/15 Amazon's Best PS4 Bundle Yet Features Three Free Exclusives
03/01/15 PSXE Poll Update: Critics Botched The Order: 1886 Reviews

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