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PS4 Archives - June, 2015

06/30/15 Sony Steals Back Momentum With Latest PS4 Exclusives
06/30/15 Driveclub DLC Hits US: Introducing The Japanese Cars!
06/30/15 Avalanche Would Like To Bring Just Cause 3 Mods To Consoles
06/30/15 First Episode Of The King's Quest Reboot Lands This Month
06/30/15 Fallout 4 Fan Makes A Real-Life Pip-Boy, And It Works
06/30/15 Big New Update For The Witcher 3 Should Satisfy The Fans
06/30/15 Chill Out And Enjoy A Soft Body
06/30/15 Nolan North Apparently Confirms A Sequel To The Last Of Us
06/29/15 I Hope PlatinumGames Maintains The RPG Feel In Neir 2
06/29/15 Red Goddess: Inner World Is The Latest "Metroidvania" Title
06/29/15 The Witcher 3 Weekly Free DLC: Time To Hunt The "Spook"
06/29/15 Sony Explains Call Of Duty: Black Ops III Content Coup
06/29/15 Amy Hennig's Departure Set Uncharted 4 Back 8 Months
06/29/15 Arkham Knight First Week UK Sales Tops The Witcher 3
06/29/15 Sony: Last Guardian Wouldn't Have Worked Out On PS3
06/28/15 Does The Last Guardian Have Any Hope Of Selling Well?
06/28/15 PSXE Poll Update: FFVII Remake Topped E3 Favorite Moments
06/28/15 Sony: The Last Guardian Has To Do Better Than ICO, SotC
06/28/15 Project Morpheus Not An Accessory, But A New Platform
06/28/15 Bethesda: No, You Won't Get Skyrim 2 And Here's Why
06/27/15 Uncharted 4 Tech Vids Will Appeal To The Artistic-Minded
06/27/15 Weekend Flash Sale On PS Store Centers On Fantasy Titles
06/26/15 DMC4 Director Clarifies Franchise's Future
06/26/15 DICE: Single-Player Was Never Part Of Battlefront's Concept
06/26/15 European Gamers Report Slow Download Speeds On PS Store
06/26/15 Nomura Had No Idea He Was Director For FFVII Remake
06/25/15 Already A Three-Way Battle For Game Of The Year 2015?
06/25/15 Disgaea 5: Alliance Of Vengeance Lands A US Release Date
06/25/15 2,240 Bottle Caps Gets One Fan A Free Copy Of Fallout 4
06/25/15 Yu Suzuki Clarifies Sony's Backing Of Shenmue 3 Kickstarter
06/25/15 The Witcher 3's Latest Patch For PS4, Xbox One Detailed
06/24/15 Uncharted 4 Not The Most Anticipated PS4 Exclusive Anymore?
06/24/15 GameStop Deal: Get $150 Store Credit For PS3 Or Xbox 360
06/24/15 Air Jordan Soars Onto The NBA 2K16 Special Edition
06/24/15 Doom 4 Was Rebooted Because It Was "Call Of Doom"
06/24/15 Bungie Responds To Destiny Fans Upset Over The Taken King
06/24/15 Horizon Will Be "Comparable" To Other Open-World Games
06/24/15 DMC4 Special Edition Out Now On PS4
06/24/15 20th Anniversary DualShock4 Can Be Purchased Separately
06/23/15 Will We Even Care About Killzone After Horizon: Zero Dawn?
06/23/15 New Patch Finally Brings Full Screen To The Evil Within
06/23/15 Rainbow Six: Siege Collector's Edition Is Totally Loaded
06/23/15 Oops, Driveclub PS Plus Edition Goes Live A Little Too Early
06/23/15 Sony Sheds Light On Media Molecule's Intriguing Dreams
06/23/15 This Week's Free DLC For The Witcher 3
06/23/15 Sony On Last Guardian: The People's Interest Kept Us Going
06/22/15 So, Will We Actually Get A World Map In The FFVII Remake?
06/22/15 Jaffe Defends F2P Business Model For Drawn To Death
06/22/15 Fallout 4 At 1080p/30fps On Consoles, PC "Not Limited In Any Way"
06/22/15 Slightly Mad Confirms Project CARS 2
06/22/15 FFVII PC-To-PS4 Port Coming In October...Or Not (UPDATED)
06/22/15 Suzuki Says He Wants Shenmue III To Raise $10 Million
06/22/15 Lighter, More Efficient 1TB PS4 Model Hits Europe On July 15
06/21/15 Top 5 Things That Need To Be Fixed Or Improved In The Witcher 3
06/21/15 Sony Was Nervous About Horizon's Lead Female Character
06/21/15 PSXE Poll Update: Were So Many Really Expecting Fireworks At E3?
06/21/15 Remember Me Developer Reveals Vampyr
06/21/15 Konami: MGSV's Microtransactions Don't Affect The Balance
06/20/15 Rumor: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Slated For April Launch
06/20/15 Weekend Treat: 25 Minutes Of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Gameplay
06/19/15 Batman: Arkham Knight Day One Patch Offers Improvements
06/19/15 Ueda "Nervous" About The Last Guardian's Return At E3
06/19/15 Bethesda: Yeah, We Knew The Shooting In Fallout 3 Was "Meh"
06/19/15 The Tomorrow Children Slated To Arrive On PS4 This Autumn
06/19/15 E3 2015 Sets New Attendance And Social Media Records
06/18/15 Here's How Square Enix Can Avoid Ruining The FFVII Remake
06/18/15 Donate $3,000 To Shenmue III Kickstarter, Get Ryo's Jacket
06/18/15 Horizon: Zero Dawn Runs At 1080p/30fps
06/18/15 Mother Russia Bleeds Is Jammed With Gruesome Retro Violence
06/18/15 DICE Cranking On Three Games, Is The Third Battlefield 5?
06/18/15 Naughty Dog: Uncharted 4 Will Be Nathan Drake's Swan Song
06/18/15 The Division Getting A DLC Pass And Two Premium Versions
06/18/15 Sony Responds To Xbox One Backward Compatability Feature
06/17/15 There's Simply No Denying It Now: Sony Owned This E3
06/17/15 Fallout 4 Director On How Graphics Can "Suspend Disbelief"
06/17/15 Harmonix Confirms Vibrant Music VR For Project Morpheus
06/17/15 PS4 (Finally) Gets New Media Player
06/17/15 Mirror's Edge: Catalyst Features Combat, But No Guns
06/17/15 E3 2015 Kingdom Hearts III Trailer: Sora's Awesome Mad Skills
06/17/15 Nier 2 Announced, PlatinumGames Is Working On It
06/16/15 New Deus Ex Impresses, Release Window Given At E3
06/16/15 Need For Speed Gameplay Highlights A Very Slick Presentation
06/16/15 Square Enix: FFVII Remake Really Won't Be The Same Game
06/16/15 PlayStation 20th Anniversary DualShock 4 And Headset Confirmed
06/16/15 E3 2015: AC Syndicate Gorgeous Trailers, Exclusive Content
06/16/15 E3 2015: Call Of Duty DLC Exclusivity Shifts To PlayStation
06/16/15 E3 2015: Ubisoft Announces For Honor, Where Swords Rule
06/16/15 E3 2015: Uncharted 4 Gameplay Demo Is Packed With Action
06/16/15 E3 2015: PlatinumGames Working On A Fresh Transformers
06/15/15 E3 2015: Surprise, Fans! Shenmue III Kickstarter Announced
06/15/15 E3 2015: OMG, They Did It...Final Fantasy VII Remake IS REAL!
06/15/15 E3 2015: Media Molecule Will Let You Explore A "Dreamiverse"
06/15/15 E3 2015: Guerrilla Shows Off New IP, Horizon: Zero Dawn
06/15/15 E3 2015: The Last Guardian Returns, Gen Design Leading
06/15/15 E3 2015: Rock Band 4 Release Date, Cost, And New Trailer
06/15/15 E3 2015 Trailer Blowout: MGSV, Mass Effect 4, The Division, More!
06/15/15 Doom Gameplay Showers E3 With A Cascade Of Blood
06/15/15 Fallout 4 Explosion: Gameplay, Pip-Boy, And Release Date
06/15/15 Bethesda Formally Confirms: Dishonored 2 Is In The Works
06/14/15 Upon Reflection: What Are Some Of Your Favorite E3 Moments?
06/14/15 PSXE Poll Update: Fallout 4 Trailer Wasn't A Disappointment
06/14/15 Death's Gambit: A 2D Open-World RPG Coming To PS4
06/14/15 Did Bethesda Leak Dishonored 2?
06/14/15 Handful Of No Man's Sky Screenshots Leak Online Before E3
06/13/15 Astebreed Coming To PS4 With Visual And Gameplay Upgrades
06/12/15 E3 Street Fighter V Leak: Cammy, Birdie Join The Roster
06/12/15 The Action Heats Up Next Year: Shadow Warrior 2 On PS4
06/12/15 Tearaway Unfolded Lands On PlayStation 4 On September 8
06/12/15 Guerrilla Shares Image Of Their New IP, Prepping For E3?
06/12/15 PES 2016 Dated, "Every Game Facet Has Been Enhanced"
06/12/15 "Premium Sci-Fi Action/RPG" Annouced For PS4, Xbox One
06/11/15 Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Sets Kickstarter Record
06/11/15 Various Celebs Love Playing Batman: Arkham Knight
06/11/15 May NPD: PS4 Back On Top, The Witcher 3 Dominates...Duh
06/11/15 Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Lands A Release Date
06/11/15 New Horror Title SOMA Asks: "Know What Sucks About Dying?"
06/11/15 Mirror's Edge Live Action Film Is Pretty Damn Impressive
06/10/15 Sony Might Close Its E3 Conference With Last Guardian Update
06/10/15 New Ratchet & Clank PS4 Vids Are Just So Damn Pretty
06/10/15 Street Fighter V Set For March 2016, New Mechanics Info
06/10/15 Dark Horse, EA To Deliver Comic Series For New Mirror's Edge
06/10/15 Sony Brings In Another Internal Team To Finish Last Guardian?
06/10/15 Mike Bithell's Volume Slated To Hit PS4, Vita, PC In August
06/10/15 Ubisoft Announces "Playtest Road Show" For AC Syndicate
06/09/15 Predictions: Which Of The Big 3 Will Own The E3 Stage?
06/09/15 Elder Scrolls Online Console Launch Is Unsurprisingly Rocky
06/09/15 Yamauchi: GT7 Coming Before 2017
06/09/15 Mirror's Edge: Catalyst Confirmed, Is Not A True Sequel
06/09/15 Marshawn Lynch Becomes A Mercenary In Black Ops III
06/09/15 The Witcher 3 Hits 4 Million Sold, Devs Thank RPG Gamers
06/09/15 Pachter Says: PS4, Xbox One E3 Price Cuts Are Unlikely
06/09/15 Platinum Games To Reveal Brand New Project At E3
06/08/15 Have You Completely Abandoned The Previous Generation?
06/08/15 Naughty Dog Claims This E3 Will Be Nathan Drake's Last
06/08/15 Thumper Is A "Rhythm-Violence" Game Headed To PS4
06/08/15 Here's Our First Look At Resident Evil HD Zero Remaster
06/08/15 Ready At Dawn Would "Love" To Build The Order As A Franchise
06/08/15 Looks Like The New Mirror's Edge Will Be Called "Catalyst"
06/08/15 Super Meat Boy Coming To PS4, Vita
06/08/15 We'll Get Gameplay Of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided At E3
06/07/15 PSXE Poll Update: The Witcher 3 Is At Least A GotY Contender
06/07/15 Odd Timing: White PS4 Out Of Stock At Amazon UK But...
06/07/15 Fallout 4 Graphics Backlash: Don't Bother With Snap Judgments
06/07/15 Bethesda: Fallout 4 Would "Never Work" On Older Consoles
06/06/15 PlayStation Underground Tackles Destiny's Prison Of Elders
06/06/15 "IGA" Is A Bad-Ass Vampire Hunter In Bloodstained Promo
06/05/15 Action Henk: An Action Figure Sets Out To Regain His Form
06/05/15 You Can Customize In Battlefront, But Only To A Point
06/05/15 Project CARS Races Past The Million Mark
06/05/15 No Surprise Here, The Witcher 3 Tops PSN List For May
06/05/15 FFXV's Luminous Studio 1.5 Engine Is Pretty Impresssive
06/04/15 Will Fallout 4 Leap Over The Bar The Witcher 3 Has Set?
06/04/15 The Witcher 3's Latest Glitch Vid Features Geralt...Moshing
06/04/15 If You're Bored This Summer, Play I Am Bread On PS4
06/04/15 Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Drops On October 9
06/04/15 Battleborn E3 Trailer, Story Mode And Multiplayer Details
06/04/15 Square Enix Reveals Release Date For Episode Duscae 2.0
06/03/15 I Hated Fallout 3, But Should I Be Excited For Fallout 4?
06/03/15 Batman: Arkham Knight Requires 45GB
06/03/15 Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4 Gets The Necessary Patch
06/03/15 Planetside 2 Finally Earns A Release Date For PlayStation 4
06/03/15 Rocket League PS4 Dated, Sweet Tooth Joins The Fray
06/03/15 No Level Cap For The Witcher 3, But A New Game Plus...
06/03/15 Fallout 4 Is Official, Debut Trailer Says "War Never Changes"
06/02/15 Has Any Game Felt "Next-Gen" To You?
06/02/15 Leveling Up In The Witcher 3 Shouldn't Be This Much Fun
06/02/15 Dragon Quest Heroes Dated, Gets Two Special Editions
06/02/15 PS Plus Freebies For June Include Ground Zeroes, Gunslinger
06/02/15 Activision Reveals 10 More Songs For Guitar Hero Live
06/02/15 Gravity Ghost Heading To PlayStation 4 With Extra Content
06/02/15 New PS4 Model Slightly More Efficient With 1TB Hard Drive?
06/02/15 BioWare: "We're Not Done With Story DLC For Inquisition"
06/01/15 Will This Year's E3 Surprise Everyone By Being Memorable?
06/01/15 Is Bungie's "Eververse" For Destiny?
06/01/15 CD Projekt Red Reveals This Week's DLC For The Witcher 3
06/01/15 Watch Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Play Session
06/01/15 GTAV Ill-Gotten Gains Update Offers Lots And Lots Of Gold
06/01/15 Arkham Insider Video Explains How New Game Plus Works

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