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PS4 Archives - July, 2015

07/31/15 Tearaway Unfolded's Versatile Companion App Detailed
07/31/15 No Man's Sky Details: Weather Patterns, Star Variety, Factions
07/31/15 New PS4/Vita Game Actually Changes Based On Weather
07/31/15 The Witcher 3 Patch 1.08 Detailed, Fixes A Host Of Bugs
07/31/15 Until Dawn Has Gone Gold, Will Land On PS4 On August 25
07/30/15 Bungie Details Dreadnaught, The Taken King's New Location
07/30/15 Star Wars: Battlefront's New Multiplayer Mode Revealed
07/30/15 NBA 2K16 Pro-Am Mode: Create Your Own Team From Scratch
07/30/15 FFVII Remake "Won't Be A Shooter Or Something Like That"
07/30/15 25 Million PS4s In Less Than 1.5 Years: Is That PS2-Like?
07/30/15 Looks Like We'll Be Able To Vote For Our Free Plus Games
07/30/15 EA: Don't Expect A Battlefront Delay
07/29/15 Is PS4 Or Xbox One More Worried About Nintendo's New NX?
07/29/15 The Witcher 3 Cosplay: Niamash Nails Yennefer Of Vengerberg
07/29/15 PS Plus August Freebies: Lara Croft, Limbo, God Of War
07/29/15 First Just Cause 3 Dev Diary Focuses On Rico's Motivations
07/29/15 The Witcher Tabletop Role-Playing Game Coming In 2016
07/29/15 Iconoclasts Might Be The Perfect Blend Of Action And Puzzle
07/29/15 Dying Light Gets "Feature-Heavy, Story-Based" Expansion
07/28/15 Could Dragon Quest XI Rejuvenate The Flagging JRPG Genre?
07/28/15 King's Quest First Chapter Arrives, Makes Us Very Nostalgic
07/28/15 PSN Summer Sale In Full Swing
07/28/15 Square Enix Confirms Dragon Quest XI For PS4, 3DS, NX
07/28/15 The Swindle Sneaks Onto PS4, PS3, Vita
07/28/15 Aussie Gamers Have The Option Of The Fallout 4 Nuke Pack
07/28/15 CD Projekt Red Offers New Game+ Details For The Witcher 3
07/27/15 Wait, Medieval Video Games Now Promote White Superiority?
07/27/15 Street Fighter V Beta Shuts Down, Is Officially Postponed
07/27/15 Bethesda Talks Building Customization In Fallout 4
07/27/15 The Witcher 3 Fans Are Happy: New Game+ Mode Confirmed
07/27/15 GameStop's "Supercharged PS4" May Be, Uh, Overpriced
07/27/15 Yep, You Can Take Down Mankind Divided Bosses With Stealth
07/27/15 Bungie: You'll Never Have To Ditch Your Destiny Guardian
07/26/15 Have We Seen Any Instant Classics So Far This Generation?
07/26/15 PSXE Poll Update: Open-World Is Great, But We Need Variety
07/26/15 Ark Developer: New Consoles Are Easier To Developer For
07/26/15 id Software Shooting For 1080p/60fps In Latest Doom Effort
07/26/15 Street Fighter V Beta Problems Lead To Extended Time
07/25/15 Infinifactory Coming To PS4 With Twice The Number Of Puzzles
07/25/15 Indulge In Greek Mythology In The Latest Minecraft DLC
07/24/15 Kojima And Del Toro Might Still Produce Something Together
07/24/15 New Fallout 4 Details Include Character And Companion Info
07/24/15 Rise Of The Tomb Raider Should Grace PS4 In Late 2016
07/24/15 Resident Evil Revelations 2 Hits Vita Soon With Extra Content
07/24/15 Street Fighter V Server Issues Render Beta Sady Unplayable
07/23/15 Giving Video Game Women "Average" Body Types Is Depressing
07/23/15 Lords Of The Fallen 2 Executive Producer Leaving CI Games
07/23/15 MGS5 Is A Smaller Install On PS4 Than MGS4 Was On PS3
07/23/15 A Few Disappointing Points About The Street Fighter V Beta
07/23/15 The Dwarves: A New Tactical RPG From An Isometric View
07/23/15 Life Is Strange Episode 4 Dated, Trailered
07/23/15 Physical Versions Of Mighty No. 9 Delayed Until Next Year?
07/22/15 The Remaster/HD/Remake Debate: What Makes You Buy 'Em?
07/22/15 Square Enix Boss Explains His "Law Of Third Titles" Theory
07/22/15 The Castle Game, Tower Defense With A Twist, Comes To PS4
07/22/15 GameStop's Cash For Games Promo: Get $200 For Your PS4
07/22/15 EA Reveals The Top 5 QBs For Madden 16
07/22/15 Watch Every Gorgon Die In Destiny's Vault Of Glass Raid
07/22/15 For The Sniper Lover, 24 Minutes Of Ghost Warrior 3 Gameplay
07/22/15 Guitar Medley Tribute For The Witcher 3 Is Achingly Beautiful
07/21/15 Shenmue 3: How Receptive Will Young American Gamers Be?
07/21/15 Konami Offers Some MGSV Multiplayer Customization Info
07/21/15 This Week's Free DLC For The Witcher 3: Fresh Finishers
07/21/15 Want Dishonored: Definitive Edition? You Could Save 50%
07/21/15 Journey Travels To PS4 Today, New Gear Store Opens
07/21/15 PDP To Produce Officially Licensed Media Remote For PS4
07/21/15 Kojima Foreshadowed Leaving Konami In Ground Zeroes?
07/20/15 Finishing Games: More Or Less Important To You These Days?
07/20/15 Bethesda Explains Their Approach To Fallout 4's Graphics
07/20/15 Sony On Uncharted Collection: "There Are Buckets More To Come"
07/20/15 The Witcher 3 Patch 1.07 Has Upgrades But Frame Rate Drops
07/20/15 Atlus, Vanillaware To Announce Mystery HD Project At TGS?
07/20/15 Tembo The Badass Elephant Stampedes Onto PS4 Tomorrow
07/20/15 Street Fighter V's Newest Fighter: The "Animalistic" Necalli
07/19/15 If MGSV's Cut-Scenes Are "Too Long," Gamers Will Trash It
07/19/15 PSXE Poll Update: Battlefront Outstrips Black Ops III
07/19/15 Dell Offering The Last Of Us PS4 Bundle With $100 Gift Card
07/19/15 Mortal Kombat X Tremor Bundle Confirmed
07/19/15 Capcom Has An Entirely New Plan For Street Fighter V DLC
07/18/15 Mirror's Edge: Catalyst's World Isn't Totally Open At The Start
07/18/15 Ninja Theory Taking "Creative Risks" With Upcoming Hellblade
07/17/15 The Witcher 3 Patch 1.07 Rolling Out Now, Takes Up 7.5GB
07/17/15 This Weekend's PSN Flash Sale Appeals To Sci-Fi Lovers
07/17/15 Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Nearly A Full Hour Of Gameplay
07/17/15 Destiny's The Taken King DLC Will Offer Weapon Balancing
07/17/15 Shenmue 3 Sets All-Time Kickstarter Video Game Record
07/16/15 Will Shenmue 3 And FFVII Remake Attract Brand New Fans?
07/16/15 The Chances Square Enix Will Delay Final Fantasy XV Until 2016?
07/16/15 Gearbox Wants The New Brothers In Arms To Be "Authentic"
07/16/15 June NPD: PlayStation 4, Arkham Knight Top The Charts
07/16/15 Uncharted Collection: Amazing New Media, Demo Coming
07/16/15 Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr Coming In 2016
07/16/15 Earn Double RP In GTAO's Prison Break Heist This Weekend
07/15/15 Would You Rather Have A Classic Reboot Or A Brand New IP?
07/15/15 Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut Challenges PS4, PS3 Users Next Week
07/15/15 Just Cause 3 Interactive Trailer: How Will You Wreak Havoc?
07/15/15 Project Morpheus Will Be On Display At GameStop Expo 2015
07/15/15 Oh Joy, Goat Simulator Is Finally Landing On PlayStation Platforms
07/15/15 Mirror's Edge: Catalyst "More Of A Reboot Than Anything Else"
07/15/15 PSN's Knockout Sale Features Plenty Of Heavy Hitters
07/15/15 Bethesda Announces Imperial City DLC For Elder Scrolls Online
07/14/15 The One Title This Generation That Totally Owned Your Life
07/14/15 No New Game+ For The Witcher 3 Yet, But We Can Hope
07/14/15 Developers Thought TLoU Could Be Naughty Dog's Downfall
07/14/15 Deep Silver And Yager Split, Dead Island 2 Without A Developer
07/14/15 Guitar Hero Live: 10 New Songs And A Pre-Order Bonus
07/14/15 Naughty Dog: PS4's Power Lets Us Amp Up Detail, Scope
07/14/15 Sony's Summer PLAY Event Kicks Off This Week With Journey
07/13/15 Excitement Battle: Shenmue 3 vs. Final Fantasy VII Remake
07/13/15 The Last Guardian Concept Art Spotted
07/13/15 New Tony Hawk 5 Gameplay Drops In
07/13/15 No, Namco Hasn't Forgotten about Tekken X Street Fighter
07/13/15 Metal Gear Solid V Playable For The First Time At Gamescom
07/13/15 Tony Hawk 5: Exclusive PS4/PS3 Content, Dedicated Servers
07/13/15 11 More Songs Confirmed For Rock Band 4
07/12/15 Possibility Of FFVII Remake Generating A PS4 Sales Spike?
07/12/15 PSXE Poll Update: New Batman Is Great, But Not GotY
07/12/15 Spoilers Or Leaks In No Man's Sky Vids? Nah, That's Impossible
07/12/15 Check Out "The Giant" Zombie Map For Black Ops III
07/11/15 Burnout Devs Will Reveal "Something Amazing Very Soon"
07/11/15 Arkane Talks New Playable Character For Dishonored 2
07/11/15 Crypt Of The NecroDancer Busts A Move On PS4 And Vita
07/10/15 Sony: PlayStation Now Might Be Just What This Industry Needs
07/10/15 Hatoful Boyfriend Remake Coming To PS4, Vita This Month
07/10/15 Capcom Delivers Visual Comparison Vid For Resident Evil 0 HD
07/09/15 Ultimate RPG GotY 2015 Battle: The Witcher 3 vs. Fallout 4?
07/09/15 Activision Reveals Black Ops III Special Editions...Mini-Fridge?
07/09/15 Guerrilla Dishes Out Some Juicy Horizon: Zero Dawn Details
07/09/15 June PSN Sales: ESO Tops, Minecraft Still Going Strong
07/09/15 Original Sci-Fi Adventure The Fall Comes To PS4 With Commentary
07/09/15 Developer Clarifies Release And Content Plans For Hitman
07/09/15 Just Cause 3 Collector's Edition Boasts Replica Grappling Hook
07/08/15 Which Developer Has Been The Biggest Surprise This Generation?
07/08/15 Bungie: We're Not Close To Realizing Destiny's Potential
07/08/15 Hello Games Talks Free-Market Economy In No Man's Sky
07/08/15 Black Ops III Beta Fires Onto PlayStation 4 On August 19
07/08/15 PlayStation Now Gets Pleasing Makeover, 6 July Games
07/08/15 Smash 'Em Up In 2016: A New FlatOut Is Coming Our Way
07/08/15 Arkham Knight DLC Trailer Shows Off Batgirl's Prowess
07/07/15 Which Recent New IP Deserves A Sequel?
07/07/15 Impossible Road Coming To PS4: Leap Your Way To Victory
07/07/15 Dark Souls Master Now Tries Beating The Game Upside-Down
07/07/15 Destiny The Taken King PS4 Bundle Is Very Slick, Fully Loaded
07/07/15 Street Fighter V Beta Details: Six Fighters, No Local Versus Mode
07/07/15 Sony Not Ready To Talk About Pricing For Project Morpheus
07/07/15 New 30-Minute MGSV Gameplay Trailer: Snake's Rocket Arm
07/07/15 Rory McIlroy Inherits Madden Curse?
07/06/15 The Witcher 3 Patch Saga: Proof You Should Wait To Buy?
07/06/15 If Shenmue 3 Doesn't Earn $10 Million, It'll Be A Little Smaller
07/06/15 Driveclub's Graphics Are So Amazing, They Can Fool Nissan
07/06/15 New PS4 Model Dissected, It's Lighter And More Efficient
07/06/15 The Witcher 3 Free DLC Delayed, But Big Patch Revealed
07/06/15 Myriad, The Beautiful Rhythmic Shooter, Coming To PS4, Vita
07/06/15 The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter Might Land On PS4 Next Week
07/06/15 Mortal Kombat X Predator Bundle Confirmed For Tomorrow
07/05/15 Okay, PlayStation 4 Owners, What's Your Satisfaction Level?
07/05/15 Rumor: Journey Lands On PS4 On July 21
07/05/15 PSXE Poll Update: Fallout 4 Has Best Shot At GotY 2015
07/05/15 Shuhei Yoshida Shows Off His Platinum Trophy Bloodborne Skillz
07/05/15 Minecraft: Story Mode Trailer, Impressive Voice Cast Revealed
07/04/15 Global Sales Tally Sees PS4 At 23M, Xbox One Shy Of 13M
07/04/15 New Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Rewards Include Physical Edition
07/03/15 Batman: Arkham Knight Batgirl DLC Scheduled For July 14
07/03/15 Bungie Details The Taken King: It's One Massive Expansion
07/03/15 Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! Headed To PS4 Next Year
07/02/15 How Come North American PS4s Can't Look A Lot Prettier?
07/02/15 Looks Like Prototype 2 Gets A Re-Release On PS4, Xbox One
07/02/15 Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Score Was A Challenge
07/02/15 Dark Horse Reveals Call Of Duty: Black Ops III Comic Book
07/02/15 Uncharted 4 Extended E3 Cut Is Just SO Worth Seeing
07/02/15 Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Info: Courses, Pros, Release Plan
07/02/15 Piranha Bytes, Nordic Games Announce Sci-Fi RPG, ELEX
07/01/15 Okay Rocksteady, It's Time To Leave Batman Behind
07/01/15 Street Fighter V Goes On A Six Flags Tour This Summer
07/01/15 After Much Debate, Uncharted 4 Settles At 1080p And 30fps
07/01/15 DICE: Star Wars: Battlefront Has Its Own "Heart And Soul"
07/01/15 July's Plus Freebies Include Rain, Rocket League And More
07/01/15 Want Some Call Of Duty Remasters?
07/01/15 Capcom: "We've Paid Attention" To How We Handled SFIV
07/01/15 Original Ryo Voice Actor Has Returned For Shenmue 3

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