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PS4 Archives - August, 2015

08/31/15 Is It Unfair To Compare Metal Gear Solid V To Previous Entries?
08/31/15 Ground Zeroes Patch Lets You Upload Data To The Phantom Pain
08/31/15 Black Ops III Gets Nuk3town, A Totally Reimagined Nuketown
08/31/15 Upgraded Deadpool Landing On PS4, Xbox One In November
08/31/15 Uncharted 4 Dated, Special Editions And Pre-Order Bonuses
08/31/15 MGSV Microtransactions Revealed, Range From $1.65 - $80
08/31/15 CD Projekt Red: The Witcher 3 Hearts Of Stone "Almost Done"
08/31/15 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Launch Date, Pre-Order Campaign
08/30/15 Dear Notch: "Boredom And Isolation" Are Dangerous Words
08/30/15 PSXE Poll Update: Until Dawn Generates Definite Interest
08/30/15 Final Fantasy XV Gets A Release Date For A Release Date
08/30/15 Dragon Age: Inquisition Trespasser DLC Detailed, Dated
08/29/15 Konami: Yep, MGSV Is "Guaranteed" To Be Game Of The Year
08/28/15 Activision: Black Ops III Beta Was Biggest Ever On PS4
08/28/15 Mighty No. 9 Backers Will Gain Access To A Trial Version
08/28/15 This War Of Mine: The Child's Perspective Of Hell On Earth
08/28/15 Bombshell Gets Plot Summary And Flashy Gameplay Trailer
08/27/15 Where Do You Think MGSV Will Rank On Your Series List?
08/27/15 Thief Town Will Have You Asking: "Damnit, Who Do I Stab?"
08/27/15 Mad Max Runs At 1080p, Huge Map Has No "Finite Limits"
08/27/15 Super Colorful Rainbow Mika Joins The Street Fighter V Cast
08/27/15 EA Schedules A Free FIFA 16 Demo
08/27/15 Mad Max PS4 Gets Timed Exclusive DLC
08/27/15 New Tony Hawk 5 Trailer Shows Off The Beefed-Up Graphics
08/26/15 Can Any Game Compete With MGSV For Game Of The Year?
08/26/15 Transformers: Devastation Trailer Totally Raises The Roof
08/26/15 The Witcher 3 Reaches 6 Million Sold, Dev Offers Thanks
08/26/15 Street Fighter V Beta Finally Returns
08/26/15 Siralim: A Retro RPG With Stats And Monsters Galore
08/26/15 Ubisoft Teases Darwin And Dickens DLC For AC Syndicate
08/26/15 Madden NFL 16 Patch In The Works, Will Release "ASAP"
08/25/15 Should We Regret The Loss Of MGS As A PlayStation Exclusive?
08/25/15 The Phantom Pain Gets A Companion App
08/25/15 Sony Investigating The Until Dawn Digital Copy Problem
08/25/15 Kojima Turns 52, Swears He'll "Keep Creating" Forever
08/25/15 Just Cause 3 Contest Grand Prize: Your Very Own Island
08/25/15 Dying Light The Following: 15 Minutes Of Uncut Gameplay
08/24/15 Is MGSV's Story Unimpressive Compared To Previous Entries?
08/24/15 Street Fighter V Beta Stress Tests Come To North America
08/24/15 MGSV's Forward Operating Base Isn't Behind A Paywall
08/24/15 September's Plus Freebies Include First Voted-In Game
08/24/15 Console Versions Of Diablo III Might Get The Season Feature
08/24/15 Mad Max Ad Thunders Onto Your TV
08/24/15 Guerrilla: Horizon Is Between Elder Scrolls And Assassin's Creed
08/23/15 PSXE Poll Update: MGSV vs. Mad Max Is A No-Contest
08/23/15 Yeah, MGSV Will Rock But Don't Forget About Until Dawn
08/23/15 Black Ops III Beta Will Go Through Monday
08/23/15 Uncharted 4 Motion-Capture Complete For Sully And Elena
08/23/15 MGSV Starts Pulling Down Some Crazy High Review Scores
08/22/15 Bethesda: The Doom Brand Lacks That Recognition Factor
08/21/15 Crazy Madden: The Movie Trailer Will Make Your Day...Really
08/21/15 Black Ops III Beta Open To All PS4 Owners, New Content Drops
08/21/15 Shutshimi: The "Cute 'Em Up" Featuring The Intrepid Fishy
08/21/15 Could Fallout 4 Outperform Skyrim? Bethesda Says Yes
08/21/15 Prepare For More FFXV News At Next Week's PAX Prime
08/20/15 Black Ops III Beta Got You Down? Get Some Community Help
08/20/15 Prediction: Rockstar Announces A New Red Dead By March
08/20/15 Bungie Shows Off Year One VIP Rewards: Do You Qualify?
08/20/15 Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar Editor Is Now Console-Bound
08/20/15 Next Street Fighter V Beta Begins With "Stress Tests"
08/20/15 Back To The Future: The Game For PS4 Spotted On Amazon
08/19/15 Uncharted Doesn't Seem As Important To PlayStation Anymore
08/19/15 The Witcher 3 Dev Hopes Other Teams Embrace Free DLC
08/19/15 République Brings Its Unique Episodic Stealth To PS4
08/19/15 Sony: Sign Up Now To Help Us Test A "Major" PS4 Update
08/19/15 New MGSV Trailer Warns Series Fans: The End Is Nigh
08/19/15 Rocksteady Details September Content For Arkham Knight
08/19/15 FlatOut 4: Total Insanity Confirmed, Intent On Fan Interaction
08/18/15 What's The One Classic RPG You Really Wish Got Remade?
08/18/15 Sony To Gamers: Don't Worry About Us Missing Gamescom
08/18/15 Bungie Tosses Up Teaser Video For The Taken King Livestream
08/18/15 Rainbow Six Siege Pushed Back
08/18/15 The Bridge, Or "The M.C. Escher Game," Puzzles You Today
08/18/15 Driveclub Update: New Car, Mode And Elite Drive Levels
08/18/15 Arkham Knight DLC Will Also Include The Iconic Tumbler
08/17/15 PlayStation Experience Will Feature Gran Turismo, God Of War?
08/17/15 Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Gets A Story Trailer
08/17/15 Transformers: Devastation On PS4/Xbox One Hits 1080p/60fps
08/17/15 RE2 Fan Remake Canceled, But On The Best Of Terms
08/17/15 BioWare Offers A Few Tasty Mass Effect: Andromeda Tidbits
08/17/15 Mad Max Interactive Trailer: Choose Your Destructive Tactic
08/17/15 ZombiU Hits PS4 As Plain Ol' Zombi, And Here's Lotsa Gameplay
08/16/15 If Xbox One Can't Make A Run At PS4 This Fall, Just Give Up
08/16/15 PSXE Poll Update: Gamescom 2015 Was Only Average
08/16/15 Ready At Dawn Shows Off Prototype Vids Of The Order: 1886
08/16/15 Kingdom Hearts III Gets Fresh Details, New World Revealed
08/16/15 Sony Unveils Two Bundles, Both With Cool Darth Vader PS4s
08/15/15 I Am Bread Release Date Trailer, Fun Facts And Easter Eggs
08/15/15 Tony Hawk 5 Full Soundtrack Revealed, And Hawk Loves It
08/14/15 Iron Maiden's New Music Video Brings A Tear To A Gamer's Eye
08/14/15 PlayStation Experience 2015 Confirmed, Expect "Surprises"
08/14/15 Street Fighter V Beta Partially Online, So Give It A Shot
08/14/15 Stories: The Hidden Path Plays Like An "Enchanted Book"
08/14/15 Del Toro: If I Do Another Game, "World War III Will Start"
08/14/15 Rocksteady Shows Off 1989 Batmobile For Arkham Knight DLC
08/13/15 Stealthy Noir Title, Corvino Noir, Comes To PS4 On August 25
08/13/15 Black Ops III Beta Will Boast Seven Modes Across Three Maps
08/13/15 July NPD: PS4 Wins Again, LEGO And Batman Go 1-2
08/13/15 Capcom's Deep Down Obtains Its Third Trademark Extension
08/13/15 EA Boss Calls All Your DLC Conspiracy Theories "Nonsense"
08/13/15 Rainbow Moon, Rainbow Skies Will Grace PlayStation 4 In 2016
08/12/15 Will Metal Gear Solid V Hurt Mad Max's Sales Potential?
08/12/15 Tales From The Borderlands: Episode Four Hits Next Week
08/12/15 Demolition Mode Returns In Black Ops III
08/12/15 Horror Lovers Rejoice: Resident Evil 2 Remake Confirmed
08/12/15 Ubisoft Explains The Challenge Of Going Rogue In The Division
08/12/15 Rumor: PS4 Update 3.00 Delivers A Host Of Social Features
08/12/15 The Witcher 3 Patch 1.08 Fixes Frame Rate...Sort Of
08/11/15 Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Refuels An Ongoing War
08/11/15 Square Enix's Bizarre Hypocrisy That Still Plagues Final Fantasy
08/11/15 FFXV Gets A Global Simultaneous Launch
08/11/15 How To Vote For One Of Next Month's Free Plus Games
08/11/15 Hellblade Extended Trailer Shows Off Some Intense Combat
08/11/15 Dev On Need For Speed Longevity: " I Want To Modernize"
08/11/15 Horizon: Zero Dawn Could Be One Of The Best RPGs Ever
08/10/15 Take-Two Says: Don't Compare Grand Theft Auto To Mafia
08/10/15 Bungie: The Taken King's $40 Price Tag Is More Than Justified
08/10/15 Gamescom Attendance Rising, Battlefront Wins Game Of Show
08/10/15 Dark Souls III Director Says Bloodborne DLC Is Still Coming
08/09/15 What Is The Accepted Level Of Instability For New Games?
08/09/15 PSXE Poll Update: Nintendo NX Isn't High On The Radar
08/09/15 Bethesda: No New Elder Scrolls Yet, It's All About Fallout 4
08/09/15 Everybody's Gone To The Rapture About 4-6 Hours Long
08/09/15 Expect More Western Localization For Japanese Games
08/09/15 Why Is Need For Speed Always Online? Ghost Games Explains
08/08/15 New MGSV Details: Length, No Swimming, Online For FOB
08/08/15 Miyazaki: Dark Souls III Is A "Turning Point" For The Franchise
08/07/15 PSN's Top July Games: Journey, J-STARS, Minecraft Tops
08/07/15 The Witcher 3 Patch 1.08 Arrives, Offers Multiple Fixes
08/07/15 Gauntlet: Slayer Edition Lands Next Week, Updates Detailed
08/07/15 IO Interactive: Expect Hitman Support To Run For 3-4 Years
08/07/15 MGSV Frame Rate, Resolution Confirmed
08/06/15 Forget Star Wars KotOR, I Really Want A Jade Empire Remake
08/06/15 Mighty No. 9 Delayed Due To Online Bugs, No Date Set
08/06/15 NIS America Outlines Great New Features For Disgaea 5
08/06/15 You Can Continue To Explore In Fallout 4 After Finishing Story
08/06/15 Battleborn Release Date Confirmed, Open Beta Coming
08/06/15 FFXV Set For 2016, S-E Knows Fans Are "A Bit Worried"
08/05/15 Predict The Year We'll See Gameplay For The FFVII Remake
08/05/15 PSN Summer Sale Week 2: AC Unity, Danganronpas, More
08/05/15 Mafia III Revealed: Organized Crime Floods 1968 New Orleans
08/05/15 5 New Pieces Of Final Fantasy XV Info Gleaned From Gamescom
08/05/15 Gamescom Vids Impress: Mirror's Edge, MGSV, FFXV
08/05/15 Need For Speed Gamescom Trailer: Racing Icons Beckon
08/05/15 EA Puts Battlefront's Aerial Combat On Display At Gamescom
08/04/15 If PS4 Had Backward Compatibility, Would You Even Care?
08/04/15 PS Heroes: A Horizon PS4 Theme Will Support Our Troops
08/04/15 Dark Souls III Gamescom Trailer Shows Off New "Battle Arts"
08/04/15 Activision: The Average Destiny Player Has Put In 100 Hours
08/04/15 Driveclub Hits 2 Million, What's Evolution's Next Move?
08/04/15 Mad Max Stronghold Trailer Highlights Cast Of Colorful Characters
08/03/15 Have Graphics Impressed Or Disappointed This Generation?
08/03/15 MGSV Online Component Won't Be Ready Until October 6
08/03/15 Guitar Hero Live Says: Yes, Your Voice Is An Instrument, Too
08/03/15 Street Fighter V Gets Vega, Both Clawed And...De-Clawed
08/03/15 Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Launch Trailer Is Divine
08/03/15 Uncharted Collection Gets Special Edition In Some Regions
08/03/15 17 More Songs For Rock Band 4, Another Eclectic Blend
08/02/15 The Triple JRPG Battle: FFXV vs. FFVII Remake vs. KHIII
08/02/15 Guerrilla: Here's Why There Are No Guns In Horizon: Zero Dawn
08/02/15 Need For Speed Reboot Should Make A Big Impact At Gamescom
08/02/15 PSXE Poll Update: Tomb Raider Sequel Fails To Intrigue
08/01/15 Damnit, Does Any Game Really Need To Offer 400 Hours?
08/01/15 Amplitude Delayed Again, But Lots More Content Planned

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