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PS4 Archives - September, 2015

09/30/15 Is Tony Hawk 5 Really Bad, Or Is It Just Nostalgic Fun?
09/30/15 Sony "Caught By Surprise" By Positive Reaction To Until Dawn
09/30/15 AC Syndicate's Microtransactions Will Be "100% Optional"
09/30/15 Latest Madden NFL 16 Patch Brings Over 100 Bug Fixes
09/30/15 GameStop Boss: Disc-Based Games Are Here To Stay
09/30/15 Sony Can't Confirm TLoU2 But They're Obviously Intrigued
09/30/15 Fallout 4's Fourth S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Vid: Yes, Charm Matters
09/29/15 I Want Darksiders III So Bad, It Hurts
09/29/15 This MGSV Issue Might Not Allow You To Load Your Game
09/29/15 The Witcher 3 Will Soon Get Another "Massive" Patch
09/29/15 PlayStation 4 "Kenshin" Update 3.00 Is Available Today
09/29/15 Hitman Dated, Will Have Standard And "Intro Pack" Options
09/28/15 Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition Dated
09/28/15 Warner Bros: Infinite Possibilities For More Batman Games
09/28/15 Know Why Golden Abyss Isn't In The Uncharted Collection?
09/28/15 Bethesda: Fallout 4 DLC Isn't Tied To Any Particular Platform
09/28/15 Battleborn's Super Crazy Silly Big Numbers
09/28/15 Naughty Dog Reveals Uncharted 4 Story's Central Theme
09/27/15 Classic Ratchet & Clank Resurrection Is Just What PS4 Needs
09/27/15 PSXE Poll Update: PlayStation 4 Will Get A Holiday Price Cut
09/27/15 Pachter Predicts: This Is The Last "Real" Console Cycle
09/27/15 Uncharted Collection Needs A Hefty Chunk Of Your PS4 HDD
09/27/15 Rainbow Six Siege Specs, No Campaign Mode Available
09/26/15 Mighty No. 9 Finally Lands New Date
09/25/15 EA Reveals Battlefront Beta File Size, Level Cap, More
09/25/15 Naughty Dog Needed More Time To Nail The Uncharted 4 Climax
09/25/15 Evolution Working On New Driveclub App, Gameplay Additions
09/25/15 Fallout 4 Character Advancement System Looks Quite Satisfying
09/25/15 NBA 2K16 Early Tip-Off Weekend Includes Extra Goodies
09/24/15 Rise Of The Tomb Raider Might Prey On Gamers' Impatience
09/24/15 Bungie: More Secrets Lurk Within The Taken King Expansion
09/24/15 Ubisoft Ensures AC Syndicate Is Safe From The PC Police
09/24/15 EA Finally Reveals Exact Dates For Battlefront Beta
09/24/15 Sony Celebrates Outbreak Day Early With TLoU Statue, Sales
09/23/15 Does Final Fantasy XII Even Deserve The New HD Treatment?
09/23/15 Grab A Taco Bell Big Box, Maybe Win A Gold PS4 Bundle
09/23/15 Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls PS4 Dates "Coming Soon"
09/23/15 Naughty Dog Says Uncharted Is "Tough To Imagine" Without Drake
09/23/15 Rainbow Six Siege Closed Beta Details And Official Trailer
09/23/15 Afro Samurai 2: Revenge Of Kuma Slices Onto PS4, PC Today
09/23/15 Nomura Explains How Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Got Its Name
09/23/15 Next Street Fighter V Beta Will Support Cross-Platform Play
09/23/15 Fallout 4's Latest "S.P.E.C.I.A.L." Vid Highlights Endurance
09/22/15 If It's True, Which PS2 Games Would You Most Welcome On PS4?
09/22/15 Need For Speed Trophies/Achievements Revealed In Full
09/22/15 Hitman Delayed So Devs Can Deliver More Content At Launch
09/22/15 Dragon Age: Inquisition Game Of The Year Edition Announced
09/22/15 The Witness Might Put Completionist Fans In Puzzle Agony
09/22/15 Arkham Knight Getting Three More Content Packs In October
09/22/15 Rumor: Black Ops 3 Bundle Coming With 1TB PlayStation 4
09/21/15 PS4 Sales Are Far More Impressive Than PS2's Domination
09/21/15 Maybe MGSV's Giant Budget Led Konami To Ditch AAA Games
09/21/15 Did Prima Games Just Leak Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster?
09/21/15 Wasteland 2: Director's Cut Trailer Is Well Worth Your Time
09/21/15 Star Wars: Battlefront Multiplayer Fueled By Dedicated Servers
09/21/15 Treyarch's Black Ops Timeline Vid Recaps The Ongoing Story
09/21/15 Sony: "VR Tech Is So Easy To Use, It's Almost Unfair"
09/21/15 Life Is Strange Final Episode Dated, But There's A Catch
09/20/15 Horizon: Zero Dawn TGS Gameplay Is So Awesome, It's Scary
09/20/15 PSXE Poll Update: MGSV Is Worthy Of Its Super High Scores
09/20/15 Microsoft Boss Anticipates Sony Will Drop PS4's Price In US
09/20/15 Amazon's Fantastic PS4 Bundle: MGSV, The Taken King For $400
09/20/15 Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC Details
09/19/15 New FFXV Gameplay Info Includes Fishing And Character Details
09/19/15 PSN Flash Sale Features Big Discounts On Animated Goodies
09/18/15 NBA 2K16 MyCareer Vid Highlights Life Beyond The Games
09/18/15 Metal Gear Solid V Might Be Konami's Last AAA Title...Ever
09/18/15 PlayStation VR Price Similar To A "New Gaming Platform"
09/18/15 AC Syndicate PS4-Exclusive DLC Details, Fresh Trailer
09/17/15 Sony's TGS Was Lame, Perhaps They're Waiting Until December?
09/17/15 The Taken King's New Raid Dated Exactly, Trailer Arrives
09/17/15 The Witness Dated, Length Said To Be At Least 20-25 Hours
09/17/15 Persona 5 Pushed Into Summer 2016
09/17/15 Street Fighter V's Latest Roster Addition: Karin Kanzuki
09/17/15 New MGO Gameplay Demo Offers A Ton Of Great Details
09/17/15 Battlefront Beta Open To All, Online And Offline Modes
09/16/15 Believe It Or Not, I'd Actually Like To See A Knack Sequel
09/16/15 Ubisoft: Grow Home Broke Our Download Record For PlayStation
09/16/15 Former CD Projekt Red Members Open New Game Studio
09/16/15 Rainbow Six Siege DLC Maps Will Be Free
09/16/15 Latest Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Video: The Importance Of Perception
09/16/15 Koei Tecmo Shows Off New Footage Of Attack On Titan Game
09/16/15 Minecraft: Story Mode Lands Launch Date
09/15/15 Sony Announces Hot Shots For PS4 And It Better Come West
09/15/15 Yakuza 6 In The Works, Original Remake Confirmed For January
09/15/15 New Resident Evil-Themed Competitive Shooter Set For PS4
09/15/15 Gravity Rush 2, Remastered Original Title Coming To PS4
09/15/15 Our Top 5 Trailers From Sony's Epic TGS 2015 Conference
09/15/15 PlayStation Morpheus Earns Its Official Name: PlayStation VR
09/15/15 Square Enix Reveals Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue
09/15/15 Bloodborne Expansion The Old Hunters Receives Price, Date
09/15/15 PS4 Price Drop Confirmed For Japan
09/14/15 Does PS4 Need PS2 Classics? The Short Answer Is "Yes"
09/14/15 Check Out 11 Memorable Minutes Of The Uncharted Collection
09/14/15 Bethesda: Releasing DLC Plans Before Launch Isn't Bad
09/14/15 Dragon Quest Heroes Launching In The West With All DLC
09/14/15 PEGI Rates Twisted Metal: Black, Ape Escape 2 For PS4
09/14/15 Driveclub Gets One Free Track Every Week Through Christmas
09/14/15 The Taken King Trailer Recognizes Your Lv. 20+ Guardian
09/13/15 Will The Taken King Rekindle Interest In Bungie's Destiny?
09/13/15 PSXE Poll Update: Until Dawn Turned Out To Be Fantastic
09/13/15 BioWare: New Mass Effect The "Best And Largest" Ever
09/13/15 PlayStation Fans Get Exclusive Content For The Taken King
09/13/15 EA Launches Closed Beta Sign-Up Page For Need For Speed
09/12/15 Looks Like Dark Souls III Is Launching In Japan On March 24
09/12/15 Battlefield: Hardline Robbery Expansion Detailed, Dated
09/11/15 Catalyst Collector's Edition Priced, But Is The Cost Too High?
09/11/15 Madden NFL 16 "Likeness" Patch Makes Players Ultra Realistic
09/11/15 The Last Guardian Might Shine On Sony's TGS 2015 Stage
09/11/15 Capcom Reveals Latest New Street Fighter V Fighter: Rashid
09/10/15 Laserlife Comes To PS4, Features Lasers, Memories, Life Lessons
09/10/15 Activision Releases Slick Live-Action Ad For The Taken King
09/10/15 Rockstar Focusing On New Consoles For Future GTAV Updates
09/10/15 August NPD: Madden Tops Software, PS4 Still Rolling
09/10/15 A Simple And Novel Way Of Getting Into The Rainbow Six Siege Beta
09/10/15 Ninja Theory: No, Hellblade Development Isn't Starting Over
09/10/15 Bethesda Kicks Off "S.P.E.C.I.A.L." Video Series For Fallout 4
09/09/15 Ride Zips Onto PS4, Xbox One In October
09/09/15 CD Projekt Red: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Cost $81 Million
09/09/15 Fallout 4 Getting A $30 Season Pass, No DLC Until 2016
09/09/15 We're Getting Destiny Sequels Every Other Year Through 2019?
09/08/15 Which Games In 2015 Have You Found To Be Most Satisfying?
09/08/15 Crashnauts Celebrates '90s Gaming Trends, Coming To PS4
09/08/15 Mysterious "Kingdom Hearts 2.9" Leaked By LinkedIn Profile
09/08/15 Guerrilla: We Still Love Killzone But We're Focused On Horizon
09/08/15 Destiny: The Taken King Cinematic Trailer, Patch 2.0 Info
09/08/15 The Witcher 3's First Expansion Receives Details, Launch Date
09/07/15 PS4 Doesn't Need Exclusives; It Has MGSV To Drive Sales
09/07/15 Guerrilla On Horizon: We're Not Going To Give Too Much Away
09/07/15 Dragon's Dogma Online Nears 1 Million Downloads In Japan
09/07/15 Wait, Destiny Was Delayed Due To Story Issues? Really?
09/07/15 Next-Gen Consoles "Probably Won't Have Physical Media"
09/07/15 Beyond Eyes: The World As "Seen" By A Shy Blind Girl
09/07/15 Amazon Gives Minecraft: Story Mode An October 27 Date
09/06/15 Which Fall Release Has The Best Shot At A 90+ Metacritic Score?
09/06/15 PSXE Poll Update: MGSV Is Definitely In Line For GotY 2015
09/06/15 Here's One New Glitch In The Witcher 3 That Lets You Cheat
09/06/15 MGSV Ships 3 Million Copies Worldwide
09/06/15 Peter Moore Talks About How EA Works To Celebrate "D&I"
09/05/15 Drive!Drive!Drive! Coming To PS4/Vita, And It's...Crazy Unique
09/05/15 Bungie To Implement "Mercy Rule" In Destiny's Crucible
09/04/15 Driveclub Patch Will Let Unhappy Racers Adjust The Difficulty
09/04/15 Sony Reveals PS4 Bundle Featuring The Uncharted Collection
09/04/15 New Need For Speed Trailer Shows Off "Five Ways To Play"
09/04/15 MGSV Servers Continue To Struggle
09/04/15 The Witcher 3 Patch Will Address Lack Of Romance Options
09/03/15 What Kind Of Game Would You Like To See Kojima Make?
09/03/15 Destiny's The Taken King Crucible Content Is Temporarily Free
09/03/15 EA Sports Is Pumped About Tom Terrific's Big Court Win
09/03/15 Fallout 4 Has A Lot Of Dialogue...Like Over 111,000 Lines
09/03/15 Gearbox Looking For Creative, Original Taunts For Battleborn
09/03/15 Warner Bros. Confirms More Content For Mortal Kombat X
09/02/15 Could Until Dawn Become The Next Great PlayStation Franchise?
09/02/15 Don't Worry, You Won't Wait Long For The Taken King's Raid
09/02/15 Naughty Dog: Left Behind Inspired The Uncharted 4 DLC
09/02/15 Street Fighter V Will Have 4 New Fighters And A "Unique Flavor"
09/02/15 Leo's Fortune: A "Handcrafted" Platformer With Unique Charm
09/02/15 MGSV Debriefing Video Is Kojima's Very Heartfelt Goodbye
09/02/15 Confirmed List Of PS4 And Vita Games Coming To TGS 2015
09/01/15 The Game You Spent The Most Time With This Generation?
09/01/15 Konami Steps Up And Congratulates Kojima On MGSV
09/01/15 PS4's Huge "Kenshin" Update Focuses On Social Goodness
09/01/15 Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Coming Your Way In "Early October"
09/01/15 Resident Evil Origins Collection Confirmed For "Early 2016"
09/01/15 Mankind Divided Collector's Edition Boasts A 9" Adam Jensen

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