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PS4 Archives - January, 2016

01/31/16 Would Smaller Breasts Lead To Fewer Fighting Game Fans?
01/31/16 PSXE Poll Update: The Witness Isn't Atop The Priority List
01/31/16 Check Out Black Ops III's Biggest New Multiplayer Map, Rise
01/31/16 The Witness Outpacing Blow's Last Game By A Big Margin
01/31/16 Final Fantasy XV Launch Date Will Be Revealed On March 30
01/31/16 Ubisoft Extends The Division Beta, Letting More Players In
01/30/16 Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure Brings Quirky Mayhem To PS4
01/30/16 Street Fighter V Game Mode Trailer, Final Beta Running Now
01/29/16 If You're On The Division Beta Waitlist, You Better Be Patient
01/29/16 Looks Like A New Ghostbusters Game Is Heading Our Way
01/29/16 Japanese Spotlight: Nights of Azure
01/29/16 Grand Theft Auto Online V-Day Content Leaks Out Online
01/29/16 PS4 Maintaining An Almost 2:1 Lead Over Microsoft's Xbox One
01/29/16 Dying Light Expansion Is Twice As Big As The Full Game
01/28/16 Does Anyone Care That Far Cry Primal Doesn't Have Multiplayer?
01/28/16 Physics-Based Puzzle/Platformer Organic Panic Set For PS4
01/28/16 Ancel Still Claims A Beyond Good & Evil Sequel Is Coming
01/28/16 Ubisoft Reveals Free And Paid DLC Plans For The Division
01/28/16 Insomniac's New Game Is The Surreal Song Of The Deep
01/28/16 Free Rocket League DLC Includes A Nod To Deadmau5 Fans
01/27/16 More Juicy Details For MLB 16: The Show
01/27/16 The Witness Is A Problem For The Color-Blind And The Deaf
01/27/16 Japan Getting A Pair Of Great Dark Souls III-Themed PS4s
01/27/16 Tekken 7 Welcomes Back Nina Williams, "The Fatal Bride"
01/27/16 The Witness Is Actually Making Seasoned Gamers Very Sick
01/27/16 Tron Run/r Confirmed For PS4, Xbox One
01/26/16 PSXE Seeks Writers, Contributors For All Things PlayStation
01/26/16 11 Minutes Of Yakuza 6 Gameplay: Many Baddies Get Smacked
01/26/16 This Week's PSN Sales: Tomb Raider And Final Fantasy Greats
01/26/16 The Division Patch Fixes 10,000 Bugs, Beta Ready To Roll
01/26/16 Homefront: The Revolution Devs Talk Free DLC, Microtransactions
01/26/16 Dangerous Golf Isn't Really Golf...It's About Destroying Stuff
01/26/16 TMNT: Mutants In Manhattan Revealed With First Trailer
01/25/16 The Witness Reminds Us Why Puzzlers Are So Damn Important
01/25/16 MLB Trying Again: RBI Baseball 16 Set For Spring Launch
01/25/16 Analyst: Destiny Will Get A Taken King-Sized Expansion In 2016
01/25/16 The Division Storyline Will Be Presented In "Three Threads"
01/25/16 Street Fighter V Gets A "Free, Expanded Story Mode" In June
01/25/16 Mighty No. 9 Delayed Yet Again, Inafune Sincerely Apologizes
01/25/16 Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Confirmed For Spring In U.S.
01/24/16 Admit Your Sequel Cravings: The Witcher 4 Or Fallout 5?
01/24/16 PSXE Poll Update: PlayStation VR Hasn't Convinced Everyone
01/24/16 Report: Destiny 2 Won't Make It This Year
01/23/16 Terraria Devs Bringing Pixel Piracy To PS4
01/23/16 Fallout 4 Power Armor Figure Is 1/6 Scale And Goes For $400
01/22/16 Driveclub's February Update Includes New Hardcore Difficulty
01/22/16 Latest Flash Sale: Save On Some Of The Best Indie Games Ever
01/22/16 Two More Battleborn Characters Revealed: Ghalt And Deande
01/22/16 Wondershot Shaping Up To Be One Hell Of A Party Game
01/22/16 Leading Game Design Program Attracting More Women Than Men
01/22/16 Explore The Division's Map Via Google Maps-Like Interactivty
01/21/16 An RPG Series That Should Never Be Forgotten: Lunar
01/21/16 Republique Confirmed For March 22
01/21/16 Dark Souls Comics Confirmed, First Issue Set For April
01/21/16 Destiny Gets Valentine's Day Event, New Iron Banner Coming
01/21/16 Battlefront Free Content Includes Tatooine Map, New Costumes?
01/21/16 Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime Lands On PS4 In February
01/21/16 "Psychedelic" Horror Game Layers Of Fear Coming To PS4
01/20/16 Will PlayStation VR Really Generate More Interest In PS4?
01/20/16 The Division Devs Are "Very Happy" With The Final Product
01/20/16 PSN's Top 2015 Games: Call Of Duty, Minecraft Dominate
01/20/16 Woah...A 1:1 Recreation Of Grand Theft Auto V In Minecraft?!
01/20/16 Street Fighter V Official Guide Revealed
01/20/16 Naughty Dog On Uncharted 4 Story: "No, It's Not Mass Effect"
01/20/16 Mortal Kombat XL Edition Announced, Is Packed With Content
01/20/16 Dying Light The Following Map Revealed In A Unique Way
01/19/16 Why Doom Is The Only FPS I'm Looking Forward To In 2016
01/19/16 Saturday Morning RPG Coming Soon, '80s Lovers Will Applaud
01/19/16 The Division Gets Four-Part Live-Action Prequel Series
01/19/16 The Witness Priced At $40, No Pre-Order Option For PS4
01/19/16 Sony: PlayStation VR Has To Be More Than Just A "Boom"
01/19/16 Kojima, PS4 Lead Architect Embark On A "World Tour"
01/18/16 Could Ratchet & Clank PS4 Be Considered For Game Of The Year?
01/18/16 Fat Princess Adventures Update Delivers Lots Of Free DLC
01/18/16 GTAV Voice Actor Denies Knowledge Of Single-Player DLC
01/18/16 Dying Light Enhanced Edition Golden, New Trailer Revealed
01/18/16 Star Ocean 5 Character Trailers Gives Us A Gameplay Glimpse
01/18/16 Rocketbirds 2: Evolution Set For PS4, Vita
01/18/16 Far Cry Primal Contest Lets You Sleep In A Freezing Cave
01/17/16 The Watch Dogs 2 Hype Train Might Be Starting Any Minute
01/17/16 PSXE Poll Update: Let's Call It, PS4 Has Won The Console War
01/17/16 Final Fantasy XV Expected To Sell Over A Million In Japan
01/17/16 Latest Ciri Cosplay Leaves Us Speechless
01/17/16 The Division Only Features Manhattan At Launch, But It's Big
01/16/16 Evolution Teases Driveclub February DLC, Skyline Included
01/16/16 PlayStation Blog Awards: The Witcher 3 Gets A Lotta Love
01/15/16 New Mortal Kombat X Beta Scheduled To Begin Next Week
01/15/16 Diablo III's Latest Update Giving Some Console Players Fits
01/15/16 Stress Reliever: Hit Bad Guys In The Face With A Baseball
01/15/16 Look For Your One-Day Plus Extension
01/15/16 Ubisoft Announces Dates And Details For The Division Beta
01/14/16 Does Call Of Duty Deserve To Be #1 For 7 Years In A Row?
01/14/16 The Witness Story Is "Subtle" But Has Fantastic Actors
01/14/16 December And 2015 Software Results: Black Ops III Wins
01/14/16 PS4 Tops December, Is Also Best-Selling Console For 2015
01/14/16 PlayStation VR Title RIGS Gets Quite The Positive Response
01/14/16 Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Beta Kicks Off Today
01/14/16 Dying Light DLC's New Trailer Shows Off Weaponized Buggies
01/13/16 Here's Why Absolutely Everyone Should Play Psychonauts 2
01/13/16 Mafia III Devs: This Game Will "Stand Up There With The Best"
01/13/16 Blood And Wine: Even Better Than The Witcher 3's Main Story?
01/13/16 Lightning Talks About Her New Life As A Model...Yes, Really
01/13/16 Go Inside My Radio On January 19
01/13/16 DICE Nominations: The Witcher 3, Rise Of The Tomb Raider Lead
01/13/16 World Of Tanks Rumbles Onto PlayStation 4 This Month
01/12/16 10 PS2 Classics That Should Come to PS4, But Probably Won't
01/12/16 Wanna See Humans Get Tied To Rockets In Just Cause 3?
01/12/16 GameStop CEO: PlayStation VR Has The Software Edge
01/12/16 PlayStation Essentials Sale: Top Titles For Up To 80% Off
01/12/16 Psychonauts 2 Crowdfunding Campaign Ends On A High Note
01/12/16 Homefront: The Revolution Lands A May 17 Release Date
01/12/16 See Bioshock City Of Columbia Built In Fallout 4: It's Amazing
01/12/16 Original Psychonauts Hits PS4 This Spring
01/11/16 Could Kingdom Hearts III Actually Outsell Final Fantasy XV?
01/11/16 GTAV Cell Number Triggers Explosion, But What's It Mean?
01/11/16 Ubisoft Confirms For Honor Will Have A Single-Player Campaign
01/11/16 FFXV Devs Answer Important Fan Queries
01/11/16 The Witcher 3 Patch 1.12 Live, Full Patch Notes Available
01/11/16 King Of Fighters 14 Update: 50 Characters Available At Launch
01/11/16 Ratchet And Clank PS4 Dated For Europe, Box Art Revealed
01/11/16 PS2 Classic Arc The Lad And Gone Home Hit PS4 This Week
01/10/16 Horizon: Zero Dawn Could Be A Critical New IP For PlayStation 4
01/10/16 PSXE Poll Update: Uncharted 4 Is A Lock For GotY 2016
01/10/16 CD Projekt Red Denies Enhanced Version Of The Witcher 3, But...
01/10/16 Naughty Dog Says Uncharted Prequel With Drake Is Possible
01/09/16 Pachter Predicts Shorter Console Cycle This Time Around
01/09/16 Woah...The World's Coolest Jenga Puzzle In Just Cause 3
01/08/16 GDC Awards 2016 Nominees: MGSV, The Witcher 3 Are Tops
01/08/16 Dragon's Dogma 2? The Possibility For A Sequel Exists
01/08/16 Oculus Rift Creator: "PlayStation VR Not As High-End As Ours"
01/08/16 Ni-Oh's Third Iteration More "Hardcore," Akin To Demon's Souls
01/08/16 Sony: More Than 100 PlayStation VR Titles In Development Now
01/08/16 PlayStation Music: 11 Million Downloads, Top 10 In 2015
01/07/16 Virtual Sex: Will VR Result In The Adult Gaming Renaissance?
01/07/16 Fallout 4 Player Stumbles Upon One Seriously Creepy Glitch
01/07/16 New And Improved Klaus Launches On PS4 In Two Weeks
01/07/16 GameStop Cancer Charity Drive Brings In $2.8 Million
01/07/16 A Revealing Story Trailer For Dying Light DLC The Following
01/07/16 Ninja Theory Confirms Hellblade On Track For 2016 Release
01/07/16 European PlayStation Store Boasting Big Deals In January
01/06/16 Can PlayStation VR Win The War By Being A Lot Cheaper?
01/06/16 Doom Devs: Rock 'n' Roll, He-Man Were Very Influential
01/06/16 Psychonauts 2 Hits Crowdfunding Goal With 5 Days To Spare
01/06/16 Retailers Say Mafia III Lands On April 26
01/06/16 PS4 Has Become An "Embodiment Of What Sony Values"
01/06/16 Report: VR Takes Off In 2016, PlayStation VR Sells 1.9 Million
01/06/16 Just Cause 3's First Add-On, Sky Fortress, Is Almost Done
01/05/16 Was Bloodborne The Only "Hardcore" AAA Video Game Of 2016?
01/05/16 PlayStation Now Adds Over 40 Titles, 300+ Games Available
01/05/16 Sonic's 25th Birthday: A New Logo, Maybe A New Game?
01/05/16 Rumored TMNT Title Gets Concept Art, List Of Achievements
01/05/16 PSN Back Up, Sony Will Extend Plus And Now Subscriptions
01/05/16 Hideo Kojima Will Become 21st AIAS Hall Of Fame Member
01/05/16 PS4 Sells 5.7 Million During Holidays, Nears 36 Million Overall
01/04/16 Most Wanted In 2016: New inFamous And God Of War
01/04/16 Ubisoft Explains Why Far Cry Primal Has Ditched Multiplayer
01/04/16 Final Fantasy XV Story Influences Include The Last Of Us
01/04/16 Report: Assassin's Creed Skips 2016, Goes To Egypt In 2017
01/04/16 We Wish Media Molecule A Very Happy Tenth Birthday!
01/04/16 Rainbow Six Siege's First Expansion Now Set For February 2
01/04/16 Street Fighter V: A Pair Of Special Editions For Japanese Fans
01/03/16 PSXE Poll Update: The Witcher 3 Is The Community's Choice
01/03/16 DoAX3 Fascination Suggests Gamers Are Indeed Obsessed?
01/03/16 One Of The Most Epic Fallout 4 Battles You'll Ever See
01/03/16 Analysts: Battlefront Has Already Sold 12-13 Million Copies
01/01/16 Guerrilla Talks Horizon Map Size And Lack Of Multiplayer
01/01/16 Fallout 4, PS4 Top Amazon's 2015 List
01/01/16 911 Dispatcher Caught Playing Games On Duty...Yet Again
01/01/16 Valkyria Chronicles Remaster: Japanese Launch Date, Trailer
01/01/16 Dynasty Warriors Fans Can Expect A "Big Announcement" In 2016
01/01/16 FFXV Director: Final Phase Needs "Effort And Willpower"
01/01/16 Major League Gaming Forced To Sell All Assets To Activision

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