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PS4 Archives - March, 2016

03/31/16 Metal Gear Solid Franchise Infiltrates the PlayStation Store, And Is On SALE!
03/31/16 Hitman Episode 2 Hits April 26, Update Adds New Challenges
03/31/16 The Division April Update: First Incursion, New Gear, Trading
03/31/16 Black Ops III Second DLC Is Eclipse: Four New Maps, More Zombies
03/31/16 Final Fantasy XV News Recap, And All The Glittering Trailers
03/31/16 Can Final Fantasy XV Make Final Fantasy Good Again?
03/31/16 Atelier Sophie, Gusts latest Atelier game arriving in June
03/30/16 Would You Buy PlayStation VR Without Trying It First?
03/30/16 PS4 Exclusive Star Ocean 5 Will Be Released on June 28th on North America
03/30/16 Fantastic Retro Action Game Shadow Of The Beast Dated
03/30/16 Final Uncharted 4 "Making Of" Vid Has Us Shedding A Tear
03/30/16 Far Cry Primal Gets Free Uber-Challenging Survivor Mode
03/30/16 Sony making a 4K full court press?
03/30/16 “Nights of Azure” out now in North America, on Friday in Europe
03/29/16 Star Ocean 5's Producer Has A Proposal Written Up for Valkyrie Profile 3
03/29/16 Insomniac Releases Full Trophy List For Ratchet & Clank
03/29/16 Rocket League Dunk House Set For April
03/29/16 Sony Delayed PSVR To Better Respond To Heightened Demand
03/28/16 What Does "PS4K" Have To Do To Lure Current PS4 Owners?
03/28/16 Lithium: Inmate 39 Truly Explores The Dark Corners Of The Mind
03/28/16 "PS4K" Offers Ultra HD Graphics, Wouldn't Replace Current PS4
03/28/16 New Doom Trailer Highlights Massive Guns, Fearsome Foes
03/28/16 The Division Boss Exploit Lets You Stock Up On Credits, Loot
03/27/16 Fantastically-Named No Time To Explain Hits PS4 This Week
03/27/16 PSXE Poll Update: Most Have No Interest In Pre-Ordering PSVR
03/27/16 New Mythbusters Vid For The Division
03/27/16 Ex Snake Actor Has "No Particular Love" For Hideo Kojima
03/27/16 Report: GTAVI In "Preliminary" Stages, May Take Us To Tokyo
03/26/16 Ratchet & Clank PS4 Goes Gold, So Be Excited For April 12
03/26/16 Why Sony Thinks Battlefront VR Will Push PlayStation VR Units
03/25/16 Final Fantasy XV Will Take Around 50 Hours to Complete, Square Enix Targeting 30fps
03/25/16 GTA Online Ill-Gotten Gains Weekend: Get Discounts, Double RP
03/25/16 New Uncharted 4 Trailer: Heads, Normal Life, Tails...Carnage
03/25/16 Sony to bring Playstation to iOS and Android
03/24/16 Sony Quite Happy With PSVR Price, Pre-Orders Are Flying
03/24/16 Street Fighter V March Update Gets Full Details, Launch Date
03/24/16 Will "PS4K" Cause Anger Or Excitement In Current PS4 Owners?
03/24/16 Seems "PS4K" Is Indeed Real, But Many Questions Linger
03/23/16 What's The Most Overrated Game Of The Generation So Far?
03/23/16 New Ratchet & Clank Trailer: Man, Can It Look Any Better?!
03/23/16 Battleborn Open Beta Dated, Coming First To PlayStation 4
03/23/16 Destiny's Big April Update Fully Revealed
03/23/16 The Division Backpack Glitch Locks You Out Of Your Account
03/23/16 Survive Giant Monster Attacks in City Shrouded in Shadow
03/23/16 Resident Evil Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary
03/22/16 Hitman Promo Asks: Which Gary Would You Rather Kill?
03/22/16 Uncharted 4's Latest "Making Of" Vid Is All About New Tech
03/22/16 Driveclub, MotorStorm Team Evolution Studios Shut Down
03/22/16 Study: Console Gamers More Intrigued By VR Than PC Gamers
03/21/16 Star Ocean 5 Launches This Summer In The West
03/21/16 If There's A Bloodborne 2, Should It Cater To A Wider Audience?
03/21/16 Sony Kicks Off Makers & Gamers Series, Starts With Journey
03/21/16 UK Gamers Welcome To Try The Dark Souls III Wing Challenge
03/21/16 Better Find The Division's Loot Cave While You Still Can...
03/21/16 How Sniper Elite 4 Has Improved, Alpha Gameplay Revealed
03/20/16 Critics Will Say Uncharted 4 "Looks Great But Feels Old"
03/20/16 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Split On FFXV Story Potential
03/20/16 PlayStation VR A Plenty Hot Item on eBay
03/20/16 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Adds To Its Game Of The Year Total
03/20/16 Batman: A Telltale Game Series Set To Debut This Summer
03/19/16 Pre-Orders Open March 22 For PlayStation VR Launch Bundle
03/19/16 Division Players, Welcome The First Lv. 99 Dark Zoner
03/18/16 PSN Flash Sale: Strider, Transformers, Oddworld, Alice, More
03/18/16 Time To Celebrate: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Has Gone Gold
03/18/16 Report: Sony Working On More Powerful "PS4.5" Console
03/17/16 BioShock Collection Spotted For PS4, Xbox One, and PC
03/17/16 Will PlayStation VR Launch Titles Really Be Up To Snuff?
03/17/16 Double Fine, Boneloaf's Gang Beasts Has Multiplayer, VR Support
03/17/16 Destiny's Big "April Update" Dated, More Coming Via Twitch
03/17/16 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Wins Game Of The Year At GDC 2016
03/16/16 Will VR Gaming Be Like, "I Played It And I'll Never Go Back"?
03/16/16 Sony Explains Purpose Of PlayStation VR's Processing Unit
03/16/16 GTAV Online Patch: Lotsa New Content, Faster Load Times
03/16/16 Take A Peek At All 9 Multiplayer Maps Launching With Doom
03/15/16 Hellblade Officially Subtitled Senua’s Sacrifice
03/15/16 Battleborn Goes Gold But Still No Release Details For Beta
03/15/16 The Division Earns Ubisoft A New Five-Day Revenue Record
03/15/16 Sony "Happy To Have The Conversation" About Cross-Platform Play
03/15/16 160 PS VR Games In The Works, Over 50 Scheduled For 2016
03/15/16 Playstation VR is Coming in October for $399
03/15/16 Tales of Berseria Gets A New Trailer, Looks Awesome In 1080p, 60FPS
03/14/16 Would You Play Star Wars: Battlefront If It Got A Campaign?
03/14/16 PlayStation Vue Makes Its Nationwide Debut, New Plan Details
03/14/16 The Division Mythbusters Vid: Rumors Of All Kinds Debunked
03/14/16 Fallout 4 Automatron Trailer Reveals DLC's Release Date
03/14/16 PSN And Xbox Live Users Could Soon Be Playing Together
03/13/16 Ratchet & Clank Remake Could Pave The Way For Jak And Daxter
03/13/16 PSXE Poll Update: The Division Isn't A Day One No-Brainer
03/13/16 Reworked Dragon Fantasy Set For PS4, Is A JRPG Love Note
03/13/16 Get Caught Cheating In Siege, Suffer A Temporary Suspension
03/13/16 Rumor: Final Fantasy XV Will Be Ready To Go On September 30
03/12/16 New Details, Achievements For Fallout 4 Expansion Automatron
03/12/16 Sony: It's A "Perfect Storm" For VR Tech
03/11/16 Star Wars: Battlefront Expansion Outer Rim Priced, Dated?
03/11/16 The Witcher 3 Hits 10 Million Shipped
03/11/16 Kojima: "Way Too Early" To Talk About The Next Project
03/10/16 Sony has Released a New Ratchet and Clank PS4 Screenshots and a New Gameplay Video
03/10/16 Episodic Is A Viable Structure, But Not For Every Type Of Game
03/10/16 The Division Performance Analysis: PS4 Version Has The Edge
03/10/16 February NPD: PS4 Wins Again, Far Cry Primal Tops Charts
03/10/16 Alex Returns To Street Fighter This Month
03/10/16 Hitman Will Eventually Get A Physical Release...In 2017
03/10/16 Now You Can Be The A-Hole Cat and Knock Everything Over
03/09/16 FFXV Game Director Wants to Create an Ending for FFXV that will Make the Fans Cry
03/09/16 When We Say A Game Is "Kiddie," Is It An Automatic Insult?
03/09/16 Sony: PlayStation VR Is Designed To Be A Mass Market Product
03/09/16 Sony Kicks Off Five-Part "Making Of" Vid Series For Uncharted 4
03/09/16 Doom Closed Beta Dates Revealed, New Multiplayer Trailer
03/09/16 The Division Becomes Ubisoft's Fastest-Selling Game Ever
03/08/16 PS3 Version of Star Ocean 5 Delayed in Japan
03/08/16 New PS4 Exclusive Everything Lets You Play As...Everything!
03/08/16 Take-Two's Aversion To Annualization Is Why We Love Them
03/08/16 The Division Easter Eggs Revealed
03/08/16 PSN Launch Party Sale: Highlighting 6 Top Digital Titles
03/08/16 Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Receives Date And Price
03/07/16 PS4 Version Of The Division Experiencing Bad Texture Issues?
03/07/16 Sniper Elite 4 Launches This Year on PS4 and Xbox One, Will Run At 1080p
03/07/16 Arcade Classic Pang Adventures Coming To PS4 On April 19
03/07/16 Overwatch Release Date, Beta Details
03/06/16 Tales Of Berseria Setting, Character And Combat Details
03/06/16 UFC 2 Promo Woes: First Rousey, Now McGregor Goes Down
03/06/16 Report: The Division Will Have "At Least 26 Missions" At Launch
03/06/16 How Did The Division Become One Of The Hottest New IPs Ever?
03/06/16 PSXE Poll Update: Uncharted 4 Is A Lock For GotY 2016
03/05/16 Battalion 1944 Kickstarter Fully Funded, Brings In $451K
03/04/16 'Metal Gear Solid' Fan Remake project "Shadow Moses" Cancelled
03/04/16 Wonder Boy Spiritual Successor, Monster Boy, Set For PS4
03/04/16 EA Sports Reveals UFC 2 Fighter Ratings
03/04/16 PSN Top Sellers For February: Firewatch, Primal And NFS
03/03/16 More Likely To Disappoint: Uncharted 4 Or No Man's Sky?
03/03/16 Mirror's Edge Catalyst Vids Show Off New Movement, Combat
03/03/16 Play as a Fish in the Exploration Game Koi
03/03/16 The Force Awakens Actor: Battlefront Kinda Needs A Campaign
03/03/16 Dead Island Definitive Collection Revealed
03/03/16 No Man's Sky Will Let Us Explore The Universe On June 21
03/02/16 Why Kingdom Hearts III Is The Only JRPG I Really Care About
03/02/16 Hitman's "Season Premiere" Trailer: Agent 47 Plays Dress-Up
03/02/16 Rocket League Enters The eSports Arena
03/02/16 GameStop Launches Interactive Campaign For The Division
03/02/16 Ubisoft Used Far Cry 4's Topography As A Guide For Primal
03/01/16 Star Ocean 5 PS3 vs PS4 Difference Explained, 60 FPS Confirmed On PS4
03/01/16 7 Games In 3 Months For Those Seeking Quality And Variety
03/01/16 Heavy Rain Now Available On PS4
03/01/16 Uncharted 4 Pushed Back 2 Weeks For "Manufacturing Time"
03/01/16 EA: Combined PS4/Xbox One Sales Have Reached 60 Million
03/01/16 Homefront: The Revolution Pre-Order Bonuses, Collector's Edition
03/01/16 Features for PS4 Update "Musashi", Beta Starts Tomorrow

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