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Sony On Driveclub Delay: It Just Wasn't Ready In November

Driveclub was supposed to be a PlayStation 4 launch title. Unfortunately, though, it wasn't ready.

That's the explanation Sony has given for the delay, and it's a common one. Sony UK boss Fergal Gara said that while racing fans were miffed, they "wanted it to be right:"

"I don't have any announcement on it now. The only reason that product was delayed and we haven't accurately communicated a revised release date is that we want it to be right. There's a fair promise in that title in what it wants to do with social features and really innovating in the driving genre.

There's no point in it coming out and half doing that job. It was quite ambitious and didn't quite get there in the timeline hoped. That's not great, but it's far better to bring it out at the standard."

All of that is true, of course. Nobody wants a half-ass product on the shelf, especially when it's an exclusive title for a new console. At the same time, I would've liked an actual release estimate update. We've heard that it might launch later this month (alongside Watch Dogs, actually) but other estimates have placed Driveclub in summer.

Do you have a problem with it being delayed? I don't. Get it right, I say.

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2/1/2014 10:21:33 AM Ben Dutka

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Saturday, February 01, 2014 @ 10:37:09 AM

It would have been too damaging to release an incomplete game that gets patched for 3 months.

Speaking of Watch Dogs the hype engine needs to ramp up for that again or they are gonna be hurting.

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Dell Taco
Saturday, February 01, 2014 @ 1:42:16 PM

I agree about watch dogs. I don't even know the last time I saw something new about it. When is it coming out? I've seen June and March.

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Saturday, February 01, 2014 @ 11:48:23 AM

Well not having it ready three months later is a total joke as it is, let alone anything longer. Any Project Manager should be able to adjust the timeframe simply with such a big timeframe.

If the delay was that drastic, then why hype the game in the first place? Why not just have announced it in January and released it in March/April? The length of time knowing this would be delayed has annoyed me immensely even more so without a single update since.

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Dell Taco
Saturday, February 01, 2014 @ 1:45:32 PM

This ^. If this game was so half put together they should have known from the start it wouldn't make the launch deadline. It has bugged me as well, just give an update to people.

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Saturday, February 01, 2014 @ 9:30:20 PM

shaydey77 you clearly don't know what you are talking about.

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Sunday, February 02, 2014 @ 7:45:34 AM

Project manager for two projects in the past (one completed on time and on budget the second on budget but three weeks delayed, gamer experience with over twenty years and three friends that are game developers.

I don't mind people disagreeing with me but at least have a reason to back up what you comment otherwise your point is not only invalid but completely irrelevant.

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Sunday, February 02, 2014 @ 12:17:29 PM

Well they announced it way back in February. There is no doubt in my mind that not only did they think they could get it done by November, but that they could of too.

But as a project continues their vision evolves. It comes down to sacrificing their vision and cutting a lot of stuff, or delaying it.

Its Sony's fault it was delayed. Sony choose to show it off in February. They are the publisher and they decide the release date too. Not a project manager. I'm sure it takes quite a bit of convincing on the developers part to show sony that the extra cost and time would be worth it. Sony was hyping the ps4 thats why they showed it off and February last year and thats why it was expected to be released in November.

Not sure why you think three months is enough time to get anything extra done not matter what. They were not just fixing random bugs but wanted the game to take on their vision. From what we know so far it sounds like it will have been the correct decision.

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Monday, February 03, 2014 @ 4:08:44 PM

Firstly, thank you for clarifying your comment.

I accept that as a project continues the vision evolves, but a vision that varies that dramatically over the course of over a full year of design is a failure in my eyes not to mention when you include the work done previous to that.

I don't think I'd be so annoyed if this was further into the generation, but as this was supposed to be a launch title that's what they should have had. Visions can change but a delay of this calibre leaves the overall game questionable at best.

I'll put it to you this way... if their vision is so great a change 1. why wait so late in the day to announce the delay and so close to release? 2. What is their new vision that will make this delay acceptable? (Still no updates). 3. Why has there not been a single update about it since?

This game should have been a day one game. Ps4 needs a racer.

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Saturday, February 01, 2014 @ 6:17:10 PM

Yeah, do it right the first time.

Consumers shouldn't be expected (or willing) to put up with Battlefield 4 type launches for games.

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Sunday, February 02, 2014 @ 2:12:11 AM

social, social, social, social, social, whos the casual company now!?
always knew this day would come!
nintys down the sh*tter, so $onys trying to steal their fanfare!
sigh, is this a GAME for the PS4, or a mobile application to work with facebook!?
well, there goes my hopes of this being $onys answer to forza horizon!

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Sunday, February 02, 2014 @ 3:13:10 AM

GameStop's website lists the first of April as the potential release date.

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wiiplay [Administrator]
Sunday, February 02, 2014 @ 3:45:33 AM

You'd have to be a Fool to believe that date. :p
(see what I did there?)

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Banky A
Sunday, February 02, 2014 @ 6:31:30 AM

My face == your dp

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Sunday, February 02, 2014 @ 1:55:26 PM

idk usually games do need to be finished pretty well but a game like driveclub, you know theyre going to continue to update it and fix bugs/glitches online play etc so why not release what you already got? i mean theres what? only need for speed out for a racing game and its not that fun.. id rather have a half-assed driveclub rather than nothing (i tried nfs rivals, its ok but doesnt warrant a purchase until a price drop, the whole game is sort of stale and bland to be honest)

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Sunday, February 02, 2014 @ 6:20:49 PM

This discussion makes me sad.

I get the criticisms against games that are released broken and patched again and again for weeks (or months) until they're fixed. That's a bad experience for everyone, but especially nasty for the people most excited about the game, those willing to pay full release price to get Day One, when it's at its worst.

I get the frustration of not knowing when a game is going to be released, but I don't think it compares to the first situation at all. You haven't invested anything but attention on the game - you haven't put down any money, and you haven't spent time playing a disappointing game.

Let them get it done. If it takes them an extra year and they release it November 2014, then so be it. Do it right, don't waste our time or our money on something that's not ready. I don't see why this is even a discussion.

If they haven't taken any of our money for a copy yet, then they don't owe us updates on when they're going to be finished. If we were talking a patch for a game I already bought, that would be a different story. But for this? Be patient, no matter how long it takes.

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