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Sony Forecasts A Bright Future, And A Very Profitable PS4

The current financial reports for Sony aren't exactly glowing (they're expecting losses in excess of $1 billion), but better times are ahead.

This according to Sony CFO Kenichiro Yoshida, Corporate Executive Hiroki Totoki, and Senior General Manager Kazuhiko Takeda, who spoke today during the company's second financial briefing for overseas analysts and investors (via DualShockers).

Yoshida began by apologizing for those big losses, but emphasized that it was due to Sony's aggressive effort to restructure the company and prepare for future growth. The upcoming fiscal year will include more of this, but Yoshida says it'll be the last and the future is "bright." He says the PS4 enjoyed a strong launch and it should turn a profit in the 2014 fiscal year. On the flip side, the Vita isn't meeting expectations, which isn't too surprising.

What is surprising is that Yoshida believes the PS4 could eventually reach the level of profit attained by the PS2...whether or not that can actually happen remains to be seen. The PS2 was like the perfect storm, remember.

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5/14/2014 11:41:46 AM Ben Dutka

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014 @ 12:05:23 PM

The simple fact that PS4 is far and away Sony's best hope to turn the company's fortunes around should fill all PS4 fans with good feelings. There is NO way they're gonna let this thing fail, guys :) We're in for some great games.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014 @ 2:12:51 PM

Hope that's not just spin, a billion in losses is trouble. MS can handle that, Sony not so easily.

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Lord carlos
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 @ 5:17:00 PM

They posted similar losses after the ps3 launch so im not worried.
They have plenty of irons in the fire.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014 @ 5:28:55 PM

MS's market capital is ~225 billion. Sony's is about ~18 billion. Not too many more billions Sony has left before they hit the bottom....

Last edited by Temjin001 on 5/14/2014 5:29:07 PM

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014 @ 5:31:32 PM

A vast majority of the losses came from Sony trying to sell off its PC business and outsourcing its TV division. Most of Sony's divisions actually made profits. The Playstation division posted a loss of $78 million, but in retrospect, that's actually chump change in comparison to the amount of money the Playstation division lost to launching the PS2 and PS3.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014 @ 7:43:23 PM

They have a long way to go before I will be worried about their financial situation.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014 @ 5:16:02 PM

So why the hell am I not working Patchers job? I've been predicting crap left and right and have been accurate. Maybe I was always meant to be a genie or something. A game genie. Ha. Yeah I should go to bed..

In other news, Sony is harvesting organs from humans to meet ends meet. This is done by forcing people to have ps+ for online interactions on the ps4.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014 @ 5:32:35 PM

The sooner Sony officially gets rid of its PC business and outsources its TV business, the sooner Sony will start earning profits.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014 @ 3:54:15 AM

no way in hell will the ps4 see the success the ps2 saw, hell NOTHING ever will see that level of success!
it had the market to itself, the gamecube was crap, and the xbox did not come out till a while later, and everyone hated the massive controller, overpriced system, and developers were not in love with it either.
no freaking way in hell will the ps4 see the level of success the ps2 did!

after all the closing of some of their biggest best studios, the relocations, the massive staff cuts, the massive budget cuts, the office sales, pay cuts, you would hope so!
im worried its too little too late though.
vaio and bravia have been sucking $ony dry for years now!
simply because there typical $ony, inferior product, but more expensive.
why the ^%$# would you buy a more expensive, and worse product?
$ony REALLY needs to hurry up and cut off the vaio, Xploid, home theater, and walkmans.

vaio has been a massive failure from the start.
they have been notorious for poor reliability from exploding batteries, overheating issues, charger issues, and when touch screens first came to laptops the first line had to be recalled because the screens were SNAPPING under the slightest pressure!
so with this shocking build quality you would think they were cheaper than the competition, right?
vaio have ALWAYS been 500+ bucks more expensive than any manufacture, be it asus, toshiba, HP, dell, or even freaking overpriced apple and alienware!
perfect example 4 years ago i was looking for a new high spec 17" notebook.
i narrowed it down to a alienware, asus ROG, or vaio because i liked the metal high gloss look.
the vaio was the most expensive, had by far the lowest specs, 2 steps down from both the AW and ASUS.
i ended up going with the ASUS as it was the cheapest of the bunch, and have had really bad experience with AW customer support.
which is the worst out there BTW!
or even now, last month i was looking for a new 15" laptop.
i had either the dell XPS 15 $2000, asus G750 $2000, or the vaio 15 $2600.
dell XPS had a higher res display than the macbook PRO, so its one of the highest res screens out there, had a more powerful processor, higher spec GPU, better battery life, superior in EVERY way, and yet its still 600 bucks cheaper!
then $ony wonders why the viao lines been bleeding money.......
and people say apple is a rip off!

xploid same thing, its never been a massive name in the industry, and for its price there are MUCH better units out there!
for instance im actually looking at a car radio now, and ive decided on the pioneer 8500DAB.
its actually cheaper than the $ony unit i was looking at, and same price as say the JVC R90, or a alpine series, and it actually offers more features and higher quality more powerful pre amps.
also none of the others offer a built in DAB+!
since when does lower quality, and less features, mean the price is higher!?
next im going to go to a ferrari dealership and see the F12 is cheaper than a friggin suzuki swift!

same thing with their home theater line, $ony has never been known for making amazing surround sound speakers.
players yes, they were the pioneer for CD, DVD, BR, and so on.
but strictly speakers, amps, processors, receivers, theve always been in the shadow of panasonic, samsung, yamaha, ect.
and yet yamaha is cheaper, i mean i bought a yamaha 7.1 system early last year and for the same price the $ony unit was only 5.1!
again, since when is lower quality, and lower quantity, cost more!?

walkmans kinda sad, $ony made a massive name of the walkman, they were the pioneer of music players portability, but now in the age of smartphones no one wants another device to carry.
yes they offer much better sound quality, especially with the NWZZX1, but thats 700 bucks!
whos going to spend 700 bucks on a walkman when they can use their phone, for FREE, and get what 80% of the sound quality?

thats exactly why $onys in the position they are in, and unless they change, unless they stop trying to sell a outhouse as the taj mahal, there going to stay there!

and everything else can be really successful if they bring it back to what it was!
whats sad is bravia use to be a buy word for TVs, especially XBR, XBRs were massively expensive but massively popular because they were among the best TVs on the market!
$ony REALLY needs to bring that back, bring us a amazing 4K OLED display, and that 4K short throw projector they showed at CES, and watch the bravia name go back to where it use to be!

Last edited by ___________ on 5/15/2014 3:57:06 AM

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Thursday, May 15, 2014 @ 9:49:57 AM

ugliest wallpaper I've ever seen

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Saturday, May 17, 2014 @ 10:04:50 AM

thats nice troll.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014 @ 6:49:05 PM

well i'd be glad to hear some good news from sony of their financials for once in a while and the keeping consistent

happy gaming =)

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