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New Updates for Playstation Vue Out Today, June 29th

The Playstation Vue app is getting some fancy new updates today. Having just recently tried this service out I have to admit I’m not fully equipped to decide if the updates are good or not but I think they look pretty good. I’ve come to the decision to “cut the cord” recently and I feel Playstation Vue is going to play a big part in being able to do that. I’m currently on the 7 day trial and so far I like it. Anyways, on with the updates.

Android devices

It seems I joined just in time as now I’ll be able to watch Vue on my phone if I so desire. I feel this gives a pretty good way to access Vue and makes it all the more accessible. Which is definitely a good thing. 

Thumbnail on guide

That was one thing I noticed pretty quick is when you open up the guide (basically like cable that shows all the channels and what’s on) the show you were watching is covered up by it. After the update a small thumbnail will show what channel you’re currently watching. Nothing too major here, but it is a little more familiar I suppose. Meh, it’s cool. 

News Images II

Quick navigation on ps3 and ps4

I’m still finding my way around Vue. It’s fairly straight forward but a bit different then what I am used to. Again, this is not a major fix or anything but it makes getting around a little easier. The quick navigation menu is brought up with the touchpad on PS4 or by holding triangle on PS3 and has shortcuts to last channel (apparently a pretty highly requested feature), my shows, guide, explore, and search. Cool. 

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Quicker way to fast-forward/rewind

I haven’t really messed with this yet so I haven’t had a chance to be inconvenienced. So I probably won’t even notice any difference. If it was even a problem in the first place. But anything that makes things easier is a plus.

Favorites show up in guide ahead of regular channels

On Vue you can add shows to favorites which basically means it will record those shows for you similar to DVR functions. It will hold onto your shows on the cloud for up to 28 days. Which is pretty cool. Anyways, this feature adds those saved shows in front of the other channels on the guide. Again, accessibility.

Some ui improvements

I’m probably not going to notice these but hey that’s cool. Good ui enhances the experience so if those are improved that’s good. I think I may get on Vue and see if I notice anything.


So those are some new updates for Playstation Vue, an app that I’m starting to like the more I get used to it. Maybe I’ll write a review for it soon. What do you think? I already think it’s a good alternative to having cable. Do any of you use Vue? And what do you think of it?

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6/29/2016 6:01:41 PM Christopher D. Anderson

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Comments (4 posts)

Wednesday, June 29, 2016 @ 7:24:33 PM

I'll probably do a month to stay on top of the Summer Olympics.

I tried the free trial a few weeks back and liked the service. I just didn't watch enough tv to justify keeping it.

Last edited by Temjin001 on 6/29/2016 7:25:59 PM

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Thursday, June 30, 2016 @ 10:54:32 AM

"I just didn't watch enough tv to justify keeping it."

Same here. I have looked into Vue and Sling TV but never have pulled the trigger. I dont watch TV at all, almost. I left cable 2 years ago and dont miss it one bit. Just recently got Netflix, but I might watch one or two nights of shows per week. For 9.99 per month thats ok with me. For 30-50 per month, no way.

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Thursday, June 30, 2016 @ 12:33:55 PM

Yea, my family really likes Netflix. It's add-free and cheap and it's always on demand.
It felt really nostalgic having to search for shows on PS Vue that happened only during certain times of the day. Yea, I don't miss those days at all.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2016 @ 5:11:10 PM

I would love to try it, but last time when I checked it was not available in my area. *shrugs*

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