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Bleach: Heat the Soul 3
Unlock Playable Characters

Ishida Quincy Final Stage - Clear Story Mission #6
Hitsugaya Bankai - Clear Story Mission #9
Renji Bankai - Clear Story Mission #12
Byakuya Bankai - Clear Story Mission #17
Hisagi Shuuhei - Clear Time Attack with Komamura Sajin
Ise Nanao - Clear Time Attack with Kyouraku Shunsui
Komamura Sajin - Clear Time Attack with Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni
Kurotsuchi Nemu - Clear Time Attack with Kurotsuchi Mayuri
Kusajishi Yachiru - Clear Time Attack with Zaraki Kenpachi
Kyouraku Shunsui - Clear Time Attack with Ukitake Jyuushirou
Rukia Shinigami - Clear Time Attack with Kuchiki Rukia
Ulquiorra - Beat Karakura Heroes Match

Unlock Partner Characters

On Soul Road (Hard or Normal difficulty), a question will appear when you hit a blue spot with at least 60% Trust. Answer the question correctly, and you will unlock the corresponding partner (the solution will be their name):

Hanatarou - Use Ichigo or Bankai Ichigo
Iba Tetsuzaemon - Use Rangiku
Ikkaku - Use Renji or Bankai Renji
Isane - Use Hinamori
Isshin - Use Chad
Karin - Use Chad
Keigo - Use Ichigo or Bankai Ichigo
Kojima Mizuiro - Use Ichigo or Bankai Ichigo
Kon - Use Rukia or Shinigami Rukia
Kuukaku - Use Yoruichi
Tousen - Use Gin
Unohana - Use Ishida or Final State Quincy Ishida
Ururu - Use Urahana
Yumichika - Use Kenpachi
Yuzu - Use Urahana

Karakura Heroes Match

To unlock this extra match, finish all 20 story missions.

EX Survival Mode

Win 10+ battles in Survival Mode with any character to unlock the harder EX version.