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Wipeout Pure
Initial Speed Boost
Tap the accelerator the instant GO appears and you'll launch out of the starting gate with your turbo engaged.

Unlock New Artwork
For every race you win with a Gold Medal, you'll unlock a new piece of artwork.

Unlock New Tournaments
Beta: Beat Alpha Tournament
Ascension: Beat Beta Tournament

Unlock New Vehicle Classes
Repeatedly Beat Ascension Tournament with Current Class

Unlock Zone Vehicles
Get Gold Medals on all 4 Zone tracks

Unlock Zone Team
The above, plus get high scores on all 4 Zone tracks

Unlock Classic Tracks
Earn all gold in each difficulty class to unlock a classic track.

Unlock Livery Mode
Complete the Ascension Tournament in the Flash vehicle class

Unlock Manor Top Track (Classic)
Earn 40 Gold Medals

Unlock Phantom Class
Obtain a medal in the Flash Ascension

Unlock Mandarshee Track (Classic )
Get 60 Gold Medals.

Secret Pack Download Codes
Jak X Racing Pack-- Square, X, Triangle, Circle
Daxter Pack-- Circle, Square, X, Triangle
Socom 3 Pack-- X, Triangle, Circle, Square
Socom Fire Team Bravo Pack-- Triangle, Circle, Square, X
(input these after selecting "Secret Packs" from the Downloads menu)