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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

In the latest Monster Hunter Portable iteration for the PSP, you've got a bigger and better adventure than ever before. If you get hooked on this one, you can expect to spend a lot of time playing!


Here are the unlockable movies:

Amatsumagatsuchi Ecology Kill Amatsumagatsuchi
Jinouga Ecology Kill or capture one Jinouga
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Festival Event Complete the 4 star Urgent Quest
Monster Hunter Portbale 3rd In- Game Intro Start a new game
Qurupeco Ecology Kill or capture one Qurupeco
Uragaan Ecology Kill or capture one Uragaan


Want Infinite Scraps? Check this out:

1. Talk to the Felyne that makes equipment designed for Felynes

2. Select Acquire Scrap Items

3. Select To Acquire Scraps From Your Bag

4. Make Scraps

5. Immediately open your bag and the item you wanted to make scraps from will still be there; plus, the scraps will be inside your box.