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Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb Collection

Ah, pinball. The original arcade classic comes to the PSP in a variety of forms. The Gottlieb Collection has plenty of great tables to try, and if you want the edge, we've got some codes for ya...


999 Credits JAT
Freeplay on Black Hole LIS
Freeplay on Goin' Nuts PHF
Unlock freeplay on Big Shot UJP
Unlock freeplay on Love machine HOT
Unlock freeplay on Tee'd Off PGA
Unlock freeplay on Xolten BIG
Unlocks 'Payout' Mode WGR
Unlocks Aces High for freeplay UNO
Unlocks Central Park for freeplay NYC
Unlocks custom balls in Options CKF
Unlocks free play on Strikes 'N Spares PBA
Unlocks optional tilt in Options BZZ
Unlocks Playboy table for Freeplay HEF