PSP Cheats: Rengoku: Tower of Purgatory Cheats

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Rengoku: Tower of Purgatory Cheats

Cheat: Unlockable Pictures

Statius: Defeat in lvl 7 boss fight
Minos: defeat Minos and save
Briareos: defeat Briareos and save
Sphinx: defeat Sphinx and save
Alkmaion: defeat Alkmaion and save
Others-A: save at least once
Others-B: save at least once
Type01: Save at least once
A.D.A.M: Save at least once
Mars: Beat Mars in the Tower
Lycaon: Beat Lycaon in the Tower
Gryphus: Defeat in lvl 8 boss fight
Deucalion-A: Finish the game twice
Deucalion-B: Finish the game twice

Unlockable: True Ending
Beat the game twice, and you'll earn the game's real ending with a cut scene at the end.

Hint: Get rid of enemies
If you go in a room that you already cleared, and it has enemies in it, go out the door you came in, and then come back. All the bad guys will be gone.

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