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Lumines Cheats

Unlockable Characters

Character 23- Get 50 deletes in Time Attack 60

Character 24- Get 150 deletes in Time Attack 180

Character 25- Get 250 deletes in Time Attack 300

Character 38- Get 500 deletes in Time Attack 600

Character 39- Beat level 1 in VS. CPU

Character 40- Beat level 2 in VS. CPU

Character 41- Beat level 3 in VS. CPU

Character 42- Beat level 4 in VS. CPU

Character 43- Beat level 5 in VS. CPU

Character 44- Beat level 6 in VS. CPU

Character 45- Beat level 7 in VS. CPU

Character 46- Beat level 8 in VS. CPU

Character 47- Beat level 9 in VS. CPU

Character 48- Beat level 10 in VS. CPU

Unlockable Skins

Note: There is some randomization in awarded skins.

45 Degrees- Clear all normal puzzles in Puzzle Mode

Aback- Get to level 40 in Challenge Mode

Automobile Industry- Beat level 2 in VS. CPU

Big Elpaso- Get to level 70 in Challenge Mode

Brash Beat- level 8 in VS. CPU

Chinese restaurant- Beat level 9 in VS. CPU

Da-Di-Do- Get to level 52 in Challenge Mode

Dark side beside the river- Get to level 36 in Challenge Mode

Fly Into The Sky- Get to level 95 in Challenge Mode

Get up and go- Get to level 90 in Challenge Mode

Holiday In Summer- Get to level 60 in Challenge Mode

I hear the music in my Soul- Get to level 32 in Challenge Mode

Japanese Form- Beat level 1 in VS. CPU

Just...- Get to level 28 in Challenge Mode

Lights- Get to level 100 in Challenge Mode

Meguro- Get to level 80 in Challenge Mode

Mekong- Beat level 5 in VS. CPU

Moon Beam- Beat level 10 in VS. CPU

Morning Beats- Unlocked by 20 hours of play time

My Generation- Get to level 75 in Challenge Mode

Please return my CD- Beat level 3 in VS. CPU

Prime Factor- Clear all x2 puzzles in Puzzle Mode

Rodent- Unlocked by 10 hours of play time

Round About- Get to level 8 in Challenge Mode

Shake Ya Body- Get to level 16 in Challenge Mode

Shinin'- Complete Challenge Level 1

Sister Walk- Get to level 48 in Challenge Mode

Slipping- Get to level 12 in Challenge Mode

Spirits- Get to level 85 in Challenge Mode

Square Dance- Get to level 20 in Challenge Mode

Strangers- Get to level 56 in Challenge Mode

Take A Dog Out A Walk- Get to level 65 in Challenge Mode

Talk 2 You- Get to level 24 in Challenge Mode

The bird singing in the night- Beat level 4 in VS. CPU

The Spy Loves Me- Beat level 7 in VS. CPU

Tin Toy- Rewarded after clearing VS. CPU

Urbanization- Get to level 4 in Challenge Mode

Water, Flower & Lights- Get 999,999 in Challenge Mode

Whoop-De-Do- Beat level 6 in VS. CPU

Working In The Hole- Get to level 44 in Challenge Mode

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