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Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops+ Cheats

Character Passwords (NTSC Version)
At the password screen, enter the following:

R.R.R. - Unlock Ocelot.
PK +ESP - Unlock Ursual.
E.APPLE - Unlock Eva.
!TRAUMER - Unlock Ga-Ko.
ERBE - Unlock Gene.
JUNKER - Unlock Cunningham.
THE-L - Unlock Elisa.
1+2-3 - Unlock Major Zero.
Hunter-n - Unlocks Null.
PM-EMS - Unlock Paramedic.
LQ.N2 - Unlock Python.
IVN =RV - Unlock Raikov.
DARPA-1 - Unlock Sigint.
SATURNV - Unlock Solokov.
T.F-ACID - Unlock Teliko.
MGA2VE - Unlock Venus.

To unlock the relevant characters, complete the following tasks:

Cunningham: On any difficulty, defeat Cunningham through stamina and complete the game before 1971. He will be available next game.

Elisa: Unlock Elisa after getting a Medic level of 80.

Gene: Stamina kill Gene and recruit 200 soldiers in the same game.

Major Zero: On your second playthrough, he will be available, if you have a MGS:DGN save on the same stick.

Null: Kill him on the second battle and he'll be available on your second playthrough.

Para Medic: On the Comm Tower stage, contact her. She need rescuing in the Hospital stage, place spies there as well.

Python: Stamina kill

Raikov: Get spies in the Western Wilderness, then complete the Guard House mission. You should receive a report after the Guard House mission.

Sigint: When Snake is captured and rescued, contact Signit on the Comm Tower stage, then rescue him in town.

Sokolov: Give Sokolov the Saturn V blueprints

Teliko: Have an Acid save on your memory stick, and Teliko will be available on your second playthrough

Venus: Have an Acid 2 save on your stick, and Venus will be available on your second playthrough.

Additional Unlockables: Beating the game unlocks the Extreme Difficulty mode Beating the game with a combined Tech level of 99 unlocks the Stealth Camo.

*There is no space after the plus sign.

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