PSP Cheats: X-Men Legends II: Rise of the Apocalypse Cheats

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X-Men Legends II: Rise of the Apocalypse Cheats

Hidden Characters:
To get the characters below, complete the action lised

Dark Phoenix - Finish story mode.
Cable - Finish all Bonus Comic Book missions.
X-Man - Finish the Bonus Comic Book missions.
Cannonball - Finish the Bonus Comic Book missions.

Unlock All Characters
In the team management menu and enter RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, UP, UP, START.

God Mode
Enter Pause Menu and hit DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, START.

Age of Apocalypse Costumes & Original Scarlet Witch Outfit
Complete Act II.

Civilian Outfits for Storm, Cyclops, & Wolverine
Complete Act III.

Professor X
Complete all danger room missions.


Unlockable: Canonball
Take the extraction point to the pantheon and then go to the teleport beam which gets you to the tower engineering. Once you're at the tower of engineering, it's behind one of the beams, down near the bottom.

Unlockable: All Comics
RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, UP, RIGHT, START (Enter the code while you're in the review computer)
in the main menu

Unlockable: Iron Man
Find all four homing beacons from each act and then return to your home location. Enter the portal and battle your way through to collect the Iron Man item.

Party Bonuses:
Changing up your party members will yield bonuses for certain combinations. To earn the following bonuses, simply make your party match what we've listed for each bonuse

Attack Doubled:
Party uses Age of Apocalypse costumes.

Plus 5 percent XP earned:
Party consists of Nightcrawler, Sunfire, Toad, Deadpool -or- Juggernaut, Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Toad.

Recoup 20 energy per kill:
Party consists of Juggernaut, Colossus, Wolvernine, Rogue -or- Cyclops, Jean Grey, Gambit, Rogue.

5 percent of damage is added to party health:
Party consists of rogue, Deadpool, Gambit, Wovlerine -or- Storm, Scarlet Witch, Rogue, Jean Grey.

Damage increased 5 percent:
Party consists of Gambit, Bishop, Cyclops, Iron Man -or- Bishop, Deadpool, Nightcrawler, Gambit.

Health regeneration at 5 per instance:
Party consists of Magneto, Professor X, Scarlet Witch, Juggernaut.

All resistances increased by 10:
Party consists of Storm, Iceman, Sunfire, Magneto.

All statistics increased by 10:
Party consists of Colossus, Juggernaut, Iron Man, Magneto.

Party health increased by 15 percent:
Party consists of Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Wolverine, Bishop -or- Nightclawler, Storm, Colossus, Sunfire.

Energy limits increased by 15 percent:
Party consists of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Magneto, Toad, Professor X.

More techbit drops:
Party consists of Iceman, Professor X, Iron Man, Deadpool.

Act 1 Trivia Answers:
Each correct answer in Act 1 is worth 50 XP.

Q. Sabretooth's archenemy is:
A. Wolverine

Q. In the video game X-Men: Legends, Iceman had a crush on
A. Alison Crestmere

Q. Juggernaut first appeared in X-Men number:
A. 12

Q. As a young man, Gambit wed an assassin named:
A. Bella Donna Boudreaux

Q. What is Victor Creed's mutant code name?
A. Sabretooth

Q. Forge has been romantically linked to:
A. Storm

Q. While growing up in an orphanage, Cyclops was bullied by a boy
named Nathan, who was really:
A. Mister Sinister

Q. Which is true of Colossus in his armored form?
A. Even his eyeballs become steel-like

Q. Beast was born a mutant because:
A. His father was exposed to a massive amount of radiation

Q. What is Apocalypse's real name?
A. En Sabah Nur

Q. Before joining the X-Men, Angel was a crime fighter who worked under
the name:
A. Avenging Angel

Q. Abyss is able to:
A. Pull enemies into an inter-dimensional cavity in his chest

Q. Blink's real name is:
A. Clarice Ferguson

Q. What is Lorna Dane's X-Men code name?
A. Polaris

Q. Blob is originally from:
A. Lubbock, Texas

Q. Grizzly worked for which team?
A. Six Pack

Q. Why does Lady Deathstrike hate Wolverine?
A. She thinks he stole her father's work in adamantium

Q. Quicksilver's mutant power is:
A. Super speed

Q. What is Polaris' mutant power?
A. Magnetic Manipulation

Q. Blink's protector is:
A. Sabretooth

Q. Which X-Man saved Polaris from Mesmero?
A. Iceman

Q. Before joining the Brotherhood, Blob worked at:
A. A traveling circus

Q. What color hair does Polaris have?
A. Green

Q. Quicksilver and his sister were raised by:
A. Gypsies

Q. What secret project did Wolverine and Sabretooth both belong to?
A. Weapon X

Q. Cable, Domino, Grizzly, George Washington Bridge, Hammer and Kane
together form what group?
A. Six Pack

Q. Blink is able to teleport:
A. As far away as the moon

Q. Zealot is the bitter enemy of:
A. Magneto

Q. Quicksilver's real name is:
A. Pietro Maximoff

Q. Sabretooth made his debut in which Marvel comic book?
A. Iron Fist

Q. Jean's psychic powers awoke when:
A. Her friend was hit by a car

Q. Juggernaut frequently partners up with which of the following mutants?
A. Black Tom Cassidy

Q. Who did Sabretooth have a son with?
A. Mystique

Q. What is Lady Deathstrike's real name?
A. Yuriko Oyama

Q. Who are the children of Magneto?
A. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver

Q. Which Marvel hero's comic did Mystique first appear in 1978?
A. Ms. Marvel

Q. Lady Deathstrike's father developed a process for:
A. Bonding adamantium to bone

Q. Abyss works for:
A. Apocalypse

Q. Where is Genosha located?
A. The Indian Ocean

Q. Professor Xavier attended which university?
A. Oxford

Q. On average, if Rogue touches a mutant for a minute, how long does
she retain that mutant's powers?
A. 60 minutes

Q. Which of these mutants can't fly?
A. Wolverine

Q. What time traveling team of mutants does Blink belong to?
A. Exiles

Q. Who here is not a mutant?
A. Juggernaut

Q. What group of criminals did Lady Deathstrike join after her attempt
to kill Wolverine failed?
A. The Reavers

Q. Blob is able to generate:
A. A gravitational force that makes him immovable

Q. What X-Man did Polaris have a relationship with?
A. Havok

Q. Forge was contracted by the U.S. Government to develop a way to
detect an alien race known as:
A. Dire Wraiths

Q. Who is Sabretooth's son?
A. Graydon Creed

Q. Beast was born in:
A. Dunfee, Illinois

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