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DJ Max Portable 2 Cheats

Okay, music followers, here's your portable rhythm fix. It's the sequel to the popular DJ Max Portable, and it has even more songs to master! Think you can become a master...?

Unlockable Avatars

01. Basic Character Default Avatar
02. Nare (Right Now) Clear "First Step" mission
03. Moki (Lost'n Found) Clear "Day Dream" mission
04. Laira (Bye Bye Love) Clear "Lovexteme" mission
05. Hwan (Get on Top) Clear "The Robots" mission
06. Ami (Stay With Me) Clear "Sweetcute" mission
07. Root (Syriana) Clear "Funkfest" mission
08. Stella (Mess it Up) Clear "Fever Time" mission
09. Musiro (Yo Creo Que Si) Clear "Breaking the Law" mission
10. Katharine (Starfish) Clear "Rock'n Night" mission
11. Namoo (Negative Nature) Clear "Natural Life" mission
12. Kaya (Nightmare) Clear "Angelic Eyes" mission
13. Angela (Divine Service) Clear "Deadly Poison" mission, or play 2272 songs
14. Mimi (Yellowberry ~AJ MIx~) Clear "Deep Mist" mission, or play 2274 songs
15. Ban (Divine Service) Clear "Emotion Pulse" mission, or play 2276 songs
16. Remy (Sunset Rider) Clear "Lite House" mission, or play 2284 songs
17. Seha (Ladymade Star) Clear "Rave 2 Wave" mission, or play 2284 song, or win 5 Network Battles
18. NB Ranger (Any NB Ranger Songs) Clear "Return of the Dragon" mission, or play 2288 songs
19. Lion (Brave it Out) Clear "Russian Roulette" mission, or play 2292 songs
20. Amiel (Fallen Angel) Clear "Penalty Area" mission, or play 2296 songs
21. Hully (Blythe?) Clear "Memory of the Past" mission, or play 2300 songs
22. TE-1116 (Negative Nature) Clear "Boutique Rules" mission, or play 2304 songs
23. Deen (Nightmare) Clear "Friday Nightmare" mission, or play 2308 songs
24. Zina (Stalker) Clear "Femme Fatale" mission, or play 2312 songs
25. Pinky (Hello Pinky) Clear "NieNova" mission, or play 2316 songs
26. Preiya (OblivioN) Clear "Style Misture" mission, or play 2320 songs
27. Pino (My Alias) Clear "Panaxism" mission, or play 2320 songs
28. Jeremi (Outlaw) Clear "Black & White" mission, or play 2328 songs
29. Teakwonburi (Taekwonburi) Clear "Animal Crew" mission, or play 2332 songs
30. Agness (Fentanest) Clear "TARIta" mission, or play 2336 songs
31. El (DMP2 Band Vocals) Clear "Ruby 2uesday" mission, or play 2530 songs
32. Minseo (DMP2 Band Guitarist) Clear "Ache's Visual Lab" mission, or play 2540 songs
33. Mars (Minus 3) Clear "Croove's Clover" mission, or play 2550 songs
34. Rita (Brandnew Days) Clear "Planetboom Track" mission, or play 2560 songs
35. Ninja Quaidan (Rocka-a-doodle-doo) Clear "Makou Syndrome" mission, or play 2570 songs
36. Erusi (Another Day) Clear "FE FActory" mission, or play 2625 songs
37. Beki (Get Out) Clear "Beat Generation" mission, or play 2650 songs
38. Jisu (Midnight Blood) Clear "M2U'S Tranceform" mission, or play 2660 songs
39. Mob (Lost'n Found) Clear "Global Sensation" mission, or play 2670 songs
40. Dr. Hechi (My Alias) Clear "Head Spin" mission, or play 2680 songs
41. Edith (DMP2 Band Guitar) Clear "Electronic License" mission, or play 2690 songs
42. Eruki (Another Day) Clear "CRooFE" mission, or play 2710 songs
43. Junghye (Seoliem) Clear "ND Lee" mission, or play 2720 songs
44. NB Mask (NB POWER) Clear "NB VS Envy" mission, or play 2750 songs
45. Melody (DMP2 Band Keyboard) Clear "She is Miya" mission, or play 2770 songs
46. Sadori (Showtime) Clear "Just 1%" mission, or play 2790 songs
47. Dr. Storm (Brain Storm) Clear "Brain Survival" mission, or play 2810 songs
48. L (DMP1 Band Vocals) Play 18 songs in Link Disc
49. Ari (DMP1 Band Keyboard Player) Play 1 song in Link Disc
50. Lena (DMP1 Band Guitarist) Play 4 songs in Link Disc

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