PSP Cheats: Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Cheats

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Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Cheats

The Monster Hunter games have helped boost PSP sales for years now, and that's because these titles are just so damn popular. Go a-questing with friends, take down hordes of baddies, and become a master hunter!


Here's to unlock all the Gallery Movies in the game.


A Phantom Appears Encounter a Kirin
Akantor Ecology Slay Akantor
All videos Defeat Akantor
Anger and Calamity Slay Crimson Fatalis
Behold The Kut-Ku Spot Yian Kut-Ku
Burning Rock Complete the "Volcano Gathering" Quest
Congalala Ecology Ecnounter a Congalala
Daiymo Hermitaur Ecology Defeat Daiymo Hermitaur
Deep Forest Illusion Spot Chameleos
Desert Hunter Encounter a Cephadrome
Desert Tyrant Encounter a Diablos
Diablos Ecology Encounter a Diablos
Emperor of Flame Encounter Elder Village Teostra
Empress of Flame Encounter a Lunastra
Gravios Ecology Encounter a Gravios
Khezu ecology Defeat Khezu
Kushala Daora Ecology Encounter a Kushala Daora
Lao Shan Lung Spot Lao Shan Lung
Lao Shan Lung!? spot Shen Gaoren
Legend of Flight Slay Fatalis
Light In The Dark Spot Khezu
Location Of Eternity Complete the "Forest and Hills" Gathering Quest
One Horned Daiymo Spot Daiymo Hermitaur
Plesioth Ecology Defeat Plesioth
Raging Tigrex Encounter a Tigrex in the 5* Elder Urgent Quest
Rathian Ecology Encounter a Rathian
Revived Queen's Battle Encounter G-rank Lunastra
Roar Of The Horn Spot Monoblos
Roar of the Wolf Spot Yian Garuga
Rocky Mountain Dragon Spot Azure Lao-Shan Lung
Shadow in the Tempest Encounter a Kushala Daora at Jungle
Silver World Complete the "Mountain Gathering" Quest
Steel In The Blizzard Spot Kushala Daora
Sterling Hunter Encounter a Giadrome
The Ancestor Encounter White Fatalis
The Devil's Scythe Encounter a Shogun Ceanataur in 4* Elder Quest
The Green of the Land Complete the "Jungle Gathering" Quest
The Jungle Outlaw Encounter a Congalala
The Piscine Plesioth Spot Plesioth
The Poison Gypceros Spot Gypceros
The Raging Rajang Encounter Elder Village Rajang
The Roaring King Encounter a Bulldrome
The Sly Hunter Encounter a Velocidrome
The Still Swamp Entered the swamp ara for the first time
The Tower Leave Camp in Tower Area
The Tyrant Tigrex Ecnounter a Tigrex
The White Darkness Encounter a Blangonga
Tigrex Ecology Encounter a Tigrex in the 5* Elder Urgent Quest
Tyrannical Roar Encounter Akantor
Volcanic Leader Encounter a Gravios
White Night Dune Entered the desert area for the first time

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