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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Cheats

If you're a fan of action/RPGs, chances are you're a pretty big Monster Hunter follower. And if not, there are plenty of reasons to get involved, especially if you've got a PSP laying around collecting dust. Hundreds of entertainment hours here!


Here are all the Monster Ecology Movies; they're unlocked by defeating certain enemies.

Akantor ecology Slay an Akantor
Babakonga ecology Slay a Babakonga
Diablos ecology Slay a Diablos
Gravios ecology Slay a Gravios
Khezu ecology Slay a Khezu
Kusharudaora ecology Slay the kusharudaora at the Mountain area
Plesioth ecology Slay a Plesioth
Rathian ecology Slay a Rathian
Tigrex ecology Slay a Tigrex
Zazami ecology Slay the zazami in the desert crab urgent quest

And these are the Monster Intro Gallery Movies:

Akantor Encounter Akantor
Ancient (White) Fatalis Intro Encounter Ancient Fatalis
Babakonga Intro Encounter a Babakonga
Cephadrome Intro Encounter a Cephadrome
Crimson Fatalis Intro Encounter Crimson Fatalis
Diablos Intro Encounter a Diablos
Dodobrango Intro Encounter a Dodobrango
Dos Fango Intro Encounter a Dos fango
Fatalis Intro Encounter Fatalis
Giadrome Intro Encounter a Giadrome
Gizami Intro Encounter a Gizami
Gravios Intro Encounter a Gravios
Gypceros Intro Encounter a Gypceros
Hypnoc Intro Encounter Hypnoc
Khezu Intro Encounter a Khezu
Kirin Intro Encounter Kirin at the Mountain Area
Kusharudaora Intro 1 Do the purple dress lady urgent quest
Kusharudaora Intro 2 ncounter a Kusharudaora in the mountains
Lao Shan Lung Intro Do the lao shan lung quest requested by the legendary blacksmith
Monoblos Intro Encounter a Monoblos
Nana Teskatory Intro 1 Do the Nana teskatory urgent quest
Nana Teskatory Intro 2 Do the Nana teskatory quest at the tower
Narugakaruga Intro Encounter Narugakaruga
Oonazuchi Intro Encounter Oonazuchi at the Forest & Hills Area
Rahjan Intro Encounter a Rahjan in the Elder Dual Rahjan quest
Rathalos Intro Encounter a Rathalos
Rathian Intro Encounter a Rathian
Teo Teskatoru Intro Encounter Teo teskatoru at the Volcano Area
Ucamulbu Intro Encounter Ucamulbu
Velocidrome Intro Encounter a Velocidrome
Volganos Intro Encounter Volganos
Yamatukami Intro Encounter Yamatukami
Yian Garuga Intro Encounter a Garuga
Yian Kut Ku Intro Encounter a Yian Kut Ku
Zazami Intro Encounter a Zazami

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