PSP Cheats: ATV Offroad Fury: Blazin' Trails Cheats

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ATV Offroad Fury: Blazin' Trails Cheats

Profile Password Cheats
At the main menu, select Options. Enter Player Profile and go to Enter Cheat. Enter the following exactly like you see written:

Password -- Effect
$moneybags$ -- 1500 Credits.
TO LAZY -- All ATVs except G-Ride and Fury bike
TRICK IT OUT -- All bike parts
N0GAME -- All events (that's a ZERO not an O)
SMOG TEST -- All exhausts
All Access -- Everything but Fury bike.
+THREE -- Ravage Talon ATVs
Billboards -- All Music Videos.
Duds -- All Rider Gear.
Dubs -- All Rims.

Expert Levels
If you want the Expert levels you have to finish the game on Normal with a Gold cup and only Gold.

Unlock Ice Tournament
Complete the Amateur National on Expert Level with a Gold cup. No other cup will suffice.

Easy ATVs
Complete every course in training and depending on what cup/trophy you get, you will get a prize:

Gold = 3 Talon ATVs
Silver = 2 Talon ATVs
Bronze = 1 Talon ATV.

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