PSP Walkthroughs: Twisted Metal: Head On Walkthrough

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Twisted Metal: Head On Walkthrough

Twisted Metal: Head-On Guide and FAQs
Strategy Guide and FAQs

Author: Jonas Cabrera (Kazen) 

System: Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Developer: Incognito Inc.
Publisher: SCEA


04/11/05 - Start
04/13/05 - Online guide
04/14/05 - Tips
04/17/05 - Done
04/17/05 - Upload to
04/18/05 - Updates Corrections
04/22/05 - Update Tips and Typos

Stuff you should know 

This Guide is for Personal, Private use only. You cannot reproduce or 
distribute this guide without proper permission from the author. Just 
send me an Email if you want to use it on your website or post it 

All trademarks and copyrights in this Document are owned by their 
respective owners.  

Table of Contents                              [00000]

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1) Introduction ...............................[10000]
2) Basic Guide ................................[20000] 		
   a)	Controls ................................[20001]
   b)	Your Screen .............................[20002]
   c)	Energy Attack ...........................[20003]
   d)	Vehicle Upgrades ........................[20004]	
3) Characters and Vehicles ....................[30000]  
   a)	Roadkill ................................[30001]
   b)	Shadow ..................................[30002]
   c)	Mr. Grimm ...............................[30003]
   d)	Sweet Tooth	.............................[30004]
   e)	Thumper .................................[30005]
   f)	Specter .................................[30006]
   g)	Twister .................................[30007]
   h)	Outlaw ..................................[30008]
   i)	Grasshopper .............................[30009]
   j)	Warthog .................................[30010]
   k)	Axel ....................................[30011]
   l)	Mr. Slam ................................[30012]
   m)	Crimson Fury ............................[30013]
   n)	HammerHead ..............................[30014]
   o)	Cousin Eddy .............................[30015]
   p)	ATV .....................................[30016]
   q)	Dark Tooth ..............................[30017]
   r)	Tower Tooth	.............................[30018]
4) Endings Summary ............................[40000](spoiler warning)
5) Weapons ....................................[50000] 
6) Maps .......................................[60000]
   a)	Big Blue Stadium ........................[60001]
   b)	Los Angeles	.............................[60002]
   c)	Paris	...................................[60003]
   d)	Egypt ...................................[60004]	
   e)	Roman Ruins	.............................[60005]
   f)	Russia ..................................[60006]
   g)	Greece ..................................[60007]
   h)	Monaco ..................................[60008]
   i)	Tokyo Street ............................[60009]
   j)	Tokyo Rooftops ..........................[60010]
   k) Deathmatch map ..........................[60011]
7) Single Player ..............................[70000]
   a)	Boss Battle .............................[70001]
   b) Mini Games ..............................[70002]
8) Multiplayer ................................[80000]	
   a) Online Lobby ............................[80001]
   b) Creating a Game .........................[80002]
   c) Relics ..................................[80003] 
   d) Game Modes ..............................[80004]
9) FAQs .......................................[90000] 
   a) Common FAQs .............................[90001]
   b) Online FAQS .............................[90002]
10)Online Guide ..............................[1000aa]
   a)	Online Setup (PSP) .....................[1000bb]
   b)	Online Setup (in-game) .................[1000cc]
11)Tips ......................................[11000a]
12)Secrets & Cheats ..........................[12000b]
13)Contact Info & Legal  .....................[13000c]

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==1= INTRODUCTION ============ 10000 ===

Hi guys, I am Kazen and this is a Guide/FAQs for Twisted Metal: Head-On. 
This is the first game that I bought for my PSP and I enjoy this game a 
lot especially the Multiplayer part of it. You can read my full review 

TM:HO is the latest in the long running series car combat genre of 
games. It first came out for PlayStation then followed by a couple of 
sequels, and then Twisted Metal: Black for PlayStation 2. This game is 
Car Combat action game; basically you drive around and destroy your 
opponents with the use of different kinds of weapons and techniques.

The story is always the same from the beginning of the series. Calypso a 
mad man started the Twisted Metal Tournament and who ever wins the 
tournament will receive any kind of wish he wants to.   

In this guide I will provide you the basic and vital information about 
the game, I also include some of my comments and tips for you to use and 
try. This comments and tips are based on my opinion and how I do it and 
it might differ from what you do or your opinion, so don't bother me if 
you don't like em...

This is my first FAQs/Guide so forgive me if i have error, errors can 
happen sometimes you know.

==2= BASIC GUIDE ============= 20000 ===

This includes the things you should know when playing the game. The 
Basic Controls, Your screen and Energy attack button sequence are vital 
in playing this game.

=2a= CONTROLS ================ 20001 ===

Directional Pad/Analog = use for moving your vehicle, press Up to 
accelerate, Left and Right to turn, and down for reverse
Square Button = accelerate, double tap + hold for Turbo
Circle Button = Brake
Triangle Button = Scroll on weapons
X Button = Double Tap to Jump
R Button = Machine Gun
L Button = Fire weapon 
Start = Pause, Pause Menu

Other Important Buttons 

Square + Triangle = Drop current relic
Select + Down = Change camera view
Select + Right = Change Weapon Bay Display
Select + Left = Toggle Current Score - Comprehensive/Abbreviated/Off 
(Online Only)
Select + Up = Toggle Game Summary on/off (Online Only)
Triangle + Up or Down = Rapid weapon select scroll


**** This button configuration is in default (Classic) as well as this 
whole guide 

**** There are also other control schemes, Run-n-Gun, Hit-n-Run and 
Head-on, this configuration is Classic (check your game options for more 


=2b= YOUR SCREEN ============= 20002 ===

Lower Right Corner

Green Bar = This is your total health, once it reaches 0 or run out then 
your dead

Blue Bar = This is your Energy Bar, it depletes every time you perform 
an energy attack. It refills itself 

Yellow Bar = This is your Turbo Bar, it depletes everytime you use it. 
to refill it you need to get a refill around the arena.

Green Circle = This is the overheat icon for machinegun, it turns to red 
if your near overheat. If you overheat your machinegun you wont be able 
to use it for a while.

Weapons Bay = This is the area where your current weapon is selected, 
press Triangle to scan other weapon you gathered. By default its in Icon 
mode to change it to list mode press Right+Select.

Upper Left Corner

The Radar

The Green + symbol in the middle = you
Colored dots = your enemies
Colored blinking dots = you enemies in different floor (enemy is in the 
higher floor or underground)

The enemy who is closest to you will have its name in your radar.

=2c= ENERGY ATTACK =========== 20003 ===

Energy attacks are special moves that require a sequence of button 
pressing, every vehicle can perform this kind of attacks. It consumes 
the Energy Bar (blue bar) everytime you use it, each energy attack has a 
different power consumption. Energy bar refill itself.

Name = Freeze Missile
Button Sequence = Up, Down, Up
Description = Freezes the target enemy for a few seconds, has a minor 
homing power. Don't fire on already frozen vehicle because it will 
bounce back to you.
Power Consumption = Aprox. 40%
Useful level = 5/5 Very Useful   
Comment = This is probably the first or second most use Energy attack in 
the entire game. This is deadly when combining with a Power Missile or 
Special move.

Name = Shield 
Button Sequence = Right, Right, Down, Down 
Description = A temporary protection for any kinds of attack, it last 
for about 5 seconds  
Power Consumption = Approx. 60%
Useful level = 5/5 Very Useful 
Comment = This is a must, everybody should know this especially in 
multiplayer modes or in boss battles. 5 seconds of protection is short 
but very useful in tight situations. If your using a light armored 
vehicle them this is very useful in head to head situations with a high 
armored vehicle.

Name = Mine
Button Sequence = Right, Left, Down
Description = Drop a land mine in the ground that deals small amount of 
damage. This is the only energy attack that deals damage (freeze missile 
has a 1% damage) 
Power Consumption = Approx. 10%
Useful level = 1/5 Not Very Useful
Comment = This is just a waste of energy, I never use this energy 
attack, I always accidentally press it though

Name = Cloak 
Button Sequence = Left, Left, Down, Down 
Description = Cloaks you vehicle for a short period of time (aprox. 5 
seconds) you cannot be targeted after you start cloaking but once hit by 
any kind of weapon (including a machine gun) the cloak will disappear 
also when you fire any kind of weapon    
Power Consumption = Approx. 30%
Useful level = 2/5
Comment = Good when escaping a crowd but when the enemy is chasing you 
than a shield is much better choice since the enemy can just spread the 
machinegun and reveal you. (I always use shield over this) 

Name = Flak
Button Sequence = Up, Down, Left, Right 
Description = Intercepts any kind of missile that approaching you. It 
also has a knock back effect if the enemy is close to you (10% damage to 
Power Consumption = Approx. 30% 
Useful level = 2/5 
Comment = Sounds nice, but actually the effect of the flak is very short 
but the power consumption is so high. I rather use the Shield or Freeze 

Name = Rear-Fire
Button Sequence = Left, Right, Down, + Fire Button 
Description = Fire weapon from behind, Weapons like Swarmer Missile 
cannot rear-fire and some special without a projectile. Mr. Slams 
Special in online is a projectile but you cannot rear-fire it.  
Power Consumption = none
Useful level = 5/5 Very useful
Comment = Very useful in did, I use it all the time especially in 
online. This is a highly recommended skill plus it doesn't consume any 

Name = Napalm
Button Sequence = Right, Left, Up, Up + Fire Button
Description = Adds napalm projectile to any weapon fired, doesn't work 
with special weapon.
Power Consumption =  Aprox. 30%
Useful level = 3/5
Comment = This is a great if you want to outbalance an enemy plus you 
don't need to press the fire btton again for the Napalm. The Napalm 
doen't damage like the real one, its only adds flame damage and 
outbalancing enemy. The problem is it cost so much energy to perform.
Name = Jump
Button Sequence = X,X
Description = Jump Vehicle
Power Consumption = Approx 18%
Useful level = 3/5
Comment = Jump is a nice advance skill. You can use this to avoid 
obstacles or jump on ledges. My biggest use in this one is while on 
Turbo I use this to turn around quicker. When upgraded this is much 
better especially with fast vehicles. My only problem with this one is 
it cost too much power they should just leave it with 0% consumption 
just like rear-fire.

=2d= VEHICLE UPGRADES ======== 20004 ===

Upgrades will make your vehicle more powerful and advantageous. After 
and enemy is destroyed a small golden triangle will appear on where 
enemy remains is. Once you run over to that, you acquire an upgrade for your 
vehicle. All in all there are 6 upgrades for your vehicle, upgrades are 
general for all vehicles except for the sixth upgrade, which is 
different on every vehicle. You'll get the upgrades in order and once 
you reach the seventh upgrade then it will random select from extra 
ammunitions, 15% health, or Turbo and energy refill. In single player 
mode upgrades are carry over to the next level. If you got destroyed all 
the upgrade will be lost and you will have to start over again in 
collecting them. You can check you upgrade status in pause menu.

Upgrade list in order of acquisition

First Upgrade: Turbo and Energy Upgrade
Description:  Speeds up energy regeneration by 10% and less 10% in using 
Turbo. It also refills your Turbo and Energy when you don't have any 
before you grab it.

Second Upgrade: Jump higher 
Description: jump twice higher than the normal jump

Third Upgrade: Ram damage Upgrade
Description: 10% more damage when you bump on enemy (with turbo needed)

Forth Upgrade: Machine Gun Upgrade
Description: Upgraded damage per bullet

Fifth Upgrade: Armor Upgrade
Description: Increase you Health by 15%, it also refills you health to 
full + 15%.

Sixth Upgrade: Special Upgrade
Description: Upgrade special attack. Special attacks have more damage 
when you successfully max a charge bar or do button mashing. Each 
character has a different Upgraded special weapon.  

Seventh Upgrade: Random upgrade
Description: This is the last upgrade, when you reach the seventh 
upgrade you'll have random selection between, 15% health regenerate, 
extra missiles, or Energy and Turbo refill.

==3= CHARACTER & VEHICLES ==== 30000 ===
This is the complete list of all character in the game, their back-
story, profile, stats, their special weapon information, and some 
comments and helpful tips.    
Format goes like this

Vehicle Name:
Driver Name:
Age: ht: wt:


Special Weapon:

Special Weapon Information
Special Weapon Name: 
Special Weapon Description: 
Multiple Targets: 

Special Weapon Damage 
Max Normal:  
Max Upgraded: 


=3a= ROADKILL ================ 30001 ===

Vehicle Name: Roadkill
Driver Name: Marcus Kane
Age: 35 ht: 5'11" wt: 255 lbs.

	Marcus Kane is a man plagued with nightmares of competing in the 
past Twisted Metal competitions. These nightmares have gotten worse and 
worse. Desperate to put these nightmares to rest once and for all, he 
decided to compete in what he believes to be another nightmare; he 
doesn't realize this Twisted Metal is for real.  

Handling: 5/10
Armor: 4/10
Special Weapon: 6/10
Speed: 6/10

Special Weapon Information
Special Weapon Name: Boomerang
Special Weapon Description: Projectile boomerang, Returns if you press 
fire button again as long as it's destroyed or hasn't reach the target 
yet it has a homing capabilities. If you destroy an enemy the Boomerang
will not be destroyed so you can save you it. When upgraded it has 
charge bar and fires multiple boomerangs. 
Rear-fire: Yes
Multiple Targets: No

Special Weapon Damage 
Max Normal: 15% 
Max Upgraded: 27%

Comments: I don't use this character often, although his stats are 
normal or not bad but I just don't like his special - Boomerang, it has 
a low homing capabilities plus it doesn't hurt much. Because it has low 
homing capabilities then if it miss you still have chance to return the 
Boomerang, but the problem is they often get destroyed first before you 
call it back. same for the upgraded version of Boomerang.

Tips: If you miss your target with your boomerang then call it back 
again to save your special move. Be sure when firing your Boomerang your 
in front or your clearly straight with your target it has a low homing 

Availability: Available 

=3b= SHADOW ================== 30002 ===
Vehicle Name: Shadow
Driver Name: Mortimer Scharf
Age: Long Dead ht: 5'3" wt: 115 lbs.

      Mortimer, a former caretaker of wayward souls, has long since gone 
back to rest in his coffin. One night, some kids are goofing around near 
Mortimer's grave. One of the reads the "Gone but not forgotten," 
inscription on the tombstone and drunkenly decides to see if that's 
true. They dig up the grave and wake up Mortimer. This upsets Mortimer 
as he finds he can't go back to sleep. Exhausted and desperate to go 
back to his eternal slumber, Mortimer enters Twisted metal hoping 
Calypso can put him back to sleep.

Handling: 5/10
Armor: 4/10
Special Weapon: 8/10
Speed: 6/10

Special Weapon Information
Special Weapon Name: Soul Shadow
Special Weapon Description: A violet projectile that explodes upon 
trigger (press fire again), it has a splash damage. When upgraded you 
charge it up for extra damage, the splash damage radius is much more 
wider and damage higher. Soul Shadow can also pass through walls!   
Rear-fire: Yes
Multiple Targets: Yes 

Special Weapon Damage:
Max Normal: 14% 
Max Upgraded: 27% (this is my highest with one enemy)

Comments: I never really like playing this guy, Soul Shadow is kinda 
hard to use, and Special weapon is a major factor in this game. Maps are 
very big and sometimes you rarely see people in one area especially 
online (they always move around) and Soul Shadow is more effective in 
crowded areas and utilizing slash damage. plus you have to trigger it 
and its not homing makes it difficult for me.  

Tips: Try to avoid using Soul Shadow in Rear-fire since you still have 
to trigger it and you can't see your enemy behind. When playing online, 
this guy is best suited in Deathmatch level with high quantity of 
player, since deathmatch maps are fairly small you'll see a lot of 
players in one area then you can utilize Soul Shadow's splash damage 
effectively. You can use Soul Shadow to throw out your opponents out of 
the arena. Remember Soul Shadow passes through walls so hide n shoot!    

Availability: Available 

=3c= MR. GRIMM =============== 30003 ===

Vehicle Name: Mr. Grimm
Driver Name: Mr. Grimm
Age: 26 ht: 5'10" wt: 180 lbs. (when he was human)

     	 Mr. Grimm is, in fact, the grim reaper himself. At some point 
during his centuries of work, he attempted to devour a soul himself 
instead taking it to its next destination. He became hooked, needing to 
devour more and more souls. He found himself absorbing more souls than 
he was delivering. This craving was driving Mr. Grimm to the point of 
insanity. Realizing he can't take it anymore he enters Twisted Metal 
hoping that Calypso can give someone else the job of being the Grim 

Handling: 10/10
Armor: 2/10
Special Weapon: 10/10
Speed: 8/10

Special Weapon Information
Special Weapon Name: Screaming Soul
Special Weapon Description: A projectile that looks like two burning 
skull. This special weapon is very powerful and fast but it lack homing 
capabilities. When upgrade it become a red skull and you have to do 
button mashing for extra damage. The extra damage that follows the red 
skull has minor homing capabilities.
Rear-fire: Yes
Multiple Targets: No

Special Weapon Damage 
Max Normal: 25%
Max Upgraded: 28% - 33% (not sure since it difficult to execute the 
total damage, the red screaming soul is not homing and the button 
mashing part is homing, so to use the red screaming soul you have to get 
close to hit your enemy accurately but if it reaches the target (its 
fast) the button mashing part will disappear and you will get the total 

Comments: I like Mr. Grimm, he is very fast and good to handle. The 
freeze energy attack covers the no homing capabilities of screaming 
soul. This guy is small and fast, so sometimes I tend to pass a power up 
instead of getting it.   

Tips: He is very small so use it as an advantage to avoid being 
targeted, keep moving all the time. Once the enemy is frozen get as 
close as you can and use your screaming soul (ready it before you 
freeze). If your enemy is big and slow you can fire two screaming soul 
this is very powerful strategy. Always conserve your energy when using 
this guy you need freeze missile and also shield which is very important 
to this guy especially when you're in a tight situation, or facing head 
to head with an opponent. It is best not to use your freeze with other 
weapon other than screaming soul or power missile.      

Availability: Available

=3d= SWEET TOOTH ============= 30004 ===

Vehicle Name:  Sweet Tooth
Driver Name: Needles Kane
Age: Unknown ht: 5'9" wt: 185 lbs. (really?)

     Needles is by far, the most aggressive competitor Twisted Metal has 
ever known. He's competed in every Twisted Metal and has become known as 
the insane clown. He has become tired of this position as a simple 
competitor and with his wish hopes to take over Twisted Metal 

Handling: 2/10
Armor: 8/10 
Special Weapon: 6/10
Speed: 2/10

Special Weapon Information
Special Weapon Name: Napalm Cone
Special Weapon Description: A bouncing projectile. It also bounces to 
walls and has minor homing capabilities (when it bounce to the wall, the 
homing capabilities is gone). When upgraded you have to it charge up and 
it fires multiple Napalm cones. 
Rear-fire: Yes
Multiple Targets: No

Special Weapon Damage 
Max Normal: 18%
Max Upgraded: 30%

Comments: Sweet Tooth is an ok character, feels like Warthog except 
bigger. Napalm Cone is decent special has a homing and it bounces thru 
walls. Other than that I really don't use this guy I always use Warthog 
over this guy 

Tips: In close areas Napalm Cone is great! If you miss wall will bounce 
it back   

Availability: Available

=3e= THUMPER ================= 30005 ===

Vehicle Name:  Thumper
Driver Name: Angel 
Age: 25 ht: 5'7" wt: 120 lbs.

     For years, Angel has wanted to compete with the big boys and their 
lowriding, customized, bass pumping vehicles. Growing up she has watched 
his brother and cousin built, modify and create incredible vehicles, 
while basking in all of the attention and notoriety that comes along 
them. She has had to stand by the sidelines simply watching the car show 
competitors instead of competing herself. Twisted Metal was just the 
oportunity she was looking for. If she wins will finally have the car 
that puts them all to shame.   

Handling: 5/10
Armor: 4/10
Special Weapon: 8/10
Speed: 6/10

Special Weapon Information
Special Weapon Name: Balls of Fire
Special Weapon Description: Shoots four fireballs, it has low Homing 
capabilities (the enemy should be inline with you) every Ball deals 5% 
of damage. It also has a added fire damage (like in napalm). When 
upgraded it will transform into flamethrower with a button mash for 
fireballs (extra damage) 
Rear-fire: Yes
Multiple Targets: Yes

Special Weapon Damage 
Max Normal: 20% (5% per Ball of Fire)
Max Upgraded: 33%

Comments: Everything in this character is normal. I personally don't 
like Balls of Fire it's kinda hard to use plus you have to aim 4 balls 
to successfully make the 20% damage and it has low homing capabilities. 
The good thing about this is when you hit someone you'll get a bonus of 
flame damage just like with Napalm. The upgraded version of this one is 
not that useful, the flamethrower has a short range and the button 
mashing part has low damage. 

Tips: Its still good to freeze enemy when you use Balls of Fire. Don't 
fire if the is standing in water surface, the extra flame damage will 
not appear.

Availability: Available

=3f= SPECTRE ================= 30006 ===

Vehicle Name: Spectre
Driver Name: Chuckie Floop
Age: 19 ht: 6'2" wt: 195 lbs.

      	A popular radio station, receives a confusing giveaway prize 
from an anonymous source. The prize? A "special" vehicle to compete in a 
contest called Twisted Metal, and all you have to do to win is be the 
7th caller. Of course the DJ's have no clue what they're giving away and 
the 7th caller, Chuckie Floop, is just happy to win something. Chuckie 
doesn't realize what he is in for and discovers from the mysterious 
contest creator that the winner will be granted any wish they desire. 
Not sure how this contest works or how anyone can grant wished. 
Chuckie's mind focuses on the important "what will I wish for?".

Handling: 10/10
Armor: 2/10
Special Weapon: 8/10
Speed: 8/10

Special Weapon Information
Special Weapon Name: Ghost Missile
Special Weapon Description: A homing missile that passes thru walls or 
obstacles. The damage is not that great but it's a sure hit. It is also 
kinda slow. When Upgrade you can charge it for more damage
Rear-fire: Yes
Multiple Targets: No

Special Weapon Damage 
Max Normal: 13%
Max Upgraded: 24%

Comments: A well-balanced character. The Ghost missile is a sure hit but 
the enemy can detect it (you will see if your being target by a Ghost 
Missile) so they use Shield if needed also Flak can also destroy Ghost 

Tips: Don't use Ghost missile as the main offensive missile since it has 
low damage, instead use this to take advantage of its ghost properties, 
like if you see the enemy has a very low health then you can us it even 
if the enemy is hiding somewhere (what im saying is conserve it and use 
it when you need it). Since Ghost missile is slow then its nice to fire 
it in a close range. Remember the enemy can see that you targeted them 
with a ghost missile they can use Shield or Flak.    

Availability: Available

=3g= TWISTER ================= 30007===

Vehicle Name: Twister
Driver Name: Miranda Watts
Age: 25 ht: 5'2" wt: 100


       Miranda's twin sister Amanda competed in Twisted Metal a few 
years ago and has been missing ever since. Miranda's been on an 
exhaustive hunt for her sister, but hasn't had any luck finding her. She 
eventually follows Amanda's trail to Calypso who offers her a seat in 
the upcoming Twisted metal. Miranda is no stranger to racing as she and 
Amanda used to be the top two female car racers in the world. She agrees 
and knows exactly what she'll wish for; her sister returned alive and 

Handling: 10/10
Armor: 2/10
Special Weapon: 8/10
Speed: 10/10

Special Weapon Information
Special Weapon Name: Tornado Twist
Special Weapon Description: Transform itself into a tornado that can 
sweep multiple enemies. You can also control the tornado. Once upgraded 
you can add extra damage by button mashing 
Rear-fire: N/A
Multiple Targets: Yes

Special Weapon Damage 
Max Normal: 18%
Max Upgraded: 34%

Comments: I like twisted because of its speed and special weapon. 
Tornado Twist is good to sweep multiple enemies and I also use this in 
Arenas like Tokyo Rooftops, its fun to throw people away from the 
buildings. In Twister vs. Mr. Grimm I like Twister in terms of size, 
sometimes Mr. Grimm is so small it's difficult to grab weapons in the 
arena. Twister is flat and wide which means I can grab more weapons plus 
she looks cooler hehehe (well I like them both in different situations 
Tips: Remember, You can control Tornado Twist; you can also use turbo 
and jump if needed. Don't smash enemies to walls while doing the Tornado 
Twist sometimes they fall away from the tornado it is best to stay in 
open areas or near a ledge (to throw away enemies).  
Availability: Available

=3g= OUTLAW ================== 30008 ===

Vehicle Name: Outlaw 2
Driver Name: Capt. Jamie & Sgt. Carl, Roberts 
Age: 27, 31 ht: 5'6", 5'8" wt: 135, 165 lbs. (respectively)

      Jamie and her brother Carl were once decorated and respected 
police officers. Jamie's brother had competed in and won a previous 
Twisted Metal. Upon making his wish, Calypso tricked and imprisoned him. 
Jamie entered and won a subsequent Twisted Metal and was able to rescue 
her brother. Now they're competing together with the goal of bringing 
down Calypso and Twisted Metal once and for all. Jamie hopes to merely 
bring the contest to an end. She doesn't know that his brother plans to 
kill Calypso if he gets the chance.

Handling: 5/10
Armor: 4/10
Special Weapon: 6/10
Speed: 8/10

Special Weapon Information
Special Weapon Name: Tazer 
Special Weapon Description: Shoot electricity from a radius. It follows 
a single enemy if he is inside the proximity. The Tazer can pass walls 
and obstacle. Once upgraded you have to do button mashing for extra 
Rear-fire: N/A
Multiple Targets: No

Special Weapon Damage 
Max Normal: 17%
Max Upgraded: 34%

Comments: Never like this one, the stats are ok, but there are more 
other good vehicle their. The Tazer is kinda weak (you have to be close 
to your enemy) plus only one target!

Tips: Tazer can pass thru walls, make sure the enemy is in your range 
(and wont escape) before using Tazer to maximize its damage 
Availability: Available

=3i= GRASSHOPPER ============= 30009 ===

Vehicle Name: Grasshopper
Driver Name: Krista Sparks
Age: 15 ht: 5'1" wt: 105 lbs. (when she was alive)

      Krista Sparks is the long dead daughter of Calypso. Calypso, and 
his entire family were killed in a brutal car accident. Calypso escaped 
from death by stealing a demon's powers, but he was not able to bring 
his family with him. Calypso attempted to rescue his daughter from the 
afterlife, but discovered that while he may be able to summon her 
spirit, it would only be temporary. In order for her to be truly live 
again she must win Twisted Metal and wish for this life herself.

Handling: 10/10
Armor: 2/10
Special Weapon: 4/10
Speed: 6/10

Special Weapon Information
Special Weapon Name: Body Slam
Special Weapon Description: Jump from the ground spears to the target 
enemy. You must be on the ground before you can do this, you will see a 
green light somewhere below the target that means your ready to do Body 
Slam. When Upgrade you have to do button mashing; Grasshopper will jump 
and shoots green balls to the target and finally do the body slam.
Rear-fire: N/A
Multiple Targets: No

Special Weapon Damage 
Max Normal: 18%
Max Upgraded: 34%

Comments: of all the character I like the handling for this one (but 
just that). She seems so compact and movable, but I would still use 
Twister or Mr. Grimm over her. When you get hit by Body Slam you'll be 
thrown away (very far or high!), this is nice to outbalance your 
opponent or throw them out of the arena. 


Availability: Available

=3j= WARTHOG ================= 30010 ===

Vehicle Name: Warthog
Driver Name: Colonel Hall
Age: 36 ht: 6'4" wt: 255 lbs.

       Colonel Hall wanted to be a military man since he was a little 
kid. Right from the start he excelled at all forms of combat, and 
tactics came naturally to him. The army has sent him to compete in 
Twisted Metal wish for an ultimate weapon. When he wins, Colonel Hall 
wishes for an ultimate weapon; something that will enable him to easily 
take out all the evil-doers of the world.

Handling: 2/10
Armor: 8/10
Special Weapon: 6/10
Speed: 4/10

Special Weapon Information
Special Weapon Name: Patriot Missiles 
Special Weapon Description: Shoot 3 homing missiles (the smoke is Red, 
White and Blue).  When upgraded you have to charge it for more damage.
Rear-fire: Yes
Multiple Targets: No

Special Weapon Damage 
Max Normal: 18%
Max Upgraded: 27%

Comments: I love using this guy even though he sounds plain. The high 
armor is a good plus for this guy. In online the Patriot Missile is 
helpful and a nice weapon, it goes all the way before it looses its 
homing capabilities. In deathmatch level in online, I prefer using this 
guy because his smaller than Sweet Tooth (smaller means less being 

Tips: Make use of its high armor capabilities.    

Availability: Available

=3k= AXEL ==================== 30011 ===

Vehicle Name: Axel
Driver Name: Axel
Age: 38 ht: 6'3" wt: 280 (60 pounds comes from his metal arm)

      More than a decade ago, Axel was imprisoned in a massive, two-
wheeled contraption by his father. He confronted his father about this 
and he was told he'd have to spend another decade imprisoned. In a show 
of defiance, he tore his arms free from the contraption. He found he 
couldn't handle living without the thing he'd been part of for so long. 
He felt like he'd lost a part of his body. Axel met a doctor who 
constructed cybernetic arms and feet that would allow him to drive the 
vehicle once again, on the condition that Axel would turn over his wish 
should he win Twisted Metal.

Handling: 5/10
Armor: 6/10
Special Weapon: 6/10
Speed: 4/10

Special Weapon Information
Special Weapon Name: Shock Wave
Special Weapon Description: Shoot Shockwave around the body. If you got 
hit it has knock back effect (enemy gets thrown away). When upgraded the 
shockwave area increases and its more powerful. You have to charge it to 
max its damage.    
Rear-fire: N/A
Multiple Targets: Yes

Special Weapon Damage 
Max Normal:  15%
Max Upgraded: 27%

Comments: I don't really use this character much. Just like Outlaw this 
guy's special attack is kinda hard to execute. The good thing about this 
guy is the Shock Wave is very fast to execute and has knock back effect.  

Tips: Freeze then Shock Wave, or also after you pass and enemy 
immediately use Shock Wave, That enemy will sure be thrown away.
Shock Wave can pass through walls!  

Availability: You have to Unlock, Beat Russia Mini Level (Check Mini 

=3l= MR. SLAM ================ 30012 ===

Vehicle Name: Mr. Slam
Driver Name: Simon Whittlebone
Age: 33 ht: 5'9" wt: 200 lbs. (when he was alive) 

      Simon Whittlebone was the mastermind behind Whittlebone Tower; a 
skyscraper that was to stretch taller than any building that had come 
before it. While the building was under construction, Simon climbed to 
the top of the tower and shouted to the universe that this creation made 
him a god. He lost his balance and fell to the ground. With the 
mastermind dead, the tower was never finished. Companies tried to tear 
the remains down, but strange and ghostly things always kept people at 
bay; Simon's spirit has been haunting the tower. His spirit possesses 
one of the construction vehicles and he enters Twisted Metal with the 
hopes of being reborn so he can finish his tower.

Handling: 2/10
Armor: 8/10
Special Weapon: 10/10
Speed: 2/10

Special Weapon Information
Special Weapon Name: Bucket Slam Shake, Missiles
Special Weapon Description: Scoops the enemy and slams it in the ground 
four times and throws it away. You don't even need to activate it just 
point you're special in your weapon bay and run over and enemy and it 
will automatically grab it. In online mode Mr. Slam has a different 
special he shoots 3 rockets in his crane, It has homing capabilities. 
When upgrade the automatic grab will disappear =(. You have to charge it  
and when you release it, the crane will fly forward (in shot range) and 
grab your opponent. 
Rear-fire: No (both special)
Multiple Targets: No

Special Weapon Damage 
Max Normal: 24%
Max Upgraded: 34%

Comments: Mr. Slam is a very powerful character the automatic grab is a 
great special weapon and it's also painful. I don't like the upgraded 
version plus I can't spam it.  The Bucket Slam Shake is not available in 
multiplayer =(. This guy is a big target in online he is also slow, but 
the armor is great, the homing missile is not that bad to in terms of 
damage you can't rear-fire with this one. In other words I rarely use 
this guy in online.

Tips: first its better to use this guy if you adjust the camera view. 
Next, you can spam the powerful automatic grab. First save all your 
special until you got like four or five then wait in an area near a wall 
(best in corners). Once the enemy appears, freeze it then grab it and 
throw it in wall follow him and grab him again before he recovers.  
Availability: You have to Unlock, Beat L.A. Mini Level (Check Mini 

=3m= CRIMSON FURY ============ 30013 ===

Vehicle Name: Crimson Fury
Driver Name: Agent Shepherd
Age: 34 ht: 6'1" wt: 200 lbs.

      Agent Shepherd is a good and dedicated FBI agent who's entered 
Twisted Metal with the goal of brining the FBI's most wanted, Calypso, 
to justice. He's a simple and straightforward man. If he wins Twisted 
Metal and with the help of the FBI, Shepherd hopes to capture Calypso.

Handling: 10/10
Armor: 2/10
Special Weapon: 8/10
Speed: 8/10

Special Weapon Information
Special Weapon Name: Reticle Pulse Blast
Special Weapon Description: Shoots a red like energy ball to the enemy. 
It has little homing capabilities. When you select your special in the 
weapon bay a red box will appear in your screen (similar to the one in 
camera) the target should be inside the box (you'll hear a sound) so 
when you fire it will have a homing capabilities.
Rear-fire: Yes
Multiple Targets: No
Special Weapon Damage 
Max Normal: 16%
Max Upgraded: 25%

Comments: never like this one (but I like his car specially the 
animation when you select your special ^_^) Reticle Pulse Blast is 
difficult to execute because you have to target the enemy inside the 
box, why not just do it like with Warthog or Spectre, plus its weak for 
a special weapon. 

Tips: You'll hear a sound whenever someone's in the box thing.   

Availability: You have to Unlock, Beat Monaco Mini Level (Check Mini 

=3n= HAMMERHEAD ============== 30014 ===

Vehicle Name: HammerHead
Driver Name: Catfish
Age: 47 ht: 6'"1 wt: 175 lbs

      Catfish, a man who prides himself as the mighty hunter, decided to 
modify his favorite rig to compete in this year's Twisted Metal, because 
after all, it's just another form of hunting, vehicular style. Catfish's 
illustrious and often illegal hunting obsession has resulted in the head 
of every type of big game creature to hang proudly in his favorite 
trophy room. Now, Catfish's ultimate dream is to hunt the most 
intelligent species in the animal kingdom, the Human, in an all-out, man 
vs. man survival of the fittest in the raw wilderness.

Handling: 2/10
Armor: 6/10
Special Weapon: 6/10
Speed: 2/10

Special Weapon Information
Special Weapon Name: Ram Attack 
Special Weapon Description: Similar to Grasshopper, although this one 
looks like his teleporting (instead of jumping) to the top of the enemy. 
Hammerhead's vehicle will turn blue and jump on top of the enemy. 
Rear-fire: N/A (but can target opponents behind)
Multiple Targets: No

Special Weapon Damage 
Max Normal: 15%
Max Upgraded: 28%

Comments: first of all, Ram Attack sounds better with Grasshopper and 
Body Slam fits Hammerhead what do you think? Well anyway, this guy is 
very big; I don't really use this guy. If you accidentally press the 
special and nobody is in your target then the special won't get wasted 
(only depletes if you successfully hit someone). Once upgraded you will 
have to do a button mashing, which I like more better than Grasshopper's 
version. This one won't miss and it's easy to execute the problem is you 
will never know who your target is, it will automatically select the one 
closes to you. In online this guy is great especially his special which 
you can spam, he also has a nice handling. the bad thing is he is big 
and big means big target.  

Tips: Maximize the use of Ram Attack this never miss, you just have to 
get close and trigger it, if you miss then its ok since the special will 
not deplete if not hit. Even if the enemy is in your back Ram Attack can 
still detect it, so if anyone is tailing you, you can use this.   

Availability: You have to Unlock, Beat Tokyo Rooftop Mini Level (Check 
Mini Levels)

=3o= COUSIN EDDY ============= 30015 ===

Vehicle Name: Cousin Eddy
Driver Name: Cousin Eddy
Age: 29 ht: 6'0" wt: 300 lbs.

      Cousin Eddy was born in a backwater Ozarks pigsty called Sour 
Creek. You won't find it on any map. A textbook case of what can go 
wrong when cousins marry cousins, Eddy was the strongest man in town by 
the time he was ten, though his malformed, inbred brain had stopped 
developing at age three. Eddy only had two loves: "smashin' things" and 
collecting "shiny things". By age thirteen he owned all of the shiny 
things in Sour Creek. After he'd finish his smashing the place was kind 
of lonely, so he wandered off in search of more shiny things and more 
things to smash. When he stumbled across the Twisted Metal competition 
he thought he'd found paradise. Eddy had gathered a band of drifters - 
"cousins" he called them - who he coerced by brute strength into helping 
him transform a trash RV into a nightmare killing machine. Now he could 
blast his way into Twisted Metal. So much to smash. So many shiny 

Handling: 5/10
Armor: 10/10
Special Weapon: 10/10
Speed: 8/10

Special Weapon Information
Special Weapon Name: Ram 
Special Weapon Description: Run straight forward the enemy, he doesn't 
follow the enemy. When upgraded it transforms into flamethrower similar 
to Thumpers upgraded special but much powerful. The flamethrower follows 
the nearest enemy in its proximity. 
Rear-fire: N/A (Flamethrower follows the nearest enemy)
Multiple Targets: No

Special Weapon Damage 
Max Normal: 25% 
Max Upgraded: 36%

Comments: This guy is powerhouse; he uses rockets (not homing) as a 
machinegun. The special weapon is great; the flamethrower upgrade is 
much better it also adds flame damage

Tips: Make sure your align with the enemy before you use the special 
attack or you can Freeze the target first. The flamethrower is a nice 
special since it follows the target but it is still best to freeze the 
enemy first, because sometimes its difficult to follow fast vehicles; 
also don't use if your enemy is in a water surface, the extra flame 
damage will not work (just like in napalm).   

Availability: Not available in online, you have to Unlock - Beat him in 
"LA - Cousin Eddy" Level (Story mode)

=3p= ATV ===================== 30016 ===

Vehicle Name: ATV
Driver Name: Gene Ruttish
Age: 22 ht: 5'9" wt: 185 lbs.

       Gene Ruttish had always fancied himself a ladies' man... 
unfortunately no one ever told the ladies. All his life he'd tried one 
crazy ATV stunt after another in the vain attempt to gain their favor. 
For years he's been living by the credo, "Bones heal. Chicks dig scars. 
Glory lasts forever." Years of trying crazy stunts have made him quite 
the skilled driver and willing risk-taker. Joining Cousin Eddy's caravan 
has given him a place to show off his skills and Twisted Metal is his 
latest attempt to "wow" the women. Gene knows exactly what he wants from 
Twisted Metal. When he wins, he will ask Calypso to make him the most 
desired man on the planet.

Handling: 10/10
Armor: 1/10
Special Weapon: 4/10
Speed: 8/10

Special Weapon Information
Special Weapon Name: ???Shotgun like thing??? and Dynamite ???
Special Weapon Description: Shoots multiple bullets (something like a 
shotgun) when upgraded it change into dynamite. The dynamite is like 
napalm but it has homing capabilities and you don't have to trigger it. 
The Dynamite is fast and deadly (like Mr. Grimm's Screaming soul) 
Rear-fire: Yes
Multiple Targets: Yes (Dynamite no)

Special Weapon Damage 
Max Normal: 20% 
Max Upgraded: 29%

Comments: This guy super weak, the dynamite is a nice upgraded special 
though. This guy has a nice handling feels like Grasshopper. The armor 
for this guy is its major downfall (feels like he's much weaker then Mr. 
Grimm ), also the ordinary special has no homing capabilities but has a 
wide area of effect but still the damage is not that great if all the 
bullets didn't hit. 


Availability: You have to Unlock, Beat Cousin Eddy in "L.A. - Cousin 
Eddy" (Story mode)

=3q= DARK TOOTH ============== 30017 ===

Vehicle Name:  Dark Tooth
Driver Name: Marcus & Needles Kane
Age: ht: wt: (check Marcus' and Needles' profile)

      Terrible things can happen when a man comes to grips with his dark 
side. Marcus has spent his life running from his nightmares. Needles has 
devoted his life to making his nightmares come true. When Marcus 
surrenders to Needles the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. 
Marcus' rational mind and Needles' fevered insanity descend into a 
vortex of sinister chaos. The only possible outcome is the total 
annihilation of anything that stands in their path.

Handling: 10/10
Armor: 10/10
Special Weapon: 10/10
Speed: 10/10

Special Weapon Information
Special Weapon Name: ??? Eat ???
Special Weapon Description: Grab the enemy and crush it with this 
powerful mouth like bumper, this special is similar to how Mr. Slam's 
special but you have to trigger this. The Upgraded version same but more 
Rear-fire: N/A
Multiple Targets: No

Special Weapon Damage 
Max Normal: 20%
Max Upgraded: 30%

Comments: Too powerful but still can be destroyed also. I feel like he 
has a weaker armor than what the stats says. His ordinary machinegun is 
like Sweet Tooth's special. You can also spam his special same as Mr. 
Tips: After you use your special (the enemy is thrown up) then follow it 
up with your powerful machinegun. You can also spam his special by 
cornering the enemy to a wall and keep on using the special.   

Availability: Not available in online, you have to unlock - Finish story 
mode once with any character 

=3r= TOWER TOOTH ============= 30018 ===

Vehicle Name:  Tower Tooth
Driver Name: Marcus & Needles Kane
Age: ht: wt: (check Marcus' and Needles' profile)

Same with Dark Tooth

Handling: 10/10
Armor: 10/10
Special Weapon: 10/10
Speed: 10/10

Special Weapon Information
Special Weapon Name: Flamethrower & multiple Napalm Cones
Special Weapon Description: Flamethrower shoots from the bottom of the 
tower. When near death it changes to Multiple Napalm Cones Shoots above 
the tower and has an extra Multiple Tazer like around the tower. 
Rear-fire: Yes (Flamethrower follows the nearest enemy)
Multiple Targets: Yes 

Special Weapon Damage 
Max Normal: Flamethrower 15% Multiple Napalm Cone ???
Max Upgraded: no upgraded

Comments: This guy is so powerful. You can only play him in one level 
(Rome Deathmatch). It's machinegun is similar to Sweet Tooth special 
(Napalm Cone) and its special is flamethrower (similar to Cousin Eddy) 
and when near death it changes to multiple fireballs (multiple Napalm 

Tips: Just fire all your machinegun and special, use shield you can 
still get damaged. Sweet Tooth's head acts as radar, it turns to the 
direction of the enemy.

Availability: Not available in online and other mode except challenge 
mode; Need to unlock - beat story mode with any 5 characters. 

=4= ENDING SUMMARY =========== 40000 ===

========== SPOILER WARNING!!! ==========
========== SPOILER WARNING!!! ==========
========== SPOILER WARNING!!! ==========

These are summaries of ending per character to see their endings you 
need to finish the story mode.

RoadKill's Ending
Marcus approach Calypso said that this is only a nightmare (he believes 
this whole Twisted Metal tournaments and the killings are only 
nightmares!) he then he wish to end this nightmares (as what he thought) 
but Calypso said theirs are some wishes he can't grant (because TM 
tournaments are not nightmares its real) but still gave the wish as he 
said, Marcus woke up in his bed. 

Shadow's Ending
Mortimer wish that he needs to go to sleep (means death) because he was 
once dead until this group of punks woke him. The problem is he can't 
sleep again so he entered TM tournament to wish for it. He said to 
Calypso he wants to sleep so then Calypso grant it by giving him a 
bedtime story until he slept.  

Mr. Grimm's Ending
Mr Grimm is craving for more souls to eat so he wish to Calypso that he 
doesn't want to be a reaper anymore. Calypso granted it by exchanging 
Mr. Grimm's soul to a small girl. Mr Grimm became human and the little 
girl became the new reaper. But the new reaper's target is no other than 
Mr. Grimm's soul, So Mr. Grimm died by being run over by truck. 

Sweet Tooth's Ending
Sweet tooth entered Calypso hideout, He said that he is become tired of 
this routine (join TM tournaments and kill, ect...) so then he wish to 
Calypso that he wants to take his place and vice versa. Calypso doesn't 
want to be Sweet tooth but he doesn't have any choice the winner is 
Sweet Tooth he has to grant the wish. So then they exchange body and 
after that Sweet tooth (in Calypso's Body) said to execute the intruder 
(Calypso in Sweet tooth's body). 

Thumper's Ending
She wants that her car to have more bounce, thump, style, and something 
that will make the world shake (basically all those thing that will make 
the car more stylish). Calypso grant it, then she use it and an strong 
earthquake came and a huge chunk of building fell on her car, killing 
Spectre's Ending
Chuckie wish to have a lots of money so then Calypso grant it by giving 
him a lot of money, the money never stop appearing until chuckie got 
covered by piles of money and died. 

Twister's Ending
Miranda found out that her sister is dead, she then wish that her sister 
be revived, so Calypso grant it by calling Mr. Grimm and forcefully get 
Amanda's soul back. The soul entered the ground and the ground open and 
Amanda appeared, Miranda lift her up from the ground. Then she saw that 
Amanda was an old woman.

Outlaw's Ending
Jamie and Carl approach Calypso, Carl has a different plan, he wants to 
kill Calypso and forget about the prize. Carl point his guns to Calypso 
but, Jamie doesn't want to kill anymore instead claim the wish. Jamie 
fought Carl and they had an argument, the argument became bigger and 
bigger until Carl was so full of it then he shouted "I wish you  just 
shut-up!" The Calypso granted it by sealing Jamie's mouth  

Grasshopper's Ending
Krista was Calypso's dead daughter, the whole family died in a car 
accident except for Calypso who escaped death by stealing a demon's 
power. Krista wished, that the whole accident never happened. Calypso 
granted it but then Krista ends up in a hospital, comatosed. (I think 
what happed here is Krista was comatosed since before the accident 

Warthog's Ending
Col. Hall wants to eradicate all the scum in the world since he thought 
those are the main source of evil that plaguing the youth. He then 
wishes to have a tool that will kill those bad people. Calypso granted 
it by giving him a futuristic gun. Col. Hall went to Brazil to test its 
power. He infiltrate a drug compound and kill the bad guys and save 
those child working their. He thought he save those kids but then the 
kids start shooting at him and eventually killing him. 

Axel's Ending
Axel arrives in the rooftops where Calypso and Dr. Zemu are. Axel had an 
agreement with the doctor that if he wins he will give him the prize 
wish (Dr. Zemu was the one who help Axel in making those arms and 
wheels). Axel change his mind instead he wants to claim the wish, he 
want eternal piece. Dr. Zemu had a plan incase this thing happened so he 
grab the remote that control those metallic arms of Axel and imprison 
him again in those gigantic wheels. When was about to say "I wish for 
pi~" simultaneously Dr. Zemu press the button again triggering an 
electric shock. Axel ended up saying "I wish for pi~ahhhh! (pizza)." 

Mr. Slam's Ending
Simon was dead and he wants to finish his gigantic tower. Simon wish 
that he wants to be reborn so he can finish his tower. Calypso granted 
it by turning Simon into a baby. 

Crimson Fury's Ending
Agent Smith arrived at Calypso's hideout. Smith doesn't want to get the 
wish instead arrest Calypso for the crimes he did. Calypso tried to 
pursued him but nothing happed. Calypso ordered his guard to shoot the 
agent when suddenly the whole FBI team infiltrate Calypso's hideout and 
ended up arresting him.

Cousin Eddy's Ending
Cousin Eddy was in fact not a real contestant he just entered the 
tournament without a real invitation. Calypso doesn't want to grant his 
wish (since he is not a valid contestant) but Cousin Eddy got angry and 
grabs Calypso by the neck. Calypso ended up granting his wish by making 
his old RV into a new (shinny) and powerful one.

ATV's Ending
Gene wants to be popular with all the girls, so he ask Calypso that he 
wants to be the most desired man in the planet. Gene got overrun by 
thousands of girls (possibly dead).

Dark Tooth's Ending
Marcus/Needles arrive in this open field; he saw this huge tower like 
vehicle (Tower Tooth). As he touches it Tower tooth separate the two 
personalities then comes Marcus and Needles Kane separated. They climbed 
the vehicle and drive it. 

========== SPOILER WARNING!!! ==========
========== SPOILER WARNING!!! ==========
========== SPOILER WARNING!!! ==========

==5= WEAPON ================== 50000 ===

There is no Twisted Metal without this crazy weapons and Power-ups! This 
weapons and Power-ups are scattered around the arena and can be picked-
up by anyone. These weapons are not randomly generated that means you'll 
always find them in the same place. Theirs a limit for carrying weapons, 
so that means if you can't grab anymore than you have to use any of them 
first. Here are the lists of all the weapons power-ups you can gather. 

Format follows 

Name: = Name of the Weapon 
Looks like: = Physical Description in the Arena

Description: = Description of the weapon
Damage: = How painful it is if you got hit (remember every character has 
different Armor)  
Homing: = Does it follow your enemy or not?
To use: = Directions on how to use

Comments: = my comment 


Name: Machinegun 
Looks like: N/A
Description: Every vehicle has this one, it has an unlimited bullets but 
it overheats if continually use. The overheat icon is Green circle below 
your Health it turns red when near overheat. When overheat occurs you 
can't use it for a while until the overheat icon turns green again. 
Damage: 1% per bullet (not sure)
Homing: No (Mega Machinegun Relic is Homing)
To use: Press & Hold L (default Classic configuration) 
Rear-Fire: No
Comments: This weapon is important; once you reach an upgrade (or got a 
Relic) this weapon is powerful. They are also good for enemies who 
cloaks in front of you. The Relic Mega Machinegun is a nice relic it 
kills those pesky low-armored vehicle in an instant 

Name: Homing Missile
Looks like: Violet missile 
Description: A type of missile that follows the target
Damage: 10% per missile
Homing: Yes
To use: Put in weapon bay and just shoot
Rear-Fire: Yes
Comments: This weapon is very useful always grab this one, damage is 
decent and the homing capabilities is superb. I like using this 
especially to those fast cars. 

Name: Fire Missile
Looks like: Orange missile 
Description: Ordinary missile with little homing capabilities
Damage: 12% per missile
Homing: Yes (not as good as Homing Missile)
To use: Put in weapon bay and just shoot
Rear Fire: Yes
Comments: same as Homing missile this weapon is great. 

Name: Power Missile
Looks like: Red missile 
Description: Powerful missile with no homing capability
Damage: 20% per missile
Homing: No
To use: Put in weapon bay and just shoot
Rear Fire: Yes
Comments: I love this weapon! The old Freeze and Power Missile combo is 
very effective.

Name: Ricochet Disk
Looks like: Round blade like thing (looks like a ninja star)
Description: A weapon that bounce thru walls or obstacles, when it 
bounce it become more powerful (damage increase)
Damage: 10% is the base damage (I think +10% every bounce)
Homing: No
To use: Put in weapon bay and just shoot
Rear Fire: Yes
Comments: This weapon is annoying it can also damage you! But still a 
nice weapon in a close room just be ready with your shield coz the 
damage will increase every bounce!

Name: Napalm 
Looks like: A big gas tank with a flammable symbol in it.
Description: Shoot from above and drops at the target, it has area 
damage once it hits the ground, has bonus flame damage.   
Damage: 10% if direct hit (8%, 4% if not direct)
Homing: No
To use: Put in weapon bay and shoot then press shoot again to drop to 
ground. You will see a white arrow above the target and changes to red 
indicating you can hit the target if you drop it there.
Rear Fire: Yes 
Comments: I love using this weapon, it takes practice to use this one 
but once you get the hang of then this is very useful. When you hit 
someone with this weapon they will be outbalance and loose the target, 
this is especially useful if your head to head (close combat) with 

Name: Remote Bomb 
Looks like: Looks like a pack of dynamites
Description: Drop in the ground and can be trigger (by pressing shoot 
again). It also explodes if run-over.  
Damage: 20% (direct hit, I got higher damage when the enemy run-over it 
Homing: N/A
To use: select from weapon bay then drop in the ground. To trigger it 
the Remote Bomb should be selected in your bay and press fire button 
again. Enemy can also get damage buy running over it (you don't need to 
Comments: It's a nice strategic weapon at same time annoying since you 
can get damage by it; but I still use this powerful weapon to those 
people who always tailing me 

Name: Swarmer Missile
Looks like: Looks like a pack Missile, Yellow
Description: Shoot multiple missiles depends on how long you hold it 
(max of 6 missiles)
Damage: 4%, 9%, 18%, 23%, 23%, and 27%
Homing: Yes
To use: select from weapon bay then, then charge it until it reaches 6 
missiles (you will see it in the screen you can also hear it). When it 
reaches 6 missiles then you have to release it or else it will only get 
wasted. You can also release it even if it hasn't reach 6 missiles 
(depends on how long you hold it). 
Comments: A very nice weapon, the damage is great and it's homing! it 
takes a lot of practice to use this. When to charge and when to release 
it is the biggest problem you need to overcome. 

Name: Environmental Weapon
Looks like: Yellow lightning 
Description: When you trigger it the damage will come from different 
areas of the arena. Not all levels have environmental attacks (check 
Maps below for more info on this) 
Damage: depends on what arena/level
Homing: N/A
To use: Just trigger it, some levels requires you to do something before 
you can activate it. It can also damage you so keep away from that 
specific area when activating it.

Name: Health Recovery
Looks like: Blue w/ red cross & red cross with white border.
Description: blue w/ red Cross for Partial Health (+30%) and Red Cross 
with white border for full
Damage: N/A
Homing: N/A
To use: Just run over it and it will automatically refill your health, 
if you have damage, if not then you cannot grab it.
Comments: you know how important this is right???  

Name: Turbo
Looks like: Silver Gas tank (looks like a NOS tank)
Description: Refills your Turbo meter
Damage: N/A
Homing: N/A
To use: Just run over it and it will automatically refill your Turbo,if 
turbo is full you can't grab it. 
Comments: Turbo is very important, in fact I don't even move w/o the 
turbo on.

==6= MAPS/ARENA ============== 60000 ===


N = North
E = East
S = South 
W = West


Name: = Name of the Arena
Size: = Small / Medium / Large
Description: = Brief description of the area

Environment Attack: = Name of The Environmental Attack
Environment Attack Description: = Brief description 

= Number and location of Teleporters including mini-game teleporters

Health Location: = Health Location
Weapon Armory: = Area where theirs a lot of weapon pickup
Sniping Spot: = Area where you can snipe for long range attack
Comment: = my comments

=6a= BIG BLUE STADIUM ======== 60001 ===

Name: Big Blue Stadium
Size: Small
Description: A baseball stadium, this arena is pretty simple doesn't 
have a lot of hiding area. It has a band in the middle of the arena. 

Environment Attack: Band Attack
Environment Attack Description: Shoot projectile coming from the band 
stage. It hits everyone in the baseball field except for people behind 
the band stage or in the NE (when front of the band is N) area of the 

Teleporter A: Its near the baseball field (between the diamond and 
baseball player stand). It goes to Teleporter B.
Teleporter B: Inside the NE room (when front of the band is N). it goes 
to Teleporter A.
Mini-game Teleporter: Inside the NE room then look for a glass wall then 
destroy it (front of the band is facing N).

Health Location: Full Health is in NE room, 2 Partial Health, one at the 
back of the band, and other one is in NW side of the map (the are where 
baseball player stay, you have to enter a very short tunnel like thing)

Weapon Armory: In the NE room, it has a lot of weapon pick-ups, 1 fire 1 
Homing, 1 Swarmer, Napalm and Ricochet disk. The full health is also 
located here. If you destroy those bikes moving around the Arena 
(baseball field sides) you'll get weapons.

Sniping Spot: Crowd area or the stage (near the band)

Comment: This map is good for beginners, small and compact and you can 
easily see all your enemy. The only hiding spot here is the NE area room 
and the health area beside the map. My favorite area here is the NE 
room, you'll get a lot of weapons 

=6b= LOS ANGELES ============= 60002 ===

Name: Los Angeles (LA)
Size: Large
Description: urban area a lot of building (simple box buildings) it has 
water canal the goes around the arena. It has high places like the 
highways and a teleporter that leads to the "LA WOOD" sign, which is a 
big open area (you cant go their by driving only). 

Environment Attack: Powerplant lightning  
Environment Attack Description: Shoot powerful electricity from the 
power generator. The electricity has the power to outbalance any 
vehicle. The range is small same as the round platform where its 

Teleporter A: Inside a building marked # 23 (studio#23), the building is 
infront of a big water tank and has a couple of building around it, it 
goes to Teleporter B.
Teleporter B: in the back of "LA WOOD" sign (back of letter "D" to be 
exact), leads to Teleporter A:
Mini-Game Teleporter: Beside the warehouse with Health inside (the 
warehouse#12 or Studio#12 is parallel to the Powerplant. It's a small 
box type building; you have to destroy the door 

Health Location: 1 full health and 5 partial health, Full health you 
need to use the ramp. 1 partial health is located in the Powerplant 
area, another directly across it (inside a warehouse marked 12 with 3 
doors infront and 3 doors in the back, you have to brake the doors); 
another in underground canal area if you drive around the water-way 
you'll eventually see a entrance in it; another is located in the "LA 
WOOD" sign (need to take the teleporter in studio 23) its somewhere in 
the lower left side of the area (if your facing same direction as the 
"LA WOOD" sign does; another directly at the back of Studio 23 (the one 
that has a teleporter). 

Weapon Armory: The Powerplant Area, it has 2 Fire, 1 Homing, 1 Power 1 
Swarmer, missiles, Partial Health, and an environmental attack

Sniping Spot: Roofs and also the highways has a nice view

Comment: This is pretty much a nice map the only thing I hate about this 
one is the weapons are not scattered that much and also there are so 
many health (not a bad thing but sometimes, its not a good thing too) 

=6c= PARIS =================== 60003 ===

Name: Paris
Size: Medium
Description: A long rectangle shape arena. The Eiffel Tower is in the 
center of the map. The map is divided by a short water way. Once the 
Eiffel Tower is destroyed you can have access to the roofs of the 
building around the area, which is also connected to the top of the 
Eiffel Tower. To destroy the tower you need to use a Remote Bomb at the 
top of the tower, you can find a Remote Bomb at the top also.

Environment Attack: Eiffel Top Lightning 
Environment Attack Description: Once the Eiffel Tower is destroyed. You 
can use the Eiffel Top Lightning. It's located in the other end of the 
map. It does electric damage similar to the ones in Los Angeles arena.     

Teleporter A: Under The Eiffel Tower, Leads to Teleporter B
Teleporter B: Top of Eiffel Tower, Leads to Teleporter A
Mini-game Teleporter: directly parallel to the Eiffel Top Lightning 
(broken top of Eiffel), you have to destroy the wall to enter. 

Health Location: 1 Full Health and 4 Partial Healths. Full Health 
located under the bridge in the middle of the arena (short water way). 1 
partial health located in the top of the buildings (need to destroy 
Eiffel Tower first). Another one beside the Eiffel Top Lightning (broken 
top of Eiffel), Inside the flat building (the one with wide water in 
front of it you) have to destroy the front to enter, and the last one is 
above the flat building (you need to use the ramp at the back).   

Weapon Armory: Once Eiffel Tower Destroyed go to the top of the 

Sniping Spot: Top of Eiffel Tower, Top of buildings that connects the 
Eiffel Tower.  And at the top of the flat building (the building that 
has a water in big water front of it) 

Comment: I love this map, it has a lot of open areas and they are big. 
They have also hiding spots like the side streets and roofs. One thing I 
like about this is you can almost see the enemy form end to end because 
it has open areas in the middle of the map.   

=6d= EGYPT =================== 60004 ===

Name: Egypt
Size: Large
Description: long rectangle shape arena, desert, has a lot o bumpy roads 
and obstacles, has a lot of tunnels and teleporter connecting one 
pyramid to the other.

Environment Attack: Tornado
Environment Attack Description: Huge tornado that can carry anyone in 
its range.

3 Teleporter and 1 Mini-game Teleporter.
Teleporter A: in the middle of the map, their a big Pyramid enter it, 
goes to Teleporter B
Teleporter B: Right side pyramid (if N is the Tornado), leads to 
Teleporter C 
Teleporter C: Left side Pyramid (if N is the Tornado), goes to 
Teleporter A 
Mini-Game Teleporter: its in the side of Tornado, check the one with a 2 
big human statue destroy the door, it will reveal the Teleporter.

Health Location: 3 partial healths. In the middle of the Tornado, you 
need to take the ramp in the sides to reach it; another in the middle 
Pyramid; another in between the left and right Pyramids (if you drive 
infront of the Sphinx you'll reach it);  

Weapon Armory: weapons are pretty much scattered in this map

Sniping Spot: Top of the canyons, this is near where the Tornado is 

Comment: this is one of my favorite arenas because the weapons are 
pretty much scattered in every places. It has a lot of tunnels, which 
leads to different places (I use this for escaping or sneaking).

=6e= ROMAN RUINS ============= 60005 ===

Name: Roman Ruins
Size: Medium (but multi layered)
Description: a rectangle shape arena with a circle in the middle. The 
middle part has a multi-layer floor and the Environment Attacker is 
located their.

Environment Attack: Fireball
Environment Attack Description: Shoot fireball from the bon-fire, it has 
flame damage  

Teleporter A: Directly in the other end of the map (the one with water), 
leads to Teleporter B
Teleporter B: Underground (can only be reach by a teleporter, leads to 
Teleporter A
Teleporter C: Opposite end of Teleporter A, (check the sides of the 
area), leads to Teleporter D
Teleporter D: Top of the middle part of the arena, leads to Teleporter 
Mini-Game Teleporter: go the middle part of the level then climb to the 
second layer then drive around you will eventually see it

Health Location: 1 Full health and 3 partial Health. Full health is  
located underground need to take Teleporter A. 1 Partial Health is the 
middle of the map (top of the bon-fire need to take the ramp) another is 
located in the left side of Teleporter A and last one is located at the 
top of the middle part of the arena (take Teleporter C then move to the 
front a little bit and you will see it).

Weapon Armory: they're pretty much scatted but the side where Teleporter 
D is located has a couple of weapons (Power, Fire and Homing Missile).  

Sniping Spot: Go to the top by taking Teleporter D then you'll have a 
downward view if you drive to the angled floor.

Comment: A nice map but the middle part is so full of stuffs like post 
and ramps which is hard to use (coz middle part is not big enoght). Also 
the ramp that leads to the higher ground is to small so its kinda hard 
to run their especially with big characters.

=6f= RUSSIA ================== 60006 ===

Name: Russia
Size: Large
Description: a big map with a lot of buildings you can enter. Has a 
tunnel underground and theirs a part in the map where its slippery.  

Environment Attack: Nuke Shockwave
Environment Attack Description: an explosion shockwave, it has fast 
effect, which means you can trigger it again after the rocket is 
standing again (which is fast)

Teleporter A: If you see the partial health in the area where its 
sleepery, go directly straight from it (orange building) and destroy the 
door to enter. It goes to Teleporter B
Teleporter B: Top of the middle wall (you can reach this by using the 
ramp made of snow, I prefer just use Teleporter A), goes to Teleporter 
Teleporter C: Go to  the Rocket (Nuke Shockwave) the you will see a 
partial health, go straight and destroy the wall  enter it and youll see 
the Teleporter; it lead to Teleporter D.
Teleporter D. its directly in the top of Teleporter C, it goes to 
Teleporter C.
Mini-Game Teleporter: Go to the slippery area (the open area with a 
partial health in it) and you will notice a bell like thing. Destroy it 
and you will enter an underground tunnel and in the middle you will see 
the mini-game Teleporter.

Health Location: 5 Partial Health. 1 Partial health, is located in the 
slippery are; one beside the environment attacker (nuke shockwave); 
another in underground tunnel, beside the mini-game teleporter; another 
is located inside a building, first go the then nuke area, then you will 
see the environment attacker weapon icon, go to that place and move 
forward (away from the nuke) and turn right in the sides and you will 
see entrance and the partial health; the last one is located inside the 
building it's the entrance is parallel to the nuke, destroy the wall.
Weapon Armory: weapons are scatted but the health is located right next 
to each other.  

Sniping Spot: The middle wall, take the Teleporter A. Also the building 
near the partial health in the slippery area, destroy the door enter it 
climb up the stairs and go to the side where the Swarmer missile is 
located destroy the wall again and snipe. 

Comment: This map is not bad, but my problem is there too much health 
and their located near each other! (Around the area of the nuke 
shockwave, 4 partial health!) They should have scattered it. and also 
there are so many place here that left un touch because you have to do 
so many stuff before you can get their or its hidden. 

=6g= GREECE ================== 60007 ===

Name: Greece
Size: Large 
Description: A map separated by a land and a large ship. The land part 
has a small city and wide plains with ruins of old Greek temples. 

Environment Attack: Zeus Lightning
Environment Attack Description: Lightning that comes form the statue of 
Zeus. This is similar to Paris' Eiffel Top Lightning and LA's Powerplant 
Lightning. It has the power to outbalance any vehicle that was hit. 

Teleporter A: Located near the Zeus Lightning statue; goes to Teleporter 
Teleporter B: is in the ruins in lower left side of the boat. The one 
that has a lot of Greek post a line in it; goes to Teleporter A
Mine-Game Teleporter: Go to the ship and then go down in the huge 
opening in front. Go straight until you reach the clearing before the 
elevator, check the middle part and you'll see the teleporter. 

Health Location: 1 Full Health, 4 Partial Health. Full heath is located 
in the lower level of the huge ship, the first opening you see turn to 
that and you'll see the full health. Partial Health is located in the 
back end of the ship; another near the Zeus lightning; another in the 
long walls dividing the huge plains, you can only get this by driving 
from the boat; and last in the top most level of the small city. 

Weapon Armory: not much, but the lower level of the boat has a couple of 
weapons plus if you take the elevator up you'll also see few weapons 
their also.

Sniping Spot: Go to the city and climb the top most level you'll have a 
good view of the boat and lower part of the city. The top most level of 
the boat has a nice view on the plains in the other side of the town. 
The wall that divides the plains is also a nice spot but you'll be open.

Comment: I don't know why I don't like this map, something tells me it 
kinda boring. The map features are great and everything but I just don't 
want this map.

=6h= MONACO ================== 60008 ===

Name: Monaco 
Size: Large
Description: The whole map is a racetrack with a beach and a port it has 
a lot of buildings but (you can only enter few); it has a tunnel also.

Environment Attack: none
Environment Attack Description: N/A

Teleporter A: Portside with boats; goes to Teleporter B
Teleporter B: Top of the building, can only be reach by a Teleporter; 
goes to Teleporter A
Mini-Game Teleporter: Start from the port area (Teleporter A area) then 
drive straight until you reach a huge tunnel (it has Turbo refill in the 
middle if your driving opposite of those indi cars then your in right 
place) got straight even more, just follow the track you will drive a 
"S" curve until you will see a Fire missile in the middle, stop to that 
place and turn around (right side) to the green grassy area, you will 
see Remote bomb pickup and the Mini-Game Teleporter in the corner. 

Health Location: 1 Full health and 4 Partial Health, Full Health in the 
small tunnel, to reach this go to the big tunnel the one that has a 
Turbo refill in the middle after the Turbo refill you will exit the 
tunnel, stop asoon as you exited the tunnel and turn to the side with 
wall then drive their and you will see the entrance to it. 1 Partial 
Health is located One directly across Teleporter A you need to take the 
ramp; another if you take Teleporter A then you will see in the corner 
side of the area; another is located if you take the Teleporter in the 
small tunnel (the one beside the full health) then you will be 
transported to a Casino area, full health is located their. And the last 
one is located directly under the second partial Health, take the 
Teleporter A then you will see the health their and drop directly below 
that area  

Weapon Armory: Weapons are nicely scattered in this area
Sniping Spot: Take Teleporter A and snipe anyone, best place is the one 
with partial health. There is also a building that you can destroy and 
will reveal a hole in it, this is not a nice spot but it's hard to 
notice. First go to the beach area (the one that has sand in it and fire 
missile just drive around the port area) go to the position of the Fire 
missile then scan the area, if you see a Power Missile under a building 
drive to that Power Missile (NOT the Power Missile in the straight 
road). Once you're in the place of the Power Missile you will see a 2-
floored house with a wide stairs in front of you (it has a fine Vodka in 
the wall) align your car into the stairs and run your Turbo and you will 
fly directly into the building destroy the wall and reveal the small 
room. You need a fast car to reach this.

Comment: For first timers this is not a good map, you'll get confuse 
with the structure and winding roads. This map is ok the weapons are 
pretty much scatted and balance. The only thing is don't like in this 
map is its confusing I still prefer simple maps. 

=6i= TOKYO STREETS =========== 60009 ===

Name: Tokyo Streets 
Size: Medium
Description: a medium sized map it has a couple of upper layer and a 
little down layer. This map is simple with buildings that divide the 
streets. There is also a Japanese Castle in it. to enter the Japanese 
Castle you need to destroy the Tokyo Tower with a Remote Bomb first(just 
plant it in any of its legs).

Environment Attack: none
Environment Attack Description: N/A

Teleporter A: front of the Japanese Castle; goes to Teleporter B
Teleporter B: Top of the buildings, the only way to reach this is by 
Teleporter A, leads to Teleporter A. 
Mini-Game Teleporter: across the Tokyo Tower. (its actually in the 
middle of Tokyo Tower and the Castle. Just drive into the main street)

Health Location: 4 Partial Health. 1 Partial Health inside the Japanese 
Castle; another above the buildings, you need to take Teleporter A; 
another at the back of the Tokyo Tower and last one in the middle of the 
Weapon Armory: weapons are scattered, inside the Japanese Castle has a 
couple of weapons you can pick up, also the top of buildings (take 
Teleporter A). You can also take the tunnel surrounding the Castle. 

Sniping Spot: Take Teleporter A

Comment: This map is simple and nice for any kind of battle. It's square 
and has a lot of divisions once the  

=6j= TOKYO ROOFTOPS ========== 60010 ===

Name: Tokyo Rooftops 
Size: Small
Description: building rooftops connected by bridge (destroyed 
communications towers). You might fall and get damaged.  

Environment Attack: none
Environment Attack Description: N/A 

Teleporter A: Located in the eastside rooftop it's beside a small 
structure; it goes to Teleporter B
Teleporter B: topmost building, you can only reach this by Teleporter A; 
goes to Teleporter A
Mini-Game Teleporter: The structure behind the "TOKYO ltd." Near the 
Full Health

Health Location: 1 Full Health, 2 Partial Health, Full health is located 
in the structure behind the "TOKYO ltd". Partial Health is located near 
Teleporter A in the center of that area; another ins the walled area 
(you drop into this area if you take Teleporter A), 

Weapon Armory: Take Teleporter A and grab all the weapons and power ups 

Sniping Spot: the structure beside Teleporter A (not really a nice spot 
but this is the only high place)

Comment: I love this map, so much fun especially when I am using fast 
cars. The map has less health no sniping spots!

=6k= DEATHMATCH ARENA ======== 60011 ===

These maps are really small maps (except Tokyo - Dark Tooth - medium 
size) they are usually square (except Rome Death Match) in shape and the 
obstacles are less than their corresponding levels. You need to unlock 
these maps by finishing a mini-game or by finishing the level.   

LA - Cousin Eddy
Health is located around the Canal area (just follow the Water)

Paris Deathmatch
Health is located inside the flat building

Egypt Deathmatch
Health is located inside the pyramid

Rome Deathmatch
In the middle of the map and above the arena

Greece Deathmatch

Tokyo - Dark Tooth
Health is located around the arena (just drive around the sides)

==7= SINGLE PLAYER =========== 70000 ===

The single player in Twisted Metal: Head-On consist of 3 modes to choose 
from. The Story mode consists of series of battles and boss battles 
until you reach the final boss and after you defeat it you can the watch 
the character ending. Another type is Endurance more like a survival 
mode and the last mode is Challenge where you challenge the computer 
into a battle. 

Here are some tips on how to conquer the Single Player mode specifically 
the boss battles

=7a= BOSS BATTLES ============ 70001 ===

This boss has 2 parts first part, you need to destroy all the people in 
its window including the guy at the top of the RV. The second part is 
the actual battle.

The first part you need to kill the 6 people, each person has an 
approximate 20% health so they die easily. 

Boss Strategy: This boss if difficult for first timers, he will 
constantly freeze you and  shoot everything he has. If you get close the 
guy above the RV will burn you with Flamethrower

What you need have: You need to practice the freeze missile for the 
first part. It is also best of you grab all the upgrades in the battle 
with the ATVs so you will have the upgraded machinegun which is the 
quickest way here, a Power missile is a great weapon you only need one 
shot to kill those guy in the windows also grab some Napalm this is 
important. Other weapon is fine.

What you need to do: After the battle with the ATVs, be ready to freeze 
Cousin Eddy; once you succefully freeze the enemy position your self in 
the side of Cousin Eddy and stat shooting you Power Missile simultaneous 
with you upgraded machine gun (if you don't have power missile the 
upgraded machinegun will do, if you don't have both use your other 
projectile). In this process you can kill 2 people at a time. After that 
repeat the process. The main problem is the guy at the top, some Special 
will be able to reach that guy (e.g. Mr. Slam's Special, Hammerhead's, 
Grasshopper's, ect) if you don't have just use your Napalm; again go to 
the open area, be ready the freeze then once frozen get as close as you 
can then use your Napalm, it take 2 Napalm to kill that guy. If your 
running out of health always uses your turbo when running away, the 
Health is located in the sides (around the Canal area). The second part 
is easy as long as you have many weapons.  Its either you freeze him of 
you use your shield its up to you. One of the most effective is the 
Rear-fire (Right, Left, Down + fire button) run around and look at your 
Radar check if he is directly behind you then shoot, keep doing until 
he's down.

This guy will run over you with its entire arsenal. You don't need any 
specific instruction on how to destroy this guy just shoot him down.

Boss Strategy: he will get as close as he can then use his special and 
throw you away and start firing his machinegun (which is not an ordinary 
machinegun). That combo is very painful. He sometimes will freeze you 

What you need have: as many weapons as you can, all types of weapon are 
fine and I prefer you upgrade your Armor and Machinegun. 

What you need to do: if you don't have any weapons make a round trip 
into the arena and grab as many weapons as you can always use your Turbo 
while moving if he gets close to you immediately use you shield or turn 
to a different street. This guy is immune to freeze The basic strategy 
here is run around and do Rear-Fire, this is best strategy to this guy. 
Always have a little damage in your health so you can grab the health in 
the middle of the road if you don't grab it he will grab it and heal the 
damage you dealt. Another strategy is to get as close as you can an 
prepare your shield, this guys has difficulty in turning around so the 
technique is run pass him (w/ Turbo) and shoot rear-fire then turn again 
and run pass over again and rear-fire again (sometimes you don't need to 
rear-fire just turn as fast as you can and aim, also Swarmer missile is 
good charge it before you turn to him). If you combine this 2 strategy 
this will be an easy fight. Always be ready with your shield when he 
grabs you while he is crushing you perform the Shield command this will 
lessen the damage.  


This battle is consist of 2 parts, the first part is like an ordinary 
battle and the second part is practically same but this time he is more 
powerful. You don't need any specific instruction on how to destroy this 
guy just shoot him down (the second part requires you to shoot the top 
of the tower). 

Boss Strategy: he will get as close as he can then use his special 

What you need have: Grab as many weapons around the arena, it also helps 
if you have upgraded armor. Grab all the missiles especially the ones 
with homing capabilities. 

What you need to do: The old strategy is do rear-fire until he's down 
but theirs a good strategy that will kill this guy in a few minutes. 
This strategy came from MasterShake21 form 
 message board 

First: grab as many weapons you can grab specially the missiles with 
homing capabilities

Second: Go to the area with full health in it, its in the center of the 
map look for large round building.  Stay into that area and keep at the 
opposite side of Tower Tooth all the time. After some time Tower Tooth 
will get stock and strife left and right. 

Third: Shoot all your not homing weapons (save the homing weapons) if 
you run out use your machine gun until you reach the second part.

Forth: once you reach the second part he will shoot multiple fireballs 
so be ready with your shield. Shoot all your homing weapons at top until 
he is destroyed. Of you ran out of Health grab the full health, which is 
located in that area and if you run out of missile grab the homing 
missile. Don't move away from that area.

Little visual

Street    TT---   ---   ---   
          ______     _____P \ 
         ( big  )   |xxxx|   )
         ( post )   |xxxx|   |
         (______)   |xxxx|   |__
H     o                   FH     
Street   ----    ----    ----

H= Homing Missile
FH= Full Health
P = Power missile
X = Grass area
O = your location
TT = Tower Tooth's position.

Always keep at the opposite side of Tower Tooth If he is in the other 
side the go to the other side. 

=7b= MINI-GAMES ============== 70002 ===

N = North
S = South
E = East
W = West


****This Mini-Game should be done in story mode to unlock the characters 
and Level. 
****All the upgrades you have will have no effect in this Mini-Games
****Energy Weapons will have no effect 
**** if yo die inside the  Mini-Game you'll be transported back to the 
real level. Same as status as the time you entered it.
**** Mini-Game time requirement is based on normal difficulty


Mini-Game Arena: Big Blue Stadium
Mini-Game Name: Demolition Derby
Mini-Game Teleporter Location: Inside the NE room then look for a glass 
wall then destroy it (front of the band is facing N).
Mini-Game Directions: Ram 5 taxicabs (use turbo) 

Mini-Game Tips: Use a character with a high handling like Grasshopper. 
Use your Turbo all the time (its infinite) and hit your enemy. Align 
your vehicle first then hit your turbo, the taxicabs are slow so you can 
hit them easily.

Mini-Game Prize: Nothing just all the weapon you gathered

Mini-Game Arena: Los Angeles
Mini-Game Name: Freeway Slalom
Mini-Game Teleporter Location: Beside the Studio (#12) with Health 
inside (the Studio#12 is parallel to the Powerplant.) It's a small box 
type building; you have to destroy the door 
Mini-Game Directions: Just finish the track until you reach the finish 
line. The track has a lot of obstacles

Mini-Game Tips: Use Mr.Grimm , Drive slow until you memorize the track, 
keep it slow this track is not that long. When you reach the part with 
big iron balls, go to the left side of the track and move one at a time 
use circle button to stop.

Mini-Game Prize: Weapon you gathered and Mr. Slam

Mini-Game Arena: Paris
Mini-Game Name: Chopper Shoot
Mini-Game Teleporter Location: Directly parallel to the Eiffel Top 
Lightning (broken top of Eiffel), you have to destroy the wall to enter.  
Mini-Game Directions: Shoot the moving Chopper with napalm under 2 min

Mini-Game Tips: Use any character just make sure after you destroy a 
chopper be careful, not to fall in the bridge. The only tip here is 
practice your napalm skills. Its not that difficult, just concentrate. 
Don't follow the chopper just stick to on spot and wait for it to go 

Mini-Game Prize: Weapon you gathered and Paris Deathmatch Level

Mini-Game Arena: Egypt
Mini-Game Name: Balance Beam
Mini-Game Teleporter Location: its in the side of Tornado (Environment 
Attacker), check the one with a 2 big human statue destroy the door in 
the middle, it will reveal the Teleporter.

Mini-Game Directions: Finish the long course, the course is full of 
obstacles and if you got hit then you have to do it all over again. 
Finish the course under 3 minutes to get the bonus.

Mini-Game Tips: Use the character with high handling capabilities 
(prefer Grasshopper). Move slowly (don't turbo all the way) you have a 
lot of time, patience is the key here, first obstacle is the flame in 
the ground just avoid it then next is the wall the collide at each 
other, after passing 2 walls then stop then 2 again then stop do until 
finish. The next is the rotating log with spikes, just move without your 
turbo on. Then the next will be the one with electricity, move in one 
side then move with caution (patience!). The next one is the swinging 
blades, move to the middle use your turbo brake if needed and last 
obstacle is the hammer, position your self in front of the first hammer 
then wait for it to fall in front of you when rising boost your way, 
break if needed. 

Mini-Game Prize: Weapon you gathered and Egypt Deathmatch Level

Mini-Game Arena: Roman Ruins
Mini-Game Name: Top Down Driver
Mini-Game Teleporter Location: Go the middle part of the level then 
climb to the second layer then drive around you will eventually see it

Mini-Game Directions: survive the track by avoiding obstacles. The car 
move on its on all you have to do is jump, turbo and turn. The camera 
view is from the top. you have 2 min to finish to get the bonus.

Mini-Game Tips: Use characters like Mr. Grimm, Grasshopper or Twister. 
You don't need to take all the ramps. Again you don't need to hurry much 
coz you have a lot of time. When using the ram be sure your in a perfect 
position and you your Turbo. You have 3 chances of surviving TNT so 
avoid them as possible (especially in the first part). 

Mini-Game Prize: Weapon you gathered and Rome Deathmatch Level

Mini-Game Arena: Russia 
Mini-Game Name: Shooting Rink
Mini-Game Teleporter Location: Go to the slippery area (the open area 
with a partial health in it) and you will notice a bell like thing. 
Destroy it and you will enter an underground tunnel and in the middle 
you will see the Mini-Game Teleporter.

Mini-Game Directions: Shoot the tank with your machinegun you can use 
your shield!

Mini-Game Tips: I suggest you use Mr. Grimm he is small and moveable. 
Use your shied if needed always move close to your enemy, don't fight 
head on especially w/o a shield. 

Mini-Game Prize: Weapon you gathered and Axel

Mini-Game Arena: Greece 
Mini-Game Name: Jump Skill
Mini-Game Teleporter Location: Go to the ship and then go down in the 
huge opening in front. Go straight until you reach the clearing before 
the elevator, check the middle part and you'll see the Teleporter 

Mini-Game Directions: Finish the course by jumping between moving 
platforms, 2.5 min to get the bonus 

Mini-Game Tips: I suggest you use Warthog, though you think that he 
doesn't fit this level, he actually does. You don't really need to jump 
all you need is proper timing to each platform and ramps. Some ramp 
doesn't require you to use your turbo, check the ramp after 3 platforms 
moving left and right use your turbo in that ramp then the following 3 
platforms just use your ordinary acceleration. Warthog is heavy and can 
easy stop if needed plus you don't really need speed here.

Mini-Game Prize: Weapon you gathered and Greece Deathmatch

Mini-Game Arena: Monaco 
Mini-Game Name: Death Race
Mini-Game Teleporter Location: Start from the port area (Teleporter A 
area) then drive straight until you reach a huge tunnel (it has Turbo 
refill in the middle if your driving opposite of those indi cars then 
your in right place) got straight even more, just follow the track you 
will drive a "S" curve until you will see a Fire missile in the middle, 
stop to that place and turn around (right side) to the green grassy 
area, you will see Remote bomb pickup and the Mini-Game Teleporter in 
the corner.

Mini-Game Directions: Survive 2 laps in a circuit driving in the wrong 
way. You only have 3 chances if you hit the car driving in the opposite 
side. Destroy 10 cars with your infinite Fire missile and you'll get a 
bonus and 15 for more bonus.  

Mini-Game Tips: I suggest you use Mr. Grimm or other small vehicles. Try 
not focus on getting the 10 kills but instead focus on finishing the 
laps more. Drive on the sides of the track, this area seams has little 
chances of enemy. Time you rocket so when enemy appears in front of you 
shoot it immediately. Try not to get hit in your first lap.

Mini-Game Prize: Weapon you gathered and Crimson Fury

Mini-Game Arena: Tokyo Street 
Mini-Game Name: Subway Gauntlet
Mini-Game Teleporter Location: Across the Tokyo Tower. (its actually in 
the middle of Tokyo Tower and the Castle. Just drive into the main 

Mini-Game Directions: Destroy Sweet Tooth head (the white one the green 
are enemies that shoot at you) and collect the stars. 2 min to earn 
bonus reward

Mini-Game Tips: Use any fast character, grab the Power missile then get 
as close as you can to the head then shoot, you can also turn back (but 
you only have 5 sec or else game over) and run your turbo and turn back 
again this saves time instead of running the whole track again. 

Mini-Game Prize: Weapon you gathered and Tokyo Deathmatch

Mini-Game Arena: Tokyo Rooftops 
Mini-Game Name: Sky Track
Mini-Game Teleporter Location: The structure behind the "TOKYO ltd." 
Near the Full Health

Mini-Game Directions: Finish first in the race

Mini-Game Tips: Use Mr. Grimm, if you bump on the enemies they will be 
fall behind, just maintain you position in the middle, don't bump on the 
walls or you'll loose speed. 

Mini-Game Prize: Weapon you gathered and Hemmerhead

==8= MULTIPLAYER ============= 80000 ===

There are 3 type of multiplayer in Twisted Metal Head-On. I haven't 
tried Ad-hoc and Infrastructure LAN connections so I am assuming they 
look the same just like in online.

1. Ad-hoc = This means PSP connect with another PSP 

2. Infrastructure = This means PSP connect with a access point like a 
   wireless router, in other words online games (PSP here in California 
   connects with PSP in New York)
3. Infrastructure LAN = this means PSPs are connected into one access point

=8a ONLINE LOBBY ============= 80001 ===

When you reach the Lobby you can do some stuff in it. The Lobby has 
couple options you can choose from. 

Announcement: this includes the official announcement of the Twisted 
Metal, like server upgrades, maintenance, ect.

Lobby Room: This is where all the games are listed, the games a re 
arranged geographically. Select where you from, and you will see all the 
games available in that area. You can also select from different 
location but remember for better connection it is wise if your connected 
as close as possible. 

Quick Start: You enter the game preference you want then they will give 
the most appropriate game for you.

Refresh: Refresh is similar to update, or refresh in your web browser. 
Always refresh so you will get the updated screen. Remember they don't 
update in real time, so if you don't refresh you wont see the new games 
created, the number player.

Logout: to disconnect from online.

=8b CREATING A GAME ========== 80002 ===

To create/host a game first go to Lobby Room and select which location 
you want. Once you're in, Press Square Button. Select which game Type 
you want to host either a "Coop" or "Head to Head"/"Team" game. Press 
down then enter the game name and password, make a unique one because 
you cant create it if theirs an existing one. You may want to make a 
password if you want a specific person to join you (they must know the 
password to enter the game) if not leave it blank. Then enter how many 
players can join (max of 6). You might want to save it if you want to so 
you don't need to type or remember it all the time. Press X to continue 
creating the game

You will arrive in your game; player info is the list of players inside 
the room, if your playing a team game then this is the place to switch 

Game setup is to customize you're game like which level to play, type of 
game, health availability, Relics/upgrades on or off, ect.

Car select is where you select your vehicle, boss characters are not 
available their. To play other character you need to unlock them first.

Stats is the list of result from the privies fight in your room

Chat is where you talk, this is the only place you can talk with other 
players. The keyboard is like a cellphone keypad (which is great idea 
instead of putting a full keyboard w/o keyboard).

"Get ready" means your done with everything and waiting for the game, if 
your not the host then you have to wait for the host to start the game, 
if you're the host then if everyone press "Get ready" the game will 
automatically start

"Start Game" is only for the host; by pressing this you will start the 
game with people who press, "Get ready", once press you have 5 seconds 
until the game starts press again to cancel. 

=8c= RELICS ================== 80003 ===
Relics are available only in Multiplayer mode. They are special power-
ups us in Multiplayer events. They are part of game modifiers that means 
you can turn them off if you want to. They are like upgrade except they 
are scattered in the map as soon you start the game and they have 
different icons; you can only grab one Relic at a time.  Relics are not 
permanent - they go off after sometime or if a Relic Buster Relic hit 
you. You can drop unwanted or if you want to change to a better relic by 
pressing, Triangle + Square.

For some reason, the user manual has different names (sometimes 
descriptions) vs. the in-game names so I have to test each and everyone 
and compare it to the manual ~_~

Name: Defiance Relic 
User Manual Name: Shield Relic
Looks Like: Blue shield
Description: Reduce Damage by 42%
Comments: A great relic especially if you're using a light armored 
vehicle (its like having Sweet tooth armor in Mr. Grimm), if your using 
the high armored then you're like a tank! I don't know if the 42% reduce 
damage is correct since some of the description is the user manual is 
different, what I know is it really increases your defence.

Name: Backlash Relic
User Manual Name: Reflect Relic
Looks Like: Orange mirror
Description: Redirect damage back to the one who fired 
Comments: Actually I haven't seen this one work since everyone is crazy 
firing at someone and I don't know if those things are returning to me 
because of Backlash Relic.

Name: Mega Machinegun
User Manual Name: Mega Gun Relic
Looks Like: White Gatling gun
Description: Power up Machinegun (like the upgrade ones) and gives 50 
homing bullets. The bullets regenerate for some time if the bullet is 
empty you'll just have an upgrade machinegun version (no homing).
Comments: a very powerful relic, this is nightmare for low armored 
vehicle (sometimes the slow ones too). Since acquiring an upgrade 
machinegun in multiplayer is kinda difficult (well depends =P) its great 
to have an upgrade machinegun at the start you don't even have to 
destroy four vehicles. 

Name: Relic Buster 
User Manual Name: Relic Buster Relic  
Looks Like: White Light blue hammer
Description: Makes the enemies relic unavailable for some time, enemies 
drops their relic; you can't grab another one until the effect of the 
buster is worse off. 
Comments: It's a great relic; if your opponent is using an Evade Relic 
then this is the solution to them. Relics are powerful items so by 
removing them to the enemies make weaker than you.   

Name: Restoration Relic
User Manual Name: Health Relic  
Looks Like: Red Cross with Syringe 
Description: Restore small amount of health every second, also you'll
get a 30% health restoration once you grab it.
Comments: This is useful if those games where there is no health 
available, other than that it's kinda useless since the restoration is 
kinda slow. 

Name: Assassin Relic
User Manual Name: Deception Relic
Looks Like: Light violet haft facemask
Description: Cloak when not moving and hide your true health
Comments: Not very useful, since you have to stop to activate the cloak 
when you move its remove! Well at lease it might help you escape. The 
health hide it a great idea but you will still have the same damage.

Name: Blitzkrieg Relic 
User Manual Name: Fast Fire relic
Looks Like: Orange clock
Description: Fast weapon fire rate
Comments: Nice in games with unlimited weapons.

Name: Parasite Relic
User Manual Name: Life Sucker Relic
Looks Like: Green Parasite looking thing/leech
Description: Restore health every damage dealt (approx 10% or less)
Comments: Nice in games with unlimited weapons and no Health. This can 
be useful to, like if your fighting head to head with your opponent, 
everytime he damages you, you recover it by damaging him.

Name: Slayer Relic 
User Manual Name: Damage Relic
Looks Like: Red metallic skull
Description: Double damage on any weapon
Comments: very powerful, imagine power missile will do 40% damage! OMG!

Name: Evade Relic
User Manual Name: No Lock Relic
Looks Like: Violet Padlock
Description: You wont be able to get lock down on any homing weapon, 
Relic Buster and Backlash still affects you
Comments: This is an anti homing weapon, since most of the weapons here 
are homing then this is a great relic. There is a specific range for it 
to work though.

Name: Special Relic
User Manual Name: Special Regeneration Relic
Looks Like: Has a symbol "S" in it
Description: Increase regeneration of Special Weapon
Comments: More Special weapon = more damage you can deliver to your 

Name: Demolition Relic
User Manual Name: Destruction relic
Looks Like: Nuclear symbol 
Description: Adds area damage for all weapon except machinegun 
Comments: haven't notice this one yet, base on the description looks 
like there are more useful relics than this one

=8d GAME MODES =============== 80004 ===

1. Death match = Kill each other with a time limit or a specific 
2. Last Man = Kill each other until the last man remains you have set 
   of life.
3. Fox Hunt = one vehicle will be the target and others will hunt and 
   the cycle goes on who's the target changes, the scoring is same as 
   Death match.
4. Collector = you collect this small object scatted around the 
   arena. If you destroy someone then the items he collected will 
   scatted around the area. The point is collect as many items as 
   possible until the end of game.
5. Team Death Match = Death match but divided into 2 teams. If your 
   in Red team then your enemies are Blue teams sometimes the 
   "Friendly fire" is on so be careful not to trash your own team 
6. Team Last Man = Last man except divided into 2 teams, each has a 
   sets of life or group life (means one set of life for the whole 
   group and you share with it).
7. Team Fox hunt = Same as fox Hunt but one Target per team at a 
8. Team Collector = Same as collector except divided in 2 teams

The host can customize everything like the game ends after a time limit 
or a number of specific scores or kills. Team games can have friendly 
fire on (with certain percentage of damage). In last man thy can select 
how many lives available.

Other Modifiers includes 
Relics (check Relics above for more info) = Enable/Disable 
Unlimited Weapon = Enable/Disable
Single Vehicle = Enable/Disable - then select a car if enable
Car Upgrades = Enable/Disable
HUD = Normal/or hide Health Bar, Radar, or Energy Bar or combinations
Health Availability = Partial/Full/Both, or none
Level Destructible = Enable/Disable (means once you enter the arena the 
destructible are already destroyed.)
Drop Relic = Enable/Disable (Relic will drop in a specific time)
Relic Drop Time = No, of min you can carry the Relic 

==9= FAQs ==================== 90000 ===

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions

=9a= COMMON QUESTIONS ======== 90001 ===

1. How many characters are there in the game?  
   There are 18 characters all in all, some boss can't be use in Multiplayer 
   and Tower Tooth can only be played in challenge mode

2. Can you play as Minion? 
   No, there is no Minion

3. What About Calypso?
   No also

4. How many Arenas'/Levels are available?
   There are 10 different levels and 6 additional Deathmatch levels.

5. I can't kill  
   If you can't do it even with all the tips I gave you then you need 
   practice boss in this game pretty much easy to kill.

6. I can't finish 
   Yup, sometimes those mini games are annoyingly difficult, but everything 
   can be beaten once you get to know the level. When I first tired Greece 
   mini level it took me 10 times coz I am using Twister but when I changed 
   it to Warthog I finish it in one try!

7. Is this part of any Twisted Metal story line?
   Well yes, some story are related in the past Twisted Metal series, TM2 
   to be exact. 

8. How come enemies can freeze but I can't seem to find any weapon for 
   Those are not weapons you can pick up, it an energy move check Energy 
   Attack in this guide for more info on this. 

9. Why is it I can't Rear-Fire Swarmer missile?
   Because you can't.

10. Can you Rear-Fire an upgraded special with a charger in it?
    Yes you can, charge it first the do the command for Rear-Fire then  
    release the charge.

11. I beat  but wheres my new character/arena?
    You must beat the mini level in story mode not in challenge mode. 

=8b= ONLINE QUESTIONS ======== 90002 ===

1. What do I need to play online?
   All you need is a computer and a wireless router with Internet 
   connection, your PSP and TMho game. 

2. Help I don't have Internet or wireless router in out house!
   You can scan for a wireless signal around your area; you can find free 
   hotspot areas like in cafes, malls or library.

3. What is Hotspot?
   It's an area where theirs a wireless connection.

4. How much do I need to pay to play online?
   Absolutely nothing, it's free 

5. What is ISP?
   Internet service provider, this are the guys that gives you internet 
   like AOL, Comcast, ect.

6. What is WEP key?
   It's a password to protect a wireless connection so no one can use it 
   like your neighbors or any person scanning for free hot spots.

7. My PSP says I have 100% signal but still I can't play online, why?
   A 100% signal is only a signal that means your PSP is communicating to 
   the router w/o any problem, but still the question is if the router is 
   receiving any data from you ISP. A 100% signal can also affect your game 
   is you have less then you'll get disconnected all the time.

8. What is Ping? Why is it always 0?
   It's a tool use to test the connectivity between 2 systems; you will 
   always see 0 from your PSP. 

9. How many people can join in one game?
   6 people can join the mayhem!

10. Who are the characters you can't use in Multiplayer mode?
    Cousin Eddy, Tower Tooth and Dark Tooth because they have unfair stats 
    and they're damn big! 

11. I'm stuck with the Online Agreement screen
    It means you have a bad connection and a 100% signal is not the 
    solution to that it's probably your ISP or connections (well of 
    course you need a higher signal). 

12. I still can't play Online! What should I do?
    You can check this, Go to your PSP menu then go to Power Save Settings, 
    then WLAN Power Save and select OFF. This means that you're using its 
    maximum power in connection. The battery will run out fast also.

13. When I try to login in the game it says invalid Password, why?
    If this is your first logging in then your username is already taken, 
    think of a new one then make another unique password for it. If this is 
    not your first time them probably someone got your username and 

14. Why can't I connect in any game it says "Full or INVALID"?
    Either you're not refreshing the games (pressing Circle) or you're just 
    slow physically or by network connection. 

15. What is Lag?
    Lag is sudden stop while playing in online game. Lag can be cause by 
    unstable connection by the players in the game (one of the player has a 
    slow connection or other player is too far from each other, ect)

16. What is a Clan?
    It's a group of people that team up together and plays TMho. Usually you 
    will see initials in before their names of their members

17. Can we play Multiplayer with one game disk?
    They say yes its glitch; go to for more info on this

18. Can you chat while playing?
    Unfortunately no, you can only do the chatting in the lobby area before 
    the game start.

19. Can cheat work Online?
    Absolutely NO! that whould be crazy, Deathmatch w/o death?

20. Whenever I create a game I can't seem to find those maps I played in 
    when I join a game last night, where can I find them?
    It means those maps specifically those Deathmatch levels need to be 
    unlock first then you can create a game with that level.

21.  Last night when I played online there is a  but whenever I choose a car I can't seem to find them. Why
     is that?
     Because you need to unlock them first before you can play the, check the 
     guide for more info on those character.

=10= ONLINE GUIDE =========== 1000aa ===

This is a guide on how to you can play online, I am not expert on this 
but I know the basics on how this works. 

This is my Setup

1. Computer (PC)
2. Internet Connection (Broadband W/ Cable modem; they come together)
3. A Wireless Router (Linksys Wireless Router 2.4 Ghz 802.11b)
4. PSP
5. Twisted Metal: Head-On

                                      Your ISP
                        ________          |
                        |      |          |
             _________  |     :|          |                   
            |         | |     :|          |                      
            |  PC or  | |______|          |    RJ45     \     / 
            |Laptop w/| |      |      ______   Cable    _\___/_
            |_________| |______|     (_::___) ======== |_:::___|
            Wireless Receiver      Cable Modem          Linksys

( + [__]:: ) 

PSP W/ TM:ho

Your ISP sends you data and Cable modem will receive it. They are 
connected by a cable, similar cable wire from your cable TV. Your Cable 
modem is connected to your wireless router by a RJ45 cable, then your 
wireless router will convert the data that came from your Cable Modem 
(ISP) into radio waves. Your PSP and your PC/Laptop will receive it and 
convert it back to data thus making online available wirelessly.

10a= ONLINE SETUP (PSP) ===== 1000bb ===

its fairly easy to setup you PSP you just need to follow some steps to 
finish, sure there are tons of wacky terminology, but even I don't even 
know them all. Buts still I manage to make my connections w/o any 
problems. The PSP manual has a great Step by step guide on how to setup 
your PSP, so check it out. 

1. Turn you PSP on w/o any game in it.
2. You will arrive into your PSP menu; go to the Left most icon called   
3. In Setting press down until you see Network Settings and press X.
4. Select Infrastructure (Ad-hoc is for PSP to PSP connection)
5. Press X on New Connection
6. Enter a name for your connection (e.g. Home Wireless) The press X   
   to proceed, you will go back to the previous Screen
7. Press Right to move to the next settings, The SSID is blank then 
   Encryption is None (if you don't have an Encryption or password for 
   your Wireless) if you do have an Encryption in your wireless then 
   select WEP then press Right then enter the encryption key or 
   password. Mine has no encryption so I leave it in blank. 
8. Once everything is cleared then press "Scan" below
9. The PSP will scan all the available Wireless Network in your area. 
   This should include your.
10. Select your Wireless from the list (usually your has a 100% signal 
    if theirs no problem). You can also see if your connection has an 
    Encryption key needed (if in Encryption says WEP then you need a 
    password, check step 7)
11. You will return to the previous screen and the SSID is now filled 
    up by the one you selected earlier.
12. Press Right again then Select Easy if you want to customize it 
    select Custom (advance users only). Once you select Easy you will 
    arrive in the summary of what you did.
13. Press right again and Save you settings.
14. Once done saving press Test Connection. Once again you will see 
    the result after this.
15. That's it your all set-up!

It also helps if you Update your network once in awhile with your PSP. 
To do that go to settings and press up until you see Network Update and 
select that and wait for the result.  

10b= ONLINE SETUP (IN-GAME) = 1000cc ===

1. Select Multiplayer from the menu
2. Select Infrastructure 
3. Then wait for a few seconds, then select the connection you made 
   earlier (in ONLINE SETUP (PSP)). In the example given above its 
   "Home Wireless"
4. Once you select that, you will arrive in the Internet Usage 
   Policy. If your connection is bad then the usage policy will not 
5. Press Accept
6. Enter your Username and Password by pressing O; the username is 
   the one that will appear while you're in the game. Make them both 
   unique as possible. If you can't log in that means the Username 
   you entered is already being used, make a new one. (Please make a 
   unique idea like if you see other player named TMmaster then don't 
   make TMmaster2 as a username)
7. After Entering the Username and Password make sure you save it so 
   you will don't have to type and remember them again. 
8. Press X to Log in.
9. You will arrive in the Lobby, go and select from the games 
   available and enjoy chaotic world of TM!

=11= TIPS =================== 11000a ===

Here are the lists of tips I use in this game. This tips sometimes 
common but people tent to neglect these very helpful tips. I am giving 
you this tip and hopefully it will improve your skills and those people 

Tip # 1: Energy Attacks!

Practice your energy attacks this is vital in this game especially in 
online. Freezing and using Shield is the most common of them all. It's 
not enough to know how to use them or what are they use for but the most 
important is when to use them.

Shield is an important Energy Attack (Defense actually) but it consumes 
a lot of energy don't just use them whenever you want, use them when in 
a head to head situation or escaping.

Freeze missile is great but be sure when using this you're in flat area 
or above the enemy the homing for this guy is not that effective. And by 
not hitting the enemy it's a big waste. Be sure you have the specific 
weapon ready before performing the freeze command! And don't just use a 
homing missiles instead use a more powerful weapon like swarmer, power 
missile or a special weapon.

Tip # 2: Know your enemy!

Its important to know you enemy like if your using Twister and you went 
head to head with Sweet Tooth, of course it not a great idea because you 
know Sweet Tooth is more powerful in terms of Armor. Always maximize 
what your character is good at, if your character Mr. Grimm maximize the 
speed and smallness of this guy and not fight head on.  There are many 
ways how to check your characters capabilities, review their stats test 
them and see how they work.

Tip # 3: Know your Arena!

Knowing your Arena is a big advantage especially in online, Knowing the 
sniping spot, weapons, and Health is a great way to calculate your 
moves.  Weapons and Health (except for Full) are always located in the 
same spot so remember them so when you need them just to return to that 
area. When you are familiar with the map then this can help in doing 
rear-fires and firing your missile from affar since you will know what 
obstacles will hit them. So play those arenas and memorize everything!

Tip # 4: REAR-FIRE you Dummy!!!

Rear-fire is one of the most helpful Energy weapons I use in this game 
and I mean alot! Everytime I pass an enemy I immediately shoot him with 
rear-fire and it's a sure hit! without even turning back. When some is 
tailing you then this is how to kill them. When your trying to escape do 
this, your doing defensive move at the same time offensive. Even if you 
don't see the enemy the radar and the knowledge of the arena really 
helps a lot.

Tip # 5: Turbo baby!

Turbo, Turbo, Turbo!!! ALWAYS move with Turbo, keep an eye on your turbo 
meter when they're near empty grab a refill immediate. Turbo is very 
helpful in all kinds of situations from offensive to defensive. Slow/big 
characters are mostly in need of the so always grab one.  Release the 
turbo when your hanging in the air or got frozen so it wont get wasted. 
When doing ramp do turbo all the time. 

Tip # 6: Relic Hunt ~

Ever wonder why you can't hit a vehicle even if you you're using a 
homing missile? Ever wonder why even if how hard you hit the enemy his 
health wont decrease? Well those are just sample of how powerful and 
useful this relics are. Knowing a how relic works is a key in conquering 
multiplayer. Grab what you think is the most effective in the fight; 
example, your in a multiplayer event where there are no health available 
but Relics are available, then grab Parasite Relic or Restoration Relic 
so you can heal your self, imagine gaining advantage from that! 

Getting Relic Buster Relic is great idea, after you hit a couple of 
enemies drop it and find another one that will help you. This strategy 
will eliminate the enemy's Relics and will keep them from getting one, 
while you have all the Relic Power.  

Tip # 7: Freeze Combo ~ ouchy

The most powerful and effective combo of all time, but this time I will 
teach you how to make more OUCHY! What we know is, freeze then Power 
Missile well that's old school. This is how I do it 

1. Gather Power Missile 2 is good but more is way better. 
2. Put your Power Missile in place and prepare to freeze the enemy.
3. Once enemy is frozen position your self at the BACK or in FRONT of 
   the enemy. Get as close as you can. Back or front is the best 
   position since you can fire more Power Missiles and, if you shoot 
   the enemy in sides then after you fire the first missile the ice 
   will get destroyed and the enemy can use Turbo and escape your sight. 
   Remember power missile has no Homing capabilities it can only 
   travel in straight line so positioning at the back or front means 
   straight and if he tries to turn (or turn to you) then that
   will cost him more time!
4. Shoot all your Power Missile and BOOM!
5. I also recommend using you machinegun simultaneous with it

Also a more deadly setup is with an upgraded machinegun or Mega Gun 

Tip # 8: Jump n Turn

This is a simple trick on how to turn very fast. When using Turbo 
sometimes you don't want to stop anymore. So instead of stopping just  
jump and turn while running. Easy huh ^_^

Tip # 9: Swarmed by Swarmer

Swarmer packs a punch; always try to charge it to the full. Enemy will 
stat to chase you so you run, while running away charge your Swarmer 
then turn very fast (Jump n Turn or Hitting Breaks) and release it. The 
point is always charge it before you turn to your enemy. 

Use your radar in firing Swarmer, check those dots and arrows when 
releasing it. You don't need to charge your Swarmer in front of your 
enemy just make sure when you release it the enemy is in the box (target 

Tip # 10: Twisted Twister

Twister's Tornado Twist is a great special in getting multiple enemies, 
the problem is getting multiple enemies. A good ideas is when in a death 
match (online), if you see 2 or more enemies firing at each other 
(basically their killing each other), immediately join them by Tornado 
Twist and their you go multiple enemies. 

Another great thing about this special weapon is the ability to carry 
enemies. In Tokyo Rooftops level there are plenty of places to throw 
away your opponent, looks fun huh. Just grab them the wait in the ledge 
and hopefully the enemy will get over board (they get damage from it). 
Be careful though if you do this and kill the enemy by throwing them out 
the score will turn into suicide. No score for you.

If you're crazy you can carry them and jump at the ledge yourself 
brining them too.

Remember you can still use your Turbo and Jump while doing the Tornado 

When using Tornado Twist don't crash your self in wall, because the 
enemies will fall away from the tornado.

Tip # 11: Ghost Missile - Scary?

Ghost missile is one of those special the will surely hit you but the 
damage is just like one fire missile (not very painful). I suggest that 
keep your Ghost missile and don't use it as a main offensive weapon. Use 
other missiles and when you see an enemy that has low health then that's 
the time you use it.

Because this is a hit they balance it by the damage it dealt. Other ways 
to avoid this by doing the Shield and wait stop don't move until the 
missile hit you. Another is using Flak energy attack. You can also
outrun this and do a "U" turn this missle can't do "U" turn.   

My conclusion Ghost Missile is not scary but niceeee ^_^

Tip # 12: Screaming Soul - Really Scarry!

Oh this weapon is my favorite of them all its so evil hahaha. This 
weapon is really scary in terms of damage it can deal and damn fast. The 
combo is pretty simple and proves to be the most deadly of them all. 

1. Conserve your Special until you have 2 or more. 
2. Prepare it in your weapon bay and wait for your poor target to 
   come out then Freeze!
3. Once frozen position directly at the back of your enemy then start 
   firing your Screaming Souls until the enemy is toast.
4. You might want to add you machinegun to that.  

Also a more deadly setup is with an upgraded machinegun or Mega 
Machinegun Relic

If you position yourself at the side of the enemy you can approximately 
fire 2 Screaming souls in point black (still deadly). For more info on 
positioning check Tip # 7.

Tip # 13: Mr. Slam Spam

If you play single player mode you notice that Mr. Slam's Special is fun 
to use, so what if we add a little more interest in it. 

1. Conserve your special until you have 2 more
2. You know that this special is automatic once you point it in your 
   weapon bay and ram an enemy.
3. Once you have 2 or more position yourself near a wall (corners is 
   great) then wait for an enemy to get close to you and grab him 
   (you can freeze him if want to).
4. Once the first slam is done throw your enemy at the wall/corner 
   then grab him again before he recovers, throw in wall again and 
   grab again and so on until the enemy is a tin can.

Tip # 14: Target Lock on ~ Snipers

Sure snipers are cheap but this game is all about strategy. So to be a 
good sniper of course the basic is know where to position your self. 
Almost all of the arenas have a sniping area, knowing the map is 
everything. If the enemy is kinda hard to see, use Homing Missile if you 
can see the directly and he is not moving use (may because he is 
fighting someone) then use Swarmer or Fire Missile. 

So what relic will fit if I am sniping?

1. Evade Relic is great, enemies can't fire back at you.
2. Backlash Relic is also great same as Evade Relic, Reflect damage.
3. Blitzkrieg Relic will make you fire more faster. 
4. Slayer Relic and probably the most deadly of all this will double 
   your damage.

Tip # 15: "IT BURNS!!!" Napalm 101

"Napalms are for babies, the damage is so small and it's hard to use!" 
WRONG!!! Napalm is a great weapon. 

True it's hard to use but once you get use to it you can eliminate that 
disadvantage. The thing is, look at your target and you will see a 
triangle (colored white or lite red) that will change to red if
you can hit the target. Once it turn red immediately press fire 
button again.

Napalm has a splash damage and that slash is wide enough to hit 2 or 
more people, to maximize this find an enemy that is fighting another 
enemy (you'll find a lot of this in death matches/Online), then fire 
your napalm there. Not only hit multiple targets but also will inflict 
extra flame damage.

My most favorite use of napalm is when I am fighting head to head with 
another person if you got hit by this you'll be outbalance loose your 
target!  And thus giving you advantage...
If you're fighting in a water surface (like in LA, or Paris) and if 
Napalm hit you the extra flame damage will not work, so fire it in a dry 
Tip # 16: Bounce and Bounce - Ricochet Disk  

In tight areas Ricochet is damn deadly, first when enemies gather in a 
close area (like inside Pyramid, Tunnels, Buildings) then time to use 
Ricochet  and bounce it in wall. When you bounce it through walls the 
damage increase, I've seen 30% in one Ricochet Disk! When you're inside 
the structure too, after firing them, wait for a few second (to maximize 
your shield if you use it immediately then it will run out immediately) 
use your shield and hopefully enemies will got hit coz if not then 
you'll get hit by it.

Tip # 17: Remote Bomb ala missile

I you don't use Remote bomb as a strategic weapon, then you can use it 
directly. When you using a fast character like Mr. Grimm, Twister, ect 
then you can use this. When you see an enemy ready your bomb then as 
soon as you pass the enemy immediately drop the bomb and press it again 
to trigger it. 

Tip # 18: Head-on!

When you arrive into a situation where you fight face to face with an 
opponent, then use this tips. This happens a lot in multiplayer so 
practice this.

Character with high armor has a great advantage in here. If the enemy 
use shield then move around him by using turbo, if he is still in your 
tail time for you to use your own shield. (Sometimes you don't have any 
move so when he use shield then use your shield to). In a head on fight 
its best if you have a lot of arsenals so always grab arsenals you may 
never know when a head to head situation arrive. When head to head 
situation occur ready to fire all your weapons, shield if necessary and 
if he use shield then avoid him and don't fire. Always use your most 
powerful weapon first, like Power missiles followed by Fire missiles 
then homing and ricochet disk. 

I always use shield over freeze when this situation occurs. But sometime 
a freeze is great idea since you can do 2 freeze in one full energy bar. 
You can use freeze to escape enemy

Always simultaneously use machinegun (w/ rockets) while in head-on even 
if its not upgraded. If you have upgraded then this is a big advantage.

Finally, if you napalm weapon then use this weapon first. This will 
outbalance the enemy and thus loosing his focus to you and you in return 
you can see him clearly when he is outbalance freeze him if you want to 
or just shoot missiles. 

Tip # 19: Frozen Special  

Characters like Twister and Outlaw has a same concept in using special 
weapon, both need to get close to enemy, when you see then using their 
special immediately use freeze and bam no more special. 

Tip # 20: "I Can't see! Damn those huge vehicles!"

Characters like Mr. Slam and Hammerhead are one of those big characters. 
Sometimes they cover so much of the screen and you can't see what's in 
front of you. The solution here is move your camera and you will see the 
difference. To move you camera press Select+Down button. 

Tip # 21: Teleporter of Death

Almost every map has teleporter in it. This tips is fairly simple grab a 
remote bomb and enter a teleporter then once you appear to the next area 
drop your bomb but don't trigger it just leave it their.  When enemy 
enter the teleporter from the other side and once he arrive into 
teleporter with bomb them boom!

When you run over a Remote Bomb it automatically triggers. 

Placing a remote bomb in small entrance or tunnels areas are great idea.

Tip # 22: OMG! No weapon situation - Machinegun time? 

Their will come a time when you entered a situation where both of you 
has no weapons use, instead you end up using machineguns to shoot each 
other. If you think your in trouble then run pass him don't turn around 
or reverse. Then if you have a lot of energy (blue bar) then time to 
make use of them offensively!

"What are you saying offensively they don't do damage unless you use 
that useless mine!?" 

Ok don't use mines, instead use your Flak! Get close to the enemy and 
use Flak's shockwave they inflict 10% damage same as homing missiles. If 
you want to freeze then flak that safe but will drain your energy.  

But wait, but say mines are useless (maybe they are hehehe) but try 
making a lot of them in one area; it's a nice idea. 

Tip # 23: Hammerhead will  hammer your head

Hammerhead is one of those characters that i thought would be a 
bad one; until i descoverd that you can spam his special move.
the special move is simple, get close and hit your special. one
good thing to this special is if you didn't hit anyone then it
will not decrease. Gather all your special and wait for your 
enemy then get close and keep tapping your special until your 
enemy is crushed! 

be careful if the enemy use Napalms though.

Tip # 24: "Greedy... IM GREEDY!"

This game is all about weapons and power-up. Have them all = kill
them all. Always grab weapons available in your area specially
missiles and Napalms. Keep grabbing all the healths available 
in the arena this will keep your enemies from getting it.

Tip # 25: Play Defensive

Sometimes its important not to chase an enemy instead do some sniping
from afar. Instead of chasing them grab healths available first 
and fill your weapon bay, don't just chase enemy if you think you 
can't kill him with your current weapon. Don't just join a fight 
instead shoot them all from afar you might end up killing two 
of them. Playing defensive is very important in online.

Tip # 26: "Cowards!!!" a campers tip

Campers is a person who goes into a one small area or square room 
and wait for its enemy to come their. this strategy is almost same as 
snipping but playing defensively. To be a good camper always fill your 
weapon bay with all kinds of weapons (unlimited weapon games in
online is good). Go to a small square room like the one in Paris, 
Russia, Egypt, ect. as long as the room has one entrance that will
be great (more entrance is ok aslong as you know where the enemy will
come). When the enemy appears then immedietly freeze him then shoot 
all your Power Missiles or anything. Another alternative is first 
use your Napalm then the enemy will be outbalance then prepare you

In Unlimited weapon game (online) this trick is most helpful, 
if you don't want to snipe then this is one strategy you can use. 
First go into a small room then prepair your Napalm once the enemy 
enters the small room shoot  your Napalm (enemy will be outbalance) 
then immediately get close then shoot more Napalm, continue to 
follow your enemy until dead. Napalm has a wide area damage 
so use that. Also always use your machinegun simultaneously. 

This is very deadly and powerful and same time dirty! this 
will make your enemy so annoyed. lolz 

Tip # 27 Campers Nightmare

If you know that your enemy is waiting for you inside a room
in other words he is doing camping, then this are some solution
you can use.

1. You don't want to enter that room unprepared so decide what 
   weapon you should use before entering this really depends on
   who your enemy is.

2. Before entering the room use your SHIELD!

3. If you dont want to enter then use Ricochet Disk. Fire it from
   the outside of the room to the direction where the enemy is 

Tip # 28 Napalm Glitch... wow effective

Napalm has a glitch which is very useful. Napalm's area damage
can pass though walls or ceilings so remember that. some examples 
of this is in LA, if your under the canal area and the enemy is 
directly above you, then you can use this. In Paris, in the room 
where  their is Health inside, the flat building, you can use it 
their too. In Big Blue Stadium in the are where health is located, 
if the enemy is above then use it...

=12= SECRETS & CHEATS ======= 12000b ===

Complete list of cheats available for this game

Enter this code while on gameplay (not paused) you will see a message if 
the code is entered correctly, to cancel it do the code again and a 
message will confirm it.

Cheat Codes

Killer weapons = X Twice, Up Twice, then L + R
Invulnerable = Right, Left, Down, Up, then L + R
Infinite Weapons = Triangle Twice, Down Twice, then L + R
Mega guns = X, Triangle, X, Triangle, L + R
Refill Health = Triangle, X, Square, O, L + R

**** cheats doesn't work in Multiplayer Modes

Extra Levels
Rome Death match = Complete Rome Mini-Game (Story mode)
Paris Death match = Complete Paris Mini-Game (Story mode)
Greece Death match = Complete Greece Mini-Game (Story mode)
Egypt Death match = Complete Egypt Mini-Game (Story mode)
Tokyo - Dark Tooth = Beat Dark Tooth (Story mode)
LA - Cousin Eddy = Beat Cousin Eddy (Story mode)

Bonus Character 
Axel = Complete Russia Mini-Game (Story mode)
Crimson Fury = Complete Monaco Mini-Game (Story mode)
Hammerhead = Complete Tokyo Rooftop Mini-Game (Story mode)
Dark Tooth = Complete Story mode with any character 
ATV = Complete LA - Cousin Eddy stage in story mode
Cousin Eddy = Complete LA - Cousin Eddy stage in story mode
Mr. Slam = Complete Los Angeles Mini-Game (Story mode)

Unlock Tower Tooth Challenge
Beat the story mode five times with any character or difficulty. You 
can play Tower Tooth in Rome Death match level only.

**** all codes came from gamefaqs and credit goes to all who 
contribue it

=13= CONTACT/LEGAL/THANKS === 13000c ===

If you have questions, clarifications, correction just give me a 
message, I'll be happy to reply to you; comments are welcome, stupid and 
idiotic comments are not

This is my first FAQs/Guide so forgive me if i have error, errors can 
happen sometimes you know

Author: Jonas L. Cabrera (Kazen)
YIM: ba2sai16

My TM:ho name is Kazen you'll see me playing in East most of the time 
(even though im from west ^_^)

This Guide is for Personal, Private use only. You cannot reproduce or 
distribute this guide without proper permission from the author. Just 
send me an Email if you want to use it on your website or post it 

All trademarks and copyrights in this Document are owned by their 
respective owners.  


Incognito Inc 

MasterShake21 for Tower Tooth Tip
Ravid1282 for correcting Upgrades and people from the board

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